Yup, I Wept. Here’s Some Advice Anyway.

Oh sure, I cried. You betcha.
Just in case one needed to know if a certain lab monkey suffered sufficient Fourth of July damages from a few days ago.
It took a while though. From when the first warning boom shook the grocery store parking lot all the way through to the second hour of fireworks showers..I kept a steady enough composure.
It’s the fifth hour..
And the f-ing sixth, where the juice started.

Tears of anger mostly. Rage, if we’re being graded on sincerity.

As I watched the smoke and explosions flow across the entire town..in stages.

As I listened to the pouring of pyrotechnic explosions keep raining and raining down some more.

As I watched , oh let’s see, a few of what remains of my family be sentenced to their eventual deaths and/or soon to be bouts of cancer.

And as I kept tabs, over the phone, with the remaining loved ones in two different towns go through the same shit. One with the background sound of a three year old screaming in fear.

That tidbit is for if one needed that little imagery to be packed along with the petroleum jelly jar for latter kicks.

Yes, I wept.
Although I have felt deeper pains re the hurting of others.

One prime example would be that poor young woman who had her hands chopped off and face carved , in Africa, because she couldn’t birth babies. Even though it’s clear what an animal her husband was to do this to her, the fact that the UN sponsored her sterility along with millions of others…that’s where the heart tore in two. For me.

And I guess being told I was adopted and was regretted as being adopted..at age seven, was a lifetime moment where the pain took years to subside. That too being a dandy fallout from the UN-with my being spawned onto Earth (as a lifelong and repugnant social outcast ) due to the direct influence and population mandate of their free love wank-a-thon orgies.
They’ve brought tons of pain to everybody, in every country..so…nothing new there. In over five decades of watching them tear ass from this pole to the next, proud as peaches to broadcast, the tears over their courageous and clever bio chemical cheap shot at least have been dampened by the immunity which the drudgery of their ever present bullshit continually provides.

I simply want to add a little advice on the tail end of this horrendous matter.

If the reader doesn’t know what I’m talking about, because it was all smiles and jokes on the red and blue “news channels”…let’s just say a bunch of towns and we the people in them were apparently the fixings for this July 4ths barbecue. I just happen to be one of the tougher and more bitter cuts of meat from the menu that night..and the next morning..with ongoing sputtering hereafter.

Advice=from a series of completely screwed up service calls. I won’t go into fine details but it’s obvious that the fireworks aren’t the only things “they” will be turning up the heat with.

Re stores, orders, express mailings…anything to do with your spending money or ordering things…be prepared (if you haven’t already) to run into things being made as difficult as possible.

One tip-try avoiding store names that dropped vowels and don’t sound like names at all. Or take a second look to figure out a potential “puzzle”.
Let’s see…ah…
Let’s say you run across a furniture store (title decked out in “witchy” cheese turd fonts) which you think says “Inhabiter”, yes? Sounds friendly enough, you want to inhabit new digs with new chairs, why not?

It might do for you to take a look at whether it’s spelled correctly or missing vowels.

Chances are you might also see that the name could also be “inhibitor”. A meaning that would make much more sense if the company provides the following messes after your order..

Like…an extra two thousand dollars added to the bill. In the form of 10-20 extra pieces never ordered.

While nothing you ordered is scheduled to be delivered.

Or three hours being kept on the phone with customer service hard to understand.
Garbage like that.
(Something which did happen to a friend of mine).

For one to underestimate the recent assaults as being the “most” that can be done..one would have to be mercilessly naïve, which is exactly where many of us have been forced into. Or, one may be sorely lacking in the world history record of these folks. Either way, the upcoming days can be lived a bit easier if one keeps on extra keen guard and takes absolutely not a single thing for granted-for they do have a tendril in every corner. We’ve already seen the ugly grins and tongues stuck out from their media minions as of late, but there will be no stones left unturned from higher or deeper set level goons scattered throughout.

Be good. Take extra care of one another. And I’ll see you again real soon.

For sober and tender measure, please remember that those at truest fault aren’t being (and never have been) hands- on or visible in any of this.

Yes, I’m referring to that forgiveness thing. All involved (from customers service folks to doctors to the young pilots streaking our skies and turning up our heat) are going to NEED that desperately..when and if their spells become broken.

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