So-Cray Bouquet o’ Creepy Carrots


You may be all about that

“Gonna do what I wanna do when I don’t wanna do it” thing,

but if you plan on applying it towards the planting of your first carrot patch..


When they say ” Space out and thin” they don’t mean frown at the green afro of sixty young carrot seedlings you obviously dumped into one hole and grab three handfuls out of that to replant into a few eventual bushes. means one by one or at most two by two.
Click Here for an article about spacing carrots.



(Permission is granted to reference my photos when you get to the article where the word “franken carrot” pops up.)
I got a few chuckles, sure. Like their  first harvest  strawberry siblings ( beauty queens compared), they taste awfully nice n pure. But darned if I know how I’m gonna swing for the orthopedics I obviously now need to acquire for a few of these….characters. Braces, tiny pantaloons and so on.


It’s not just NT Spouses Who Suffer

It’s one of the rudest trends that exists within ASD literature.

Nearly every single article that describes the emotional difficulties of being married to someone on The Spectrum always states that the “NT” spouse suffers. As if simply saying “spouse” was too much of a stretch or wasted effort.

As if the average so-called “neurotypical” person is the only type that are attracted to and marry ASD partners.

Surely it won’t shock anyone to consider that like minded individuals tend to couple together, be more tolerant of each others habits and so forth.

Thus, there are many ASD women and men drawn to one another by nature. The so-called neurotypical women are famous for the ugly business of rejection, prejudice and “demanding” perfection.
As if the only type of person who would mind feeling depressed and rejected over years of neglect, the lack of affection, respect, consideration, etc. would be a so-called “neurotypical”?

I suppose that includes an assumed kind of “ho hum” attitude when an ASD spouse is lying on the ground writhing in pain after the ASD spouse attacked him or her, is that it? According to these “experts” it’s only the poor Neurotypical who’s suffering in this alien atmosphere.
As if we (as ASD afflicted husbands and wives) are what? Heartless? Bloodless? Blind, deaf and dumb to the daily struggles and often times pain?
As if ASD girls grow up EXPECTING anything other than mutuality and love when they enter into relationships? Or as if ASD boys are ” just peachy” with the prospect of a sexless union or walking on eggshells in their future marriages?
Or is the message being circulated on account of a gross amount of inconsiderate “experts” being in too much of a hurry to launch themselves on the bandwagon to be the hero to cure the world’s woes?
A few articles, I could let fly.

But nearly ALL of them completely disregarding the fact that ASD women (and ASD husbands suffering with an ASD wife) can be( and are) flesh and blood casualties in this horrid epidemic? Unacceptable.

And “they” call us “tactless” and unable to feel empathy or use common sense.

To the future authors who decide to write on this topic, do us a favor will you?
Have an ounce of respect and think before you type out this horribly insulting pairing of “NT-ASD” relationships. Maybe do some more thorough research on us and absorb the fact that we CAN and DO feel emotions like everyone else.

Most of you are so fond of batting those “do goody” eyelashes and chirping about “us all being the same” under our varied exteriors-Maybe it’s time you decided to act like it’s true, no?
Being lied to on a constant basis hurts EVERY human being.
Being ignored or insulted hurts EVERY human being.
Losing one’s esteem and feeling your life is worthless because that’s exactly how you’re treated by someone who was supposed to protect you and at the very least want to be with you (or else why even get married at all??)..
it hurts and angers EVERY human being.
If you’re a therapist writing from your work experience, I suggest you take a closer look at the wives who end up crying to you in heart breaking despair. As most of us have found ourselves.
You may shock the ever living lights out of yourself and finally see that a good portion of them qualify to also  be  on the spectrum-and not to a negligible degree.

An article bemoaning the NT’s fate
..and another
..and yet another article on the “exclusive” pain of the NT

photo By vectorfusionart



Dim..Dark..As if it Matters

I watched a good part of the confirmation hearings this morning.
(A look-see if you’re interested

One of the more ‘straighter” talking senators said something about The People (viewers) watching  and seeing their government in a “dimmer light”.

I didn’t know whether it was one of the most comical things I heard one of them say or simply sad.

A dimmer light? Seems to me the wick’s been snuffed out for many of us for a while now.

If we did look up from our tablets in shock over the in-fighting and other sad and silly what?
Are we truly supposed to think there is any concern over what we think?
Massive bills are passed on all aspects of our lives without preview or permission. That alone is a big clue to how much we aren’t a force to be concerned about.
While watching one rowdy citizen after another get escorted/hustled out of the building during the hearing,  I was reminded of children disrupting the parents and being shooed out without being heard.

No matter if we were seduced by some sweet fairy tale about the government “being ours” once upon a time, it’s not our place. It’s theirs.
It’s theirs to chit chat, ask each other questions, debate amongst themselves.
Pat each other on the back and impress each other with how much wind they can carry in each lung.

There’s no “Us” for miles..not without a stern security guard’s hand pushing on our disobedient back out into the hallway.

They haven’t cared if we see them in a dim light or no light what-so-ever.

It makes no difference.

This being said, I believe I can settle on it just being plain sad.
Like a mother wagging her finger at Papa over how the children will be affected over some trivial argument that was overheard..when Joe and Jane already spotted her hooking on the corner to support a crack habit years ago.
The damage is done.
And it’s not likely that she’s going to quit, even if everything came out. A type of mother having forgotten what mothers are supposed to represent and completely ignorant to (or dismissive of) the depth of her children’s loss of respect. And their simmering disgust.

I did get one bit of information to pass along. It’s one of those tidbits of news that could possibly allow many of us to cease raising our blood pressure over or getting into fights with one another over.
No, the president can NOT be indicted over anything while in office. Ever. Contrary to what we laymen and experts argue over, today’s “little” gathering settled that question. If you do watch the hearing, it was covered at length during Lindsey Graham’s turn chit chatting with Kavanaugh.

We’ve got better things to tend to in our individual lives than whooping and hollering over wrongdoings that will never be righted-angry and breathless little hamsters  knocking ourselves out on the same wildly spinning wheel.
We’ve got fields to plow in our own yards-not stand around waiting for a few magical beans to grow into some mighty beanstalk of justice.
Surely, after decades of watching countless infractions with nothing accomplished in the name of “justice” except publicized theatrics..we should be much more hep to there not being a Santa Clause or an isolated and self centered village of suits being ” employed in our service”.

Here Ya Go PETA

The snide post following this video was unapologetically inspired by the ” grown” adults at P.E.T.A throwing another tantrum to get their  way. Again.

Although I should be grateful that they didn’t physically assault or terrorize humans to do it. This time.


Just in case you ran out of things to whine about.
Let me help blow the whistle on another heartless packaging oversight.

That’s right PETA..the horror you are beholding is the depiction of two unfortunate and conjoined souls being manufactured into some ghoulish presentation of comical joy.
By the smiles blatantly drawn on, one could be horribly  misled into thinking that being born as a conjoined twin for a worm is less painful than any other living creature.
There are studies (which I will refuse to provide proof of) of earthworms uttering ear piercing screams of spine tingling proportions when listened in on with a high frequency wave doo hickey-ma-joog.

These obvious screams for help are during the deceptively calm looking process of regeneration after being smashed into halves by the reckless charges of  rogue sneakers and dress shoes  willy nilly on the sidewalks, as if they were the only living creatures to whom the sidewalks belonged.
Given the severe limitations of independent movement and the sharing of stressed flesh, one need not carry a science degree ( just a kind and beating heart) to understand the plight of the average conjoined earthworm and the stresses it struggles beneath each and every day ….in such a condition.
My GAWD….is there  no shame left on this earth?
What kind of world do we live where the tiny heartbeat of the brave earthworm can be so mercilessly mocked in such a way?


Which Way


Which Way?
hurry up and wait. Stand up.. then sit back down again.
Open your mouth but not so wide
enough to fit a foot inside.
Come here, why go there?
when you’re needed everywhere.

hurry up and wait. Give it here.. now take it back again.
Open your eyes but don’t see anything
that’s beyond the puppet string.
Look here, why watch there?
when you’re wanted everywhere.

by Ramsy

Photo by adzicnatasa


Masking Shmasking

Now, there’s talk about the “problem of masking” in the ASD community–especially females.
Articles concentrating on how the females are “hiding” symptoms more than males.
How they’re missing out on “needed support” or “better futures”. How they’re being stressed by the “masking”.
Support in what if we’re living our lives to the best of our abilities and according to our terms?

Better futures dictated by whom and from where? I could have sworn the only acceptable author for any person’s definition of a happy life  was decided by that one person.

I didn’t realize there was a single standard chart for such things.

Links to a  few of these articles.

Now we’re at this “damned if we do, damned if we don’t” nonsense.

It disturbed me greatly that they labeled us as “mentally ill” after sweeping multiple conditions into one massive catch-all.
Now it disturbs me that the efforts we make to better ourselves..AS EVERYONE TENDS TO DO…is being called to suspicious attention.
Bald people buy wigs. Fat women buy Spanx. Old men buy Viagra.
Are they truly now focusing on those of us deemed as “mentally disabled” and truly saying that our deciding to keep ourselves together like EVERYONE does…is somehow a troubling thing, never mind an obstacle to “progress”?
With a straight face?

Why on this earth are we hearing terminology like “hiding” and “masking” when both are well known negatives? When people hide or mask things the assumption is about willful covering up , hand in hand with the notion of “deceit”.

How the doors of Hell would explode off and out…

if there were publicly discussed studies over how harmful it was for  minorities  “masking” behind “white” accents or how unfortunate it is for homosexual men  “masking” by playing in sports.

Yet , we’re quiet about what’s being said/done on this side of the fence –

Despite  ASDs also  being conditions of birth and genetic inheritances and  also (rightfully) not anyone else’s  damned business other than one’s own.

If some of our actions are considered unpleasant and anti-social, and then the actions taken to correct them are also held up to the light as being bad or unfortunate..then what the heck are we left with?
And who the hell is anyone to believe they even have a right to have anything to say about other people’s “intentions” ? Why the urgency for folks to get diagnosed?-to the point of ridiculousness where  advice is to “keep seeking experts” until one gets a diagnosis if one wasn’t given in the first place.

“Push until you find something wrong, even if there’s nothing that wrong going on.
Don’t you dare cover up . You’re not allowed to cover up.
We need to look at you whether you like it or not”

That’s what it feels like to me..that kind of creepy, bullying sort of unexplained urgency.

It’s not our masks that need the constant eye.
Those who shamelessly announce their ongoing studies on us like lab vermin.
Those labeling us as “not normal”
without explaining the purpose for the discussions and cataloguing other than vague “for a better future” generalities…
THOSE are the wretched masks that need lifting.

A friendly “No-I’m-not-paranoid” reminder that the legislated  “hunt” has been on almost 20 years now.
Full Text of the ASSURE act

photo By Igor Normann

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