Checking Lists

Don’t forget those closest to you..aside from family and friends.

Giving a gift, handmade present wrapped in paper

The postal workers who bring us the new things and
Those in waste management who collect what we throw away.
The smiling face who cashes our checks at a local currency exchange
Or the shy waitress who has memorized your daily breakfast needs.

“Sacrificing” a carton of smokes, a twelve pack of beer or a trip to the movies..
..can translate into a card placed into an envelope , with some money placed inside and a smile of surprise from another human being pleasantly reminded that true good will still exists..
..without needing to give something back or give something up in return.
Because this is what people used to do and still should do in so-called civil societies..
..without being forced into it, or bullied or shamed into doing so-especially by a System that’s not any better or more generous than any single one of us are.

photo By Photocreo Bednarek

Goodbye to Calista, My Sister

Not all of us are born into families waiting to love them.

That means we construct our own families along the way.

Element air

People are trying to tell me something about you.
Something sad they say
but I’ve sent them all away.
I don’t have the time right now to put things aside
to hear them tell me how you died.
Nor watch my world grow blacker still.
It’s not within my will.
Nor do I have the tools nor time to build a dam
to save me from
the waves to come
as I already stand here rooted ankle deep in
this deepening pool of black and forced to stay
where your tracks have been washed away.
My weepening eyes stubbornly fixed upon a distant hill
It’s from there that I can and still
hear the creaking
of some future rocking chairs
which we were speaking
of as young girls.
Undercovers. kissing. giggling.
Late night stories and the jiggling
with laughter about our happily ever after.
So while I’ll have to face it soon
as inky tides rush towards this room,
I’ll choose to listen, lingering on
a little more from years
I face the fact you’re gone.

© Andrey_Arkusha


Purple Purse, Shmurple Purse

Man dressed as an old woman.theatrical image
A “purple purse” campaign addressing “financial abuse” ….hmm.
Where the perpetrator uses money to punish or intimidate us “poor little” women, eh?

Let’s see…intimidation like….. being stopped from buying items that I picked out for purchase
in a store and being stopped from buying those things?
Even though I am a grown woman.
Even though it is money I earned.
My having to go through the anger and embarrassment of being stopped because a committee of mostly men decided that my purchase MIGHT be a “fraud” so, like a little girl getting her hand slapped away from doing and deciding for herself…the intimidation of that?
Like what happens each day in this country due to the “Red Flag” laws?

Now…about being financially punished…
Like being punished for living with a lover generous enough and kind enough to share with me and help me pay my bills….but getting penalized or losing my personal benefits because of it?

Despite being a grown woman.
Despite doing all one can do to scrape by in this world on her own..with a System breathing down her neck and watching her every god damned move.
Intimidation and punishment like that?

Are you talking about that?

Ya. You kids are going to have to do a bit better in your boogey man campaign of the “purple purse” and such, because it’s incomplete at best and considering how long we’ve lived with a culture of fund raising dramatics on our screens…on “issues that hurt us”, it’s looking childishly ignorant at worst.

Never mind being embarrassingly and progressively more obvious on the

“inviting government into our lives to run our lives’ tip.

Besides, wouldn’t Hell have exploded into a million bits and inside out

if a man had dared issue a blanket statement of

“Every woman” carrying the entirety of her worth and world in a purse??

““Every woman relies on their handbag as home base for all of life’s essentials. ….”



photo By queen21

A Gift You Can Make

Top View Of Christmas Fudge

It’s still true.

It will always be true-that a gift that is made by your hands is a gift that will be appreciated more by most.

If you’ve been struggling to keep up with finances or simply can not afford to buy what you wish you could for the most special in your life, the following link leads to a recipe for making delicious fudge .

This particular one will save you lots of time because it involves using a microwave. It can be modified to be made on the stove if you prefer or don’t have a microwave.

Easy Microwave Fudge


Holiday themed tin containers can be found in most stores like the Dollar Tree, Wal-mart. Often for less than or for around a dollar.

There are  discounted sales of three foot sections of ribbon in the fabric section of most craft stores.

And there you go, Darling..a priceless and pretty present practically for ‘peanuts’.

Add  personal touches like  raisins, nuts or  mini candies. For an extra artsy spin, try substituting dark chocolate chips with ‘white’ baking chips- coloring of the fudge easily made as an option.

photo by Michael Gray

Game Foul

It’s not a matter over whether it’s “right” or “wrong” for one side to victimize the other.
This wouldn’t be any better of a place if all things Holy ruled the day, no more than complete  Evil doing the same. With both being unchecked and unchallenged by the other, utter chaos is just about the only definite common outcome.

As far as I’m concerned, a mountain the size of a state could be careening towards us and I seriously doubt any onlookers would shed many, if any, tears-we have become THAT sick.

What it IS a matter of, has to do with rules of a game not being honored.
A matter which concerns a standard of conduct which,
even in the realm of so called lower beasts, demands that there be a grace period for the newly born and very youngest.

Without it..there is no successful rise of and advancement of the mature beings needing to fulfill whatever purposes they were created for in the beginning.
It’s like  being  careless with nests of eggs in a barnyard , on a consistent basis, and still expecting a decently sized population of chickens to exist later.
It’s as stupid as stupid can be.

When our babies can’t even focus their eyesight.
When they aren’t even able to raise those wrinkled stublings of arms.
When their only expressions are coos from what makes them feel good or cries from what makes them feel bad.

We have come to a point of violating the most  common of common senses that exist within and throughout the entire Void.
One simply must not stand and allow , or participate in, the poisoning, destruction and circumvention of newly formed matter.

There will be time enough for any of us to evolve into a thieving and murdering monster or perfect a role involving less upsetting characteristics. Plenty of time.
We’ve been enslaving each other, killing each other and all sorts of nonsense for thousands of years in This Game.
We’ve been learning our lessons and satisfying our individual or collective appetites , right or wrong as victors or victims forever.
Those precious first days, months and years of a human being’s life?
It should be “hands off” and is supposed to be “hands off” from  contamination of hands that had nothing to do with the creation process in the first place.

Science and chemistry concept, DNA molecule with helix strands in the closed hermetic container on blue background
That lovely and winding strand of DNA within our bodies..exists there for a reason.
It’s not as a decorative bracelet. And it most certainly is not the property of some universally substandard primates playing “gods” on this planet ; introducing all sorts of ego inspired devastations to its environment.

Nearly every schoolchild understands DNA’s role as a sort of “set of instructions”. It’s an indefinite thing and no one is guaranteed any promised outcomes due to its existence, certainly.

However, isn’t it stunningly intricate enough and ancient enough to offer a clue to even our most stubborn of “brains” on its “right to exist” unmolested for at least a short amount of time that childhood offers?

We have never been mightier than the Nature we endlessly scratch our hairy heads over.
We will never be mightier. Ever. Goodness knows if we’re even going to survive long enough to finally have a little peace in this thing.

In the have rules.
Choosing to break the smallest window of time a human being is able to simply “get warmed up” before he has to run through this god awful and difficult the worst ‘foul’ I can think of.

pic By Cybrain

Your Self

Child's hands folded together in prayer. Black and white photo

Your Self
How will you know
The best way
In the worst times to understand
the Divine is within you, to know you are God?
When everything around you is fashioned to
keep you from yourself.
When you’re thrown into the middle of a group and scolded
For keeping to your Self.
For thinking of your
Thinking for your Self.
And defending your
For the Self is where The Divine dwells,
deep within beneath your skin.
Where the magic of your abilities
and the possibilities exist.
When the further away you are taken away
the further away you find yourself from
the miracle you need to get through this.
That’s how.

pic=Maksim Kostenko


Homage to a Red Nosed Friend

I couldn’t resist it..with it being World of Warcraft’s “Feast of Winter’s Veil” time and all…and the recent and unfortunate social media comments concerning another dear deer that we all know.

World of Warcraft® ©2004 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. World of Warcraft, Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.



Thank you for kicking me out of your kingdom like you did.

Microsoft Edge 12_17_2018 11_26_49 AM

Wanna know why?
because of this hypocritical dreck you have layered ALL OVER YOUR SITE.

Garbage you willingly ALLOW like a party not caring if women get raped….and the other VILE and HATEFUL shit…you obviously don’t give two backhand beeps about.

Microsoft Edge 12_17_2018 4_05_23 PMMicrosoft Edge 12_17_2018 4_05_40 PMMicrosoft Edge 12_17_2018 4_08_25 PM
You see, I don’t give a hoot you have the nerve to cite some polite horse crap over how “inapproprate” I was…




Microsoft Edge 12_17_2018 4_30_49 PMMicrosoft Edge 12_17_2018 4_30_59 PMMicrosoft Edge 12_17_2018 4_31_09 PM

ESPECIALLY with this out of bounds hate and disgustingly encouraged BASHING OF MEN..WHITE MEN IN PARTICULAR.
And like I stated
(thus the thanks you ignorant pinheads)…you simply PROVIDED ME THE REASON TO SHOW HOW MUCH YOUR GUIDELINES DO NOT MATTER…AND THAT YOU ARE SIMPLY A DOUBLE TALKING  HACK as far as “equal justice” and “snuggly wuggly good manners for all”
Like I said…No god damned sense amongst you.

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