“Don’t Stop” as a One Hour Loop

Moon at night

I looped Lemon Jelly’s “Don’t Stop”, from their “’64-‘95” album, for an hour’s run.
One can listen to it while washing dishes, painting a room or working out. It’s not a bad tune to keep going.
One could use it for almost any activity that’s particularly time consuming. It’s an absolute charm for praying or meditation; if one were more inclined to the noisier joy of soul singing.


It can even be helpful for general run-of-the-mill ignoring of unbearable situations.
Like ignoring the fact that we live in a world where we’re forced to abide and be punished by laws that our masters refuse to live by themselves.

One example of this can be seen in this business of overly minding one’s words or thoughts spent  on other people, known as “P.C.”-for “politically correct”

We’re supposed to live by The P.C., lose our jobs by the P.C. and get humiliated into looking like a bunch of fools by this P.C.
Yet, our repulsive and rude masters show no such consideration nor exercise such restraints.
One example, out of far too many to mention, is how they can refer to a group of people as “idiots” all day and every day long ..if they want.
And they do. Whenever and wherever they want.

pff- ct mart- 4_24_2020 3_30_44 PM (2)

From the manual of Court Martial law for the United States.

As if we weren’t there, had no eyes, ears nor feelings..although we were a country famous for the protection of our freedoms of individual speech and opinion mere decades ago.

So yes, it would take one heck of a song to assist in ignoring these sorts of insulting hypocrisies and inconsistencies.

However, I think this tune is as good of a candidate for the job as any.

(if this long winded “high level and important” law strikes a familiar chord, it’s also where five pages resembling “porn libs” made their disturbing appearance for the “sake of stopping sexual harassments and abuse”..when it’s simply one blatant example of their lunatic eighty years long Orwellian campaign to severely restrict and ban sex between males and females, under an avalanche of big words drenched with rapist sarcasm)

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A Mod of My Very Own


(happy sigh)

After thirty years of gaming and after a couple of months ‘surviving’ in “Fallout 76”..IMG_4269IMG_4240IMG_4250

I finally did it..

A mod of my very own.


photos by Ramsy

April 2020

New Skill for a Child


Teach your youngest children how to take photographs.

The younger the age, the better.

If you understand what’s happened to us and want your children to be as self sufficient as possible, encouraging the path into the photo taking direction would be wise.
The propaganda will never end…
…as long as we continue to let people without souls define the world which we live in and the conclusions that we draw of ourselves.
As long as we cower in the sour smirks of those convinced of only the ugliness in this life;
Though they are , by far,  the hands-down majority carriers, providers and creators of this ugliness…


As long as we continue to let human beings -who loathe affection so much that their own adult children are deeply and forever scarred by the lack of it-
bully us into “learning how to be more caring and kind”..
We will not be free.

Teach your child to use her eyes to “see” the soul in everything.
In the thick belly of a cloud of fog or in the blur of a small bird’s wings.
Teach him to look in the direction of things which lift his spirit, not things that jolt and jar it.
Teach him that all he sees in nature belongs to him and that he belongs to no one.
Teach them that they can think what they like and in any way that they like.
And that the camera is simply a wonderful tool that will help them expand the playground in which they’ll be doing all of that thinking.
The sooner they master the focusing of their own sight, the sooner they get used to the natural idea of owning their own sight.
Once they are unshaken in the confidence that they own their own sight, then they can start eliminating and dismissing the gold plated dregs of society who enjoy shoving jive and two bit visions down vulnerable people’s throats.
And what a beautiful relief that will be.
Once and for All.


If interested, this is the Adobestock link to my latest batch of photos.


To Do List for Today

Happy couple at night

No fighting today.

No bickering.

Decide that you can always find the remote another time.

She’s trying to do better.

Gently lay aside the urge to say anything and know he’ll be done with the game soon.

He’s trying.

For tonight, grab him or her gently by the waist and slow dance to whatever song is on..or whatever song is playing silently in your minds and between your hearts.

Remember how much you mean to one another.

That’s all.


photo By Alexey

The Insulting of our Reporters

The “experts”, whom we are instructed to trust..
The “experts”, the brilliant minds which we’re told “know best”..
Are the same “experts”, or in association with and mentored by, who had the following to say about the “cheerful prospect” of what a worldwide virus could accomplish in the much desired and “needed” reduction of the human population.
In 1969.
From 1969 and Paul Ehrlich and his wife’s publication of “The Population Bomb”

It’s something for a young journalist or similar professional to remember.

So that they can stand less intimidated and demand that repulsive and snide geriatric states people (who tell them to shut up or hurl whatever else rude insults their way) mind their rude tongues and the tone with which they dare respond to them with.

Especially during a time when our population is undergoing the assault that it is, with another upheaval waiting that will finally strip us of our weapons- leaving us largely unable to physically protect ourselves.

These journalists are Grown Adults, not children, who are doing their job and asking legitimate questions. There is no cause for professional journalists to allow themselves to be publicly dressed down by childish and gut souring insults coming from individuals so freakishly old (in terms of ‘conquering warriors’-the very oldest and most feeble in the history of wars) that they certainly know better.

If two generations can be saturated and taught ad nauseum about this older generation of media patting themselves on the back for “being courageous heroes” by the “exposing” of Watergate..

The very least they can do is keep their insults to their wretched selves as this generation attempts something much more significant and much more important to billions of human beings; protecting our lives from their attacks and falsehoods.

Although they may currently be at the mercy of the associated geriatric masters of the universe which ruthlessly and unethically control in what direction their reporting goes..
They will be the ones left to fix and restart what’s been ruined and mangled in our media.

Those who stand up for themselves now, will be the only ones strong and able enough to do so; to rebuild a severely broken trust, redefine and maintain long missing and sorely needed ethical standards, etc.

At the very least, considering that it is plain as day as to how long a viral scenario has been long thought of and imagined…by the exact same “people” and institutions who demand that we trust them and obey them now..
These reporters deserve to be treated with a lot more respect than they have been for a long time.
And not as if they are morons who can not read or do simple calculations or idiots who are supposed to remain silent as we drop dead, on some twisted psychological

we saved it from being worse..considering how little we knew and what little time we had” garbage.




Summer Breeze-Isley Brothers

Electric bass guitar player hands, live music

An Isley Brothers cover of “Summer Breeze” ,

with one of the most “good-gawd-a’-mighty” guitar solos on Earth

flying in at the 4:00 mark.



photo By evannovostro


One Reason-Induced Labor Damages

There are exactly two dozen reasons I don’t trust the United Nation/WHO/CDC healthcare hydra.

I will simply lay out One.

It is a simple and brief example of something they proposed and created.


Something that brought disaster and made our lives worse. Hurt our babies. Devastated us.

Like every single other important law that had anything to do with our health and welfare- that they can be tracked over the decades as pushing and have been recorded as having forced upon us.

In a country where we were once owners of an optimum and promising  health score a mere fifty years ago..

..which they were allowed to tear down and drag through to the bottom of the barrel .

There is no other set of entities which were allowed anywhere near the mass and global running of our lives-therefore, ( if we  lived in such a world) it would mean that they are the only ones who could and should answer as to why such a horrible job was done.

When their only job (promise.lie) was to keep the people healthy and safe.

Having an 80 year old report card as crummy as they have, they should have been made to relinquish control and failed out of our system long ago.

When we could have had a fighting chance to avoid the nightmares they dropped us into.

In everything.

Not just the calamity of induced labors.

The following is a variety of articles for a variety of different comprehension and reading levels-

All which say the same things, concerning the damages from the introduction and increase of induced labor practices.

Inducing Labor May Increase Autism Risk









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