Soulboost Suspicions and Needing YOU to Remain on Alert

I was forced to remember of a certain guarantee, if the rumors re; our attackers are true..and they plan on making this Fourth of July the ultimate in humiliating mockeries; executed within the week of celebrating our “independence”..while actually and factually (with far too many blind to) serving our enslavement.

The ‘guarantee’ of how we will not find easy assistance, protection or information (aside from the typical “foreign surprise assault’ underneath the “comforting” blanket of feigned media concern) if the threatened events happen to go down after all.

It started with how I don’t trust the sudden arrival and attentions re the “Soulboost” drink all.

First of all, 11 out of ten people report it to taste like garbage.

Second of all, it’s only been in existence barely more than a month or two.

Third, anyone with enough warp to the imagination and/or proficient in the languages of Abstractness, can easily manage to see that the slogans on the site and can, can definitely ride along the parallels of some unspoken “All of you deserve to  end up blown sky high to Kingdom Come” and “we fully intend to boost you there.

 Lastly, if we wish to lift our heads out of our dreamy sand cocoons, we will remember that PepsiCo is, officially a very old and very favorite “child” (if not parent) in the family of corporations who own us. Unofficially, a highly trusted and successful damaging influencer re population control and conditioning propaganda .

As luck (or Spirit) would have it, I ran across  a “Soulboost” vehicle and trailer in the parking lot of a “Four Points by Sheridan” hotel. For two days it had been parked, without moving and without any occupants’ appearance or action around it. Upon closer inspection, I saw that one of the two identifiers was a 30 day “visitor’s” permit. The other plate identified it as being from out of town, N.C.

Remembering how a few attacks involved unattended vehicles and trailers (reported to have held the tools of what ended up in mass disaster). I decided to do what we, as a terrorized society , had been encouraged to do-that whole “see something, say something” jazz.

 As a matter of fact, knowing that the average citizen often balks at reporting what can often be trivial suspicions, extreme assurances were given, repeated, over long stretches of time on how we MUST…

MUST report any and all suspicions. No matter how small and no matter how “silly” one felt.

So..I did. And regretted it half an hour later.

In short, it was reported. The officers asked what my concern was. I was let go , after a time of their exchanged radio chatter, and walked back to the hotel. Like a really stupid but really typical slapstick spoof scene, I watched as two occupants hustled over and into their  “Soulboost” vehicle at the same time the now three cruisers turned into the parking lot.

Windows were rolled down, conversation was had between both driver and officer, officers drove off, as well as the “SB” vehicle. It returned within thirty minutes with a different driver, to pick up another passenger, left again…

And was last seen handing out free drinks to passing by hotel guests. The End.

I know it may sound extravagant of a concern to many.

But I also understand that I live in a neighborhood that has been bombed by severe levels of lead toxins released from a year straight of pyrotechnic explosions. One dead dog later, sickened family members and hours of hundreds of explosions ripping through the air last night and this earliest understanding of just how much of a nothing can be done and will be done, in the open and ongoing attacks.. trumps any and all rather heartless and insensible taunts I may receive.

This day, this week is not one for celebrating..anymore. Believe that.

It is for taking the most keen of attentions and care, if you have to be outside. For, if this century of reoccurring terrors and the loss of lives have taught us nothing else…only one thing will still apply.

There will be no answers outside of mock “inquiries” and fake “inspirational leaders’ prompting us to hold hands and weep out our frustrations to a “god” whom they themselves insult and disregard within the twisted workings of their own wrecks of lives.

And there is no pain in the entire world that can (nor should) compare to the violent deaths of loved ones who are taken from assaults which could have been prevented, should have been prevented..but obligated to go down regardless.

While the tippiest top elite grin and sink their yellowed chompers into their holiday cobs and fancy burgers-no doubt, with a few thrilling over how “clever” and “courageous” they have been, throughout all of the years which they dedicated to this “final” bug extermination campaign…..

YOU need to be as safe as you can manage. That involves being aware of everything around you, my Love.


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