My Spooky Babies

Black hand of death

(photo By Alex Malikov )

These are some of my “spooky babies”.
The ones I embrace a little tighter than the rest,
before I ruffle their hair and shoo them out of the door..
reminding them that if Mama finds another dead body
left all willy nilly in the middle of her hallway again…
she’s gonna remind  them what “spooky” is really
all about.


Your Girl by Blue States

….because the only things left in this world to count on are the joys that true beauty and music can bring you..not much else….



ugly knotholes


spare yourself this horrid pain
of gazing long upon the grain
to dream of loving eyes again
and other sweetness too
as you sadly misconstrue
dark ugly knotholes watching you



The Ever Watchful Eye Over “Defectives”

(featured photo By sdecoret )

Another time in history when concerns were running hot about the subject of mental defectives in our country.

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Photo taken from  “Immigration And The Prevention Of Insanity (Note 1)” at

following link.
By THOMAS W. SALMON. M.D., NEW YORK, Past Assistant Surgeon, U. S. Public Health Service ; Director of Special Studies, National Committee for Mental Hygiene.
Read at Mental Hygiene Conference, under auspices of Massachusetts Society for Mental Hygiene, Tremont Temple, Boston, April 2, 1913.

This is  Ellis Island.. where people were subject to

being suspected as mental defectives by the way they looked.

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An article which made me wonder how the eugenacist of old would feel about our continued research, diagnosing and pointing out of “mental deficiencies.”
Would there be applauding or pouting?

Mother Sun


It’s never the sun’s intention to prevent us from seeing what we believe we can see.
Dreams once clearly envisioned and brightly lit. Now seemingly darkened deep and wiped away.
While we grumble our annoyance over its refusal to shine a little longer on the days we need it most. How we conveniently forget..
that it’s the earth who turns away like a selfish child
leaving us wild eyed in the shadows.
that it is the sun who remains like a gracious mother
willing to give us as much time as it takes.


Poem by Ramsy

Photo by Encaustic Exposures


The Other Egg Hunt

Now that Easter has’s time to get down to some serious egg and bunny business on World of Warcraft.

The following was taken from the World of Warcraft guide site “WowHead“.

It has good tips on  spotting the popular eggs quicker and easier.

For the rest of the Noblegarden guide and more loot/quests info

click here


Brightly Colored Eggs

Players will be scurrying to hunt down Brightly Colored Eggs that spawn hidden in the starting areas of Azeroth:

Eggs can be found only in the starting areas. They may be crowded, but here are some tips to making your egg-hunting go smoothly:

  • Set your Environmental Detail and Ground Clutter settings down low, and zoom out. This will help you see eggs spawn before environmental objects like bushes or crates do.
  • Play around with camera angles–this will help you click on eggs even if you can’t see them.
  • Grab speed boosts so you can zip around between spawn points faster.
  • Azure Watch is considered to be the best place for the Alliance due to the frequency of spawn points and the out of the way location. Get to the Exodar by taking a Mage Portal, or the portal or boat from Darnassus.
  • Falconwing Square is considered to be the best place for the Horde due to its straightforward layout. Get to Silvermoon by taking a Mage Portal, or the portal from the Undercity.

World of Warcraft®
©2004 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. World of Warcraft, Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

feature photo by one of my girls at play.

Beloved and Enduring “Easter Parade”

“Easter Parade” , once a traditional Easter standard for the family to enjoy together, is well worth a look and listen for the modern family as well.

Lovely costumes, fantastic voices and plenty of pep for the bunnies to bounce to.

photo By lightmachine

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