At Least, A Reason for the “Boom”

I’m fairly sure this particular post about fireworks may go the way as other posts in which we ask for help or express concern over being openly attacked-vanished, scrubbed..ignored.

On a darkly melancholic tip, I wouldn’t doubt it will be smirked over as well. For how very amusing it must be to those who enjoy the privilege of being humans, when they see little critters attempt to communicate during the days they understand that they are being murdered…but are too “stupid” to accept their fates quietly and/or with polite indifference.

Due to the fact that a young god-child of mine brought it to my attention tonight (it lasted for half an hour this time) and has suffered moments of terror due to their consistent presence in our lives for over a year..I called the police department for the first time .

To no particular level of surprise (as I suspected would be the response throughout this passed year) the expected shoulder shrugs of “we don’t know” and “cars are out investigating other calls regarding the same matter” are the only “explanations” that were forthcoming.

Knowing nothing will be done, I still think it’s information which may possibly help one other soul, who is experiencing the same disruptions, better know exactly what happens when these fireworks are set off.

And keep being set off.

Day after day, month after month, with recently increased extended routines. This is just one article that clarifies what toxins are involved-I didn’t have the heart to find other articles for my girl; she can study further on her own, when she gets older..if this is what she’s allowed to do.

Now, at least, I have a “better” explanation as to what’s in store for me and my children. It may even provide a few answers for the conditions (mentioned in earlier posts re: ER visits) I and my neighbors seem to be “mysteriously” suffering from, who knows.

Without whining and having understood for a long time that the value of my and many others lives add up to zero, it’s still a small mercy to be relieved of endless speculations during this horror, of knowing nothing and being punished, mocked and ignored by this entire world’s “best and brightest”..for daring to try knowing..and having the audacity to try helping one another to share important information.. just to try surviving comfortably at all, in what is turning out to be the last of many of our days.

For those who are fortunate enough to remain unconcerned by these ongoing pyrotechnics and guaranteed safe passage into the future, (while they anxiously await the rewards of a better Earth, which they “earned” by being clever enough to not be born as the sort of dirty slug which dares try mimicking the semblance of a human being) heck, it should be a blessing of a time saver..twenty years down the road, fifty, a hundred..when their own beloved progeny are allowed to investigate what happened; when Nature seemed to mysteriously shed the “undesirables” and “worthless” in this country on the scale and with the “care” that It did.

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