We the People Need to Grow the Hell Up


First, we can start by determining to not pass along  fairy tales about the start of this country.

We can introduce our children to the truth of earliest corporations setting up colonies like modern day franchises; the acts of stealing land and natives brutalized justified  in the name of profit. Not for “freedom” under any god’s “grace”.
A current read which I recommend for enlightening insight regarding “Big Business” and the founding of this country.

The book: We the Corporations

Personally, it’s helped quell that gnawing discomfort (anger) I feel as I watch Constitutional rights diminish under their increasing and unchallenged ‘rule’.

We, as women, need to face the cold truth that the greatest woman’s right “over her body” having been “won” is the right to kill her own children before they’re born.

It’s nothing to be proud of.. especially when we admit it was set into motion primarily to get rid of the “undesirables” in this country. It should affect us even more as we open our eyes and note the locations and for whom this “right” is easily accessed and encouraged.

What a shame it should feel to us when we’ve raised hell over the notion of individual men wanting to “dominate” our lives, yet remain strangely silent as  multiple federal agencies are  set into place to oversee every aspect of the lives I thought we expected to direct as we chose. As adult women.

We, as men, need to stop throwing tantrums over not being “chosen” or “respected” because “we did as women wanted” by turning into meek submissives.

Not when, even in nature, amongst the “lower life forms”  patterns of the strong and actionable male are repeated countless times to the result of mating and survival privileges. Especially not when we’ve proven time and again that we’re capable of “acting right” and EXPECTED to when we’re enlisted or forced into military service.

We, as minorities, need to cease dredging up past “sins” of the “white man”. When countless white abolitionists started, invested heavily in and were murdered for the pursuit of justice for other human beings. Never mind how unsane it sounds when we praise on high the civil rights actions of decades ago- even as our children are being groomed to angrily protest and cry over “rights yet to be given”..as if none of the institutionalized racism was legislated away. As if nothing was accomplished by the events we celebrate and claim to be so proud about.

We, as whites need to do away with this pathetic habit of nervous apologizing for imagined and hypothetical “crimes” . Especially when thousands more family histories tell the tales of their forefathers’ blistered hands and broken backs as white indentured servants. When there are more descendants of disillusioned white skinned immigrants  who were treated like undesired low lives than there are who can claim to be heirs to any formerly prosperous plantations.

There aren’t enough hours in this day to fully illustrate  each thing we have failed at and continue charging through blindly. Things that simple common sense and a willingness to mature would reduce drastically.

Even if we understand a good portion of our problems will never be resolved.

However, I will close by addressing a fast looming and largely ignored threat. Something that should behoove us to lay the jump rope handles down so that we may grow the hell up..quickly.

It is by whom and how the children (the ones we struggle to give birth to) will be raised.
It is about each and every family who has been confused and manipulated into reporting on the state of our babies, running in droves to “experts who have our best interests at heart”; further betraying our tender dears by allowing admitted “experiments” with medicines on their developing brains. A most disgraceful fact when we are a nation that wrinkles so much nose and lifts so much brow merely over the units of fat we shove into our mouths.
Being instructed to Diagnose
Home Visits

Very much like the “concern for our national security” has resulted in humiliating and rights abolishing legislation, we can not be caught off guard again by this overwhelming “concern” for our mental health as we find multiple people injected into our private lives telling us what to do. Whether we think we’re functioning ” very well thank you” or not.
As we should know by now, when Mama and Papa lay down new group specific laws, what starts as talk of ” helpful” considerations always turns into” punishable by law” mandates. As if we are weak and helpless children; worse still as our masters continue to stress how “mentally ill” and “incompetent” we are fast becoming.

We don’t need any more protests, yelling our guts out into the streets, holding our signs up like children displaying our angry art. Not when we, as adults, decide to admit it’s usually for nothing but more aggravation for an already raw and confused society.
Neither do we need to plan on grand or “heroic” revolutions. Not when we, as adults, admit how easily we and our children can be and are killed courtesy of the shameless and legal powers our masters hold in order to do so.


Citizen killed without Trial
Citizen killed holding her Baby
Citizens killed ..children included

It is and should only be children excused for their fantasies of fighting dragons with rubber swords.
It is and should only be children excused for embarassing lapses of accountability. Or to be the ones to nervously giggle and look over to their pals for approval to act or permission for what they should think and say.
Not grown adults.

It’s long passed time we stopped “acting cute” – somehow finding value in the attentions of being seen as “helpless” and neglecting the very last thing that can afford to be neglected-our individual lives under the roofs with the families we supposedly care so deeply for.

And we damned well know it.

photo By andriano_cz

Speaking of Plagiarism..

.. I’m inspired to share the original speech from Archibald Carey’s 1952 GOP speech from which Martin Luther King plagiarized for his more famous “I have a dream” speech.

I’m not going to say “borrowed from” or “was inspired heavily by”.

In my search for a decent quality recording I ran into one site after another using plenty of these soft touch distortions. The one I chose to post was the most ‘innocent’- as can be seen by the “amazingly similar” comment.
The man (Martin) stole  sections from/for the speech just as was his practice throughout his life.

This includes his doctoral dissertation- Boston University.

One can make all of the excuses in the world for one incident that can be spun in any number of ways. It’s difficult to ignore that this was repeated on several occasions, unchallenged and at different times.

I’m inspired by my concern for my youngest child and his peers. I’m concerned that their standards for what truly good and exceptional men and women should be will be even more diluted and polluted than my own generation’s anorexic ones.

I want my son to expect certain things for himself. They certainly don’t include creeping mediocrity or confused thinking through the systematic worship of hypocritical heroes.
I want him to know he can be a better man than any of the characters of any of the fables we’ve insisted upon.

If the best we can do is idol worship a preacher who sleeps with other men’s wives, obviously cheating on his own wife, and blatantly steals entire sections of  work by others to claim for his own glory..I’m sorry, that’s helping to teach my child that no higher standards can exist. It’s teaching him that the road to success as a righteous man is a dirty and washed out mess.
It’s teaching him that deceit and low down behaviors are “okay if you’re on the right team”.

One thing that will never change, no matter how we whitewash and switch up our expectations, is how hated and despised the average liar and thief is regarded amongst the general population. Most of them do not end up as honored celebrities.
My child deserves a better life than that. They all do.

photo By barbulat

It’s Kinda Funny, but..


There is a moderately ‘funny’ side to the anti-vaccination conspiracy ramblings.
First, a neccessary explanation.
The theory features talk of ” unknown elite authorities” using a multitude of tools to control society at large. Thanks to certain documents such as the famed “Protocol of the Elders of Zion”,

the idea that the mandatory vaccination is one of these tools has helped fuel the concern and/or hysteria.


This clip was taken from text at the end of the 10th Protocol.
At first glance, it’s quite a compelling section especially when one understands it was written many decades ago.
HOWEVER..I am obligated to make mention of the  “Protocol..” being directly tied to and ruled as a work of plagiarism  taken from an intriguing fiction titled ” A Dialogue in Hell”. The following link explains this.

I included, if one has the interest and time, a listing of the plagiarized content.

We are obligated, no matter which side  we shout from, to honestly and carefully scrutinize all resources that we use. Without doing so, we’re destined to remain a nation of stubborn children who will NEVER make strides in getting to the truths we BOTH need to survive. 

NOW… for the ‘funny’ .
It has to do with the high profile leaders we either vilify or worship for creating  rules and encouraging (forcing) us to abide by them.

One would have to assume  alleged originators of any such scheme would have preferred for the future HMIC ( head minions in charge) to be protected from being affected themselves on such a grand scale.

Then again, enter Hilary and Donald.

By the witnessed behaviors of both, there exist questions about whether they are mentally ill.
From Hilary’s extreme lies, fabrications, whatever you wish to call them-untruths…
outrunning sniper fire..
and the origin of her name
to sporting “black accent” in public..

It’s not hard to imagine why some believe that she’s giving a keen impression of a mentally troubled woman.

As for Mr. Trump, any decent biographical documentary
will offer up typical ASD related markers used to describe young Donald. He’s been in the public eye for decades , his quirks and habits have been familiar to us for a long time. Once subtle or overlooked as “eccentric” symptoms tend to become more pronounced and much more easily identified the older a man gets.
From astonishingly crude and unapologetic comments to complete disregard for others feelings.
It wasn’t unusual for a popular show like the “Golden Girls” to hint at how unsavory of a human being he was considered even in 1993.

From season 7 ep.17 an audio clip.



Despite being a boastful man not shy about reminding us on various occasions how “much of an alpha he was” or how wealthy , his surprisingly careless appearance hints strongly at a critical lack of awareness . Proper grooming is one of the first details that distinguished public people take care of automatically. As his comments and ill manners reflect, there is very little to no concern for even that.

The following is an article about experts concerned with Trump’s behaviors.

(Personally, I find the fact that one wrote to Obama about “worries” as quite chuckle worthy-considering the media spent eight years making “narcissist” the household word it became due to HIS occasional snide and unseemly habits of conduct.)

Assuming both  were born in public hospitals and were subject to mandatory vaccinations like the rest of us mere mortals, this is where the “funny” part comes into play.
IF there had been some secret scheme launched a long time ago to allow  tampering via vaccination, one thing jumped to my mind on what we could be witnessing.
Two examples of the biggest and most ironic backfires in “taking over the world” history ..ever.
As far as “worldwide domination schemes” go and those lording over those of us who’ve been defined as “mentally ill” , if it isn’t funny then it’s certainly a sick joke –

That these are the type  we’re forced to trust in knowing what’s “best for us”.

That they are amongst the best we  have to offer for our children to look up to.

That instead of having an upper hand over the “lower intellects” to rule more effortlessly, they could have possibly  ended up being just as prone to a lack of common senses and unfit like the rest of us anyway.

Thus, from an alleged conspiracy to maintain rule at all costs there comes, instead,  a stark revelation/development of them being too mentally incompetent  to rule after all.


“Funny” as that scenario may be, Heaven have mercy on us all for pretending our emperors have any clothes on at all..IF that is the case.

Sacrificing Smart for Stupid on TV

I thought I had run across the most stubbornly clownish piece of PC (Politically Correct) production when “The Affair” exchanged a white, blue eyed and red haired baby infant for a brown eyed girl with Hispanic features as being the same character daughter.

“Absentia” beat even that as you’ll see in the clip below.

NOTE: SPOILER ALERT on this page- if one hasn’t seen the first episode of the first season of “Absentia”

One can’t avoid bumping into these clumsy attempts at socio engineering our expectations and preferences.

Whether they distract from the enjoyment by mauling continuity or not.

Whether they make sense against real world statistics  or not.
From the majority of couples being depicted in mixed partnerships, a majority of single women kicking no name lovers out of  beds to geriatric skateboarders, jump ropers and rock wall climbers.
It’s everywhere. This unrelenting message of “look at what should be” coming across as clunky and as much as it does, dragging  its bully carcass over the top of “what truly is”.

At other times…it’s just simply hilarious.

Not witty hilarious.

Where you’re drinking a cup of coffee, watching a so-so dramatic thriller and a scene  comes charging onto the screen and the guffaw that escapes your mouth sputters aforementioned coffee as a fine mist into the air.

That kind of hilarious.
In a  show like “Absentia”…with one of those “women are men” instances we’re getting so used to.


By the time ole “Girl Power” laid down her fourth pound in this all mighty jackhammering of justice is where I decided this new “drama” wasn’t really gonna cut it after all.
Once again, a sad reminder of the sacrifice of quality to make room for the political brainwashing.

Note: Airing the sound recordings of people being killed is still what I consider the most disgusting thing we as a nation of family members have allowed to be used as entertainment for millions of unknown strangers..don’t get me wrong.
I deemed this clip as  most clownish.

The Big Little White Lies

Little white lies.
They don’t do as much harm as the “really big” lies. That’s what we say.
That belief in itself is a lie most of us subscribe to.
They can be worse than bigger lies because they are spread in greater quantity and told with more frequency. Little lies can make a person’s view of you even more negative than your original fear. The original fear  being what motivates telling of the lie in the first place.

A popular example=A person (man or woman) posts a twenty year old photo of him or her self on a dating site.
Bla bla bla..the relationship starts online and let’s say the truth comes out. We won’t weave a story of particular reactions. We will express how much worse one ends up looking courtesy of the “harmless, little white lie”.

The original fear is that a potential partner would dismiss him or her after seeing a true photo.
The reason being because the look of fat and old human beings are not highly attractive to even other fat and old human beings. Cest la vie.
The liar usually fools herself by thinking that after someone gets to “know her personality” then “all will be okay”. This pep talk into a lie is usually punctuated by the indignant declaration of the guy being too shallow anyway if he does end up vanishing.
Uh huh.

Well, shallow as some folks may be, that’s not most of us. There are other things higher on our checklists that determine our choices.
Let’s consider the following things someone may be forced to think after discovering the truth of our falsifying photo presenter.

They may end up thinking-
That one isn’t mentally healthy. One may think the lie is a result of a learning disability that has rendered the person’s brain unable to discern passages of time, even their own age. Or a mental illness which includes hallucinations where the person may actually believe he is the age of the photo. Either way, both are indicators of potential future difficulties most would rather avoid than invite into their already complicated lives.

That one lied because he/she is one of those online dating swindlers for cheap sex and/or money. Thanks to a media that never tires of reminding us how much danger we’re all in, folks are aware of the general checklist of those types. Those types are known to lie about every and any thing. Even if one only told one lousy little lie, unfortunately because of the damage those criminals do, he or she risks being branded as someone to steer far clear of.

That one’s confidence is so low he can’t bring himself to lay down the truth. We all know by now what low self esteem has to say about soul sucking attention seekers and train wrecks of sex lives. Not an appealing prospect to most folk. At all.

That one had no intention of meeting in real life or forging a relationship at all. Why bother with an accurate photo for one when there are dozens waiting to be charmed down the road?
Which brings me to a final possibility.

When there is a meeting arranged and the truth of the photo has still remained a secret.
My goodness. What an ugly mess this has turned out to be for some people over the years, hm?
There are dreams dashed-especially if one turned out to be way under par of what was considered remotely good looking.

Then there’s anger-over time wasted or worse, if the person had developed genuine feelings that included the joy of physical attraction.

(Yes, folks we are human adult beings entitled to our own tastes in who we wish to love. We’re not slaves expected to breed like livestock with no choices. Not yet anyway. Or again).

Let’s not forget the anger of those deeply insulted by another human being thinking them so blind or stupid to what’s going on that they might as well have glass eyes.
What negative opinions are not going to be thought of someone who tells a “white lie” such as that when it covers so much more ground than simply being seen as “ugly”?

Let’s see.. we could simply have the worst scenario rejection of
being too unattractive.

We could have the potentials of being thought of as
developmentally disabled
a criminal
a sex fiend or pervert
a coward
or an insulting narcissist chock full of vitamin Stupid.

Personally, I’d rather deal with what Nature felt she had to do to me out of boredom, rather than ruin my own reputation to the point of being seen as a different creature altogether than what I am.

We need to start putting ourselves into serious check over these slick “little” lies we tell.
ESPECIALLY in an atmosphere where everyone is leaving feedback for others to read and “know” about each other.
Pound..prevention, folks.

photo By pathdoc


For olfactory delights and comforts, there are unique blends to bewitch you in a typical bath and body lotions store.

For the eyes, we have many animated wallpapers, vivid screensavers and so on.

Now, the ears.

The part of the ears that have a secure feed straight into memories and mood at the same time.

Background sounds. Ambience. This is what this excellent site offers.


“Asmrion”=my favorite section (premium)

You can turn on the sounds of a light afternoon rain shower and layer it with a cat purring. You can crank up the din of a book shop crowd, change to a Parisian café and end up crunching through wet leaves on a sidewalk somewhere..anywhere.

While we’re fond of referring to music as the soundtrack of our days, I feel these subtle ambient joys hit a few sweet spots that songs, moving as they can be, can’t reach.

A favorite recipe of mine involves one part of a man magically whispering and another part of leaves blowing. Leaves that I imagine are being encouraged by a final addition- sounds of an ocean breeze. Thank goodness all sounds are adjustable. I can turn the ocean breeze down as much as I need to. I don’t need the “sensible” part of my brain nagging me and droning on about how dried leaves and oceans don’t usually keep each other company.

Pick and play your sounds right and you may get the pleasure of finessing a fond and long buried memory back up to the surface-with more texture and emotion than standard recall.

I hope you visit soon.
And if you run across an update down the road that features the sound of frying bacon with gospel records (Mahalia Jackson ) playing and a box fan humming, let me know. There’s a few happy Sunday morning memories from my childhood that I wouldn’t mind curling up next to.

photo By violeau

Unacceptable Risk

Sensible women and solid thinking men believe vaccinations are a neccessary thing to avoid harm to the “public at large”.
There are also sensible women and solid thinking men concerned that our vaccinations have caused and continue to cause damage to the brains of millions of human beings.


My concern is that while they could, and SHOULD, be helping one another without the volleyed insults and media parrots pouring fuel on the fires … much precious time is being lost.

There’s a “checkmate” sort of statement that ends many anti-vax debates. It involves a person saying that he or she would “take the risk” rather than subject our children to “even more serious and REAL” dangers like Rubella, Measles and Mumps by not vaccinating.
If vaccinations were to be found out and proven to have caused the brain damage of millions of people over the course of decades..many of us need to understand how woeful that “risk” statement truly is..

It’s saying we’d rather risk our children losing the abilities to hold jobs , create families or seek happiness on their own terms.

It’s saying we would rather risk our children losing the very last defenses they have at their natural disposal-logical reasoning and common sense- against the trials and predators of this world.

We’d rather risk higher incidences of physical abuse done to them and higher incidences of abuses they do to others- which involve high degrees of apathy and impaired mental functioning.

It is suggesting that diseases such as Measles, Mumps, and Rubella…
Cases and Deaths, and MMR Vaccination Rates
..are more devastating than the  consequences of mental illness and crime could be.

After the polite disclaimer of “not all mentally people commit violence”, of course,

this link has a report on studies highlighting percentages and the role severe mental illness plays as far as crime/violence is concerned.

To my ears, when I hear someone admit risks may be possible with vaccinations but still insist the risks are worth it..is like someone saying burning down a house is well worth the trouble if it will accomplish getting rid of termites in the walls.
Even though people may be trapped in that house..even though people will lose precious and irreplaceable things…even though some may end up homeless, their remaining assets and means to rebuild gone with the ashes.
What sort of world do we live in where we can be comfortable risking so very much based on “facts” that even experts debate amongst themselves over, in the face of an epidemic of mood disorders and mental illness whose origins are explained by mainly silence?

The notion of destroying an entire house to prevent the potential infestation of other homes by termites is taking it to an exaggerated hypothetical degree, I know.

Suggesting that the benefit of one outweighs the risk of allowing consequences from the other or snidely rebuking vaccination concerns by declaring these uncomfortable diseases as more harmful than

murders, rapes, theft, assaults, insults, dysfunctional family communication, broken marriages, lack of cohesion in shared work spaces, depression, paranoia, loss of independent living and/or thought..and endlessly onward..
is as unreasonable as it can get for us in our so-called ‘reasoning’..
and another example of this horrid creeping  degradation of our common senses that no one, still, has an answer for.

photo By Frog 974

Enough of the “Anti-Vaxxing” Hate Already

We should ask ourselves a small favor, if we could…

That favor being that more of us stop being so nasty, snide and horrible when confronting people who hold different viewpoints from our own.

The topic I refer to is the anti-vaccination/autism debate.

Specifically, too many of us are tearing people apart for their concerns/beliefs on it-referred to as “anti-vaxxers”. You know, the scores of decent  people called “crazy”, “stupid” or some other instantly messaged insult.
A favor especially necessary considering how many  of us  engage in this type of verbal lynching because everyone else is doing it..like a bunch of  bullying children; looking just as stone cold stupid as they claim “anti-vaxxers’ to be.

I’m going to present a few facts with highlighted sections (red rectangular outlines) with links to the original web sites where available.

I will try to limit my words and I thank you for your patience .

I’d like to acknowledge the exceptional article which piqued my interest enough for me to give writing this a shot. It’s definitely worth reading first -if only to help the highlights make best sense.

One  is a CDC .gov page
giving the official  “Vaccines are safe” explanation on why there’s “nothing to be concerned about” with Thimerosal .




Next are highlighted excerpts from “Alkyl Mercury-Induced Toxicity: Multiple Mechanisms of Action” from 2017

Division of Toxicology and Human Health Sciences Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease


At the start of the Preface you’ll notice that there seems to be contradictory information compared to what the CDC currently (2018) has on its site( see above) re: ethylmercury not being harmful.

Well, except for a” little redness and swelling” after an injection.

Obviously, there’s a different story altogether concerning methylmercury and ethylmercury in the 45 page report.

( Excerpts from the report were copied from a PDF accessed offline- no web site link is available . )

The following is  from the Journal of Preventive Medicine on the toxic effects of Methylmercury



US National Library of Medicine

A little kindness, that’s all.

An open mind and maybe even a possible understanding as to why so many people are gravely concerned over the possibilities. .what’s wrong with that?

There’s enough of us acting as if we have no sense as it is. No heart. No class.

Surely, concerns can be voiced without slandering the intellectual reputations of reasonable people.

Especially when it involves questions over the discomfort  we endure or the chilling question of whether we have a say in what happens to  our own minds or not.

Despite the Mighty Media yawp over what both sides are fighting about..they refuse to “waste” time educating or updating us with news that TRULY matters in this psycho-socio-biological  epidemic.

We’re on our own with this one if we want to get any more information.

What a blessing if we could cease being the brats we are and help educate one another before even more humanity..civility…and sanity is allowed to bleed out.

But first..we have to listen. With respect.

feature photo By Krzysztof

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