Either Avoid or get Away From the Black Bands

I took these photos a few weeks ago…

A few days after that, a utility truck crashed into the front of my home.

Where no news of the event made it into any paper and the “police report” pretty much called it a hit and run with no intention of investigation.

Ah yes, and where the driver got out and walked away from the scene to “vanish” down the street.

I’m not surprised about the lack of action. Lead toxins , via daily military grade artillery explosions, have been poured over the neighborhood for well over two years now and one would have to be a fool to think any authorities in Illinois would give any serious thought towards saving any of our lives at this point. The police are now completely against us, the politicians and each and every corporation. Period.

Personally, I’ve developed into coughing up ounces of blood each day…so..this is just going to play out to it’s filthy, fanatical and childish torturous end , until it doesn’t anymore.

These black bands are intensifiers of radiation output. They can also be seen on apartment complex balconies in other towns. These particular bands are focused directly down a residential street of homes with families, in Rockford, Il.

At the very least, if an innocent wasn’t aware of the dangers this poses to their loved ones and children..it’s well worth passing on and well worth understanding since we are on our own in this nightmare.

Take care.

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