Proverbs: The Virus That Needs Spreading

It is a fact that can’t be denied, discolored or questioned. For it’s simple.

Even if we entertain the absurd and/or heartbreaking theory of our selves having been forged into automatons with little to no organic reasoning going on.

It (the entire selection of sayings in Proverbs) can still be considered an owner’s manual..a handbook…an instruction manual for each one of us. If one wishes to stretch the creative muscles of the imagination, one can even go as far as to say that it was stolen from us-for each of us to use individually and without unnecessary outside meddling.

Whether a long-ago perversion of an ancient organization stuffed dead animal heads upon their own to make the point of ownership or if it only took a whole lot of lies over a whole lot of time, it doesn’t matter anymore.

The time is coming for a dreadful coin to be flipped around again.

For the “white knight” to come trotting to the “rescue”…of a world which he has razed and raped (dual stepping as a black knight) so many times that he ought to be nothing but ashamed; it’s become such a tired and stripped bore that it’s degraded into being barely  comprised of much more than infantile red and blue peekaboo bullshit and open and increased abusive decay of each successive generation of uppermost talents.

The fact is that it is a beautiful, bountiful and thorough set of instructions.

Instructions which were meant for us.

Texts which guarantee and offer each one of us better quality of lives.

Texts which are found repeated in different languages and different styles across the world, for every and any man.

Texts, if followed, which will be key in freeing ourselves from a god-awful long period (whether self-imposed or hate filled oppression) slavery, psychic torture, stupidity, selfishness and so on.

IF we finally One group.

IF we finally stop pretending that this game is fun anymore or anywhere near as promising as original schemes suggested.

If we cease demanding that everyone in the world accept and worship “ME!!!!” …and if we start getting serious about “Us”.

These texts were either from our True Creator or assembled and kept and taught by blessed mortals who considered them to be vital to our survival, our happiness and our health.

These texts specifically spell out what the sane man would consider good and specifically illustrate what the insane man looks like.

For EACH man and EACH group of beliefs.

It can’t be any simpler put than how it has been set down in Proverbs.

Remember this as you strive to stand on your own feet and demand say over your own body and how you live.

Remember this as you prepare to stop relying on a hollow and cheap system that has left not a single comfort unmolested nor a single tribe unhurt and ruined.

Remember this when and if you decide to trust Our True Creator to give you the strength to stop listening to fools and the strength to reclaim your Life as Your own.

Without fear. Without apology. Without needing to or being proud over hurting another human being in the process.

Start with these words

…because these are common sense things which should be recognized by us all in the same way…and then continue onto the other sections as you see fit-in the direction of our salvation.

Proverbs 6:16–19

Now THAT is the virus which needs spreading, the immediate and serious adoption of these words by each one of us -for the peace we’ve been claiming to want and for the freedom we’ve been beaten, humiliated, tricked and slaughtered away from.

That’s all..take the very best of care. Love, Ramsy.

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