Hope in Politicians is a Severe Waste and Danger: A Clear Message from 1871

IMG_3168For those of us who wonder and squint in the direction of our cowardly and criminal politicians, wondering if the “rumors” could possibly be true…

Especially for those of us who nervously chuckle off the “rumor” of the United Nations  intending us harm by harrumphing and tutting something about how
an entire world of intelligent and highly regarded politicians could not possibly ALL be THAT cowardly as to allow such an insanity to exist. Come on now. Ha ha”……

For those of us who still need additional material to back us up …while fighting and dying in this war to save our lives, once and for all…
I’m presenting an original “Harper’s Weekly” article from 1871.

It’s a small part of the entire picture re: the invasion and abuses of the Popery/Holy See infecting our land and every land that dared try living out from under its tight fisted and murderous clutches.

A struggle which we seem to be losing currently, via its face hiding behind its disguise of the “United Nations”, through the unleashing of an eagerly planned virus since the late 60s…


to the anticipated results (most of us dead, leaving only half a billion) brazenly set in stone (if the audacity can be believed) through their Georgia Guide stones erected in the early 80s.


Especially in times when their priests are left free to rape our children and sentence those same male children to lives meant for rapists and true molesters…through their barbaric “social justice” forces; which not one world leader is able to stand up to nor challenge.

It is an article, a tool, to help wipe away every ounce of trust in these politicians so that we may forge ahead on our own to save our own lives and lives of one another.

Because they have always been cowards-this institution of politicians.





Because they have been afraid of and flattered by, thrilled and threatened by an ancient and false religious institution for thousands of years.

To the point that our children are raped without challenge nor justice, our sovereign laws have been torn apart in each constitutional country and billions have been openly murdered, maimed and ruined by this evil Judeo-Christian mongrel merger of institutions. An amazingly insane conglomeration considering the ages long animosity both hold against one another; unless united for our enslavement, profit and deaths.

Without a single one of them bothering to help us; while persistently bullying and harassing us with laws that they can’t bother to uphold nor abide by themselves.

While being too cowardly to admit their orders come from anywhere else but “the people”.

Like statesmen have always done and have always been-as cowardly and ring kissing degenerates..from 1871 or 2021, we should learn to stop wasting time trusting and NEED to stop trusting, because our days are being openly numbered.
And we’re more openly being made fools of.

With a “supreme justice” system of all Catholics, a blatant “universal church” call (command) for conversions in lands where generations of children were lied to about “freedom from religious persecution and influence” being written into their once believed “sovereign laws”…

….with the merger and assistance of religious gospel taken hostage and twisted by those
SWORN and OBLIGATED to harm and murder every single one of us; under this Judeo-Christian tyranny…

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Yes, after hundreds of years of the “same old thing”, it’s high time we defended ourselves without the burden of hope we’ve placed in spineless and conscienceless cowards we’re fooled into and forced into “obeying and holding in high regard” as “overseers” of our lives on this disgusting and wicked plantation..

On this blood soaked field where brothers who have been violently turned against one another, now suffer the degradation of both of their daughters and sons..

While the same master who declares and slanders them as “terrorists” smugly and openly snaps its fingers to allow a “truce” for financial gain..


The same masters who have reaped profit from keeping human beings ignorant and forging lifetimes of misery under false smiles of “hope” and “justice” while shamelessly mocking our True Creator..for thousands of years.


For this will get much worse before we fool ourselves into believing any group of politicians will magically make things “better”-tragically and globally so.

Not Giving a Spit. Insisting on a Cup Instead.

I’m making a suggestion to those of us facing the mandatory collection of our spittle through our medical clinics and doctors offices.

Resulting from the “consent” forms the CDC had thousands of patients sign and “agree” to across this world re: “drug responsibility” and such.
NOT due to anything our good men and women (the doctors) would have wanted for us, but are in a difficult “no win” position over; obligated to a single World Health Organization…and the ability to feed their families by not losing the licenses they dedicated their lives to securing and maintaining.

It’s a procedure that the CDC has implemented under the umbrella of “drug prevention” and now being tied into the “mental health” information they are collecting and forcing our healthcare professionals to participate in.
This collecting and seizing of our biological property.

I was fuming at myself over how “stupid” I was to not think of the suggestion, that I’m about to give, earlier.

When I sat like a grand prize idiot in the office with a sponge tipped stick stuck in my mouth, not to be removed until a blue indicator popped up.

Five damned minutes later.

I should have thought faster than that, considering how much I hate and distrust the United Nations and their CDC/WHO minions.

Especially with this “drug testing swab” being done in tandem alongside a “mysterious” viral outbreak going on..worldwide.


I should have asked for a specimen cup to deposit my spit into and then I should have told them to extract their information in that way.

They want a spit sample?

Well, there it would be. With no reason on earth for a sponge tipped anything to be resting in anyone’s mouth.

It would be a prayer worth saying. Daily.
That at least one other person, amongst many, gets the same idea in the upcoming days..(as they face having to abide by CDC’s commands or risk losing the pain meds they rely on to keep them from living life as a cripple, in constant pain)…and are presented a stick to place in the mouth, to “collect a specimen” by lab techs visiting our doctors’ office and contracted out by the D.E.A

May he or she refuse to take the material of that sponge tip for granted. 

They can find out all kinds of information about what extra drugs we’re “not supposed to have” in our system or whether we’re candidates for any bogus “mental health concerns” in other ways than forcing objects into our mouths.

Insist on a cup..

Make sure to be patient enough to let them know that they should be able to dip in the stick for themselves and still get results..just in case they don’t understand at first..

And be sure to  record and date all objections used

(along with the name of the assistant (and name of the lab they come from) collecting your specimen)

that result in a “no, you can’t do that”

recording it as evidence that you were left with no choice in the matter, no matter what signature was collected upon whatever  wordy tripe “consent” form you were forced to sign.



When it’s bad enough with the other s-it they’ve forced against our will.

A Big Oaf and Whippin’ It

Sometimes, it’s necessary to tackle the long road ahead with a creative and fun heart rather than a desperate and depressed one.

Remember that.




Same Ole Devils. Same Lame Play. Hundreds of Years later.

It’s a game they’ve been playing for a long, long time.
The introduction and finessing of accelerated and degrading sin into human beings’ lives.
With popular music and good-looking model types that the average Jane and Joe could/will never be nor ever become, it is a tantalizing picture to the teenager of 1934 as it is the same tantalizing picture to a teen of 2024.

It’s been all too obvious how attractive and influential these productions have been to each and every generation of “victimized” young citizens.
One would have to study media in a hindsight sort of way to notice it. Otherwise, we’re immersed in it, living our lives by the messages from it and growing old mistakenly mourning the mistakes we thought ourselves responsible for from it working its hideous trickery upon us.

It’s a very slow and very long con unnoticed by most of us -except to those who dedicate themselves to passing the wicked baton through the generations, from old psychotic puppet masters to young psychotic protégés.

There’s barely a lonely teen, in any generation, that’s been able to resist the “promises” of more popular and more fun lives, since modern media first set its ugly little foot across our thresholds.

With our present filth hounds excluded (masks being off now), the average student’s eye can see the direct influence upon each generation directly with what was being presented on the screen. The biker rebels from the 50’s were manufactured onscreen- just like the hippie burnouts of the 60’s were. Both, exploiting the ravages and residual ruin from war torn societies and youth who all but lost the full attentions of their poor parents.

Of course, as any “slickster” depends on, with the average human being disregarded as “dim and vulnerable”, the work would have to be done under obvious messages in the form of “morality plays and warnings” to bypass the objections and outrage from folks who truly worked at maintaining civility in their society.

Occasionally, embarrassing enough, one can also see examples of their idiotic “spells” cast out in the open. Stupid and childish ones, like many idiotic props which exist to this day, by the hundreds.

As impressed as one might be as to the longevity of this tired play, it isn’t restricted to a mere century of films and print.
And, just like today, it all stems from the same rotten seed as it ever did. Hundreds of years ago.
The following is an excerpt from 1867’s Rev. J.A. Wylie’s “The Papacy; its History, Dogmas, Genius, and Prospects”.
It explains how the Judeo-Christian conjoined “church” succeeded in infecting human minds with accelerated sin and suggestion via the religious confessional.

(The confessional which should also be seen as a sort of ancient “Facebook” meant for the gathering of information about as many human beings lives as possible. In part, for the façade of “all-knowing” superiority and the control of as many human beings lives as possible.)

The testimony is on page 329, but I’ve included page 328 for the necessary lead-in. For those of us who weren’t piteously raped of our potential in the garbage heap public educational system ;also set up and forced upon us by the same devils who eased in the media machinery.
In lay man terms, it’s the same manipulative tactics that have plagued us to this day. Overt enough to entrap man’s attentions but disguised enough to render the true criminals from liability-or so they think; conditioning a vulnerable society of human beings into increased depravity and crime which ends up ruining us ..by the constant whispering and massaging in tons of evil suggestions and poison by those who smile and pretend “holier” intentions.


Something You Should Hear

It’s the part of the ‘song” where the tears get caught hot in the throat.
Because the fragile faith that allowed you to continue believing in the generic defense, from those we’ve been assured by and lied to, against certain conspiracy theories as “being too ridiculous to imagine, never mind believe”..goes flying straight out of the window. Forever.

Because the “security” of knowing “modern science” could not possibly be as cruel and insane as to play with our lives so carelessly..vanishes into the air.

If it was even ever a certainty anyway.

There’s no more hiding behind nervous laughter and rolled eyes over “impossibilities”.
Because it’s confirmed by a colleague, if not mentor, to a good number of the animals who took it upon themselves to play with the human race like their personal laboratory.

And one is forced to face that this modern world of serial killings, stripped empathy, out of hand criminality by authority figures flaunted in our faces, our “unexplained” insanity and depressions and the ignoring of human beings anguish worldwide could have legitimately been brought about by egoist scientists financed by hateful untouchables..and wasn’t simply a wild matter of imagination for a very bad and inconceiveable illustrated science fiction novel.

If the link fails to pick up from the proper point, start listening at 4:13.

The entire section is worth a complete listening, but this one specifically let’s us know the reality of what was being discussed and resulted in repercussions which we still suffer from and are being punished for. By a system that dares to continue taking advantage, while blaming us for what was done to us.
Just like those “raping and abusing men” that they warn us about in their idiot harassment lectures re: how to protect oneself as a woman and how to live life without letting our bodies and lives get “taken advantage of”-something they are obviously well versed in because it’s what they have done to us on a continual basis over several decades; rape our systems, violate our biology and punish us for crying out.
It takes one to know one, as the saying goes.

P.S. Don’t forget to make a copy of this information before they scrub it like every other link and article that betrays their dirty “little secret”

Everybody Now..”I Want All My Senses Back”

looking up at a sunlit forest through a fisheye lens

One can have an interesting meditation session listening to this song and staring at the picture of the video. Or one can use the similar black and white one included at the top of this page.
Although it’s obvious from the original that it was taken from the ground looking up position, if one concentrates smoothly enough, one can “see and feel” the trees from the top looking down.

It can be an amusing and soothing exercise-conditioning oneself to see one legitimate seeming picture from two different vantage points. Done often enough, many will find it a pleasant mental workout on any variety of subjects.

Personally, I deviated from the course just a wee bit.

I chose to get lost in a visualized fantasy which focused more on the song itself.

Nah, ah-ah

I know I could be naïve
Holding onto something sweet, yeah
Maybe I was born this way
Yet I could be wrong, yeah

Try to keep yourself at ease
Even when it’s hard to breathe
Maybe you were born this way
But you could be wrong, yeah

I fell back
I lost my track
As my chin sags
And my eyes go black

I want all my senses back
Senses back, my senses back
I want all my senses back
Senses back, my senses back
I want all my senses back
Senses back, my senses back
I want all my senses back
Senses back, my, my, my senses
My senses

Often on the sea breeze
Height of mountains kept me sleeping
You and I were born this way
Did something go wrong here?

You’re chuckling softly, hey, hey
I’ll pass it off graciously, yeah
Even in my time and place
Will something grow old here?

And I fell back
And I lost track
As my chin sags
And my eyes go black

I want all my senses back
Senses back, my senses back
I want all my senses back
Senses back, my senses back
I want all my senses back
Senses back, my senses back
I want all my senses back
Senses back, my, my, my senses
My senses
My sensesmy

I imagined a sea of human bodies surrounding an establishment, hand in hand, from different countries, creeds and colors and singing the chorus in one voice. Thousands of them. Tens of thousands.

They could be gathered around any one of the “masters of the universe” establishments involved in the distribution or manufacturing of “our” vaccines or “behavioral meds”.
C.E.R.N. for instance, has a department dedicated to the delivery of vaccines, although I know most of us are only aware that they’re involved with finding “god” particles and other high end scientific experiments that would probably tax our tiny minds if we tried understanding what the folks had to say about it. If they had anything to say to us.
Besides, it would be a bit difficult getting thousands of bodies to where it’s snug and deep out of reach at nearly 600 feet underground.

Outside the United Nations building or any CDC building, I would have to assume, would be the best settings for my oddball fantasy.
At a time where “enough” morphs into “more than enough” and everyone’s had the infamous “It” up to the ultimate “Here”; with the poisonings, the disease and the abuse.
It’s a beautiful scene. An awesome one actually.

Imagining that many voices singing that refrain, in a non-violent but heavy hitting way..
In a miracle bid for our rights to live life with the senses we as human beings should have been entitled to keep..
A poignant and artistic harassment demanding that no men have the right to destroy, change or infect our bio chemistry against our wishes and knowledge.
(Something I was stupid enough (along with billions of others, over many decades) to believe was prohibited in the United Nations declaration of Human Rights from Geneva or some such mockery about human experimentation being a crime. Oh wellsie, I used to believe in the Easter Bunny once upon a time as well.)

It’s along the line of that fundraising emotional fleece job “Hands Across America” that we had in ’86.

Except in my vision, billions of future children would actually be spared from further harm. For free.

photo by eppic

Violent Secondary Damage from UN Crimes

This is only ONE reason why the United Nations needs to be ripped out of our lives.
Spit upon and not listened to anymore..instead of revered and tolerated.
This is just ONE case where a man mutilated and terrorized his wife for not conceiving a child

It’s something that the United Nations, with the dedicated aid of their water carriers Bill and Melinda Gates, has forced to be the case for countless poor women, without their permissions and to their horrors; a macabre form of secondary fallout that they can wheedle their way out of, after getting away with globally forced sterilizations in the first place.

As if being treated like an animal only fit for breeding new workers into the world for these animals, instead of one’s own happiness and meager personal legacy, isn’t bad enough…it makes the stomach turn and the blood run cold imagining how many women have been killed, tortured and mutilated for life on the very same issue-infertility that the UN has forced the entire world to participate in and be ruined by.

It won’t bother the psyche of those at the UN, of course. Those who know what they’re doing are the most affected victims of this generational excision of empathy raped from our neurological pathways over the course of eighty years.

They’re mechanically inclined and unable (as many of us struggle with) to care for others pain. Pure and simple-they’ve been conditioned to kill and that’s what they will continue doing until master says stop. Or pause.
This would only bother those with hearts that can still feel tremendous anguish over seeing human beings allowed to be treated in this manner. And this does not include the hazy and fanatical ones who are now holding the lives and comforts of chickens and dogs shamelessly above human children’s needs and lives.
No. This would only bother those remaining who still have their senses intact as humane and sane beings.

I mean the type of people who will eventually see that a centralized group like the UN never again has the opportunity to mock the notion of “stopping violence” by sitting on its hump, smiling its fake smiles of “concern” and doing absolute zero for nearly a century; even though the sick joke of them being in charge as the “superior authority and bringers of justice’ over the entire Globe of Earth is still in play.
For the sickest ones, they’re convinced that they are gods on this earth and divinely appointed to become gods in the heavens by raining chaos and violence down on the “filthy” human.
Or in more concise terminology..they’re bat shit crazy.

They’ve left us no room to defend nor fight, so bringing this to light isn’t for any calls for actions -that opportunity has come and gone.
Even if all crimes were to be stopped TODAY, the residual damages would storm and flow onward for hundreds of years for us to suffer through and dedicate the majority of our lives to healing and repairing ourselves.

It’s the elimination and destruction of respect for these UN and associates vipers that needs doing.

It’s an easing of the opening of our children’s eyes and a taking of their hand to sternly and soberly remind them of things not to do to human beings and what kind of people to not become.

Because the examples are all around them, as it is in this video, and they need to be taught to retain these memories in order to teach it to their children also. And so forth and so on, generation after generation, records such as these must be kept and shown regarding the trouble and misery that all-consuming power can and always leads to.

They need to be taught each and every name of each and every company, individual and figurehead who can be seen on video, digital history and film who assisted with the UN’s many crimes against humanity. With particular attentions paid to the infinite domino effects that stem from them.
So that they can snuff out the beginning sparks of any such controlling companies in their future-for their habits and practices never change and their arrogant confidence makes for such sloppy and transparent evidence that it will be easy for them to be spotted.

But we have to begin and continue to find and present the evidences now.

Over the top of brain wasting cat videos and stupid idiots doing stupid things videos.

If not to thousands of followers, then to one’s only child to learn at home. To one neighbor. To one friend and so on.

One drop at a time, until we’re blessed with the shower that washes this tyrannical filth from the face of our earth and out of our lives.

René Magritte -The False Mirror

René Magritte
The False Mirror
Paris 1929



Go ahead. Meditate into this painting. By imagining the running of your finger along the wide and perfectly flat ridge of the lid underneath.
Sliding it slowly. With a “Come see Me” grin. From corner to corner.
Back and forth.
Or by reaching up and into it
to wiggle your fingers behind the
black ball .
Your favorite pupil.
To tickle it your way.
To coax it out gently.
Floating and dilating.
Swelling and vibrating.
Then sending it back in
with a gently breathed
“I love You”
To begin again.


NOTE: Picture above is of a framed poster-the original is the painting referenced.

More on this artist and her work at http://totallyhistory.com/the-false-mirror/

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