Underestimating the Wrong Target

Portrait of an angry woman standing with arms folded on gray background



As snide as these creatures may have been and as “wise” as they thought they were in continuing whatever covert things they were tending to, I think it’s only right to update the above sarcasm into a more relevant light.
It’s not quite fair if the newest generation of masters  have been groomed to focus  attentions on some embarrassing stereotype of the irate “pussy whipping”(that’s not so intellectual of a phrase now, is it? ) woman.
To avoid any unnecessary insults and mangled strategies, I offer instead a far better subject to not underestimate.

The scarred, raped, beaten, humiliated, deceived and bitter creation from “monster farms” set into motion so long ago.

The child who came into this world as the direct result of a society’s young being steered into a culture of free love and hedonism. The unwanted baby of a manic female, stashed into an orphanage. Only to be adopted by a severely alcoholic and manic second “mother”.
The child who was so “broken” and intolerable with her behaviors that she was continually reminded of being “retarded” , with a smack or a sneer ,that she would never be good for anything but laying on her back when she finally grew into being a woman. A “funny” thing to say as that mother had a habit of demanding viewings of the child’s privates, alongside her husband, every now and again through the years.

The woman who grew up turning to media for how to manage love, friendships and other life issues..simply because she simply had no one else to turn to for any sort of advice, aside from eventual group home therapists, doctors and social workers. Group homes where there were occasional molestations (other children) and young delinquents sharing their skills and infecting the less savvy children around them.
The type of media which drummed in how men (“chauvinist pigs” as they were constantly being referred to ) “preferred” the independent woman who slept around-which turned out to be a complete disaster in reality.
The type of media that trumpeted about how “horrible” starting a family was and what freedoms and successes a woman could have if she went it alone-another foul and drip-dried lie-as feminist big-mouths Steinem and Fonda proved by securing their own wedding rings down the road.

The woman who was affected on every level, from birth through thirty hard earned years, of a civil society being purposefully turned upside down and inside out.
The woman who has endured and overcome any one of several disastrous results from manipulations carried out by a horde of “intellects” determined to get their way “no matter the pain and no matter the destruction”.


As long as human breeders cease overpopulating the pristine floors of the earth that they believe belongs to them, along with every beating heart on it.



The woman who managed to raise herself up on her hind legs despite the “developmental disabilities”, alcoholism and other unsavory troubles..to find a little dignity, humility, self-control and success.

The woman who managed to finally understand the blessing of love for her own children..only to watch her children fade with their futures vanished into cruel and “unexplained” bio-chemical confusions.

The woman where so much was ruined along the way, that there remained nothing left to lose.
The woman forced to worked through enough pain without assistance, that there remains nothing left to fear.
THAT is who not to take for granted.
Because heaven knows.. a whole hell of a lot of us were created.


In Front of Our Faces

Senior man with hands on face

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the hands involved in erecting these blatant Georgia Guidestones.

(The ones no one can bear to tear down, like the Civil War monuments of a people’s painful heritage that we’ve torn down. The ones we were screaming like animals over, with our indignant fury over “racism”.

Yet, talk about our being killed for “the greater good”…everyone’s meek and mild again.)


Not when there’s a rough draft out there on the back cover of a book -“Population Bomb”


A book which will have future historians shaking their heads in disbelief over the depths of ignorance our “leaders” exhibited. Or greed and corruption.

They will be shaking their heads in disgust over us being so self-centered and “all-knowing” as to ignore the most obvious signs. Instead, us choosing to muse over “little green men” and fairy tales for answers instead.

And with the deepest of shame and pity, they will shake their heads, for the generations of young children who were left high and dry, abandoned and unprotected.
As our enemies silently (as promised) continued and intensified the job they vowed to do.
Over the shameful course of seventy years. In front of our faces.

Like those dreadful stones.

(Unless..the historians arrive at the confirmed conclusions that we’re now getting punished and harassed for trying to address and protect ourselves from..
(concerning the neurological damages millions suffer from)
..and they cut us some slack for the brain damages inflicted upon us, which hindered our abilities in such cowardly, cheap shot and punk ass ways. )

photo By Sergey Furtaev


If You Could Just Stick Around a Little While Longer

Tender touch

It’s something I wish I had the magical opportunity to do-sending these thoughts to the next someone intending to commit suicide, in the midst of the epidemic being reported to us.

Especially, if he or she was born from the group of babies I watched grow and am now forced to watch suffer, as yet another generation (their babies) follows them.

I don’t have the soft-spoken assurances of how much “I love you” to give you.
I would assume that responsibility has been that of people whose lives will be ruined if you continue on with this awful and final decision.
If you have no family, no mother, siblings, no members of a family that welcomed you to this earth with loving arms to hold you tight forever, no matter what you do or are…
I need You to stick around a little while longer to keep me company in the boat we both share..

More importantly, if the day ever arrives for the world to know those who have hurt us, or knowingly assisted, I want you by my side and holding my hand.
If tears are shed, I want them to fall on your shoulder, in the middle of a tight embrace. Not shed in remembrance of you as being amongst the millions of human beings who were destroyed and ruined over the run of seventy years.


I want you to stick around because they don’t deserve to slink into the seat you will leave empty if you break our hearts in this way.

The more of us who leave, the happier they silently are, and they don’t deserve our efforts helping them towards that.

You stay, we win. Your family wins. The lovers and children you end up meeting in the future, they win. It’s simple as that.

There exists a hundred years, at the minimal least, of surviving material (thrift stores, libraries, online if you invest the time and seek deeply) that will provide enough information to discredit information being pumped out into the public by devious media machinery.
So much deception has been manufactured by and passed through generations of different hands, that it’s obvious how difficult it’s becoming to keep each wobbling plate spinning as, I’m sure, their long-gone mentors were god-minded enough to believe should be kept spinning.

If gathering energy for a fight is the last thing your already tested soul can stand..please understand that any “fight” on your end against anyone, is the very last thing you should engage in.
All you need to do is stay. The rest will take care of itself.

Those plates will fall eventually, creating a crash so loud and into so many directions that it will be an unprecedented jaw-dropper. For those not weeping and broken over the betrayal, of course.

If there’s a fight, let it be for control of your life as you need it to be.. by quietly finding out who and what to stop trusting immediately and by crafting armor that will drastically reduce the ongoing damage from the smiling faces who privately loathe the babies we have the “nerve” to give birth to, against their wishes.

This an excerpt from a book, published in 1969, “The Population Bomb” by Paul Ehrlich


One can’t help but be impressed at how many suggestions ended up seeing the day of light and  approved by All involved but Us.


At the same time, one can’t help wonder which suggestions were set into motion without our permissions and to what degrees of laziness, selfishness or fear our politicians could have possibly sank to in order to continue.



This following excerpt is taken from a promise of “genocide and slavery” made against us from a manual known as “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”.
(Shared with us by a man who dedicated a wonderful portion of his life and energy to inform us in his 1990 publication “Behold a Pale Horse”. )

Take note of the last paragraph..




It’s a “prediction” wish that has also seen the day of light.

Albeit fifty years later,  slipped “quietly”  in under our noses.

(More cause for impression- considering it came from an era where we were  still rooted to the rotary dial.) 



I, being an unwanted production from 1969, am pleased for the opportunity to present these other similarly unwanted 1969 productions to and for you…in hopes that you find them interesting enough to consider researching, while keeping Us company a “little” while longer…as in, for a long time to come.

At least long enough to see a few  withered hippies’ (otherwise smug and cackling) faces drop as the plates do.

At least long enough to assure your daughters and sons that they won’t have anything to fear anymore from “those type” of people.

The type who manipulated the masses into believing they were fighting for, kicking dust up over for and hanging our sons out to dry over women’s “rights”…while all the while, being duped into a slow and humiliating enslavement.

Tearing our families apart; the only true treasure Man has ever truly had for his very own.

With the salt in the wound of females being referred to like problematic animals….


Spoken by a man who, to this day, is so highly regarded that he’s never  suffered reprisals online, no matter what he says or however long ago he said them. While still teaching.



He even has a hustling gig, ringing the Global Warming bell, every once in a while with a U.N. video or two.

We’re still considered the same problem, same “pests”.. just different rooms.

Shrugs all around, I guess, for us “mere mortals” who lose our online livelihoods, our real life reputations and get dragged into digital “town squares” for the crime of blinking at a homeless cat the wrong way..or for thinking a certain way thirty years ago about something someone thought you said…or for any other variety of nit picking and lunatic reasons.

No one promised us that life would be fair nor should be easy.

Especially in a land where the fairy tales were changed so much and so often that generations of children grew up not knowing what monsters even looked like.

Never mind us believing ourselves “too sophisticated” to believe that they existed in the first place. Pshaw.

However, for the chance to see the relief in the eyes of a new generation allowed to evolve as nature intended, safe, happy and grateful that they didn’t have to go through those horrible times-as they will definitely be remembered as..

How happy we would be if you could just stick around a “little” longer to see that with us.

photo By Nikki Zalewski

Episodes of “The Honeymooners”

AdobeStock_132384257By Leo Lintang

( If “The Honeymooners” playlist player is missing above, the link is below)


…because our future generations are worth more than to be drowned and poisoned in the ocean of garbage being filtered through their psyches.

..because we’re raising human beings, not animals and we should nurture them accordingly.

..because we should return to feeding our children what humans eat, not the violent-psycho-sexual propagandist slop that Media automatons  fling against the walls; with those blank looks in their eyes and sneers on their lips; unable to understand (nor care) that they too will eventually suffer in this hell they’re content in creating.

..because we made promises to them that  included shielding them from being assaulted, molested and poisoned on the most intimate of levels-with none more intimate than the cores of their spirits, where who they become is created.

photo by Leo Lintang

My Liquid Moon Mistake


A few folks may smirk at the notion that these were purposefully intended to look like water.

Liquid Moons


They may suspect my choice of naming them thusly is more likely an attempt to cover-up poor resin mixing skills than anything else.

My response to that..would be an affirmative nod of my head and a silent salute of respect for the skills of deduction that Mankind is capable of. Still.

HOWEVER, another beautiful reminder comes to mind. On the capacity for forgiveness that Mankind has. Still.

With that forgiveness, I would explain that the first models were definitely marred from earlier ratio mixing mistakes. I would explain how I loved the texture which resulted.

Then, I’d explain how the rest were purposefully worked into moons dripping, made up of nothing but water; the fantasies of water planets having always been a favored part of my imagination since childhood.

I ended up with something better (for my enjoyment) than the originally intended project.

(Even on that final note, I found two more reminders waiting:

a-the necessity for mankind to be allowed to make mistakes

b- how nothing beats the magic of fixing one’s own mistakes to foster determination for improvement and encourage growth.

I liken it to someone learning techniques she never knew before she started trying to fix a vase she may have dropped. Or someone refashioning the remaining fragments into a more interesting vase after his attempts at repair. 

It’s priceless opportunity

Not with outside others throwing in extra  ceramics- forcing issues because things aren’t being learned fast enough for the outside others’ all mighty satisfaction.

And most certainly NOT with unforgiveable amounts of outside others scheming, injuring, conning and manipulating people into believing that THEY are the creators of the mistakes they’re being punished for..when it’s obvious they’re not.)






Autumnal Equinox Date Nights and Psalm 116:15

AdobeStock_295820035By Leo Lintang

Because we live in a time of high intensity troubles and increased disrupted states of mind.
While there are those of us who consider ourselves too “sane” to acknowledge ancient rituals and rites involving boogey monsters, “grumpkins and snarks” (for my G.O.T siblings)…
It can not be stressed too much, nor too many times, the risks, opportunities and dangers that deranged individuals (no matter how solitary and unseen) and groups (no matter how massive and prominent) can and do exploit when occultist “high holy” days roll around.

As our overseers remind us to be aware of all things at all times, I add to that a suggestion of extra caution as we make our way to Halloween in a couple of days.

Take note of these ritualistic dates and take greatest of care in planning any public holiday outing/party where a large number of citizens will be in attendance on and around these dates.
Autumnal Equinox – 13 weeks
September 21 – Mabon
September 21 -22 – Autumnal Equinox
October 31 – Samhain, also known as Halloween, or All Hallows Eve.

A more complete calendar of relevant dates follows, including the entire year

We are cared for..deeply..remember this.
Psalm 116:15
Precious in the sight of the Lord
is the death of his saints.
We should take care of ourselves accordingly.

photo By Leo Lintang

A Reading Assignment on Differing Attitudes-If it Remains Intact

AdobeStock_213643474By BenStudioPRO

Up to and including 2018, there had not been more than 400 deaths for any single year reported as occurring due to measles.

This year alone it’s been reported that over 40,000 cherished souls have killed themselves in this country.
First, read this…

“One basic truth can be used as a foundation for a mountain of lies, and if we dig down deep enough in the mountain of lies, and bring out that truth, to set it on top of the mountain of lies; the entire mountain of lies will crumble under the weight of that one truth. And there is nothing more devastating to a structure of lies than the revelation of the truth upon which the structure of lies was built, because the shock waves of the revelation of the truth reverberate, and continue to reverberate throughout the Earth for generations to follow, awakening even those people who had no desire to be awakened to the truth.”

by Delamar Duvaris as written in the preface of “Behold the Pale Horse” by William Cooper

Next, let’s take a look over what the CDC has to say about lack of vaccinations and the “risks” described.
If you follow the links, on the many pages dedicated to the ills of non vaccination, you’ll find sprinkled emotional terms such as “unnecessary suffering”.
True to CDC’s tendency to be cuddly and up close to the average American’s heart, you’ll find several moments where they speak to you and do their illustrative best to relate to the average American’s sensibilities.
(A prime example being that “jokey” manual they churned out regarding what to do in real life emergencies; their horse shit humor having been excused as some sort of way to “get our attentions”.)
“You have a busy life and too much responsibility to risk getting sick. Vaccines can help you stay healthy so you don’t miss work. If you can avoid getting sick, you will have more time for your family, friends and hobbies.”
“Getting recommended vaccines can give you some peace of mind. You will have the best possible protection available against a number of serious diseases.”


Let’s take a look at how they are addressing

..shall we?

The most sentimental and emotional sentence that I found=

“Suicide is a growing public health problem.”

One solution they made sure to highlight mentioned was how media can help by not being so explicit in techniques and the “maybe- kinda- sorta- might- be” causes of why our dearest and most cherished relatives are killing themselves in record numbers.

No urgency.
No exclamation marks to nurture positivity and warm fuzzy encouragements. Or to stress the extreme danger and priority it should be to prevent 45, 000 deaths..
occurring each year.

Not even a mention of introducing hobbies as was so thoughtfully crafted in for the vaccination reading.

Now, if you find an equivalent amount of concern within the few spaces dedicated to preventing this OBVIOUS EPIDEMIC, please go ahead and point it out.

ANYTHING to offset this “hey-honey-pass-me-my-ass-scratcher-will-ya?” nonchalance would be appreciated.

Finally (also courtesy of William Cooper’s book..God rest his beautiful and brave soul) something to ponder..in case one wonders why anyone would bother pointing out the stark differences in reaction and responses to two starkly different “healthcare crises”…since we’re being forced to allow the United Nations/CDC into our sex lives, the raising of our children and just about everything else in the name of “keeping us safe.”

(excerpts are copied from a manual written in 1969 called “Secret Weapons for Quiet Wars”. Don’t bother looking it up online.

The following copies are straight from the book where it exists untouched. Brackets were Mr. Cooper’s insertions)

It’s a promise of “genocide and enslavement” that no one considered nor considers serious enough to address.

Not even in this “see something, say something and bully the hell out of them” society, strangely enough.

0000IMG_6330 (1)


The threat..or promise, it depends on how one sees it.


And last but not least, the targets being addressed , in 1969, when they weren’t anywhere near the realities they are today (“little” things like us being “mentally raped” via Media and forcing the male into submission)-never mind in 1989 when Cooper’s book was being written.


0000IMG_6329 (1)

photo By BenStudioPRO


Our Daughters Need

Adult daughter kissing elderly mother//photo By Mangostar //

Our modern daughters need to be introduced to their great-grandmothers.

They need to see and hear the confidence they had and the things they accomplished.

Without their hands being held.

They need to know that the feet they stood on were well planted…without others’ legs deciding their path.

They need to know that many of these things were accomplished while being traditional females-as they saw fit, with as many children they wished (if at all) and/or holding the hand of whatever husband(s) chose to support them in their lives. In the midst of traditional societal expectations, without big noses lodged into private matters like their sex lives and without being commanded or harassed out of thinking for themselves.

And when people try to convince our daughters of some urgent need for the “saving of women” today, then they can better brush it away like the bald-faced manipulation that it is..and has been for at least fifty years.

Last but not least, our daughters need to learn that true empowerment stems from what a grown woman embraces for herself..not what she is told she should want, as if she was nothing but an endangered and helpless little girl.
Least of all by organizations that should respect that when a woman says “No!” to their intrusions, then that’s what The Woman means.
Lord knows they spout it enough- via the bullying and fire-starting “female empowerment” (male harassment) campaigns that they keep infecting our girls’ minds with.

A few documentaries proving that Western society women won the right, a long time ago, to be their own persons without masters re-enslaving them.

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