Least Loved Beast

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The Least Loved Beast

From where and of what is this riddling beast?
With benefit of birth, undiscovered
as it may be and loved not in the least
amongst men by which it is outnumbered.

With black yawning and puckered wounds set high
upon its face, silently growling now
and then again upon having no eye
where gods twice jabbed their spears beneath its brow.

As it rages sadly and howls its loss
that “All will love!” and “None will leave!” by will
through successions of blows it lays across
innocence lifeless and crushed by the kill.

Where it curses the moon and the weeping
she’s done, with palest face turned to the east
and away from her dead children sleeping
regretting loving what gods loved the least.


Daily Exercise: Wasted Wants

carlos david

It’s time to teach ourselves how to think about unaddressed yet important issues.
We need to get into the habit of doing so, without other individuals initiating the conversations which they end up having the last word on.
If we offer nothing else, it’s the kind of skill you can hand down to your children; for the war ahead of them..which we won’t be around to help them fight.

The good and seemingly harmless desires we hold.
Our need to belong and be accepted by the majority.
Our wish to be seen as kind, giving and positive.
Our desire to avoid pain.

The interconnected relationship between them.

These are wishes and needs that we carry with us from childhood.
Failure achieving or rejection of either of these things is usually the result of an upset in one or both of the others.
If I end up purposefully rejecting and not caring about what the majority thinks of me, more than likely
former attempts of being kind were taken for granted, while attempts at giving turned into back stabs and being taken advantage of.
Obviously, pain makes its way to the front door regardless of what’s done.
If I end up not caring whether I’m seen as kind and positive, chances are likely that I’d been rejected enough times by the majority of those I had wished to impress in the first place.
Once again, pain coming to call.

If I choose to accept pain to exist in my life, the possible roots are much too intricate within individual mindsets to begin analyzing them out as easily as the other situations.
Let’s just assume that the belief that one can live without pain are considered more rumor than reality-if nothing else has been experienced in a human being’s life.

The negativity associated with these desires in this day and age.
The “majority” has never, is never and never will be all that an average person believes it to be.
Better stated, the majority is never as it is created to be seen to the eyes of a child; which is where we first forge what the idea of a “majority” is and why we “need” its approval.
Despite our wishes to be seen as kind and positive, there are dwindling examples of us behaving in such genuine ways towards one another; unless we are performing our acts of charity and goodness for audiences, attention and/or profit.
We present warm and fake smiles for one another and we have learned to parrot the Snapple cap philosophies of countless talk show hosts and panel experts loaded up behind the desks of our major news networks.
However, these collective actions have resulted, not in an observable and workable system providing comfort in our lives but in an observable and diseased expression of anxieties and conflict.
Current strategies and laws, allegedly designed to avoid hurt feelings and pains, have instead brought more psycho-social pain than mankind has ever been recorded to suffer-possible exceptions being from years of the Roman empire’s downfall and the population reducing Black Plague.

It’s just a little something to think about today.
With no need to come up with any sort of answer nor for any particular reason other than to absorb.
As long as you do so at your own pace and to your satisfaction.

photo By Carlos David

We, The Sleeping Beauties

Astrology. Secret and riddle. Beautiful attractive girl on a night beach with sand hugs the moon, art photo.

Once upon a time, to creative extremes, I compared our collective society to the tale of Sleeping Beauty.
For whatever reason, it would seem that a glaring dark sorceress also gave us a gift of most unpleasant matters.

As the princess received wondrous gifts like beauty and charm from the good fairies at her christening, a disgruntled witch saw to it that she received a curse of death. Death which was promised via the prick of a needle on her 16th birthday.

Luckily, a kind fairy stepped in.

Though she couldn’t take away the curse, she did provide a spell which would alleviate the damage to come. In the moments before death took complete hold, Sleeping Beauty would slip into a very long sleep, along with the rest of the castle. Only a kiss from a prince would bring her back to life, for her to journey onward to what lie ahead.
The End.

We currently seem to be in a bind that resembles this as well.

Over the course of three generations, it would seem our “gift” has spawned decades of serial killings, crack, meth and AIDS epidemics; tied with a tight ribbon of civil deterioration, topped by a fat bow of increased autism, mania and early onset Alzheimer’s that no one in this kingdom has answers to.

Laws and new United Nation constitutions have been written to “help” and “address” these disabilities over the course of two decades, but it’s nothing but silence and mocking intimadation from the fairies and trolls sitting on our Hill.

As “luck” would have it, our technology has even sprung a fountain of gadgets and services that do everything for us…as if “nature” knew that we’d be so disabled in such large numbers. From reading books, driving our cars and committees of other humans usurping control of everything we do, from our money to our sex lives to the thoughts we are now told to think.

Obviously, I consider this “nature” as the glaring witch sipping on her “Hater-ade” in the corner at the time of our christening. She must be grinning ear to ear these days, with the imminent ‘death’ of our society seeming so chaotic and clear.

I guess that only leaves the question of who the prince is, doesn’t it? The one who can alleviate the damage done and save us from collapsing into the black like that.

Well, it just so happens that I spotted TWO potential and beautiful princes. One is the highly regarded philosopher Alan Watts. He was an esteemed contemporary of the current masters and was consulted on certain matters that I feel a few of us would find interesting.

The other is the highly esteemed spiritual healer Edgar Cayce. Through thousands of readings, known as the Sleeping prophet, he provided counsel for thousands of individuals in his lifetime of work through the blessing of Jesus Christ’s name and the divine forces we are a treasured part of.

His kiss would also be one of great relief..
That is, if the words were taken to heart by enough of those who carry out unthinkably cruel and hateful obligations against a world they’ve been strong-arming into “behaving”.

Maybe we too can hope to journey on, without the prick of some needle insuring our eventual death by those who openly insult us..

Or those who have secretly manipulated us over 70 years, promising not only enslavement but genocide..

Without a single one of our political “guardians” doing any thing to protect any of us from any of it,

our only chances depend on the wisdom these princes can provide for us to defend and change our lives.
The End..?

Delicate photography, Astrology, Women's magic. Beautiful attractive girl on a night beach with sand and stars hugs the moon, art photography.

(photo By Anton )

More from Alan’s lecture on how we continue to be treated like things instead of humans worth respect and mercy.

///Above mentioned excerpts are from 1969-w/Watts’ lecture and Cayce material from 1971/reading date 1944.
The following is from 1981 when one of many Population programs was established


Dingbats, Hypocrites and Idiots..as Woody has Always Shown Us

AdobeStock_9587318By Scott Maxwell

Woody Allen settles lawsuit w/ Amazon and gets stabbed in the back..again

My god.
I clasp my hands in prayer for Woody to live and work another fifty years.
(Only if the brother was open to such a lofty fantasy.)

I say this because he would be the perfect writer to help tell the horrible story of this fog of insanity that’s choking the ever-living last bit of decent and common sense humanity out of us.
(Although, no one should ignore the tradition of terrorist bully groups to falsify their numbers by creating fictional accounts, seeming more numerous than they actually are. We could have a mere couple dozen idgets posing as hundreds if not thousands. This place is so packed with liars, who can truly tell anymore.)
Ding bats.

The entirety of America and our pants pissing majority is ALLOWING YOUNG BOYS TO BE GIVEN LIFE SENTENCES on sex offender lists FOR INNOCENT GESTURES…UNDER THE LAWS OF THE United Nations that isn’t even the “country” that they hold their chubby paws over their hearts for, shedding crocodile tears of sentimentality over.. every time they get drunk at a Fourth of July picnic.

Otherwise, this injustice spits in the face of two Constitutional laws

Cruel and unusual punishment and protection against Double Jeopardy.

While Bill Clinton and other public “demi-gods” strut on this earth with nary a sex offender list entry to hinder their worshipped and filthy footsteps.

I have to watch my brown skinned daughters be depicted in the very same light, as always, through the media…AS SEXUALLY PROMISCUOUS , UNDIGNIFIED, POORLY SPOKEN AND BUMPING THEIR HUMPS IN PUBLIC..

THAT ALONE….should box the ears of whatever “social- justice-me-too-I-have-no-idea-what-the-hell-I’m-being-puppeteered- into- doing” head nodder that exists. But no one sees that at all, do they?

As far as any “celebrities” who have backstabbed and abused this treasure of a man..
( a man who helped hoist 70’s America onto the international stage as a place that could have a bit more than brainless and amoebic foolishness to offer for the above average intellect serving time in this vapid pit)

There is a reason why he was behind the camera, giving directions..with them taking them.
There is a reason he was writing the words, providing brilliant things for them to say.
Because he is and always has been one of their, what’s called, “betters”.
A leader unaffected and unimpressed with being anything else other than his own Man.

As can be seen in this disgusting turn of events..all they’ve EVER been and will ever be are parrots and direction takers; without the guts to stand up to the most criminal element to have usurped power in this country…ever.

At the ignored expense of our children who are being disabled and crippled each and every day, while killing themselves and occasional others each and every day.

At the ignored expense of our minority children still subject to filthy and humiliating stereotypes each and every damned day-still bound for the prisons and still destined for the modern plantations of welfare.

If we can not finally decide to unload the childish respect that we hold for these insignificant prop holding celebrities, as they dare wag their hypocrite fingers at us with insulting PSAs directed towards us…then we need to keep our fat traps shut and our tears to ourselves when pained by genuine, continued and increasing miseries that we are too lazy and prideful to address.

These are celebrities, many whose extent of “talents” lie in the convulsing of their bodies to realistically reenact scenes of upchucking vomit or worthless extended grunting sex acts; once considered the behaviors of classless pigs and deviates.
They are organic windsock puppets, flapping their elongated arms in whichever direction their masters’ winds happen to blow.

As in the case with convicted child rapist director Polanski.
Remember how nearly all of Hollywood held him aloft, decorated with medals and singing his praises despite being convicted of raping a 13 year old female? No one from those hallowed liberal halls cared. No one turned him in. For decades. They sang his praises and beat down doors to be in his films..as if none of them had a teen daughter at home that they would have minded seeing bruised, broken and ruined for life as an entire world embraced the monster who assaulted her.
Oh, but once the #metoo garbage dumpster rolled in, they dropped him like a brick, didn’t they?
Obviously, one only needs to stick the right quarter in these bots before they make the noises you need them to.

(I couldn’t believe when I caught wind of Bette Midler’s “me-too” two cents, whining about her “woeful” experiences.

When I remember being absolutely red faced and shocked as a young child watching that “woman” do her acts-which can only be expressed as being very exuberant and very low class examples of non-stop parades of “sexual harassments” ..and barely nothing but.)

I don’t need to wish Mr. Allen luck from my pinpoint of a spot in this life. I know this.
He’s proven many times who he is. Without needing to prove anything.
He will survive, head held high and keep walking as if walking away from some mangy, paper soaking puppies baring their nubby and lunatic teeth.

I’m sure his circle of true friends is as wide as it’s ever needed to be and surely won’t collapse with the withdrawal of such transparently hollow “supports” anyway.

It’s simply a crying shame that another young generation is growing up in a sick celebrity worshipping nest where
-we grow collectively much more spiritually cancered despite a steady flood of useless and fake celebrity “self help experts” and “guru poets”
-we stuff metal in our mouths, tats on our flesh and act as beastly as possible to emulate similarly decorated celebrities..under the laughable mantras of “being unique” and “ celebrating individuality”. Pff.

I’m very sorry that we risk chasing away (AGAIN) one of our brightest shining stars within this darkened universe.
Heaven knows, there haven’t been any replacements encouraged in this god forsaken country, to soothe the ache of that void.

photo By Scott Maxwell

Ya, Netflix..Breaking up IS Hard to Do.

Broken TV

I remember when “we” first met.

I was still in my 20s and those red envelopes were the greatest thing since sliced bread.
I remember getting off of work, excited to grab my goodies in the box. I shared many hours of ad-free shows with the kids and friends who have come and gone since then.
A lot of memories involve my Netflix experience. Too many to mention actually. It was nice.

Our transition to streaming was a no brainer; now I see what stuff you folks are all about, well..I think it’s safe to say that lack of a brain is your default notion on all of us anyway.
That’s ok, though. It’s shrugs all around. We had some good times.

I was actually amazed, in the early days, with what seemed like tailor made picks for me. Heck, I even mused over what A.I. could possibly be in play because Netflix did an excellent job, compared to other services that tracked customers’ vibes. I was impressed and pleased that I didn’t have to sift through the regular garbage I was actively avoiding on the tube.

Now I’m 50.
Between your dorkish red on black announcement of being on “team Satan” of propagandist Media, USA and the 80% dreck that’s now slopped into the trough “according to my taste”…I gotta say, what a dire and bitter disappointment.

I guess your originals say it best.
The children always being foul mouthed to the parents who love them ..the blood, guts and vomit being shot as close up and as often as possible …the mothers always acting foolish and drunk, whining and complaining about being home…the “tough” females beating up or verbally abusing men, or simply taking on the masculine emotional and personality traits of the typical male..on and on..bla after unimaginative bla…

You don’t care about quality, just the messages being spewed, on how to condition young minds into being beastly and “politically correct” like good little robots, is what matters.
As long as there’s no traditional family present. Certainly not where the members ethnically resemble each other in the least. I’m a blend of multiple ethnicities myself and find this predictable propaganda a sick joke. It’s a lack of sophistication you share with all of the other tools who’ve demonstrated not a stitch of “slick” while repeatedly “convincing” us that the world we live isn’t the reality constantly being hammered into ads, videos..the whole foolish mess field of (what should have been) subtle propaganda.
You’ve even snuck in that gay husband and straight wife couple thing into the whole “population reduction” agenda set by your lord and masters.

Nothing says drastic drop in babies being born better than couples who are repulsed over the idea of having sex with one another, never mind being neurologically unable to relate to one another.

I got my final confirmation on your status as purest trash with “Stranger Things;season 2”  above all other shows, including that “every- road -leads -to- Dad’s -busted -skull” “Bandersnatch” gimmick.

It’s when I realized that none of you, in the media horde, had a single ounce of decency left concerning “family programming”.

I’m sorry you’ve devolved into a grinning and mechanical pawn like that.

You’re not the only one, but you’re most certainly the one that seems to have changed in the most drastic ways.

I’m merely a wisp of a number in the small flood of customers leaving. I’ll be part of the vanishing statistics that some figure head nonchalantly excuses as “not enough new material” in some news article, with a cheery forecast on “what’s coming up soon”.
Yup. For me it WAS hard to do, sorry to admit.
I just wish that robo box with its jive “curiosity over why you’re leaving” didn’t have to pop up to rub the salt a bit deeper. A little “thank you” for the thousands of dollars spent over two decades would have been sufficient. However, typing in “your propagandizing garbage and lack of concern over it” sufficed for a virtual door slam.

We know you don’t care. YOU know you don’t care.
The public is a fine mess of morons meant for grade school entertainment and your only job was to be a gear in the machine tasked to mentally rape us- real bloody and violent-like.

If not that, then it was your and the whole of Media’s applauded obligation to help push through UN dictated affirmative action to get as many baby breeders out of the house and away from raising families as possible.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good job.

(excerpts are from 1981 “Recommendations for implementation of World Pop. Plan of Action” and UN mid 90’s Cairo conference. I tried the link to the 1981 publication, but seems like it’s at the cleaners. Good thing I saved it, eh?)
There’s nothing like being confronted by yet another big time media operation so focused on our ruination that they couldn’t give a whole ship full of rats asses on how it looks or from what threats or affirmative actions it was connected to; the stink of it rising up from years before most of your staff was born, I’m sure.

Good job on becoming a major part of the American Dream turned “jesus-christ- wth -are- you- doing?” nightmare.

At least it’s nice to know you can provide well for your families while spitting on and laughing at ours, right? Right.

Good luck looking in your daughter’s eyes down the road, though.
When you’re old and frail enough to appreciate what regret and shame truly are..as the world recognizes the names of every single one of the many companies who participated in this god forsaken, low class and international abomination; which took seventy years to accomplish NOTHING but the severe drop in births, masculinized women, feminized men and all out abusive war on and against our brothers, fathers and sons.

(My word..sounds like one of your tasteless horror projects, doesn’t it?)

Then again, there’s not much to be expected from those so very proud of being rude to the deaf.



TV with horns and tail


That’s One Heck of a Nerve

3d Funny clown character stands by a blackboard

The temerity is as astounding as it is stomach turning.

When we backslide into an age where citizens of a so-called “civilization” go out of their way, refusing to accept that the modern human being can make up his or her own mind without the assistance of external and quasi-militaristic “intellects” taking control as if they were children or pets.

More infuriating still, the psychological gaming with hyper positivity and wooden smiles, as they lie to our young adults on the “whys” and “whats” of getting through a life already riddled with enough hardships and confusions.
As with this insulting lecture-on how to “assure males they are allowed to stay home”.

And this telling excerpt from a United Nations conference from 1987-where women had obviously DECIDED to stay at home…but that was just not something the high and mighty lords and ladies  could accept nor tolerate.

Microsoft Edge 7_4_2019 7_57_42 AM
Yet, they march on. Filling our young adults heads so full of propaganda that they don’t know if they are coming or going, trying to be on “the right side” of issues they have never experienced and being made to feel like criminals or weak for their instincts and personal wishes.

While we sit by, confused and harassed into collective silence.

If someone were to give a pleasant and wide eyed lecture on how to help this young lady feel comfortable with undergoing a surgery to pin back her ears…so she can feel more confident and it being her “right” to feel as attractive as every human has the right to…she would have an absolute stroke.

She would rage with fury and be insulted beyond words-scorched over the cruelty of strangers having the audacity to assume things she never had doubts over and fit to be tied over having it stopped immediately.

It was an example. She is a pretty young lady and was brainwashed at a rather early age without knowledge on much else than public speaking and “social justice warrioring”.

But it’s the sort of example which must be made, as the window of opportunity for us to help our children defend themselves shrinks.

photo By Steve Young

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