The True and Ignored Constitutional Crisis

I’m glad I heard this verbalized concern over a “constitutional” crisis.
Only because it verifies, from a “horse’s” mouth, that the Constitution is something we’re expected to abide by.
The rest of what was said…can be flushed down the toilet with the rest of the juvenile rot.

I don’t know where the raw nerve came from, prompting this performance in the urgent manner with which it was announced.

I do know, however, for her or any of her narcissitic colleagues to stand by and allow private companies to boldly and blatantly rip our free speech away from Us is a foul and bitter reminder.
One of several where they have demonstrated that the Constitution does not mean a thing; except when the high lords and ladies wish for it to for their convenience, not for our lives.

From the nasty and rude way they shoved the long schemed healthcare plan (also against the Constitution) down our throats while grinning through their teeth and admitting not reading it…….
to judicially raping us from additional RIGHTS in many other orders passed in the style of Monarchy..not through the processes of legal American Law according to our Constitution;the only jobs these people had to do.

Allegedly sealed by  public oaths that were supposed to mean something.
In front of our faces.

There’s no need to engage in lengthy and childish debates over “private companies being free to do as they wish”.

The government can command any private industry to heel on account of millions of people relying upon the services or any other reasons.
When single mothers lose their livelihood because their sites were closed, men get fired (or not hired) for mere opinions on their pages and such….it would be hard to argue the relevance of a global platform serving billions. Especially with all of them acting as One with singular opinions shared and identical threats and enforcements.

For her to actually perform this insulting and dramatic “call to reaction” while using the word “Constitution” is an unforgiveable slight.
For her to do so with such confidence, as if we were so  learning disabled that we wouldn’t know better or that we would take this announcement seriously…it introduces a disturbing picture of her being as mentally unstable as her exaggerated and widened eyeballs often suggest.

Stomach turning as it is watching these politicians, while the media puckers up to fulfill its obligation to glorify and broadcast their noises..
For each representative and senator who stands by and participates in the blatant deceptions, insults and forceful behaviors….for as long as the years run ….there will remain records and evidence of them doing so willingly.

If nothing else, may we remind our children of that fact , for as long as they are still blessed with being able to understand.

Despite the enslavement and various assaults they will have to endure , the least we can leave them with is knowing that they are not insignificant animals who deserve open humiliation and insult from those who insist upon being seen as ” more important”.

Our children may be forced to obey laws, but my god, they do not need to have their noses rubbed into it, being insulted like brainless fools via announcements that serve to do nothing but bring additional aggravation, confusion and false hope.
Most certainly not by an order of humans so self aggrandizing and delusional that even the least educated amongst us regard them as buffoons.

May we make sure to teach our children the nature of these records- such as this despicable video of this woman saying what she says.
They need to understand that these “urgent messages” are an obvious mockery of our once protected Constitution, due to the fact that all of the social online corporations are being allowed to punish and deprive citizens of THE most important Constitutionally protected Bill of Right…which she and the rest of them were OBLIGATED by oath to protect and for which there existed precedent to do so, “private” or “not”.

The blood shed by our fathers and grandfathers guaranteed that our children wouldn’t have to beg or plead for that.

Not to have word games played over it by rich cowards who look away, laugh at us, treat us like dirt and pretend they don’t know what we’re talking about when we try to remind them of that fact.


Low Manners in High Places

rich and poor

Its embarrassing.

Watching public politicians spill their guts about their personal lives and/or families. Again.

I just heard one tell a roomful of people of what a drunk her father was.

I’m sure he’s either dead or at least she has her family’s blessing to air that particular bit of once considered “dirty” laundry. But for the love of life, there’s no reason to engage in this exposing sort of behavior. Not anymore.

Maybe, thirty years ago the bobble heads could have somberly bobbed over it being “a private pain everyone can share, therefore overcome the stigma “ kind of deal because it wasn’t a social norm to admit such things. But not now.

Now, there’s countless numbers of confessional videos of embarrassing addiction stories being shared and ogled over. It’s a miracle to not run into a person saturated with and touched by generic dysfunction.

It tells more about someone then others need to know.

Within seconds, secret judgements form in peoples minds. Especially with formerly dedicated drunks (like myself) and currently employed ones.
It brings visions of belligerent fights, beastly behaviors and soiled bedclothes to the mind’s eye.

It brings snickers or silent confirmations to  others who now tie her washed out and hollow look , under the thick make-up, to an assumed drinking problem of her own.

I’m not saying it’s true. I’m saying it’s an unfortunate assumption of character that can and will be made by a highly critical majority. A majority public sorely lacking in logical and critical thinking skills.

There aren’t standards of dignity nor intelligence expected for politicians anymore, I know this. In order to keep the dance going with the morbidly obese gorilla in the room (of our constitution having been shredded), the least savvy heads we have being elected , the better.

The massive installation of rock bottom standards can hardly be considered a secret as we see it reflected in how our youth conduct themselves and in the living of their lives. If it wasn’t so destructive it would be a laughable exaggeration-it’s so prevalent.

However, as a matter of dignity and maintaining control over how people perceive us overall (as a high profile politician or school teacher) we have to keep a tighter game in place.

To continue executing traditionally expensive and coached body language tips yet topping it off with open invitations into our unmade what the ruling classes used to (and still do) consider a sort of schizophrenic lack of etiquette typical of “low born” folk.

It’s long passed time we started proving that we’re better than this; that we’re not all hopeless “hick homo sapiens” who can’t help themselves out of poor behaviors.
It’s way passed time we stop putting ourselves out there to be mocked behind our backs while the higher ups smile and encourage our children to do the same-proving them right, time after tedious time, on how we “can’t behave well enough to run our own lives”.

It’s one thing I pray this youngest generation is allowed to rediscover when (if) this ship gets turned right side up again.

People can only paint a picture of you with the colors they are given. It serves no one any good at all to voluntarily donate the less flattering colors into the hands of those so painfully unskilled at painting in the first place.

It’s not a fair thing to have happen and nor is it the smartest thing to do when so much is invested in manufacturing “best impressions”.
One may as well ditch the two hundred dollar haircuts and expensive suits for much cheaper pair of torn denims and old hippie sandals if that was the case.

photo By erllre

These Stones Must Not Stand

Since we’re on the subject of the UN and “high alerts” being relentlessly sounded AGAIN ; groans of climate change now layering the decades long complaining of how there are way too many of us….I’m sorry we had the nerve to be born, your royal highnesses……….except of course the high and mighty of those who know themselves as THE ONLY ONES worthy of existing here…..

And since we’re so rabid and passionate about tearing statues and monuments like a sponsored group of medieval villagers…….

How about the Georgia Guidestones? Hm?

Isn’t it about time as well?

Or  is the spitting on our forefathers graves …the ones who created our now thrown away Constitution …not an insult we’re also allowed to address?

Or is our fear , (considering how all else on those tablets have plowed their way through), of being murdered just not as dire as the shouted about racial insults wrought by the other statues and monuments that now lie broken?

Or is it simply because we’re not allowed to ask or demand anything unless it is written down for us and supported by our “keepers” and given permission by our parents..on account of being such filthy pests and animals?

I’m curious, that’s all. I don’t want to make a fool of myself walking around here as if I was a grown woman who mattered or something silly like that.

If “massa” say “shut up gal!”…well, I suppose I got enough of my ancestors DNA to oblige without having him needing to  hurt me.

Heck, I’m adaptable.




Understanding It’s Us

Make a list of all of the ills affecting us in this society, tape it to the wall, blindfold yourself and throw a dart in the direction of said list. You will have landed on an ill that has resulted from the majority of Our doing.

No matter how many lies have been told, how many lives destroyed and the range of entrapments we accuse our “authorities” of doing.

At the end of the day….we can and should (if we’re telling the honest truth like we pretend to do) level the blame at ourselves for the outcomes that have us fuming and crying out our broken hearted blues.

If one were to wonder why “secret documents” are in large part available to be found or why The Masters place down often obese volumes of legal jargon that “hide” scattered evidence of our enslavement and abuse…it’s for good reason.
Because if there ever comes a day some magical opportunity appears for legal confrontation and conviction…it can be argued , successfully, that “we did it to ourselves”. And technically no lies would be considered told.
I’m not talking about those insulting “I agree” “don’t agree” choices that ensure you get to use whatever service you bought or need. That’s a punk maneuver practiced by bullies who see no problem with treating us with open contempt , arrogantly taking for granted that we are not as stupid as their boldness suggests.

I liken it to a handsome jock who’s hero worshipped by infatuated students despite his reputation of abuse. He does so simply because he can , without much resistance at all.
And if someone happens to not be swept up in the idolization and complains, it’s usually the nerdy and unattractive “somebody” that the herd moos about “being jealous” because ole Jock Jerk-off wouldn’t give him or her time of the day anyway. They are content to bask in the glow of a potential shot at a date with him. Their esteem riding and depending on the blessing of his attentions.
Illogically, we are repeatedly and consistently so certain that we’re each going to be THE one who escapes the rumored punch- to-face after dinner assault experienced by others. Others who once held the same delusion of an over inflated ego, thinking

Well, I’m different. He wouldn’t do something that awful to me. Come on…look at me.”
Ya…look at Us.

A small example:
Consider the ways that we now address the wild and uncontrollable behaviours of our children. We find more “logic” in taking them to be declared “mentally ill”, get them medicated and risk ruining them for life on multiple fronts. When all it could have taken was a good enough swat on the hiney, leaving a painful enough reminder for the child to not repeat the disturbing action again.
We moan and open our eyes in horror over the thoughts of such “brutalities” when the truth of the matter is that capital punishment has not been out and out made illegal in every corner of this country.
There’s a reason for that. Hundreds of years, it’s been an effective way to help millions of tiny human beings  learn important lessons and behaviors.
(As a formerly brutalized child who evolved into a mother who has doled out less spankings than I have digits on one hand..raising two, at times, hyperactive boys.. this means that I’m a veteran front line participant from both sides to this issue; meaning there will be no engagements with any unrelated strangers upon this matter. Ever)
For those who have violent children endangering the rest of the family, even after trying capital punishment, there exists a substantial number of us who have failed at an even earlier stage of child rearing. The beginning, with the lack of establishing boundaries. The reluctance to play the firm voiced “dictator” of our individual democracies from the moment the child arrives home as an infant.
One can successfully argue against the effectiveness of spankings on a ten year old when his/her will has evolved into violent resistance.

To try introducing spankings to one who’s been conditioned by years of coddling and being treated like a miniature adult by (what I have to assume are well intentioned) pacifist parents who choose to be “friends”…well, obviously the chances of it turning into a knock down and drag out fight are nearly guaranteed.

That’s where I have to agree and say we walk the thinnest line between risking being accused of child abuse or seen as enforcing discipline. By that stage, it’s usually too late.

It’s like switching to feeding corn dogs to a lion you’ve been liberally feeding pounds of raw steak to.
Something bad is going to result from this. And it is not going to be the lion’s fault….although the lion will be punished and , unfortunately, put down.

The fault is ours for dismissing what has worked for ages without it having produced large masses of crippled and ruined human beings.
The fault is ours for willingly paying for the services of so-called smooth voiced ‘experts’ educated by entities with self serving agendas to fill.
Some even lack real life child rearing experience. Many  are mainly focused upon the bottom line in their pockets from the books/sessions they sell and the popularity they absorb from telling people what we wish to hear; shortcuts and time savers to allow us to still look “cool” or be the “good and reasonable” guy. As if parenting was supposed to be as simple as playing with a yo-yo…instead of a crucial responsibility -raising respectful and productive members for a civilized society.

Our jobs as parents include many things that need to be minded. A major one is disciplinary consistency from day one of a child’s life. If practiced with common sense, consistency can allow parents to practice a set of habits automatically WITH A GREATLY REDUCED NEED FOR PHYSICAL PUNISHMENTS later down the road.
One doesn’t need to resort to hitting when a stern sounding voice can achieve the same results.

A very young child will wish to avoid the harsh sounding voice of the one he loves as much as any spanking. It’s as common sense as sense can be. But due to our collective stubbornness and pathological need to lean on those we’re convinced are our “betters”..we’ve gone from ignoring tried and true advice to foregoing the advice until finally it is forgotten advice that’s twisted into some warped “criminal” consideration.

WITHOUT it being legally banned by Them.
WITH years of Us picking and CHOOSING to do otherwise.

End results? Ending up with the exact same horror that we claimed to want to avoid in the first place-large masses of crippled and ruined human beings.

Obviously, I’m not referring to the severely affected children who are plagued by nature’s most cruel physical and neurological disabilities and impairments.

But those are not the majority of who are being targeted by staff “trained” to detect even the slightest hints of ASD. We’re even being harassed and warned that we need to continue looking for diagnosed conditions EVEN IF INITIAL AND SECONDARY EVALUATIONS RESULT IN NO FINDINGS.

Survival dictates that we need to be a society which prioritizes defenses against unguaranteed practices to treat conditions of unexplained origin.

To simply take the word of those who look and sound “smart and important” means we would have fallen apart as a species long ago-being too stupid to live.

They may be injecting images of drunken, party girl mothers who complain about the “hassle” of raising kids into nearly all films…now.
The gratuitous images of foul mouthed children speaking down to meek and apologetic parents may also be in most tv shows…now.
We may be constantly reminded of mistakes we’ve made as youngsters and the “dirt” we do in our private lives while being painted as hypocrites not fit to instruct our own
And our children may be presented by massive amounts of obscene jokes in the forms of memes online, unrelenting images and talk of females being the same as males, grunts and noises of simulated sex emanating from the screens…while all of it and more is being casually dumped upon them by a many armed establishment which sneers about Us parents for being backwards fools who tremble like scared mice in the bold face of “real life”…..

One would have to be dangerously naïve to believe it all to be some sort of “accidental and moral oversight” by those in charge of the introduction and in the assisting of these unpleasantries. It is these very things which have us wringing our hands over what is “being done to” our children’s psyche.

Once again, we need to realize one crucial thing…thisthese group(s) we insist upon blaming and demanding be held responsible…They haven’t done anything that WE haven’t allowed to continue.

They haven’t held guns to our heads and neither have they burnt down the homes of those of us who have decided to accept more personal responsibility and tend to more traditional, nor will they ever be stupid enough to do so.

Unlike an alarming number of us (especially the young adults who are now having children of their own), they are exercising caution and paying close attention to what can or can not be easily done for the sake of preserving what they hold (and have inherited) most important.

They aren’t nailing any so-called final nails without the aid of our misguided participation and most certainly not risking giving themselves away without common and recorded legal material.. the very least, not until they can confidently do so without resistance, complete complacency and legal custody secured of our offspring HANDED over to and agreed upon, to Them by Us.

Understand that we are no longer children who should expect other adults to think and live for Us.

Especially in a modern age where we are living under strict orders from those who hold power over us and the constantly alarming media of how IT IS OUR DUTY to declare AND CONSIDER DANGEROUS each and every possible threat to our safety as a nation…with constant reminder that  the purposeful obstruction to reporting or keeping silent about declared threats  are considered criminal if we say nothing-(the main reason we have been told that even our private correspondence is not our right anymore)
..while the following words from 1979….set down in a 1990 book that a  veteran risked and dedicated his very life to show us….went unheeded by Us…..and ignored by Us for the passed 30 years.

So, yes…understanding how much is our responsibility and how things can progress without taking all dangers seriously= vital for us to do for ourselves.

No matter how shamed we are to admit it.

(note to the younger folk: If the word “Social Contacts” jumps out at you in the following pics, don’t worry, lol, your history teacher didn’t lie….it’s not that we had personal computers nor online social sites in the 70s and 80s, it was simply a generic term for papers and records of where we kept our personal info in the 70s and 80s…and the tedious ways people were restricted to looking at our personal information without our permission and without our knowledge.)

That’s all.



P.S…Thus the Red Box

Unordentlicher gemalter Rahmen rot

In my last post, I inserted a copy of an excerpt from The Kissinger Report or “NSM 200”.

(Don’t bother looking it up, for it’s now been nudged out of the way by a new and I guess what’s supposed to be a revised version…obviously courtesy of a time machine or some suchness)

I’m explaining the red box outline-someone brought it to my attention moments ago, mistakenly thinking it to be relevant to my post. It isn’t.

I had outlined that section months ago because I had found those same words from twenty some years ago-which were clearly stated as an example to give people to (as H Kissinger was noted to have said) “hide tracks” “to disguise as altruistic”– in the middle of two different current documents from the World Health Organization and United Nations (potatoe..potah-to)

regarding a separate constitution for the DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED of this world, touted as an explanation of Our rights and laws that the States are obligated to follow through with and participate in.


(No, I had no idea that we were sold or weren’t covered under the “other” Constitution for the “normal people” neither…sorry. If it ain’t one thing it’s another)

I had great concern finding words of deception intermixed-nearly word for word in what are supposed to be these seemingly caring rules concerning those of us who are ASD and especially our children.

Our children who are now…unknown to most of us….going to be living under rules and laws for their lives  that everyone but us decided upon. Our children, whom I obviously mistakenly believed were allowed to live as United States Citizens.

I was concerned.

However, my attempts at posting those simple concerns were wiped away and or taken down each time.

Why? I don’t even care anymore.

I was born into a home where I was reminded my “body belonged” to a pair of parents who were free to “inspect” me on many  occasions through the years  before their bedtimes and were free to drunkenly call me “retarded” and  with the occasional smack across the kisser for “looking” certain ways..

For you see, some of us old time “Spectrum” riders kind of got misunderstood and taken advantage of like that.

So….no, I’m not looking to revisit those memories of sheer hopelessness, humiliation and terror of having had no choice in my life….by pondering why an establishment would do such a thing as brush my words away when I haven’t broken any rules or laws to deserve to be treated in such a despicably rude way.

Luckily, (and yet also sadly enough) most human beings have not experienced such things as being a child hated to the point of not having ANY rights. Therefore, if I had gathered any views worth noting….my so-called concerns would have been dismissed anyway.

I love my children more than life itself.

Despite the “one-shoe-fits-all lack of empathy” the “experts” are incessantly announcing and raising “awareness” over, my children and all babies , actually, mean the world to me.

And I simply thought they did to others as well.

Something like a copied lie or deception being written into a place where their futures are destined to be under false kindness and concern…well..I thought it would be worth asking about.

Obviously I was wrong.

For now, thanks to the rewrite…I’ve been corrected into “knowing” it wasn’t a lie. Right?


Thus the red  irrelevant as it may be (in no small measure due to it ‘vanishing’).

I figured I would at least  explain it for future reference.

That’s all.




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