Forgiveness for the Walgreens Pharmacy Worker. One Day.


For the second time, with two different Walgreens pharmacy workers (not the degreed doctors) over the course of two months, unsolicited comments were expressed over the amount of medicines I was receiving.

I, a 260-pound adult woman with severe osteoarthritis, had to endure the unnecessary opinions and spoken words from young, annoyed and indignant Walgreens workers.

Concerning my legitimate, much needed and several years in force prescription.

(The one that allows me to simply walk and live my life in the comfort I once believed was my right as a human being..without harrassment, disrespect or made to feel shamed over)
With one worker expressing her opinion ,with practical angry suspicion, that I was getting “too many pills”.

The other, in muted ‘shock’ and ‘concern’ , calling attention to his manager (and any one within earshot) on how he needed to get his manager about my prescription.

Although I do not appreciate the humiliation of my business being broadcast.

( a sour irony considering that their masters from the CDC have made such a stink over the “protecting of people’s information” via HEPA regulations)
Although I am not a druggie or ne’er-do-well junkie who needs to be confronted nor challenged by any living being on this earth.
I shouldn’t have to put up with this blatant rudeness. No one should.

But this is not the only time Walgreens’ employees have done this.
Dozens of times, over years, I took note of yet another unsolicited comment that nearly every pharmacy worker would make.

Comments on how expensive the meds are and the question of whether I understood how expensive they were.

As in the case with the formerly mentioned comment the latter comment was repeated, nearly word for word in each visit.
Expressions which should not be made by those who are not familiar with my life and what my highly educated doctor has decided to do in my medical condition.
Expressions of opinion that are pure insults, when one understands that I am an adult who has managed to live my life and take care of my own business since the majority of these trained Walgreens’ employees were in diapers.

I do not need these intrusive insults or questions and consider it a prime example of how the UN via the CDC has managed to force us to the level of children and slaves; subject to discomfort, emotional trauma and “social rape” without the average adult willing (or neurologically able) to defend these very simple rights- to be regarded as decision making adults entitled to basic respect and freedom from systematic bullying.

It’s a foul pattern that is obviously being taught to these workers as part of the conditioning of a once free and strong country into a country of weakened “things”…that have no rights to even basic comfort or respect.

There will come a day when these workers’ eyes will be opened to the horror of the criminal nature of the CDC that they trusted and worked for.

There will. No doubt about it.

Yet, being a former young adult raised in this society, brainwashed to the gills on many levels and wholly trusting the “authority” of an institution that has brought nothing but ruin to our people..

I will offer my forgiveness..

For the time in the future they think back on the countless human beings they insulted, pissed off and affected in the most inhumane and humiliating ways.
Not now.

Not when I can see that too many enjoy their “positions of power” and twisting the knives of their rude and mechanical duties so very much.
And not when one can tell, by their blatant condescension, how haughty they hold themselves up, with the permission and instruct from a criminal CDC to help make our lives as uncomfortable and demeaned as possible.

But my silent forgiveness is theirs…for the time they are either personally a victim of this system’s inhumanity, when their usefulness has run its course..or for when they mature into full grown and humane adults.
Just as I expect their forgiveness for the times I and/or others across this land respond with equally unsolicited comments such as
“No one asked your opinion. Do yourself a favor and simply do the job you were paid to do.”
“Keep your mouth shut and mind your own business”
I am not stupid, retarded or a child.

Since you repeat the same question regarding how expensive my meds are, I have no choice but to know you’ve been trained to say this.
However, I am a grown adult. I don’t know you, I didn’t invite you into my life.
Until the day you can prove that my doctor is a hack or is wanted by the police for murdering hundreds of unaware clients due to his habit of willy-nilly prescription writing….PLEASE

(there’s always room to adjust for more diplomatic communications)

be quiet and I’ll be on my way.”

Obviously, there are Walgreens pharmacy workers who simply enjoy doling out the rudeness.

They are indeed the “apples” of their UN master’s eyes.

They know full well what they do and how much they are insulting fellow American adults.

So, to expect any of this to make a difference would be to celebrate the logic of carrying water in a colander. It is and will remain useless.

It’s the ones who feel they are doing “what’s best” and have no memory of what it meant to show grown people respect as a public service worker.
Those who are part of the generation that come as a prized trophy within a defeated country of disabled peoples being currently usurped by the United Nations.
The ones who wonder, as time goes on, and begin to contemplate the authoritative contradictions from the CDC and realize the truer truths of

what’s supposed to be and was for a very long time

versus the

“what’s going to be, come hell or high water, and damn all Americans’ comfort and health.” mandate from these enemies…

It is for the generation of workers who will be the first generation of Americans to experience and know what it means to “live” in complete and open slavery.

That’s for whom the forgiveness is meant for.

For when they are forced to realize the horror of how they were systematically and cruelly used to be active participants.
For the ones who once had intentions to truly treat  people as “good” as possible, but were, instead, encouraged to openly treat us much worse than the animals that they’re currently groomed to hold in higher regard.

For the day will come…and they need to know that many of us

(no matter how demeaned or insulted we are within these darkest days)

understood who the true culprits were and that we maintained the faith that they’d be strong enough to free themselves from this abominable situation.

One day.

Who I Am..After All

Although I’ve been able to breathe freer knowing I wasn’t the
Only One
It has plunged me into a certain state of despair knowing that I was an
Early One.
Not the only child whose annoying, peculiar and infuriating habits had her own mother, family, school mates and world
And hiding from her.
But…merely an earlier run of a production line borne from mortal man’s vanity, stubbornness and 16th century sensibilities..on top of Stone Age logic and greed. what infuriates me.
Every Day. what tears my very heart in two and keeps the tears fresh. Time after time.
That …

(though I will never step foot in their grand secret soirées because I’m mere filth to them.
And though they will never know my name or how I have suffered throughout this fucking life because of what they’ve done…and currently choose to allow)

…they were allowed to interject their will and wrap their hateful chains around me and my beloved children’s necks as if they owned me.

Changing the very DNA my creator gave me..not man.

Preventing me from running my life as I know best..even though I have lived it far more responsibly than most, if not all, of them.
After an entire lifetime of lying to me about how “free” I was and that “everything would be OK”.

As if these animals had any right to continue to execute centuries of abuses that they unleash brutalities against us for order to prevent us from committing ourselves.

They were nowhere around to help when I conquered a 17 year old drinking habit..without the programs which they design to fail.
They were nowhere around when I was brutalized by my mother…though I did have their group homes to go to after getting caught trying to kill her at age 14.
The group homes where kids still got raped. Molested. Drugged.

The group homes (villages) where we were free to do as we wished with minimal and mechanical disciplines and where I got my earliest front row seat to what meds will do to a child doomed to remain on them
And they weren’t there as the bonds, which I practically sweat blood to maintain with my children, deteriorated under the rotting influence of their schools and the manipulations of their media.
The children who were my first and only chances at being loved, gave me the only true joys of my miserable life..and are now struggling through a life where all of their potential has been destroyed and pulverized into the ground.
By Them.
Those mortal bastards and bitches.
Of the UN. And the Vatican.

Who dare have say on who I am and what I’m not allowed to have.
Though they are neither gods nor maintain a fraction of the decency and virtue that the majority of us “insects” manage to abide by.
Who dare stand by, as billions of us get torn apart, raped and ruined.
Yet maintain the rights to accuse us of tearing our society apart, punish us for seemingly even thinking about it…while raping and ruining us at their personal will and whimsy.
For nothing.
As they hunt through our herd and sniff out our brightest…only to groom them to destroy their own.
Knowing full well just how much we can not understand and will never know.
Still…leaving them without hope of being loved as they were meant to be
and forever sentenced to remain “out there” without a single true comfort to claim as their own.

No matter how much money is thrown their way or false assurances given.

Yes, I now know I wasn’t the only one. Just an earlier one.
And no, I won’t stop speaking out until they’re completely gone and can no longer create any
Other Ones.

IF Anyone’s Passing by a Legit Protest…?

into success.

photo By nirutft 

Just in case anyone spots a true protest going on. You know..
Not the social unrest episodes being shown on Frick and Frack’s “bi-partisan” networks.
They’re just running script that’s expected.

We lose our jobs, our rights, our minds..ta and da-and it’s finalized as being the people’s fault.
Ya ya.
We know.

I mean if there’s a sincere move to pry the UN’s fingers off from around our throats kind of deal.

They’ve got the entire globe buzzing but it’s America they truly hate the most. Us.
It’s a hate so hard and nasty that you can’t find one episode of any American T.V. show, from over the last 20 years, where the mother-child topic wasn’t dripping with sarcasm, complaint or severe dysfunction. The babies are never admired without some snark about their messes, the kids are seen as unsmiling and rude, so on and so forth.
At least in Britain (though they still have that whole “fade out the male” thing going on) the moms there are kissing on their kids, always tenderly grasping hands and promising times when “mummy” will be back in time to love them some more.
Smooth and gentle propaganda, courtesy of a ‘sophisticated’ Media pet. For the apple of Daddy’s eye.

Here? Mom can’t wait to throw back the shots with her girls, is constantly moaning and groaning about her children, while her brood swear at her as if they hired her for three bucks on “rent-a-no-good-skank” night.
Bad, rude and hurtful propaganda by a rabid Media pet. Meant for the unwanted kid that daddy wants destroyed so much that it makes his eye constantly twitch.

But..there you go. From encouraging our daughters to embrace degradation as ‘empowerment’ to the vomit they show spewing on the screens..these folk absolutely enjoy taunting us with how much they can’t wait until we all shrivel up and die.

It’s nothing new.

That’s just ONE UN constant in play. And that’s easily taken care of. Just stop watching their insulting garbage and call it a day.
There’s more important things we need.
“Little” things.

Like stopping our ten-year-old boys from serving life ending rapist sentences for expressing their natures. There’s a little part in our Constitution that prohibits “cruel and unusual punishment”-taking away a man’s right to vote, buy a house and have children before he hits puberty is a bit extreme for winking at a girl.
(The Constitution also has “double jeopardy” prohibition as well-a worthy note if one were to understand that the juvenile sentences get converted into adult sex offender status after they turn 18.)
Especially when by command of a foreign organization like the UN.
ESPECIALLY when stories of their soldiers raping and using third world women aren’t exactly a top secret.

Or…let’s see…stopping every baby born being injected with metals that cripple him for life.
Or…I don’t know girls, maybe we could take a shot at getting your abortion rights back if some baboon rapes you during a robbery and you are forced to carry his baby..because the UN forced our politicians to drop that right.
Per a fifty year old script they dedicated their entire lives to, called the Population (reduction) Program.
(For you see, Massa didn’t want to shoot himself in the foot as far as losing livestock; they just don’t want us to raise our own children. that’s all. )

There’s hundreds of unjust laws, intrusions and organizations in this land borne from the barnacled womb of the UN.

They’ve been busy beavers since they’ve been in “official” charge from the 40s.

Presently, they’ve got us running around in masks like permanent trick or treaters, through their beloved CDC. (The ones mass sterilizing us, if memory falters.)

No, I don’t believe they’ll be standing at the door with their suitcases- if it gets passed completely and without exceptions. Or tricks.

Of course not. They’re going to keep their claws and paws buried deeply into “their” trophy.
And they’re going to intimidate with big words and do God knows how much more damage..just out of spite over us trying.
It’s how The Church has run things for centuries. Gathering up allies to form united forces, rewarding allies, taking control of lands and beating, raping and enslaving people and then eventually backstabbing the formerly merged allies. Rinse and repeat.
It’s an old family story that the world has had to get used to suffering under.

It is the year 2020.
I don’t think many folks would disagree on over how exhausting it has been, how horrifying it has been and how unjust it has become that we’re still being tortured and subject to other mere mortals forcefully seizing control of our lives…and now our bodies.
Exactly as if it was the 220s instead of 2020s. Especially folk whose entire lives have been ruined, miserable and in non-stop danger from birth to death…directly due to damages allowed to be done by and power handed over to these lunatic, barbaric (and lying) U.N. primitives.

This bill wasn’t written just for something to do on a boring rainy what I’m saying.


A few perks=
(if passed COMPLETELY..not cherry picked through or worded in ways to placate us . Fully. Even if it was a big and blatant lie {yes, I saw the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the text as well} it is a legitimate and completed document which can very well, and should very well, be us and those with influence who can and wish to salvage our sovereignty.)

-United States membership and participation in the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
-United States participation in the World Health Organization  (DING DING DING!)
US involvement in UN conventions and agreements

They may not melt out of our lives completely..but at the very least, it would be in black and white and legally binding…as far as the more honest lawmakers choose to tie the knots.
It would be a start.

And it’s better than being remembered as simply standing there ogling the window wondering what’s going on, when the beast burst into our front door a long time ago.

Like I said, if anyone sees an earnest protest, one might drop this by if they need a solid focal point or an additional one.

Instead of being captured on camera and made to look like directionless ding dongs in the “bi-partisan” editing rooms.
Or trying to find ways to ignore that the most massive declaration of war against us has been slow cooking for over 80 years and that we’re now getting roasted on all sides…with the aiding and abetting from our own greasy palmed (or severely blind) “friends” and “protectors”.




A Redress of Grievance That Never Came to Be

The following would have been part of a petition that I wish we would have had the courage and the know-how to pursue..when “redress of grievances” was one of the top legal rights that we were entitled to.

Today, across this world, and now recently obvious in this country, women are suffering intense and long-lasting depression over not being able to bear children.
They haven’t warmed to the substitution of becoming a “pet parent’-something that is pushed and heavily advertised as being “normal” in these times. By those who discussed and planned our reductions while regarding us like the “animals” they considered us to be. And still do.

IMG_0801 (2)IMG_0802 (1)
Many of these women will kill themselves, leaving behind equally suffering spouses who also wanted, more than anything, to create, love and care for families of their own.


Families-the only guarantees that we as poor men could count on for immortality and many times the only joy and relief that we as poor women could cling to, in a world made into a living hell by those in power.
The ones in power who have finally destroyed even that by forcefully sterilizing us against our will.

The ones whose lap dogs can’t resist boasting about on a continual basis.
After centuries of a maniacal wet dream come true -to destroy and rule all peoples but their own.

In the cruelest examples, women are being mutilated, disfigured and killed in communities for “their” inability to bear children.

And more will continue their torments in hell due to the United Nations decades long program of forced sterilizations, through the unchallenged, unstopped and complete authority of a CDC that is currently enjoying speedier executions and farther-reaching carte blanche to destroy and kill or stop the births of billions more of us.

Accepted by hundreds of mayors, governors and influential leaders; this morbid and live suffocation of our rights and life, out in the open…
This hypothetical and mourned petition’s grievance would have had a lot to do with this forced and mass sterilization of human beings.

Also, it would have had something to say about the biological hell that our overseers are now allowing to affect our once masculine males and once feminine females.

Our once healthy and sane young people.
More importantly, it would have included mention of us being mentally and neurologically ‘slaughtered’ through inoculations which saturated us with injections of mercury into our bloodstreams over the course of eighty years.

For this is the only fitting explanation as to why an entire generation of scientists, medical professionals and professors could have been rendered this inhumane and insane enough to justify collaborating in such a horror.

And it’s the only fitting explanation as to why thousands of alleged” professional and sophisticated” human beings (governors, mayors, senators and so on) could have been rendered so mentally and neurologically retarded as to “not see” this.
Or so cold hearted as to not stop it.

Because mercury is known, and has been known for centuries, to cause both unfortunate results-
The stripping of empathy and severe long-lasting reduction in intelligence functioning.
(Keeping in mind that the saturation of hormones, used to sterilize us with, is not an ignorable element to the entire explosion of mood disorders and mental diseases.)

It’s the severe drop in intelligence (from high ordered leaders to individual family members) that has resulted in our current conditions; of no escape, dying or getting herded into involuntary slavery.
With the only global “healthcare” monopoly sitting by and doing nothing.
Decade after decade.
World. Wide.
Without anyone of “innocent” importance realizing that these attacks were purposefully intended and currently wreaking havoc upon all of us.
Not able to understand that these threats were written about, promised and gleefully initiated.
In public.

IMG_0850 (1)
Discussed in dozens of meetings.
Without anyone being intelligent enough or able to process the necessary logic in order to address or challenge these things.
Unable and unwilling to see that the “women’s rights” issue was solely meant for the program to reduce our numbers.
Unable and unwilling to see that “racial equality” hot button issues..were and are nothing but the most cruel and most foul disguise to hide behind..for the same purpose.


Worst of all, unable to address the catastrophe of billions of human beings having been poisoned and rendered barely able to function within what should have been the security of their lives and homes.

Unable and unwilling to protect nor stand up for us in the midst of the very worst mass assault this world has encountered.


Mercurial poisoning. The damage which kept on giving and now has resulted in the majority of us being so affected by it that we can’t see the simplest of clues to the hell we’re now forced to bear, the graves we’re forced to dig and the shells we’re forced to exist as.


A View of the Zoo

On one rare occasion, I felt a bit bad having written the following poem.


I see one of them snark off with some smart-ass comment at a journalist who was polite as could be, with a legitimate question. As he gets an insulting chortle of a response, when the proper thing for him to reply with instead, could have been..

Who the hell do you think you’re speaking to in that tone and with that foulness flying out of your miserable little face, hm?

You better take a step back, son, and let’s see if you can try speaking to me like the grown human being man that I am.”

Or something like that.

As we’re dying, being sterilized and poisoned..

Lied to, flustered and misled..out in the open as we are..

It simply makes their already frail and brittle bone diseased humps just that bit of a degree uglier than they already are.

So..for a repeat visit…

souvenir troll

Souvenir troll set against a vertical white background


King For A Day-Jamiroquai

king of the mountain

(lyrics copied from





[Verse 1]
There’s no way
I’m coming back to you
I just stopped to say
That everything we did is through
You tried to undermine
The better ranges of my nature
But soon you’re going to find
You should have started talking straighter

Now don’t you worry
I won’t put you down
I’m in no hurry, babe
To see you go to ground

Because it’s true what they say
You know, it’s true what they say
You’re only king for a day
I hope you’re happy that way

[Verse 2]
There’s no hope
For peace and reconciliation
You’re quick to play your hand
But what you haven’t learnt is patience
So look before you leap
To tell the world your coloured story
It’s clear your talk is cheap
Do anything to get your glories
So spread your wings and fly
There is no doubt
You’re so sure inside, you’ve got something to
Shout about

Because it’s true what they say
You know, it’s true what they say
You’re only king for a day
I guess you’re happy that way

[Verse 3]
And there’s no love
Ever to be lost between us
I guess this is because
The damage you’ve done is so grievous
So I hang my head
To dwell on what might have been
But what you left instead
Pieces of a broken dream

Now don’t you worry
I won’t put you down
I’m in no hurry, babe
To see you go to ground
Because it’s true what they say
You know, it’s true what they say
You’re only king for a day
I guess you’re happy that way

So spread your wings and fly
There is no doubt
You’re so sure inside, you’ve got something to
Something to shout about

Because it’s true what they say
You know, it’s true what they say
You’re only king for a day
I guess you’re happy that way

Don’t you see that
You’re only king for a day
You must believe that…

Another Pleasant Etsy Discovery: Plugs

“Wow” thought I when I ran across these artisan plugs.

Link to the Etsy store which carries these and more.


I see them as quality body adornments which one can proudly show their grandchild while reminiscing about adolescent fashion experiments from “the day”.

Ones which shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as “body mutilation jewelry” .. no more than “fine vintage spirits” should be mentioned in the same breath as “boxed wine”.




Two Favorite “Fallout 76” Bugs and a Boogie

Two Favorite “Fallout 76” Bugs and a Boogie


(ya..ya..I know, they are MOLES not beavers.

So sue me.

As if I’m the first or last to score some precious lame humor points in this joint)


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