A Post for My Freind

Well, this is for you T-.

A friend asked me to repost an article on the toxicity of fireworks being set off on a regular basis.

I’m not reposting the other one but rather a different one from a major publication that was all too proud to brag of the matter.

Her intention is lawsuit related. I reminded her that we’re being openly attacked and that neither our mayor, governor, police department nor any “justice” or “protection” agency has nor will do anything about the toxins which are and going to continue killing and poisoning us en masse.

America was “quietly” scratched off the list re UN “international court” business a few years back. (However, this is where the snarky guffaw is uttered re any foolish expectations for the cook to do squat about the meal which she insists the people jam down their throats no matter what, right?)


I reminded her that if she does anything in the immediate here and now, she’s only going to get some smart assed

“Well, it’s Fourth of July, Lady! What..?”

She politely showed me her steno pad of over sixty recorded explosions..and without a word, I simply hugged her and wished her luck-for whenever and however. I’m not tickled over my loved ones being kicked over the cliff neither, for nothing but pure and fanatical hatred, but as a mother and godmother of very young charge..the very least I owe her is my understanding. I’d be a true animal if I did not.

Bless her lovely soul, as a mother of three who, along with me and my neighbors have been ‘suffering’ this cowardly garbage every damned week, since the first week of COVID season.

Note: And because it’s a poor neighborhood and majority minority neighborhood..it’s but only one reason (in case anyone needs an answer as to “Why dear God, I’m only trying to help and respect your people”) their “do-gooder” BLM squawkery is being met with extreme amounts of dismissal and animosity.

Just saying.

The article, in case anyone may also need it. Whenever and however.


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