Happy Father’s Day, Dearest

This was written in honor of my husband for Father’s Day. Aside from unique specifics, maybe it  can also be meant for whichever Father may wish to hear it for Himself.

If I ever complained about how much you couldn’t understand about me or what you wouldn’t listen to…

If I ever grumbled over things that you may have forgotten or no matter how many times I nagged you over petty and often ridiculous stuff…

The care and attention that you’ve given our child..has been much more than enough.

In a world where words have been put into my mouth

About you and against you. Words which you respected me enough to ignore.

In a world that no longer has manners enough to thank you.

Thank you for providing support for children who weren’t yours.

Thank you for holding your tongue in the moments fools insulted you, threatened the peace..not because you’re weak but

Because you are, always have been and will always be the type of Gentleman

that this society could learn a thing or two from..if It were to ever sincerely start thinking that It wanted to aspire to being something bigger and better.

More humane and logical.

Less Beastly and more Divine.

So forth and so on.

In a world where I know first hand how cold it can be without a father to adore you and wish to protect you…

The fact that you prevented that cruelty from visiting our own child by doing the best you can, laughing with him, still calling him “Honey”, letting him know that you prefer his company above all others in this life and for spending your joyful appreciation for him with everyone you may meet…..no matter what….

Means that

you’re a Treasure beyond measure..and one of the only rare ones worth keeping.

Happy Father’s Day.


:0)…I love You, “Agent Doorlocks” (to you)..

Ramsy (otherwise)

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