For any of “Our” Politicians


I haven’t had much luck writing letters.
So, I’ll simply lay this down here.
A random pair of eyes may know someone
who can run a letter up to Zeus’s children on Mount Olympus in Washington D.C.
You never know.

Our sons are being put on sex offender lists as young as age 9.
For innocent gestures.

That means they cannot own a home. They cannot vote.
They won’t be allowed near children…society in general…EVER AGAIN
For the rest of their lives.
As if they committed a crime.

All while our sons and daughters are being raped by
That is getting clean, cold away with it.

Our men are being pushed aside and humiliated in public.
Surely, one of you has eyes attached to a brain.
A heart might actually help matters as well,
Because we urgently need you to rustle up a

majority group of backbones and pass this bill.

The American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2019 (H.R. 204)

If you need reminding, the injustice towards our boys involves “cruel and unusual punishment” and “double jeopardy”-as they are put on adult offender lists when they turn 18.

This is but one single grievance that needs redressing.

Pass this bill before 2020 hits us like a brick.

Unless you guys are being held hostage, of course..then I suppose there’s nothing you can do except pull up a seat next to us.

However, if you’re still free thinking humans , still interested in the Constitution and alleviating the MANY pains of the public you used to serve, this bill passing (without juvenile foot dragging theatrics played out in front of the cameras) would be appreciated.
The American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2019 (H.R. 204)

2017 article


photo By Jenny Sturm

Old Fables for the New Generation..Now

African American Schoolgirl Covering Face With Book, Yellow Background

Fables, such as Aesop’s,  are conveniently short stories that we must reclaim to tell our youngest children.
They are stories about the blind  trust they should be conditioned to never offer.
They are training tools to familiarize our youth with the sort of smiling, shifty and murderous pigs and dogs which lurk and lie in wait for them within the forests of their lives.

The Ass, the Fox, and the Lion

The Eagle and the Fox

The Fox and the Crow


The Dancing Monkeys

The Monkey and the Fishermen

Elementary School Girl Dreaming Sitting On Stack Of Books

Photo By Prostock-studio

Comforting Vision



And. Just. Like..that.
Her beautiful eyes flew open. The fever just barely noticeable in the sweetest pink of her cheeks.
“I saw it.” She whispered so gently that I almost didn’t hear her, with so much suddenness that I jumped a little in my seat by her bed.
“Nana, what?” I grabbed her hand, even though it pained me to monitor how thin it was getting over the days.
“I saw it…”

Yes, yes I did.

They will all be gone.
Very and beautifully long gone.
Where the obligations of their perverted

imaginations will finally be at rest.
Where the man with bloodied blades for fingers and the dolls made to kill, will be tucked in our heads.
Oh, my darling, they will.

I lowered my face to kiss the top of her hand.
Resting my cheek on the sheet beside her, I smiled.
“Tell me more, Nana.” I whispered quietly.

Just like the old days, those ancient days, you know, Honey?
Like the trolls and giants who ate little babies and horded gold…they will only exist in the form of fairy tales as well.
In the type of  stories where children’s eyes open really owl style wide.

Each little mind adjusting the boogedy-ness and the size of the monsters depending only on what they know. 
Which will mercifully not be that much
the younger they go.
No more blood or guts and zombie queens
to force their ways out from the screens.
The Pinheads, Chuckies and Rothschilds.

All of them and others, dissolved
and diluted into far out fables from a long and faded shame.

Where a bad little boy or tricky little girl can only be sent to hell if they grow up bad and rude. And if they don’t watch out, the Rothchild vultures may come swooping over the village at night to turn all the little children

so fat that they can’t even put on their shoes, you know?

I giggled and nodded, grateful that she had a laugh too.
As thin as it sounded, it still held the weight of a fine and unique arietta.
“And Love, Nana? Did you see that too?”
She seemed to have stopped breathing after I asked that.
I jerked my head up.
My heart skipped a beat wondering if..
And then a tear quickly formed under her grey, feathery lashes.
I was so relieved her pause in breath
didn’t necessarily spell death,
But then a newer and equal alarm started tinkling
with me frantically thinking
that this tear must have meant
that the worst was confirmed.
That it was no more.
Gone, buried, brutally finished…
“Oh dear …my love..”

How beautiful it was!
More beautiful than it ever was.
How it was meant to be, you know?
As it used to be for far too few and for so little spaces of time.
Yes, I saw Love too.

So pure and delightful

that it took my breath away to watch it make its way from one young lover to another.
Blushing girls with their chins tucked to their chests
as their sweet, handsome men brush their smiles slowly along the hills of their bared shoulders.
Ever so gently, Honey, ever so and truly loved.
Because they’re finally free. 
Born the way they were meant to be..

“..again” Her whispered punctuation.

Her almost mischievous smile broadening at the memory of it all.
She playing back snapshots of her vision, while my mind painted a vivid pastel of its own.
Both of us dreaming. Side by side. Of this Future to come.
If not someday soon, then a someday in the middle of Whenever.
Another melancholy wave started making its way
to my heart as I thought it my duty to say
she wouldn’t start feeling blue,
you know?
Surely, it couldn’t feel too good to realize that,
you know…that there’d be no way for either of us, especially her, to live long enough to….
“Honey?” One of her fingers reached up, ready to smooth away the tear
that my heart had just nudged up to and out of my eye.
“Yes, Nana?”
No..she didn’t hear me. I was using all my energy to stifle a full-blown weep.

Hey, don’t cry.
We’ll see it. We will.
You checking under the bed to show your children that no monsters are near. Not at all, nothing left to fear.

Not anymore.
I’ll be there too, strolling along the beach, holding my own beloved’s hand.
Just like the first night we met,
fifty years before…

“You mean…?” My question was interrupted by the finger again.
This time, pressing itself to my lips while her smile spread even wider,
like the gracious unfolding of a dove’s wings.

My Beautiful child, don’t be sad on not staying.
It’s all in the rules of this game we’ve been playing.
Returned to cast shadows and feet on that hill
When we both come back here… we all one day will.

happy little boy and girl holding hands at sunset

By Ramsy

Photos by vbaleha (upper)

Photo by nadezhda1906 (lower)

What We Need to Pass On

AdobeStock_295511635By fidelio

No matter how much is being erased from our past, we need to make sure other things make it to the future. This future, which will be one where putrid church/state alliances will no longer be allowed to destroy human beings.

We are obliged to relay critical information to the future’s youth about the hypocrisies The Masters operate under while hammering the rest of the world into submission; an unfortunately naïve world where the targets of such abuses, the very young and young minded, have no way of finding out these manipulations until life has actually been lived.

By that time it is too late. When the formerly young will be discarded as irrelevant and slandered as “old fashioned” or “jealous of ‘The New’ ”.
While their own children become the newest puppies groomed into blind and obedient guard dogs-willing and eager to tear out  the throats of their own parents, (and whomever dares defy or defend against church/state treachery) upon the snap of The Master’s greasy fingers.

We need to record current information about the octopus of corporations; with major tentacles like Vanguard inc.,  being allowed to intimidate and bully policies under the faux cause of “female empowerment and protection”
Vanguard seeks more boardroom diversity and wants details
While they profit heavily from the saturation of our children with poisoned garbage to “nurture” their spirits with.

From the twerking humps stacked within their commercial dispensaries
Sampled link here
to the mass depictions of hardcore, exploitative and pornographic scenes of girls throughout all of the networks that they own. One prime and stomach-turning example-the first twenty seven minutes of episode one, season one “Euphoria” from, one of many prized golden geese, “HBO”.

This is not  a matter of proposed censorship in a world where adults should be free to do (within reason) as they wish..but a matter of protest against hypocrites who continue to infect us through  oceans of damage and disgrace, yet brazen enough to play lord and master over man’s comparatively trivial “misbehaviors”

While our politicians refuse to protect us from the stabbing broad blade of a  sneering United Nations – determined to prevent females from breeding and destroying us according to their exclusive and snide fancy.

It won’t be for our benefit, (we, as cowardly adults, don’t deserve it besides ) but for the human beings of a genuine ‘better tomorrow’.

One that we’ve been woefully misled into believing we’re working for…abusing one another..and killing one another over.

But they won’t have any chances at all if we don’t make sure to safeguard the information in order to pass it on.

Data which will undoubtedly be erased to disguise the truth-That the mechanical hell they’ve been subjected to living was not only gotten by illegitimate usurpation  but with us standing by and choosing to allow hypocrisies of major consequences, in cowed silence..yet tearing one another to pieces, in our lunatic hysteria over trivial and manufactured points re “political correctness”.

photo By Fidelio

Least Loved Beast

Full moon / Textured grunge paper background with Paris architecture vintage style - Chimera (demon) of Parisian Notre Dame, full moon and Eiffel Tower profile

The Least Loved Beast

From where and of what is this riddling beast?
With benefit of birth, undiscovered
as it may be and loved not in the least
amongst men by which it is outnumbered.

With black yawning and puckered wounds set high
upon its face, silently growling now
and then again upon having no eye
where gods twice jabbed their spears beneath its brow.

As it rages sadly and howls its loss
that “All will love!” and “None will leave!” by will
through successions of blows it lays across
innocence lifeless and crushed by the kill.

Where it curses the moon and the weeping
she’s done, with palest face turned to the east
and away from her dead children sleeping
regretting loving what gods loved the least.


Daily Exercise: Wasted Wants

carlos david

It’s time to teach ourselves how to think about unaddressed yet important issues.
We need to get into the habit of doing so, without other individuals initiating the conversations which they end up having the last word on.
If we offer nothing else, it’s the kind of skill you can hand down to your children; for the war ahead of them..which we won’t be around to help them fight.

The good and seemingly harmless desires we hold.
Our need to belong and be accepted by the majority.
Our wish to be seen as kind, giving and positive.
Our desire to avoid pain.

The interconnected relationship between them.

These are wishes and needs that we carry with us from childhood.
Failure achieving or rejection of either of these things is usually the result of an upset in one or both of the others.
If I end up purposefully rejecting and not caring about what the majority thinks of me, more than likely
former attempts of being kind were taken for granted, while attempts at giving turned into back stabs and being taken advantage of.
Obviously, pain makes its way to the front door regardless of what’s done.
If I end up not caring whether I’m seen as kind and positive, chances are likely that I’d been rejected enough times by the majority of those I had wished to impress in the first place.
Once again, pain coming to call.

If I choose to accept pain to exist in my life, the possible roots are much too intricate within individual mindsets to begin analyzing them out as easily as the other situations.
Let’s just assume that the belief that one can live without pain are considered more rumor than reality-if nothing else has been experienced in a human being’s life.

The negativity associated with these desires in this day and age.
The “majority” has never, is never and never will be all that an average person believes it to be.
Better stated, the majority is never as it is created to be seen to the eyes of a child; which is where we first forge what the idea of a “majority” is and why we “need” its approval.
Despite our wishes to be seen as kind and positive, there are dwindling examples of us behaving in such genuine ways towards one another; unless we are performing our acts of charity and goodness for audiences, attention and/or profit.
We present warm and fake smiles for one another and we have learned to parrot the Snapple cap philosophies of countless talk show hosts and panel experts loaded up behind the desks of our major news networks.
However, these collective actions have resulted, not in an observable and workable system providing comfort in our lives but in an observable and diseased expression of anxieties and conflict.
Current strategies and laws, allegedly designed to avoid hurt feelings and pains, have instead brought more psycho-social pain than mankind has ever been recorded to suffer-possible exceptions being from years of the Roman empire’s downfall and the population reducing Black Plague.

It’s just a little something to think about today.
With no need to come up with any sort of answer nor for any particular reason other than to absorb.
As long as you do so at your own pace and to your satisfaction.

photo By Carlos David

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