‘Delusional’ Declaration Towards Useless Oprah, Ass-Smooching Jolie and Unconscionable Poser Maya Angelou. Oh, and Waukegan’s Mayor Ann Taylor.

If I may make a seemingly ‘delusional’ declaration/vent towards..

Useless Oprah, ass kisser Jolie, unconscionable poser Maya Angelou and every single mouthy, “holier than thee AND we” false female prophet, who now enjoy the luxuries and security spawned from fooling an entire world into simply trusting that they weren’t the type of monsters that would be belly to the ground low enough…

As to know and/or watch tens of millions of us get murdered, out in the open, with it being bragged about by the very platinum coated jackals (per “disturbing announcements re lawsuits”) who they owe their worth to…and whom still have the imprints of these hollow “women’s” lips fresh on their haunches…..

You may not rest assured that the guilt of your assistance and willful, prideful “blindness” throughout the decades won’t wreck the comfort of your latter years.

Oh, we’ll be swept clean, for sure. The poor, the dark-skinned, the so-called “ignorant” white and those of us who love them beyond all measure..if only because they are the only worthwhile and good elements in this life.

You’ll be able to walk amongst the ruins of our corpses just fine, pretty (pff) “ladies”…as you keep batting those lashes and crooning your Daddy’s ever loving “tolerance” and “save the planet” bullshit….like the princesses you pretend to be, when you’re nothing but a pack of murder assisting hacks.

Everyone in the world will indeed know and remember what your parts were in this horror show. For, truly? How can they not?

Every lah tee dah comrade who helped and helps you wander about in that flipping fog of exclusive “superiority”

And every child who ever loved or admired you, within your own families….will have no choice but to suffer the humiliation of knowing. For when the job is done and over with, as with Germany, as with Africa, as with Bosnia and such..your “daddies” will have NO problems admitting the events which happened, thanks to the generous cover you little ladies most generously provided for them.

As always.

Personally, as far as Oprah’s concerned, my opinion hasn’t budged since I was 12 years old. An early time when most of my classmates and peers used to refer to her as that “fat chick on TV who pretends she’s smart” .

In other words, it’s no skin off my dying, hair stopped growing, menses ceased on top of severe enteritis and bitter ass…as to what the world thinks of you.

Despite your crew being snidely convinced that we’re all a bunch of morons bowing and gaping over your “holy” humps..I gotta say, here in the real world, amongst the sane and those of us who had more important issues to tend to? You barely warrant the attentions of circus side show freaks and a couple objects for lonely folk to get happy over behind their desks once in a while.

Shame on you. Seriously.

And yes…I do have a child, whom I struggled to birth 30 years ago, living in a place where Ann Taylor, the mayor of Waukegan, Il. is just as evil at letting the ongoing fireworks damage on top of the raw murder shit Abbot labs and others are allowed to get away with.

(You know, where talk of foot dragging “lawsuits” and alleged government “concern and action” means absolutely zero to those who have all of the money in the world to toss our way..after the priceless treasure of our loved ones are gone anyway. After and while they get what they wanted, anyway.)

MY child, whose devastating weight gain, which is also evident in  his wife, his mother-in-law and his father are ALL due to the slow torture of thyroid disruptions. Never mind the “grandchild” he raises, who hasn’t even reached his fourth birthday yet.

While your Daddy is smugly eating grapes, enjoying the sunshine and waiting for the new “digs” to open up for him.

That’s all I wish to be “deluded” into believing I would or could say to you, since you keep working that nose in the air thinking we’re so airheaded that we topple over while attempting to tie our laces.

Have a nifty, blessed and positive day, right?


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