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It’s not right.
But it’s quite easy..
For someone to hate you for being rude.
For someone to despise you for your lack of manners.
And for others to get together and decide how to get rid of you.
It’s not right.
But it’s very easy..
For someone to hate your misbehaving children.
For someone to hate them for crushing other children for kicks.
And for others to get together to “do something” about those children of yours.

When you choose to crumple up a bag and toss it into the street and walk away.
When you cut someone off in your car and salute the “sucker” with a rude gesture.
When you chew and snap your gum with the same open mouth that can be heard blocks away when you fight with your mate. Every night.
Or when you proudly express the foul words that substandard educations tend to provide..and substandard intellects tend to cling to.
When you rudely snatch things out of soft and gracious hands.
And when you giggle with your girls at a drunken old soldier who went to war as a young man…for the sake of your punk and polluted future.

It is not right.
But it’s much too easy for you to end up
enslaved in the darkest of places by the darkest of wardens
when you repay the gift of “freedom” by committing the crime
of complete and utter lousiness.

When you decide it’s your right to act like an animal and others decide it’s their duty to act like the zookeepers.

When you decide to act like a prostitute and others decide it’s their duty to pimp you out.

And so it always goes
To the exact same spot where it always ends.
You demanding a choice in matters pretending that others don’t exist on this planet with you.
And those who decide they were left with no choice, pretending they’re the only ones who do matter.
Invisible to you both
Ruined by you both
suffer in the middle
Without either of you righting your wrongs
and neither of you making anything easy.

words by Ramsy

photo by StockPhotosArt

Reminders for the Day

A few friendly reminders for the road today..

In case you fall prey to the verbal abuses and lies of withered old tyrants

who have the audacity to insult us for wanting to protect ourselves.

So you don’t have to hang your head when they snidely remind you of the degrees you don’t have or how “ignorant” you are.

From 1975, when the high and mighty lords and ladies of the United Nations delusional and esteemed courts decided to take matters into their own hands..I mean talons.


From the 1969 manual to jumpstart our nightmares



The death threat we’re all supposed to ignore..(yet we’re obligated to beat a man to death in the public square for being ASSUMED to flirt or make “questionable” eye contact-per the purposeful humiliations addressed against our men in the “Factor II-Father”. Also from ’69.)


NOTE: There are very wise authors who suggest that calling attention to what is being done only serves to add to the sick kicks this new generation of “masters n minions” get over our “calling for help” that won’t come. I couldn’t agree more.

(I happen to be one of the millions of second generation “Monster Farm” creations and who would know better about the sad and sick habits of “mummy and daddy” than us?)

To me, it’s like a blazing building being engulfed in a fire that can’t be extinguished..

If there’s the slightest chance that ONE unaware soul, parent, child or whomever can benefit from information  concerning his/her life, it’s simply a quick and final “look-see” through the standing structure.

That’s all. They know they won-it doesn’t mean we need to abandon one another.

Nor does it mean we need to demean ourselves further, in the light of their sarcasms and foolishness, by bowing to their “superiority” by defending them or continuing the blind trust.


This Thing for Numbers


Artistic Halloween atmosphere on midnight time scary theme with blood moon and hot hell  background.

This Thing for Numbers” (like “2020”)
As you stand watch through the night
To keep your eyes clear and your hands steady
Both essential in the readying for certain changes
That come with merciful revelations of certain sights
Just like babies unable to hide the primitive evidence of their joy and
Dribbling enthusiasms of being near Mama’s heartbeat
They too have this thing for numbers.
These lost children of darkness and high foolish pretenders

With children gathered into the protection of your arms
And tender kisses placed upon the eyes of your
Lovers for the best of luck Or
With a satisfied grin over the best hand you ever played
In the best game of cards ever spent playing
With the best friends you’ve ever had the good fortune to love

From digits used to measure spices they’re unable to
taste with the inverted buds of their tongues
To characters encouraged to marry into families of stone
For the keeping and tracking of Time which doesn’t exist
This funny little thing for funny little strings of numbers
From formulas to songs From recipes to equations
From ancient symbols plucked and pried
raped and reaped on fields of glorified violations
To modern counterfeits extruded from the
Clicking and whirring guts of iron wombs
Whether mixed into concoctions to fuel the engines of their madness
Or whether hissed and whispered steadily on and over again until more of us die

Remember First and Finally
Throughout the deepening and under the darkening All
What will no longer sink back into the pitch.
This thing that They have
For numbers.

Chinese calculator with colorful beads on fire orange smoke dark background . Concept photo of business, child ,education , teaching ,learning,

written by Ramsy

top photo by ekapolsira

bottom photo by zef art

What We Should Have Told “me-too”.

gavel and broken anvil

It should have been easier for us to respond to and combat the “Me Too Movement” harassments.
Those who are openly disgracing and discriminating against our men and sentencing our young boys to lifetime punishments meant for rapists and pedophiles.
With the exaggerated lies they wash into our confused daughters heads, with mass sponsorship and limitless financing they are by far one of the United Nations’ most effective and foulest weapons in this bio-socio-psycho death march they have had us on for over seventy years officially-centuries if the entire mask was laid aside.

If it weren’t for the purposeful lowering of an already taxed I.Q. over the decades, I can at least realistically imagine and take slight comfort in the fact knowing that we could have, once upon a time, at least spared ourselves the deeper humiliation of being bested by the class of sub standards we are now being finished off by.
In the name of an older time and in honor of our forebears who would have expressed similar or harsher sentiments-at the least.
A response to any and all “me-too-movement” incendiary devices. Or deceptions. Same diff’.

Until the very day you whoop, holler and beat the doors down of the perverted and sheltered child molesters employed by the Church that you walk hand in hand with, down the path of our crushed spines…

Until the day you look at the cameras with the same twisted and ugly expressions of outrage that you dare point in the direction of our abused men and boys..
..to call out the name of Papal society to administer steep and immediate sex offender list punishments to each and every one of the thousands of clergy that are shuffled around this world to even more “insignificant” victims than ourselves, sometimes victims who are told that it is illegal to report any Catholic priest for ANYTHING…

You need to keep your mouth and nose shut and out of our business.

As if doing and saying nothing about genital mutilations or standing by as women continue getting ground into pulps from public stoning around the world isn’t hypocritical enough-when held up against your outwardly hostile protests and forced legislations against a human being’s natural sex drive, (without the nerve to acknowledge that this is birthed from a population control mandate), you and your associates are the very least and last folks that should have any kind of say in ANYthing to do with OUR bodies and what we CHOOSE to do with them. Never mind the living of our own lives  that your holy divine godships..(or whatever dark aged and delusional positions you hold)… being forced into your control.
(Unless, of course you can produce bills of sales for our bodies-acting like slaveowners “come ‘round breeding season” that you are.)
From amongst the few biological-neurological choices we were left with, that is.

Because the possibility of your bullying as a smokescreen to a much worse and more insulting crime is sickeningly still there.



From the book (Population Bomb-1969) that helped push through the United Nations population reduction program..and companion spawner of suggestions worked into countless panels and groups concerning everything to do with severely limiting the female reproductive system-from women’s health, her work, mating habits and so on..

Sea Monkey tank instructions. You know.
In other words, we would have been justified in telling this horde to shut its hole..once upon a time.

It’s something I mourn us not being able to say now, because our men and children deserved better than this betrayal. For us jumping on these bandwagons and leaving them out to hang- by allowing these monsters the regard they now fully abuse and proudly flaunt, legitimizing a “female inequality” campaign of lies which is strictly for completely different and destructive purposes.

It wouldn’t stop them, but my lord, at least we’d address this never-ending grinding of salt into the wound of our defeat, thus alleviating the weight of it on top of all other damages we’re forced to endure; like loss of our sovereignty.
That’s big enough without suffering the constant smack spoken and inhumane insults conditioned, tolerated and spewed against male human Beings.

original photo By TimurD

Shoestring Mercies for Young Holiday Tables

Blond woman and her little daughter hugging indoors

As a young single mom (no family) I was often stressed over what I could manage to provide if a co-worker or friend would stop by on one of those spur of the moment holiday visits.

With about twenty five bucks left over after the paycheck, bills and gifts, I sorely wanted to at least present a less than poor atmosphere in circumstances not necessarily always in my control.
MOST certainly other than the embarrassment of a six pack of Milwaukee Ice, a bag of cheese puffs and the saddest looking bowl of mustard, salsa and “what-in-heavens-name-IS-that?” dip that a well-intended Mama could ever nervously place upon the coffee table.

Fortunately, with an open imagination, faith and the internet..

(where 100 percent of the good stuff and the “can-do” stuff comes from US the alleged “little folks” who populate it. Remember that.)

..there are plenty of “shoestring” miracles waiting.
Some that will allow heads to remain held high, with company pleasantly surprised.

Two articles..out of many more to find-

55 Budget-Friendly Dessert Recipes


Three videos..from normal folks like Us, out of many more to find.

It WILL eventually turn around..this I do promise.

By then, after enough study of tips, tricks and shortcuts throughout this life..you will have that dazzling layout, easily and often.

photo By Dasha Petrenko

Easy Caramel Apple Doin’s

Autumn candy apples with chocolate and caramel, side view on a rustic wood platter

It’s been umpty years since I extended efforts beyond sawing through a plastic container to conjure up a decent caramel apple-which aren’t truly that decent.

But this recipe…well, now we’re talking.

Easy Caramel Apples

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