Do- Gooder Scum

What steams my beans even more than the committers of today’s international crimes (which more of us are now getting ogle eyed over with the stuttering “but-but”s) are the true criminals that made it possible.
The no good Do-gooders. That’s who I’m talking about.

The spoiled and ungrateful souls who start annoying people from their foot stomping youth all the way through their “all important” and snotty adulthoods.

The college brats and pseudo intellectual egoists who had nothing better to do with their lives but navel gaze out imaginary universes and worlds to dream being Gods over.

The ones who never had to lift anything heavier than a book, for that’s all their parents ever asked of their “precious babies”, to become educated and admired.
The ones who never had to weep tears of loneliness for lack of childhood birthday parties or capture ladybugs from their window screens for companionship.
The ones who never had to deal with comments on their highwater jeans or frizzy unstylish hair…except to hee haw and bray at with their jack assed pals, of course.

The ones who never had forks brought down onto the top of their hands because they scraped their teeth on the dinner fork “one too many god damned times”.
And these precious prince and high potential princesses most certainly never had the honor of getting backhanded for thinking thoughts they never thought or for anything else for that matter, come to think of it.

You know them, those high and mighty lash batting do- gooders.

The ones who have poisoned our recent years with all kinds of talk on how they MUST stand up for the minority folk, the disabled folk and others not as “privileged” to have their skin color or their brains.
That naïve and whacked out crew of ego maniacs.

When never once, ever, do they ask folks like me (who carries membership to every single “charity” they forge their esteem over) if any or all of what the experts had to say even pertained to us.

They don’t want to hear how humiliating it is to have strangers treat you with automatic pity or dumbed down words- even though you may be more intelligent or have a different upbringing than their “messiah” complexes and imaginations allow.
I’ve also been met with scorn and even anger, believe it or not, when I’ve scoffed at the notion of free handouts being nothing but the stuff of slavery and weak characters. As if they knew better than myself on what I should have thought and “how silly of me” to not realize the “plight of my people”. It doesn’t get any more arrogant than a “do-gooding” individual.

Now, they’ve taken it to even more insulting heights and are “championing the causes” for what this world’s game playing devils have termed “autistics”.

It was bad enough that they didn’t take note of when a dozen different conditions were lumped into one, before 2010. What truly adds a high kick to the jaw, is that the majority of them truly and actually and automatically grabbed the opportunity to believe that they were somehow the “normal” or “perfectly all right” folk assumed to exist against this rude proclamation of our “condition”.
When over half of them need only look at their spouse and even the mirror to see that the autistic child they shed attention -seeking and self-pitying tears over, is only a younger and exact reflection of what and who they, themselves, have always been.

I’m not saying that there hasn’t been an increase in physical difficulties and severely disturbing emotional deviations..compared to a century ago. My bitter point lies in the majority of the symptoms list that the WHO criminals announced as being signs of “illness”.
They are and have been very common and very long existing personality traits that many human beings have expressed; when not dressed in their three pieces and shelling out hundreds to disguise themselves under pounds of make-up and loads of superficiality.

If one takes an honest gander at any one of the elite in charge-every single damned one of them is “autistic’.
Except no one is going to tell them what they can do, who they can sleep with, how much they can spend, what they can eat or have every single private moment and movement scrutinized and the slavery they’ve chosen to stab the rest of us in the back with.

Ahh, but here we arrive at the meat of the matter of these do-gooders -their need and their insistence that attentions be paid to them as superior to others, better than others and as saviors for others.

They need and crave the compliments of how good they are doing and gee whiz, if an important, famous or real smart person can confirm how important they are, well then…it must be true and life is that much better, isn’t it?
As long as everyone can see how much they donated to a poor girls’ school, they’re happy. Just don’t expect them to take any time to find out the type of creeps who will be working there. And if the word gets out that it’s a badly run operation, well, it has nothing to do with them, does it? They did their part. They made sure everyone saw how nice and charitable they are, enough done.

Do- gooders are the scum of the earth to me right now. I have spent fifty years on this planet watching these people work and none of it pans out to be as they take credit and glory for.
They turn blind eyes to horrible situations when alarms should be ringing off the hooks.
They take every single word someone with celebrity, money or a wall of degrees tells them and then run with it as gospel truth. That’s why they make such wonderful suckers and vain suck-ups.
Just as long as they get those gold star goodies in the form of praise from the higher ups and applause from the simple minded “down below”.

They weep fat tears over films like “Shindlers List” and “Roots”…yet when real people cry out for help or to be listened to (under assault by their big time buddies and big name friends) they twist those pretty and polished faces into the ugliest contortions of snide rebuke and join right in with the abuse. Just like the “low classes” they hold themselves above; without reading one single legitimate article nor bothering to feel that they have to.
We get gunned down in the streets like dogs and when videos are scrubbed , telling different stories than what’s on the news, they have the nerve to not say anything…and then proceed to blame us and hound us into surrendering the only weapons we have to protect our own lives with. Without blinking an eye over the fact that their bodyguards and other “important” people will be free as bluebirds to keep and carry guns for themselves.
As if They are the “sensible” ones who will never snap or, worse yet, deserve to be protected at all costs because they are more important and their children’s blood more valuable.

They have reaped immense glory by appearing to be “for the people”…while keeping the line, fences and walls between them and “the people” as thick and cloaked as possible. They’re representatives from a deep and dark world of hypocrisy and I blame them for having allowed our killers, our wardens and abusers to overstep the lines way too many times and for much too long of a time.

Do -gooders -the ones who cackled and clapped their fine rings together, in the coliseums in ancient times, watching poor people get slaughtered.
Do-gooders-The ones who stood by tutting and whispering but never saying a word to save the poor people getting burned alive by their church, for imaginary lies that well educated people damned well knew could not be possible.
No, they are not the ones getting their hands dirty. (Ironically and sadly, it is from OUR own people where the mercenaries and assassins are gotten)
But let there be no doubt about it, it’s because of their vanity and bottomless lust for attention and “honor” that we end up silenced, forced into sub human servitude and eventually destroyed.

It’s an ancient fact that must be brought back to light and must be taught to the successive generations of young children.
If we manage to survive this bio-socio-political bottlenecking insanity at all, we must teach them about the severe dangers of spoiled, intrusive and arrogant “do-gooders”.

For these are the days where the very worst of what they could have allowed to happen, has happened and if we’re serious about creating a genuine world of peace and equality, the plague of their arrogance and hypocrisy must be eliminated from our psyche. Completely.

Now, a word on this matter from a more wise and more calm Alan Watts

You Mind Your Manners As Well. “sir”

I know it’s a fantasy..or a simple wish of a weary spirit.

However, after seeing yet another insulting “order” given by yet another mortal man, I can’t help but wish someone…anyone could have had the strength and faith to respond…for all of us on this Earth…
So, I turn to the only place I can say (my diary) what billions of us can not say…despite having been lied to about being “free humans worthy of dignity and rights”.

How very dare you.
How dare you have the temerity to lecture anyone on their behaviors or words that they say, less than a month of you paddy smacking away at a poor elderly woman who ended up receiving insult and shame..despite being a poor and misguided adorer of you.

How dare you have anything to say about insults when we are being insulted each and every day across this globe-with politicians and celebrities calling us “ fing morons” and “ignorant children” for the mere act of us saving our children from being crippled by the mercury your minions at the United Nations have been streamlining through our systems for decades.

A deplorable horror of a crime as you now watch entire nations force, punish and incarcerate human beings for not complying; refusing to participate in this massive rape and disabling.
Yet, you remain somber and silent within this cocoon of lunatic confidence where billions of human beings worship you as a “divine” being.

How dare you, when..
Five thousand of your “holy” servants walk this earth, having raped and defiled human beings for decades..without a single one put on a sex offender list. And under your blatant protections.
While countless numbers of our fathers, sons and brothers must suffer criminal destruction of their lives for the “crime” of having natural sexual drives..for the rest of their lives; due to an ongoing thinning of our numbers that has been legislated, manipulated and forced upon the entire that us “unworthy and despicable” poor creatures do not muddy the carpets of “your” planet with more of our kind.

Having succeeded in dropping the rate of births…
Having succeeded in changing our very genders through hormonal assaults..
Having wrought an entire race of people insane, unwell and violent due to these manipulations..
You DARE have something so insulting and so disrespectful to say to US.

As if you are actually my Master and I was actually born to be your stepped upon, ignored, humiliated and chained slave.

Only allowed to cry out to sing your praises or to mindlessly echo the “issues” we are commanded to by your minions and associates…yet beaten to death and mangled when we try to cry out from the pains you inflict to torture us across this world each day.

Exactly as it was for hundreds of years, from your evil kind, as you tortured and ripped human beings apart as if you were nothing but wild beasts running wild and unchallenged in the forests of where you have all hidden. Only this time, thinking yourselves so damned clever, you hide behind digital manipulations and spew out floods of “high educational and expert” phraseology that all of you know barely any of us were educated enough to comprehend.

Turning nations against each other.
Turning people against each other.
Tearing mothers away from their children under the guise of “female empowerment”
And openly abusing the very male human being into submission as was promised by your sickening and come true threats. dare turn to us as a ‘pandemic” is about to sweep across this land of “yours” to slice through more of our lives..which was joyfully pondered fifty years ago and is going down exactly as it was “predicted”.
As it was planned.


Every citizen of the world who had  constitutions to turn to, has had those constitutions ripped up in front of our faces…as if we are those same blithering “idiots” and uneducated humans you forced to serve you as serfs.
And I would suppose, in all of your royal smugness, you know that nothing of this degree of criminality could have happened without full cooperation and unless we had indeed been neurologically damaged, thus the unbelievably blatant ways we’ve been sacrificed to these population destroying programs-despite millions of us having shouted and demanded these crimes cease under the very rules of the laws we can read and understand and still are intact…but are ignored completely.

I know I am a nothing. I have no money and I do not constitute even a snide backwards glance from even the lowliest of the cowards you’re aligned with.
I’m not as stupid as you need us to be and neither am I able to deal, without saying something , with watching my children continue to be ignored, abused, destroyed and wickedly used only to live out their lives as literal slaves to the “people” who have your blessing to continue this shameful hell you preside over.

Unless you can produce this bill of sale where my name shows up as your miserable and obliged property, or any human being on this earth..then it would behoove you as well, Sir, to mind your own tone of chastisement, when you speak to a world of adults.

We do not appreciate your demeaning tone- and as men and women of this place that you feel is yours to do with as you wish..we demand and encourage a whole lot more respect and etiquette from you and others, than you and others have given, as well.

It will do you a bit of good as well, to keep your wagging finger pointed in the direction of those who CHOOSE to be your servant..and leave the rest of us to try to recover from our losses, our pains and ongoing assaults in better peace and quiet than your bullying and molesting associates are willing to offer us, within this lunatic nightmare .
Where no law exists for those of us who were given this earth as a blessing from our Creator…yet, with false smiles and rancid falsehoods spoken and laws forced upon us on how “we should behave”, we find ourselves imprisoned by those who murder, steal and lie each and every day.

You have no right. AT all.

For the people who could have helped us, but were cruelly murdered..
For the poor souls who have the misfortune of being misled their entire lifetime by a “religion” which still mocks the man who brought the news of our freedom and let us know all that you have spent hundreds of years suppressing; insultingly obvious from your gargoyles on the front of your “holy houses” to your jovial support of the most filthy and foul entertainment/media conglomeration ever..
For the loved ones I lost and for the countless numbers of beaten and worn down human beings in Ireland, China, Japan, Africa, South America…whose throats you’ve been stepping on with your jeweled and slippered feet, with the raw nerve to expect us to smile and thank the heavens for the privilege of suffering within…
And especially for the unfortunate ones in positions of power who truly, truly thought their participation was involving other “issues” altogether…and had no idea that this was only meant to be our “ends of days”.

My true and dear God…How dare you talk to us in that way.

Ehrlich, Shmerlich

If these were , to any degree, saner days..I’d get a kick out of how a few talk show hosts are mentioning Ehrlich’s name these days.

As if pussyfooting around in our hamster cage and talking about how a man got his facts wrong about a lousy overpopulation prediction is “oooh….” supposed to rile us up and bring us some comfort of how attentive these hosts are to our woes and concerns.

If these hosts TRULY had so-called intentions to help inform us, they wouldn’t be ignoring that the entire book he and his wife wrote contains the instructions of our doom; a certified handbook from instituting the earned tax income credit to the finer points of international cooperation on thinning our “lowly lay herd”. “mysteriously”, those points don’t get play…anywhere.

He’s an old bastard who’s highly respected and has led a charmed and protected life..because the majority of “human beings” running this show are in full support and agreement of this wretched mess. So, enough on him. Bully for his role in it all. May he enjoy the rest of his water fetching days munching on popcorn and getting the most of our deaths and suffering through the dawning of his gloriously dark vision of hate for the poorest and most “detestable’ of the old man can rest so much easier with the elbow room our absence will provide.

And may he be reincarnated as a young minority girl who has to struggle to maintain her dignity, protect her own life and lose most of what she wasn’t “supposed to have anyway” throughout an entire demeaning and sarcastic system of academic elites painting the ugliest and most degrading portrait of her.. as I have. And may he fail, struggle and agonize the entire way through, just as I and millions of others have, because every single card was stacked to the rafters.. with super glue in between.

Here is but one reference that will give even the dullest ones amongst us a little clue as to how many corporations are determined to finish creating this entire world into a gruesome “utopia” of enslaved and mechanically run human beings.

So..we can stop wasting our precious time cranking our necks to look at some creature who is very likely more than  happy to serve as a sole distraction for the “idiots” to grumble at, while the most important work (nearly finished as 2025 creeps up on us) continues under our billions of noses.

Times should be better served by preserving our individual comforts, loving one another and surviving through what these ice veined beasts “need” to accomplish.


or try this link…

Sorry…looks like they went kaput.

All right then, put in the keywords

“Global Health Innovation Registry ” (associated with World health Organization)

in your search bar…and you can soak up the glow of some more high and mighty elites who think themselves heroes of the age.. (You’ll need Power Point to read it) can be seen in the “touching” quote which they express over the possibility of “if they are wrong” Ehrlich did in his book over “if he was wrong” and how heroic his efforts would be anyway.

Never mind little ole obstacles like the safety and happiness of billions of human beings, it’s the effort that counts.





For New U.N. Lackeys; From Virus to our Deaths..Across the Globe

For those who cheerlead and huff in indignation over our anger and outrage over being attacked by your Lords and Masters at the UN, I will be “happy” to include evidence from the handbook that was written that outlined ALL of the tactics and promises for our destruction and “livestock breeding” program “The Population Bomb” written in 1968.

I’ll start with the “cheery” outlook on how viruses could be of great help and will end with a little reminder that your Massas have a little “genocidal and enslavement” agenda to fill. That ignored death threat (along with your stupid threatening guide stones that still stand as the UN’s  mentally ill “hate letter” {{written in stone to boot}} to 99 percent of us) that was presented by William Cooper in “Behold a Pale Horse” from 1991. God rest his soul.

It means we’re under attack and have been; your masters were just clever enough to disable us to the point that barely any of us can or will be able to understand that this nightmare garbage is actually underway.

Unless, of course, you wish to make some snide and sarcastic comment on how a psychic or Nostradamus himself wrote the majority of this dreck fifty years ago and it’s all just a coincidence.

Heaven knows, you treat us as if we’re raw ignorant enough to buy something like that.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


A special note for those few who have pop all to do but imagine I think I fancy myself some sort of “rescuing” headcase…

I am tired of ending up screaming in the emergency room with radiation symptoms with my insides feeling like glass shards are dancing within..on top of snide or befuddled “we have no idea” s coming my way. And watching this incredible and grotesque ballooning of human beings in the poor towns I visit in three different states..

I just received my dog back home today in a box..who died with similar symptoms..

I already suffered the loss of the love and hope for most precious children of my life through the years..who are confused, besieged by depressions and nightmares constantly.

I’m not out to “rescue” anyone anymore than I wish to save my own remaining family and I am sick and horrified at watching our children get gunned down and get sicker -as the CDC and every single organization sits back snarking, patting one another on each other’s back at 10,000 dollar dinners and making plans for us as if we were god damned animals…with way too many of us bobbing our heads and making things worse by continuing to trust these lunatics.

Unless you can teach me how to chill and smile through it all without making a “silly fuss” on it, by all means=hike-you’re free to take it.


Lying and Arrogant Animals at the UN
That’s one hell of a nerve, considering that the UN has usurped each and every developed country’s sovereign constitutional laws, has forced human beings into having mercury injected into three generations of human beings’ neurological pathways, has instigated fire-and-brimstone infighting by LYING about how women are “being abused” in America (of all places) when they damned well know it’s all part of the de-population horrors (stopping of our “worthless” babies being born) they set into action in 1975.

All the while with the World Health Organization and CDC operating, harrassing us and destroying us as the world’s BIGGEST criminals ever allowed to ruin lives and murder people..rivaling only their true master’s history-the Holy See and it’s centuries of travesties, slavery and murders.

Same sick game..two thousand years running strong.

Especially when not one single genocide has been stopped in over 75 years and federal judges plainly and out rightly deny protection against nor stop female mutilation in underdeveloped countries. Even when they come here for help.

Women’s lives are WORSE-despite this garbage façade of “female empowerment” where women were forced out of the home, taken from their children and now must suffer as our men are attacked, biologically feminized and boys are being sentenced to lifetime punishments for their God given masculinity.

A LOT of god damned nerve that lousy article is. As well as a cruel and disgusting joke. As if none of us has been left with two brain cells to rub together to read the countless documents, articles and books (over eighty years worth) their smarmy and sadistic biological attacks and foul media conditioning. Or as if our eyes have all fallen out by the roadside.


When their soldiers aren’t put into check for using and raping women worldwide AND they have NOTHING to say about thousands of the Holy Sees child molesters being protected….without a single one on a sex offender list.
Never mind two generations of human beings being forced into sterilization, gender changes and blatant slavery happening with cooperation of EVERY leader, billionaire and corporation.
For shame on these foul, lousy and arrogant lying animals who have literally and shamelessly placed themselves in charge of every single human being..while still expecting anyone (with their senses still left) to still heed their foul and manipulative “alarms”; which have been sounding for damned decades.
It would be better if they simply did their dirty deeds, while keeping their traps shut, without this ridiculous insulting of our intelligence and these hooligan child’s games…when they damned well know what the hell they are doing and by whose fingers they snap and hop to.

Arrogant pigs..reporting on the crimes and worldwide distress that THEY THEMSELVES have wrought.


Watching My Dog Die Yesterday


The hollowed out angels of most Miserable Fate would find great delight in knowing that our family watched my dog suffer and die yesterday.

It was a day of violent convulsions; with complete paralyses, except for the muffled whines of pain which couldn’t escape her clamped shut mouth in the earliest hours.

And the wild look of confusion as her eyes searched around for us in the earlier hours, without being able to turn her neck. She did manage to turn her head slightly; in the end when my son said her name and she was heard to take a couple of long sniffs of the air in his lap where her head lay before dying.

I had written a much longer post yesterday. I won’t be posting it, after all.

I will simply place an article that explains radiation poisoning and the signs, be they from direct hits or lengthy exposures. Something I can’t confirm nor check, in her case.

The vet refused to check in that direction. He joked that he wouldn’t know it if “it jumped up and flew in his face.” And although he kept making a “fuss” over 3/4 of the unique symptoms as a mystery to him, odd to him..strange..and so on..I was casually dismissed upon even the proposal that he retain the information on radiation poisoning in case he had another client in the future.

It’s that type of dismissal a person like myself is used to from her childhood onward and throughout. Being “slow” and all.

Sometimes it’s on the tail end of folks who take purposeful jabs at your intelligence, because you often miss the “most simple things”. Sometimes it’s a trigger for the open jokes to roll, lies to flow cheap kicks and amusement can be had over and again…

There is a non self centered point, no worries. I took this off- track to explain that I’ve learned to brush off blow-offs and dismissals..normally.

But when faced with a loved one dying, contorting, frightened, in pain…all pride and excuses fly out of the door..when you’re doing anything and saying anything to literally beg (which, sorry to say, I did do) another human being to listen to you.

He couldn’t have been any less helpful if he had been cruelly obligated to be.

Except for the emergency vet clinic he told us about..which was closing within less than twenty minutes at the time he mentioned them.

Referring to these hypothetical and miserable angels, it was a finishing obstacle that would have had them nod their ugly and thick heads in smug satisfaction for how perfect it was in its complete success.


An article on radiation for survival in this wicked land w/ its ugly tiny minions.

Radiation Sickness

There’s no need to post links stressing the open air evidences of our being killed off and sickened by radiation without a single anything nor anyone stopping it.

Articles have been openly published stating so, alongside that wearisome “assurance” of “things being looked into” by “regulatory” this-s and “safety” that-s for well over twenty years now. I’ve obviously posted enough and it’s obviously shrugs all around..

As sarcastically stated on a few occasions, I’m a bit slow about minding my manners. I somehow got it into my foolish nugget that I was allowed to expect help when I and other living beings were in mortal danger.

So. There you go.

See you later Queenie, honey…Rest well.

Day One, 11 years ago


Love (fest) and War (craft)


It’s that time again for love to be in the air on Warcraft.

Follow this link to read more of this popular annual celebration within the World of Warcraft universe


Below, I present a video project that I created a couple years ago in honor of this event.

It’s from the earliest days of me teaching myself (trying to, in the least) how to create videos to entertain myself. I offer my most humble thanks for watching it, if you do. The point was to try to improve in a new hobby, share it with a couple of buddies and indulge in the blessing of being able to experience both.


Speaking of Greasy Automaton Fingers..

I will present this jive piece of wickedness, from the late 60s-early seventies..


It’s a flyer from one of the “Zero Growth” population terrorist movements (located in the back of the book “Population Bomb”) ; which has obviously matured into a socio-bio nightmare for billions of us world wide, under the disguise of “humanitarian legislation” and whatever other lies the United Nations birthed into existence fifty years onward…

And I will present this too stupid to believe lecture starring Gates himself. that there’s no further confusion as to the true intent behind these “well heeled” and all too much respected deceivers and destroyers of our children.

(As if The UN’s favorite water carrying boy’s record doesn’t speak volumes anyway)

Supreme Court Investigation: USA and UK Taxpayer Monies Funding Forced Sterilizations in India

The Gates Foundation: Philanthropy Cloaked Abortion



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