I Think You Know Where You Can Stick Your Promise of Immortality

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It’s hard to miss these ridiculous expressions of enthusiasm over “immortality”.



As if.

As if any of them would want to, or could, tolerate any portion of us living with them, in what they’ve clearly indicated is “their” world and their world alone to run. To control. To push buttons and dissect apart. To click and whir, mix and measure, tick and tock into states of perfection…where absolute misery is the only reward awaiting the dutiful heartbeats who dedicate their lifetimes laboring away, on their way…to nothing.

For nothing.

Even though noises of “preserving nature” or “convening with extraterrestrial and higher intelligences” have been coming out of their faces forever.

Even though they’ve been trundling towards the notion of longer lives, replaceable limbs, improved health, faster communication and so on. If anything, especially in the current world where they’re “secretly” ending our lives with radiation and allowing hormonal…

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It’s Time to Start Training

I made this video a while ago.

I thank you for giving it a peek and forgiving the “newbish” ness of my best intentions at the time.

It was useful to more people than I anticipated.

However, at the heart of very real matters in these very real times of trouble, there can be no doubt that there is a certain “break in times of emergency” box that most of us, world wide, NEED to at least look in the direction of.


If you own no companies, no tricked out extra (pff) Summer homes or live in a cracker box under a bridge, with no significant positions or important roles to play in this world…

Now is the exact time you need to summon the courage to understand the surprise which waits for all of us….that YOU are key in the most important times of change that mankind has ever recorded in history.

If we do this in the right ways and hold a sincere wish to bring the sufferings, which the combined forces that constitute the United Nations has wrought on our lives for over two thousand nightmare filled years, to a final and long enduring end…

We need to start training.

And I most certainly mean in many more aspects than a little ole phone app.

Although it IS quite a pleasant and fun way to start.

TTYL. Ramsy

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Four Fables

Originally posted as “Three Fables”..it now includes :The Foolish Peacock” to make four.

Ramsy's Joint

These are four classic fables.

Fables which are enjoying a much needed revival..for benefit of the upcoming generation that will need them the most.

Three of my narrations via a friend’s channel

photo By Destonian

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Comforting Vision

Repost of “Comforting Vision”

Ramsy's Joint


And. Just. Like..that.
Her beautiful eyes flew open. The fever just barely noticeable in the sweetest pink of her cheeks.
“I saw it.” She whispered so gently that I almost didn’t hear her, with so much suddenness that I jumped a little in my seat by her bed.
“Nana, what?” I grabbed her hand, even though it pained me to monitor how thin it was getting over the days.
“I saw it…”

Yes, yes I did.

They will all be gone.
Very and beautifully long gone.
Where the obligations of their perverted

imaginations will finally be at rest.
Where the man with bloodied blades for fingers and the dolls made to kill, will be tucked in our heads.
Oh, my darling, they will.

I lowered my face to kiss the top of her hand.
Resting my cheek on the sheet beside her, I smiled.
“Tell me more, Nana.” I…

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Oh Ya..the Simplified Lie

Per request…because I have a habit of going on and on in my “blind rage” and incessant ramblings (smile)….

I am posting the grouping of words that Kissinger commanded be told to “cover tracks” regarding an active depopulation program that was happening in LDCs in the 70s

It’s the exact same LIE which has been cleaned up and boldly presented as “something real special and noble” for these times. Plus, it’s stuffed into every batch of modern documents from the UN, WHO and the CDC re: women’s rights, disabled individual rights, bla and bla rights and so forth.

Bless their peaked and evil little heads, eh? With such big words and such heartfelt seriousness over our care and rights. Kind of brings a sniffle or two, don’t it?

That didn’t take pages upon pages, did it?

Thanks for your patience.

Dear Child of the Future

If you’re a student from the future, making your way through the digital flotsam of our wretched and being wrecked times (the years that the UN finally administered its killing blows against our societies in general-America in particular)…

I’m going to share something with you.

It’s an important “something”, however not important enough for any leaders or those in positions to help or care enough to stop. You see, they’ve (for whatever financial or cowardly reasons) decided that kissing the ring and licking the bootstraps of those who swore to tear our country into “welfare state” bits, in the form of a genocide and enslavement..was far more important.

Than the dire issues of saving our lives and salvaging whatever health and future we could have had.

Although any sane and eyeball bearing human being can see it all go down in the open, with the CDC shrugging its shoulders and boasting announcements of our declines.

If you don’t know, the CDC stood for Centers of Disease Control-something they have never done and had no intention of actually doing in over seven decades. ALL they’ve ever done is “release reports”-thus the term “boasting”. Like punk children.

This is a birth control ad specifically addressing the elimination of hormones in a woman’s sexual reproduction habits.

It angers me. Infuriates me.


Well, let’s see….

Maybe because one would have to be quite blind to not see that the majority of our sexual and health woes can be directly linked to hormones which have been slipped into our diets.

As was discussed in this little handbook of promised death and decline published in 1969 “The Population Bomb”

Maybe because a massive number of relationships are hitting the skids by the millions because of the “inexplicable” cases of low testosterone and vanishing libido that unfolded,  our people ballooning up in short amounts of time into dangerous rates of morbid obesity, diabetes, gall bladder diseases and so on-all of which can be tied to hormonal overdosing..and NO ONE is in charge to pull the CDC or the UN in general off the killing switches. For you see, they own and control all the “ABC” groups that make up our medical, social welfare, psychiatric and academic institutions. Like this little alphabetical doo dad

The sick animals are even scoring kicks from not only feminizing a growing majority of young males but also growing breasts on our sons-once again, in front of our horrified yet piteously mute faces.

Or maybe it’s because of how our small businesses have been dismantled, our freedom of speech has been soured, our children are being poisoned and the United Nations is dictating ALL laws in our land despite the fact that most of us know the CDC are criminals and blunt liars.

There’s any number of reasons to feel as I do.

But, there’s nothing I can do nor will it be brought to a stop any time soon. As I watch more of my children suffer by not being able to walk, commit suicide for lack of sexual companionship and be driven more insane by the continual havoc that hormonal overdoses bring about.

Besides, even if the CDC were to drop their little hobby of destroying everything and anything that brought us comfort through sneaky hormones, they’ve got a “good thing going” in the flooding of radiation that they are kicking back and enjoying watch tear us apart, as they play word games and clown around for the cameras.

You would know it as the “COVID” disaster. By your time, all truths will be told and you will have shaken your head in disbelief over how and why hundreds of millions of us could have been so “stupid” and/or “complacent” during it all. For that little jaunt through history, for an explanation, you can study the effects of mercury. Something the CDC has already set in stone we all eventually MUST have injected into each of our bodies..as you can see here and here.

Although, as mentioned before, there is not a SINGLE disease…EVER..that they have done piss all about. And despite “freaks” such as myself having never had a single vaccination as an adult, they are determined to not rest until the average human being is disabled by hundreds of injections throughout their life-sparing not even newborns. Well, newborns of all races and creeds except for one.

Well, child of the future, I don’t know you but I’m sure glad you’re reading this. Heck, if you’re reading this in the open without getting fined or having it ripped from your hands..it can only mean that justice and sanity won out in the end after all. You lucky, lucky soul.

In the meantime..as one of the billions of little “insectoids” which  the UN can’t wait to drop dead off of their planet, I can only seek solace and apply my grievances wherever I can.

Settle Down a Minute, Stop Apologizing and Consider Something

If these sawed off sneaks could get together and find “peace” in these “important financial” matters…

(yes, copy, screenshot the page and save it..it may become a “runner”)


Then we “little worthless ones” can bring it together for more important matters.

For They are not the ones whose grand babies are being snatched out of our broken hearted daughter’s arms..white and black. Insult to injury, carried out by a social system that raises children to be institutionalized and medicated into hollow husks of human beings..without a drop of caring nor love.

We are. Both black and white.

They are not the ones being made to look like busted down “poor folks” as sad ass, beer swigging and poorly spoken wise cracking losers, always with our hands out…both white and black.

After both of us have been slandered ceaselessly as “terrorists” on OUR land…despite the thousands of years carved by the bloody trails of their wars and the wars they allowed; murdering and ending lives of billions upon billions of human beings.

Numbers which the KKK and Black Panthers together…will NEVER come close to reaching.

After both of us have suffered three hundred god damned years of a wicked, rotten, game playing troll of an institution stirring up racial “he said, she said” horse shit between us, supplying the funds for each of us to murder and harass one another…as they keep raking it in, coloring our world, infecting a century of children…


And spinning propagandist tricks online, on TV and in the very air with that noise they peddle as “music”.

As sure as my tummy clenches seeing or hearing another white brother or sister nervously proclaim to be “with BLM” and how they are not racist.

When MANY of us KNOW our white neighbors, family and lovers are not racist. They are being TERRORIZED.

We are too, if we don’t say what “real black men and women” supposedly say.

When “BLM” is the most profoundly deceptive distraction and lie (as a fire constantly lit), in our shared social history.

Like I said…if this high brow garbage went off without a hitch and without involving any of the damaged and warring 99 percent of us- those of us trapped in deceptive exaggerations and wounds being torn open over and over again…decade after decade..(Mind you.. with enough “race tolerant education” to choke a damned world of horses.. which WAS taught , forced and conditioned to each generation of children WITHIN each decade)

Then, by the Truer God that made us…then maybe it’s time we reached for one another to get our own negotiations on as well.

So we can Both stop being raped out in the open.

So we can BOTH stop being made fools of in public.

So we can BOTH rebuild our broken and terrorized families.

Since neither of us are going to see a dime from this horrendous “meeting of minds” anyway…in the middle of them trying to push us into some apocalyptic “showdown”..while they rub their hands together and lick their chops waiting for it.

Pushing our buttons…pushing buttons…with their newscasters and talk show hosts cranking jaw bolts according to which way the stick’s being twisted up their worthless puppet skirts…

Pushing our buttons…taking advantage of our intellectual deficits..as they demonstrate their own mental deficiencies full blown and proudly up on the world wide campaign stages.

Just something to consider.

Four Fables

These are four classic fables.

Fables which are enjoying a much needed revival..for benefit of the upcoming generation that will need them the most.

Three of my narrations via a friend’s channel

photo By Destonian

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