Beard Care Advice for My Son and Bonus Date Night Flick Suggestion

Although we are living in a country where heterosexual sex/mating/dating is being severely attacked, there still remains many young lovers who are and will still be drawn to and will desire pleasurable and extended lovemaking sessions-as they are entitled to as human beings.

One look at vintage academic hostilities towards “the human” sex life will tell anyone that our children are in the bullseye of very cold hearted and unmoving “authorities” who will pull out all stops to stop all interpersonal interactions in their “duty” to automate our biology.

In short, there will be no forthcoming advice for the young..whom I believe are owed as much help and support as they can get.

A simple word of advice, here and there, will help many of them find simple opportunities that would otherwise be missed, should not be missed and will make all the difference in world between living a dull and depressing existence (in a world where now even the porn is purposefully fashioned into a pathetic and lunatic bore) and a fuller life with a lover in their arms.

Onward with the beard advice..

I and many other sensitive skin types break out horribly after encounters with rough and/or unmaintained facial hair. Naturally, if interest doesn’t trickle past interest in Tinder quick hits or online video chats, then there’s not much sense in wasting time on the stuff.

However, if and when the Church/State machinery is done ripping and running through our society ..there will be new hands left to reach for and traditional standards which need to be remembered.

Sometimes, like a camper who finds a beautiful and intriguing trail she wishes she can cut through but can’t because she spots a long stretch of poison ivy-it’s not a personal slight that can discourage her approach. It may simply be the experience from a former two to four weeks of sore, red and inflamed facial damage from a rough beard that breaks potential advancement. That’s all.

There are still plenty of handsome young men out there who deserve to know many more tips than the automaton old guard refuse to inform them on.

This tip on keeping a softer beard is just one.

Good luck and keep the faith, my Darling son. “She” is out there..we just have to be strong until those who hate us and who are being allowed to destroy us, drop from their long held perches, ‘tis all.

Or pray they finally discover that lovemaking wasn’t actually the bitter, nasty, wasteful, ugly “eco-ergo-bio-social” crime they were trained to “know” it as. Hopefully, with the realization that they too were and are entitled to a few humane mercies as well. Like a genuine stroke of adoration along their cheek or the security of a healthy companionship.. with sex.

Or until they realize that the majority of us aren’t anywhere near being the type of “animals” which their masters have steadily (and proudly) been for well over several centuries.

As a date night bonus, I’m leaving a link to a Black Mirror episode for you and your potential sweetie to check out. It says all it has to say about how the academics, scientists, doctors and others, whom have been chosen to oversee/usurp our intimate lives and biology, have been trained to “see” 99 percent of the world of human beings as. If the hateful (and too primitive for a modern world to still be operating under) expressions above weren’t enough of a clue.

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