Hey Guys! Long Time No See

Yes, I’m a sentimental old fool. Even and especially when it comes to old video game characters.

What a joyful noise my heart made running across these guys in Blizzard’s  “World of Warcraft”.

They kept  me company back in the days of running, bouncing and tag teaming in the fields of “Lost Vikings”(also produced by Blizzard in early 90s).

Many hours of challenging puzzlement with a jazzy enough soundtrack to help my former 20 something year old self keep time.

What a pleasure to see that they’re still in shape and still finding work.

And still available to keep an old lady gamer company for the evenings.

World of Warcraft 3_25_2018 5_43_43 PM




Truly Strong Women

I’m sharing a video reenactment of a Helen Keller/Anne Sullivan presentation with so much passion and spirit that it brought tears to my eyes.

I was introducing my child to the story of these women this week.

These proud, determined and take no excuses women..

We should be so lucky to find just one single celebrity female of such caliber these days.

Instead, we seem to be mired in self pity and doubt over what we can or can not do. Wasting precious time over pathetic pursuits. Not the least of them being our vanity.

We look to fools to run our lives for us and place our trust in the paws of bullies whose main concerns are money and their own dirty comforts. Although I have to admit they do manage to dedicate a substantial amount of time on us; distracting us, insulting us and barely letting a day go by without reminding us what is wrong with us. Fools no better than any one of us with the only exception being that their feet are set higher up on the ladder.

Tears also happen when one is missing someone or something very dear in their life.

It’s not so much we, as adults, whom I believe are missing anyone or anything. It’s our children who’ve been left to fend for themselves. It’s our children who are bearing the brunt of the multiple stigmas of “disabilities” they’re being reminded that they “have” constantly.

Instead of finding steady and strong hands to guide them, too many are in the care of spineless  fathers and angst ridden mothers. Mothers and fathers who think nothing of surrendering their children’s esteem to an unaccountable system. As if things weren’t shameful enough, mothers and fathers who still believe themselves to be too “young” to be of any good. Or to think for themselves, stand up for themselves.

I can’t express how grateful I am that great numbers of us care enough to carry the historical records of  the truest ‘heroes’ with us into the future.

May  they forever serve as vital  inspiration as this great Nothingness spreads amongst us… the destruction of standards, the killing off of self reliance, murdering of pride….runs its ugly course to whatever end there may be.

Please? Stop Publishing Names?


This is a letter I’ve wanted to send to publications for a while now (print and/or online)

Those that still publish the full names of men arrested as “johns” for prostitution.






I would like to know some things.

1- Why is it necessary to publish the names of men who are arrested for alleged sex crimes? What gives us the right?
2-Is there anything that can be done to retire this public square humiliation of a practice? A petition? Or is there a process already in place for these kinds of matters?


We live in a world where there’s an infestation of “watching what you say” paranoia.
One can’t call a black woman “dark” or a chubby woman “fat” without potential and immediate groans of outrage sounding from one group or another.
We don’t dare call a transgendered male by the pronoun he was obviously lumbered with since birth. For one could possibly expect a quick trickle to flood of hate emails and insults-depending where one said it. When one happens to forget that free speech and personal  opinions are no longer respected as personal rights.

I’m not aware of the list of folks whose feelings take priority in this world. Maybe I should know, but I don’t.

I would  like to ask why these men and their families aren’t entitled to at least a portion of such overblown courtesy.

These men whose names you publish,  do you check to see why they were soliciting for sex?
Would you extend the courtesy of leaving the name out in the case of a  widower who lost his wife and too heartbroken to start a serious relationship?

Or are we to believe they are all just animals actively involved with  girls being forced and beaten into sex slavery?
Do you find out if any of the men have children who go to school or wives who go to work?
I ask because both could suffer greatly at either of those places. Whispers. Jokes. Nasty looks. Looks of pity. A neighbor or twenty getting wind of their brother, father, husband or son on a list of sexual “deviants”. The possibilities for cruelty, especially with the youngest of children, are countless. Lost jobs. Friends. Divorce. Fights. One ugliness after another.


The whole point of the P.C. panic is to avoid actions that could possibly happen, correct?

In my state, men lose their car and license for the  sex crimes.

I would think this awful punishment should satisfy WELL above and beyond the call of law’s duty.

This listing of names is additional punishment being doled out on top of an already harsh sentence. We’re not only kicking a man while he’s down. We’re ripping all of his clothes off to leave him naked during the attack.


Goodness only knows how many men lost their jobs as a result of having their transportation taken away from them.

Who even knows how many families were evicted or couldn’t afford to eat because of whatever snowball out of hell bore down on them-all because a male member of their family forgot “his place”.

Never mind the single men who were barely struggling to get by. Or the ones deemed so undesirable that no one will date them even if they could afford a dinner on a date.
Their lives are already very and sadly at the breaking point due to the laws which are in place for their transgressions.

I’m not here to argue the law.

It has grieved me deeply for years that publications do such a thing. As if we still lived in  the age where people were pelted with rotten vegetables , locked in stockades. The public hooting and carrying on as if the monkeys somehow got on the other side of the cage in a zoo.

I thought we were more sophisticated than that. More sensitive than that. Right?
Why on this earth would we continue to put the names, right next to their poor faces, up for all of the world to see..when we’re mincing and harassing one another over what words we say to one another?

Why is it quite all right to place the visual of some grandchild’s grandfather’s penis and what he dared to do with it into the mind’s eye of countless strangers, neighbors and family members?

At a time where we nearly lose our mind over what an objectifying and violent thing the human male’s whistle is to the poor and defenseless female walking by. We can’t even spare enough mercy to allow human beings to endure their deepest private shames out of the minds and mouths of people who know nothing about them.

Can anyone of you (who have a say on whether these names get published or not) even begin to imagine that same shame and destruction raining down on any one of the men you love? It’s a tired and naïve question, I understand.

However, if the welfare and emotional sanctity of your own loved ones is not something that deserves careful and humane consideration, then I guess it’s of little use expecting a serious solution for the “johns” who get marched to the center of the square. When they didn’t murder anyone. When they didn’t steal from anyone.

Is it possible? Is there a chance you could cease publishing names and simply leave these poor souls to deal with serving their true sentences and rebuilding their lives in anonymity?

Is there an avenue that can be taken?


feature photo By xixinxing

letter sent to http://www.mystateline.com/

via online web form (3-22-2018)

letter sent to Chicago Tribune via

Letter to the Editor email.(3-22-2018)


So Smart and yet So Stupid


Funny isn’t it? How our socially aware groups bark so loud and rattle their sabers so high.
Yet, between their indignant and arrogant calls to action and the shaking of their heads at the “wicked” man’s habits..one can usually find an almost darling, yet embarrassing, glut of dumb.

“Carelessness” and “thoughtless insensitivities”

The very things they tend to beat us over the head for.

The traits that they indignantly harass us into eliminating for the sake of this “better world” they keep stomping their feet about.

They’re just as affected.

It takes merely one example to illustrate my point. It will be done while referencing this “walkwithjane.com” campaign.
If you’re not familiar with this latest fund raiser
Here you go

If you want a group project that is associated with Jane Walker
Here it is

This “Monumental Women” project is intended to honor suffragists like Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

Ahh…but what do we have here?

An intriguing bit of history on the connection between female suffragists and the prohibition of…..alcohol?
Oh dear.

They can insult the rest of our “ignorant” society all that they want.
They can continue to brainwash our children into minding what comes out of their mouths-to the point of utter ridiculousness.

However, the truly smart and sophisticated would make certain to exercise the same amount of sensitive consideration demanded of others.

Linking arms with a sleek legged lady mascot on a bottle of whiskey to raise funds to honor women who battled against alcohol doesn’t exactly seem the most well thought out of plans. If Elizabeth were to rise from the grave, I’ve no doubt that “dire insult” would also be in the mix of other choice words.

When you combine it with statistics of violence directed towards women by those soaked in booze-statistics that  the  high and mighty (ironically enough) are often focused upon…

Such as these 

….well, then it drifts into seeming quite and simply carelessly stupid.

original photo By master1305


It’ll be awake again. Soon.
sweet and darling wonderling of the morning.
Never missing a day
-and being the day.
Never missing a smile
-and being the smile.
sweet and darling wonderling of the evening.
Bidding each of us to do well
-and be well
Wishing each of us to
find love
-and be love.
It’ll be asleep again. Soon.

by Ramsy

photo © Pavel Morozo

She, Tonya

Every once in a while history will give us a voice when nobody wants to hear what we’ve got to say.

It’ll present those of us abandoned in the dark a light later in life, when we desperately needed it far earlier in life.
Sometimes, if we’re lucky or patient, we get gifts like that.
For Tonya Harding that gift is the superbly done film “I, Tonya”
As one who was never a hater, always an admirer, I’m happy to offer this link.


WOW..this Trial of Style


Maybe it’s because I’m a girl ( a rather old “girl”in video gaming years) who spent many happy childhood hours designing for and then dressing her paper dolls.

This Trial of Style world event on World of Warcraft is one of my favorite developments in over ten years of citizenship.

Additional information about Trial of Style can be found


I look forward to participating from March 5th through to March 9th.
(That is, if I can tear myself away from

The Darkmoon Faire which will also be in full swing.)

Here’s a few clever transmog outfits of famous characters that caught my attention.

If you plan to attend, here’s hoping you the best of luck in

proving that not only can you be dressed up but you definitely can also be taken out.


Time without Trial


How would it be doing time without trial?
No more tears to be shed all that’s left is to smile.
How dull life would be in a very short while.
Without questions to answer over why we’re done wrong.
Only good stuff expressed in the books or in song.
No new places to go as we amble along.
Having no needs to fill or new ways to get strong.
What a dreary existence this time without trial.
No more victories won fighting greed, guilt or guile.
How insane we’d become in a very short while.

written by Ramsy

photo(edited) by Denis Pepin


Horrendous Miscarriages of Justice


We don’t know the victim of one.

Many of us knew of and loved the other.

From one end of the spectrum to the other, they are both horrible examples of obvious holes  in the justice system where folks no better than animals get away with murder.


This one tells the story of an angel mauled by a rabid pack of wild dog human beings without all those responsible paying the price.

This one tells the story of another angel’s death where a rabid and conniving bitch more than likely was allowed to go free as well..unchallenged.

feature photo (edited) by ellisia

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