Is Thomas McNamara (Mayor of Rockford) Liable for Our Deaths or…?

Interesting question coming up. If you pull it or ban it, then I guess your liability in our murders can be questioned as well.



My dog’s already died, I’ve already gone through a few medical boo-hoos, so the matter of saving my worthless hide is not at issue.

However, I’m wondering if there’s a silver lining possible in the lead infested air.

I’m wondering this…

If the law still applies, (legally and on paper..since it’s not being observed at all anyway)…does this mean that the 70 to 100 fireworks explosions that have gone off over each week for over a year and a half, in Rockford Illinois, the ones he apparently doesn’t give a damn about us hearing and being poisoned by…

Does this mean that he is currently liable and will be liable when the rest of us drop dead, or contract our guaranteed cancers, from the massive tons of lead that have been dumped on us?

(Orrr…wait now, it’s not all sad and bad…)

Does it mean (if basic murder and maiming laws actually no longer it appears) that all mask regulations can and need to be eliminated? Because the CDC to continue taking the piss out of us by declaring “public health” concerns but yet continue dumping all this lead on us on every week (and now every day)…well, you know, seems to me there could be a sweet little “win” somewhere within that little puzzle.

I’d email the kid myself, but (of course) the email doesn’t exist. Police aren’t going to do anything and all of the doctors don’t have any radiation training, obviously. I tried though.

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