Everything’s Better than a Hooker


This documentary tells the story of a young woman unjustly criminalized and then murdered.

It also tells how we are being deceived into creating a level of
hell for our future generation of young women via the alleged “fight for women’s rights”

It’s an unforgiveable oversight considering how we’ve allowed our governments to have a say over our most private affairs..with little else than nods of our sheepish heads..

..while paying barely  any mind to how laws have been passed that give committees of people power over us..
..like we’re owned livestock to be overseen and controlled. Directed.

It’s an irony that more mothers who claim to be “feminists” should be concerned with; how they truly will be seen by our future generation by the time these round-ups and legislations have run their courses.

For there are only two ways
– as us having been so intellectually stunted and gullible that we were unable to see the obvious agendas unfolding all around us.

-as having been so damnably selfish as to have sacrificed the dignity of our daughters
for the sake of proving points that never existed and saving faces we mistakenly thought
actually mattered.

Either way, it’s a very humiliating and ironic legacy -how much energy we’ve expended to “make progress” only to end up forced to take the biggest steps backwards;
agreeable and easily fooled..just as our alleged oppressors have always considered us.

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A Better Shot at the Darkmoon Faire

I can’t be the only soul who was once sorely challenged by the shooting gallery mini game of my favorite digital haunt at the “Darkmoon Fair” on “World of Warcraft”.

I was all over the screen with right clicking a mouse that had no business sending me in the directions it was. It’s lucky it didn’t end up in a hundred “meeses pieces” -I was that frustrated.

Luckily, I figured out that doing the least amount of movement was the very best thing to do.

My heart’s been beating for half of a century and I’m an elegant sort of clumsy.
I can’t be the only one.
So, here we go.

Truth is the Truth in “I, Daniel Blake”

Regarding this film “I, Daniel Blake”

(the following taken from Wikipedia)…
Former Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith referred to the film as unfair, aiming particular criticism at its portrayal of Jobcentrestaff, saying: “This idea that everybody is out to crunch you, I think it has really hurt Jobcentre staff who don’t see themselves as that.

In response, Producer Rebecca O’Brien responded by stating that Duncan Smith “is living in cloud cuckoo land.”

Good for her.

People like Duncan can whine and deny all things to do with “being seen unfairly” all they want. It doesn’t matter.
When it comes to the reality of the universal and often common senselessness of our hard handed systems…the Truth is the Truth.

The   same system  of mechanical apathy exists in this country as well as the country represented in the movie.

The film serves as a monumental testimony to the far reaching poison of needless intimidation and frustration, as far as I’m concerned.

Too many of us are  struggling to maintain whatever scraps of dignity we’ve been allowed to think we have “rights” to .

Too many to accept the loads of(often humiliating) disregard piled on top of it all, that’s for sure.

In this increasingly intimidating global environment, we the “little people” are constantly reminded of how we’re “not acting right”.

With our being strong-armed into “fixing”  ourselves according to standards and demands from the eternally running mouths of ‘authority’…

it’s nothing less than fair that we BEGIN to remind “them” of the same…

Because the truth IS the truth, just like when Enough is Enough.

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Imperfect Perfect Men

These are the men that we will be (are being) brainwashed, bullied and even belly rubbed into doubting we can ever be.

The types like Marlon Brando and Cary Grant.

From being boys lost in the shadows to emerge as men able to walk confidently into
an often blinding light.
Desired, cherished and respected despite their earliest and enduring anxieties, disappointments and doubts.

These stories are powerful testimony to the freedom available to the man who has the courage to live his life imperfectly-

to avoid suffering as a good man enslaved by other worthless men and their engineered “pursuits of perfection”.

Or to be reminded that a man should be  allowed to be a man as he sees fit for himself..not as others see fit for him.


photo By Olesia Bilkei

No Can Do, Little Buddy…

No can do little buddy…

As we stand there wringing our hands, mouths open and helpless over this event..
Being told to stuff ourselves in Yahoo/Oath issue

Though one could easily see the dark shadow of things to come in this event from years ago..
When the EA tentacle of the all powerful hydra told us to get stuffed

..if you think we’ll ever have any hope of getting treated fairly or in a non cowardly way.
..if you think we still have any hope of “things being done right by us” from some half assed
head nodders with their half assed measures.
Where at least there’s “proof” our “servants” “were gonna do something”

..if you ever scratched your head over tapping that “I agree” button to terms of service we all have been FORCED into picking . Wondering if we’re truly believed to be that stupid as to not notice how much of a NON choice that lab rat action truly is.

..if you ever grit your teeth, pretty damned hard, over one private company after another censoring what we say, shutting us down and shutting us up, as if precious blood wasn’t sacrificed in the name of protecting our Constitutional “rights”. (Not that our being herded off to wars has ever been about something that ideal)

..if you’re looking for a solution of some sort to navigate through this ” Lording over The People via Big Business” nonsense..

“No can do, little buddy..you are screwed”

is about the only thing I can even imagine anyone with the slightest amount of real power saying to us.

Well, that is, if they had any guts at all.

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Ten Times out of Ten

I found a good advice article. I’m going to have my son read it when he’s near dating age.

As a woman, it’s a relief not to see another worthless  log of dating advice  bobbing in the bowl of our internet.
Times are going to be tough for our “little” guys in the near future. The more real men there are who can lay down the real truths for them, the better.
5 Things Men do to make Themselves Less Attractive-by Dr. NerdLove


Ten out of ten times (when I was a dateable young thing) if I ran across a man who wasn’t exactly that appealing to the eyes, it wasn’t a big deal. As females we have much more forgiving tastes than our brothers. The “complete package” comes in a variety of walks, occupations and smiling eyes. Males fall in love with what we have to show. Females fall in love with what they have to say.

Ten out of ten times if he wasn’t good looking at all, I could easily delight in his conversation and confidence. Words spoken about his beliefs, his life or any number of clues lending to the “treasure of our potential.”

However. And this is a BIG “however”…

If it turns out that the words turn out to be a bunch of malarkey, his views on life and what he’s “all about” turning out to be complete falsehoods….
ten out of ten times whatever warm feelings and joyful noises,  originally associated with those words, die a lousy death. The bare bones of  unattractive features once ignored are now magnified.

It’s like getting into your car for an enjoyable trip. Your new love interest, while enthusiastically talking about sites to visit, tells you he’s going to fill the tank with some gas. Be back in a jiffy.
You’re excited. You wait. And you’re going to wait a long time because it’s not gas he pumped into the tank, it’s water.

The fact you had to wait is bad enough, but now you’re not going anywhere..ever.
You don’t need me to illustrate how very differently one may end up seeing
things before and after slamming the door to exit this now useless car.

If the deceit goes deep enough, chances are that your eyes will be spilling the beans on him being even uglier than you imagined -sometimes  explaining “why oh why” your girlfriends teased you as much as they did for dating him.

We need to teach our new generations of future husbands and lovers
so  nightmarish cycles aren’t repeated. Like that  whole “catching” women with memorized  lines thinking it’s what “we want to hear” because they heard it in umpteen movies or umpty messages scattered throughout media over how they “aren’t good enough”; when the only man not good enough (for much of anything really) is the type of dishonest slug who lies about everything.

We need to be humble enough to lead by example and spare them lives of isolation by a misguided notion of no one “being smart enough to know better”. Which only serves to make the rejections worse and more frequent because people do notice.

We need to let our sons know they don’t need to turn themselves inside out and upside down to be loved-that there are many worthwhile women who’d count their blessings to find them just as they are, unaffected by a world knee-deep in worthless men.

Fair being fair, if your son has a sister, you’re going to want to help her out as well. Let her know she’s going to” Politically Correct” herself into a long and lonely life if she feeds into that whole “I’m a just like a dude too” garbage that’s being washed into the girls’ heads.

Ten out of ten times, a man isn’t going to crave comfort and cuddles with someone who cusses all the time like a back alley crackhead or who reminds him 8 days a week that she doesn’t need him.

What a blessing it will be if future generations secure the confidence to expect affection simply by being themselves.

Unlike us, their parents, having wasted precious time playing jive assed games pretending to be things we weren’t…only to end up lonely and miserable because of it.

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Matthew 7:3 & Some Naughty Jeans

Here we go again, our wild hairs afire in the Crybaby Brigade..

over some jeans


There are more frequent and excessive depictions of vomiting in our films.

With the sexual groaning/moaning flowing from our tv sets it’s a wonder any of us can keep the volume up at all in our homes; not knowing when the sounds of another shameless celebrity, sharing what he or she learned about humping and grinding, cuts through the air for all the kiddies to hear.

We have family members loaning the gruesome details of their loved ones rapes and murders for what passes for entertainment to millions of viewers-with untold numbers of perverts on top of it all.

What about “sophisticated” politicians (up to and including our “honorable” presidents) airing grievances and name calling like petty schoolyard brats in public forums?

Not one day goes by on this earth where graphic depictions of splattered human head shots aren’t being encouraged, bragged about and cheered for on countless video game consoles.

But this pair of jeans is what grabs our attentions and warrants this much negative energy as to be a top trending topic?

THIS is what moves us to spend the currency of our “mature” opinions so enthusiastically, is it?

It’s not as if the majority of us even have the body to rock these obviously meant-for-the-
bedroom-or-dance-club creations.

What a shame it is, the way we whine and snigger over a lousy pair of x rated
jeans …like  horrified or giggly children, instead of mature adults able to ignore, walk on and expend precious energy upon  more important issues…THAT’s what should be trending.
Not the hypocritical hee hawing from women who ” would if they could”
and men who would drop to their knees in stunned gratefulness if Wifey came sashaying into the bedroom with them on.

For those who think I’m out of bounds and “don’t get it”, a little blast from the past out of the “good book” may serve as a kinder reminder…
Matthew 7:3

Finally, cheers to Fashion Nova, may you make a wagonload of money.

For as any “grown adult” should realize, despite the hopped up huff n puffery of disapproval, the ironic result will most definitely be an increased exposure resulting in more sales than would have been if everyone would have simply kept their indignant traps politely shut.




Laughing With the Homeless Guy

Close up portrait image of a homeless mature man, holding a cigarette and shouting.

in case the text can’t be easily read within the pic…

Laughing with the Homeless Guy

“Oh the angels get real dusted down here.”
the dirty face mumbled, teeth gnawing a hole into
the bag.
Self sealing features were obviously a special sort of hassle
Dirty Face didn’t wish to bother with. Not today anyway.
“Down here they get bruised, hunted, wasted, aced, iced..”
Dirty Face stopped on account of a really, really
long coughing fit.
“..mocked.” he managed to spit out, plucking a tiny
and wet feather from the tip of his tongue.
“Mocked.” I repeated.
“Exactly!” he laughed, appreciating my witty
and crooked compliment.
And I laughed, grateful that he still had enough
magic in him to make me
want to say it in the first place.

by Ramsy

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