Lamentable and Evil Scene

What a   lamentable and evil scene
regarding the pick and choose-ability
of the laws and the lies we tell ourselves
about the legitimacy of our lawmakers.

First , as we observe and anxiously scrutinize the mentally ill as they
pay attention to things
that can’t be seen with any eyes and
can not be heard with any ears.
It’s only the rare doubt that exists over how ill they obviously are
because of these facts.
Where you’ll find traces of the lamentable.

Then, as we observe how esteemed judges in funny hats and witching garb
pay homage to things
that can’t be seen with any eyes and
can not be heard with any ears.
With irreproachable authority to rule where and how long the pain flows
in spite of these facts.
Where you’ll find the rest.

poem by Ramsy

featured photo from footage found at this link

An Aching Heart Shaped Box Soaked in Bleach

Listening to this treasure of a piece based on Kurt Cobain’s classic
“Heart Shaped Box”, my heart ached in all kinds of directions.

The original video


It aches for how he didn’t complete the rest of the journey with us.

How he didn’t get to raise his child with the rest of us. To feel the joy of her good times and kick back to gently bitch about the tiny things along the way as well. To see how far she flew.

How we’re not able to pop online and enjoy what was sure to be a sophisticated maturation of his songwriting spark. That would also be where we would have smiled over how Nature took exquisite care of him and that gorgeous face.

After he completed the youthful chapter, his true gentle soul and exceptional writing would have continued to complement each other. It would have been something we could have been a bit prouder to admit to our children..that yes, he’s one of Ours.

He wasn’t a graceless punk or a spiteful waste.
My heart will ache once in a while that much deeper knowing that is exactly what ripped him away from Us…without answering for it.

photo By bong

The Only Question I Have

When a child with physical birth defects is not raised as if she were made of glass, she learns things.
She learns what she needs to and she grows without limitations.

Sometimes, children born with birth defects excel at activities able bodied children can often take for granted.
It is a well known and accepted practice for parents of physically disabled children to raise them, to the best of all abilities involved, like their other able bodied children.
Without fear, without extra and ogling attentions within their home and without limits on who they will be.

That is love. That is the wise  thing.

To be tested and trusted to do the best with what they have without calling unnecessary attention to the negativity.

Does someone wish to tell me why, in this quiet hysteria over ASDs and the “rising dilemma of affliction” why we are not doing the same with our children diagnosed with ASDs?

Does someone wish to explain why we feel the need to allow the constant buzz to be about what they can not do, what they will never have and what medications we can put them on…at younger and younger ages?

Does anyone want to justify this nightmare of bemoaning the fate of our precious  children when they have barely had a lousy chance to dream about the endless possibilities children are supposed to be allowed to, encouraged to…on who they could be One Day , without the stigma of being listed as a MENTALLY ILL human being?

Why are these acceptable attentions and practice for one set of children, when it is the complete opposite with  other children who were born with unusual traits and “mal” formations as well?


(especially our children)

the only question I care about at this time?
note: for those of you who need to know, before you contact me with things to say that you have no business saying to anyone.
DO know that I picked up my “label” of a dual diagnoses Asperger’s and ADHD in late life.
DO know that I was called “retarded” by my Mother. A lot.
DO know children in school would create little sing songs and remind me that I
was “retarded” in other sneaky and charming ways.
Do know I will be damned to the ends of this earth
after getting through this life
battling my own battles
and not doing that bad of a job of it…
(the things we NEED to keep telling our children is possible and has been possible for us)
if I allow my own government to
call me and Mine “retarded” …
without having a few things to say about it.
Thank you.

photo By kramynina

Open Letter to Directors about the Vomit

Why the vomit, folks?

Most importantly, if we cried out to you loud enough and showed enough desire to have this ugly practice eliminated…would you stop it?

Or is it a matter of you not being allowed to stop it?

By the frequency and the increasing attention to detail in the graphic representation of stomach contents, toilet angles, etc. I’m left shaking my head convinced you’re not allowed to stop it.

There is NO rational nor excusable reason to have 9 out of 10 films inject a graphic vomiting scene-as it seems to be these days. NONE.

If any of you were to pipe up with something to say about
…. “wanting to immerse the audience in a more realistic environment”
-then I would have to challenge each of you, ANY of you, to provide evidence of the average person’s day containing incidents of vomiting. It’s not this way…at all.
.”providing laughs”
-then I’d have to think each of you, or most of you, have a seriously warped idea about who we are as human beings. I would have to be sadly convinced that you find us so base and so animalistic as to find spewing the rancid contents of one’s stomach as something “funny”. We don’t…at all
….” offering a shock, surprise or unique element to the action.”
-then I’d have to laugh. With nearly every movie or show participating in this horrid
up-chuckery, it’s become a predictable and worn out element. There is nothing “surprising” about the vomit…not in the least.

IS it something that is taught in university if you’re pursuing a life in media?
IS there an  unknown clause in certain contracts that state you MUST have a vomiting scene in your work?

Is interjecting vomiting somehow tied to an organization or social cause like cancer awareness in which you’re secretly showing your support?

Are enough of you so contemptuous of us “little folk” that you take delight in making us cringe or uncomfortable? Is it simply that you can’t pass up the opportunity to add a little “zinger” like a quick and horrendous sucker punch to our sensibilities?

Or could it be possible that this was suggested from “on high” long enough ago that many of you, when pressed, truly can not remember why you do what you do with this obnoxious habit?

Being the followers that we are, perhaps it’s simply a matter of you having been told that successful films have always included vomit-it may have bothered you but you shrugged anyway thinking
“Who am I to question what works?” , it then being a simple case of “nasty monkey see, nasty monkey do”.

What is it? This foul  practice of yours.

The theories can range from believing there is an  agenda to desensitize us AWAY from movies all the way to  this being some sort of demonic requirement in a ritual for filmmakers…there are thousands of us who are left scratching our heads. Turning our faces. Being truly disgusted that you can’t seem to break from displaying something that serves no purpose what-so-ever. It distracts and disgusts. Those few seconds add nothing to the experience.

And it definitely disappoints us as we see what we thought was a first class director follow suit. Like an approval seeking head nodder instead of the independent spirit we mistook you for.

I’m not the only one who would like an answer.

But with no information as to why  a group of individuals would do something like this, unapologetically…with increasing frequency over the seems like it’s yet another thing we’ve been FORCED to look at.

Can you stop it? Like the ways some of you try to stop objectifying women or stereotyping ethnic groups in your work.

Do you want to stop it?
Or is the agenda so hidden and steeped in evil sarcasm that even you are at a loss to explain this horrifying ‘trend’?
Do you even care what your financial supporters (us movie goers) want or have you set yourself above us, like the rest of our alleged Global Establishment, considering us so dismissible that you’re not about to waste your time to account for this garbage?

What gives, dears? What in the hell is this vomit all about?

photo By Bits and Splits

As the World Spawns

It’s like us coming into our lives..spawning into video games.
Like this busy beauty pageant of arrivals in Dalaran (Legion) in World of Warcraft.

Each of us constructed upon generic frames, yet , unique in what we have to bring,
what we choose to offer and what we allow to influence us.
Some getting right to business, eager to reap rewards by finishing quests.
While others casually hang, being more about the styling and profiling.
Or plain posing.
Either way…solo or PVP….giving or taking….it’s all part of a beautiful Game.
Isn’t it?

Music from “Inception” soundtrack
composer Hans Zimmer
track-Dream is Collapsing


World of Warcraft®: Warlords of Draenor™
©2014 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. Warlords of Draenor is a trademark, and World of Warcraft, Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

The Customer is Always….Nothing..Now

I anxiously await the return of our beloved “Game of Thrones.”
I know, it’s supposed to return in 2019.


However, understanding how our ‘new’ Master (Big Business) has been known to do things, it doesn’t put one’s mind at ease.

A couple of examples on how we’re treated….


and There


The following  links are from hard to find articles on our being strong armed  from the video gaming room of Master’s  house.

Where what’s worse than one big bully is a bunch of his bully pals backing him up.
Note that even the act of COMPLAINING has now been deemed an unwise thing to do.

My brow shot up when I first heard it would take two years for “Game of Thrones” to come back.

Of course I was chided for voicing “silly” concern of it “maybe not returning”.

I get it.

For me to expect GOT to disappear would be like expecting to see the Statue of Liberty vanish overnight (although I must admit, with the way things have been going for this country’s citizens, the poor darling should probably give that arm a rest and check into what kind of retirement savings are available to her.)

If one didn’t get the picture on how much our Handlers do NOT give two hoots over what we want or “refuse to accept” from the above links, then I’ll gently turn your attention to a couple of moments in entertainment history .

To a time when Big Business was barely past adolescence but not quite the full grown and snide bastard it’s proud to be now.

The sad tale of another well beloved and epic series -“The Borgias”- kicked off of the cliff.
No matter how “incredible” it seemed that they’d choose to do this to such an eagerly awaited and important final season.

Millions of fans welcomed to kiss  Master’s ass with a flippant toss of reading material into our incensed and sorrowful pen of disappointments.
The final insult

Finally,  I will reach  further back to when, I assume, Big Business was entering demi-god puberty. When one of America’s most beloved TV families “The Jefferson’s” suffered its own sudden demise.

Without so much as a “sorry”..or even a warning to the ten year veterans of that show.

So yes. I do have a good amount of anxiety mixed in with the anticipation.

Understanding what you TRULY need to know about who holds our leashes would as well.


Especially when you realize nothing can top their indifference to our threats and “demands”..except for their sneery confidence of there being enough of us to remain “silent and good little pets” ; mindlessly content as long as the lights still blink and the whistles still toot every time we press our buttons.

“The customer’s always right”?

No, darlings…not anymore.

To conserve our energies for things we can actually affect, we need to come to grips in knowing that we are as Nothing as Nothing can be.

For now anyway.

featured photo By Jane //

A Little Less Forgotten

I love how the internet leaves some of us a little less forgotten.
One of the first things I respected about online life
was how once regrettably forgettable stories could finally
and rightfully achieve immortality.
The right stories. From the interesting people. Even when they’re gone.
The artists who will forever get their dues
in everlasting drops. Without the  final slams of any doors.

Like the one I found this morning……

(more of his work can be found at

The Rabbit and the Fox
The Rabbit and the Fox
The Rabbit and the Fox are here
go down south, to Australia
They have a bounty on the Fox
Bring in his skin they’ll pay ya

Myxameatosis germ warfare (first ever)
Just for the Bagman’s bunny (our ww1 war crazed soldiers lived on rabbit in solitude)
Old Rabbit got mattry eyed
It really wasn’t funny

Great depression in the 20s
We lived on lovely rabbit
skins made the Slouch hat
Our soldiers wear, our habit (fur felt made the hat)

The master took the Rabbit (Squatters said plague)
No more free feeds for us
So we started eating of his sheep
Become a bit nonplussed

They brought another virus out
To kill off outlaw rabbit
But bunny still gets about
The Fox your hens will have it

Don Johnson
Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

featured photo By Ian “I” Photography

A Question for them High Falootin’ Aspies in Charge

Since we’re all pretending that
generations of Moms haven’t had their hearts broken over Dad’s insensitivity over “forgetting her birthday or anniversary…AGAIN”..

or that the raw behaviors of our children haven’t gone to Hell in a hand basket
since the  rights to discipline our own children have been torn out of our hands….

Then, I’d like to take a very sarcastic couple of minutes and ask a question.

A question directed to the elitist social engineers who  lack the backbone to look us square in the eye but have loads of nerve for introducing and implementing legislation concerning ASDs in the ways that they are.

When in history and where have we EVER (as a collective of human beings) been” mentally fit” enough for “experts”  to rationally believe it could ever actually happen for the future? Where’s the proof it’s even possible?

There has to be an example SOMEwhere in the past to enable a bunch of snobbish Aspies (them high falootin’ Aspies, mind you..not us “arm flapping- can’t look no one in the eye- socially misfit”  lower case Aspies)
to have the nerve to even think the Human Being was EVER intended or expected to be anything other than the miraculous and flawed “thing” that he has always been.


When we were cheering for human beings to get ripped apart?

When we were hauling donkeys and chickens to court to “answer” for their crimes?

Or are we talking of more recent times with the worshipping and excusing of child raping priests?

If my children are going to face a life of bondage and mass humiliation, branded as MALFUNCTIONING CREATURES  FROM THE MINUTE THEY INHERIT THEIR GENES……
..then maybe I could be mildly comforted over something proven to be a REALISTIC goal.
Maybe I wouldn’t be so peeved over these judgements passed down from equally human bullies.

Bullies who’ve spawned from the exact same cesspool the rest of us came from.
Who were conceived on lumpy mattresses by drunken lovers like the rest of us.
Who were judged and picked on as children like the rest of us.
Sad rejected humans who refined their grudges into angry enough fuel to propel them into seats of authority..where FINALLY.. no one can pick on them for being as brainy and as odd as they always were. And always will be.

No matter how many big words they use.

No matter how slick they think themselves by helping  pull  “fast ones” over our confused and blinking eyes. Punkish things like using private companies and “no choice” TOSs to bypass the protections our fathers were so certain that they had fought for.
Or, maybe, the protections we were lied to about having in the first place.

Not that things like that even matter anymore anyway.

The question and accompanying  aggravation concerns  how much respect we show men who are no better than the least of us -as they lead us down impossible paths , spewing “words of wisdom” that are barely more than slave making fiction at best.

In the meantime, they who have declared what “should be right” or “what is not normal” should be considered just  as delusional as any one of us..for having the nerve to declare humans “aren’t what we should be”

when we’ve never” been”.

photo By everettovrk

ARE We THIS Stupid??

Not even one hundred years ago, women were being sterilized.

They were deemed feeble minded and their reproductive capabilities were severed.

To this day, one such case-where the Supreme Court decided that forced sterilization was not against our rights- remains on the books as never having been overturned.

It was never overturned.
And looks like it never will be.

How much further along do we have to go before we’re hit by a nightmare like this again?

That is, if we’re even capable of seeing the signs between the paralleled language and mission statements.
“A most important obstacle in civilised countries to an increase in the number of men of a superior class has been strongly insisted on by Mr. Greg and Mr. Galton, namely, the fact that the very poor and reckless, who are often degraded by vice, almost invariably marry early, whilst the careful and frugal, who are generally otherwise virtuous, marry late in life, so that they may be able to support themselves and their children in comfort. Those who marry early produce within a given period not only a greater number of generations, but, as shewn by Dr. Duncan, they produce many more children. The children, moreover, that are borne by mothers during the prime of life are heavier and larger, and therefore probably more vigorous, than those born at other periods. Thus the reckless, degraded, and often vicious members of society, tend to increase at a quicker rate than the provident and generally virtuous members. … In the eternal ‘struggle for existence,’ it would be the inferior and less favoured race that prevailed—and prevailed by virtue not of its good qualities but of its faults.”
Source: Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex. 2nd Ed. (London: John Murray, 1882), Chapter V, p. 138.

(CLICK HERE..if you have the time..and need to learn how long we’ve been hound dogged for being imperfect by elitist cowards {a great majority of whom WOULD land smack dab in the middle of an ASD diagnosis themselves})

Improving the Health of People with Disabilities

People with disabilities need health care and health programs for the same reasons anyone else does – to stay well, active, and a part of the community. We work to make sure that no one is left behind; that people of all different abilities are able to live their life to the fullest. When children and adults with disabilities receive needed programs, services, and health care they can have an improved quality of life and experience independence. We want to make every person count and are committed to equity in health of people with disabilities at every stage of life.
CDC website statement.



How much longer are we going to claim that we’re not good enough, educated enough to see through the jargon and eye lash batting “do gooding” from our all mighty government agencies… they  purposefully “disguise” what are basically their INTENTIONS OF LIVING OUR LIVES FOR US BECAUSE THEY HAVE DEEMED US UNFIT TO LEAD OUR OWN LIVES?
How many more of us have to sit by as we’re insulted time and again, even though we have done no wrong and have raised our children to be productive (and blindly patriotic ) followers of a system that deems us “retarded” and “ill”?


.. humiliated and held up to the “standards” of a society where sounds of real murders are played for entertainment-unchallenged by an establishment “oh so concerned for society”

or young women are dancing in ways to “twerk” their genitalia in public unashamedley like
wild animals bent over for mating-unchallenged nor marked as “mentally ill” behavior.

or where graphic vomiting scenes and realistic grunting sex scenes are obviously a director’s obligation in nearly all films produced. Again, unchallenged or cause for concern obviously, although it’s a very common practice of the foulest proportions.

or where politicians are rude enough to name call and act like unsophisticated BRATS in public.

In this shameful society where I and mine are considered ill for landing on a symptoms list and not living up to what is is over 50% group interactional habits….

How much further will WE ALLOW this to take us as we scramble to whatever “authoritites” to report  the very children we give birth to..turning into the traitorous genetic snitches as we are-not even giving our babies a CHANCE to believe they’re okay AS THEY WERE BORN.

Or are we truly THAT miserabley stupid that we are willing to surrender our “everything” into the hands of those who haven’t even bothered to prove that they have any idea from where our alleged “diseases” come from?

Microsoft Edge 6_7_2018 1_16_21 AM
That well worn and ridiculously lacking statement  in the pic from

featured photo By Alex_Po





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