Don’t You DARE Climb into this “Screenome” Trickbag


Question mark and exclamation point

If I had a friend or child who was going to participate in this “Screenome” project, I would snatch them hard by their wrist, place a handcuff to that wrist and lock them up to the fridge door until they came to their ever loving senses.

Yes, it sounds nifty.

Considering the average American’s mentality, it is right up our alley as far as vanity project wastes- of- time go.

But to know it involves Stanford?..Dear lord..

One of those untouchable institutions that’s been allowed to perform heaven knows how many inhumane human experiments on our lives, with the unchallenged or punished privilege of keeping it all a secret from us- at least one not to be opened until from this stinking foul tale of thousands of hurt and misled human beings
Three Identical Strangers (2018) – IMDb –
And with them being arrogantly proud to spawn and nurture hateful intellects like Ehrlich-(the one who helped bring about our forced sterilization/gender changes and proud pusher for the reduction of cancer research and other diseases that kill older folk, amongst other nasty realities..)



To hear a friend of mine even consider going to Stanford for this project to hand over videos and photos of her personal life would be akin to hearing that she is joyfully considering hiring a rapist on parole to babysit her infant daughter.

People can do as they wish with their lives, that’s not the important point.

However, since too many people are unaware of what’s going on these days, I don’t think people would mind being  more informed on what sort of characters are sticking their greasy automaton fingers into their lives and what lack of ethics may be at play re what these videos are being and will be used for.

Just think how easy it was to “get us gotten” with the DNA collection farce.
Like goldfish in a baseball cap.

They’ve gotten enough of our lives by force, without permission, to our detriment and to their intensely bloated and snide satisfaction for well over a century. It’s about time we grew up and stopped licking the shoes of the “cool kid” before he lands another kick to our already broken snoots.

Because no one is left to help us, if one wishes to risk it on such a level as to seek and actually expect help “when things actually go wrong”-when it’s too late.

Things don’t work like that anymore. Better yet, efforts aren’t being made to keep up appearances like that anymore, since we’ve been downgraded from barely sub-human to actual dirt in their eyes and actions.
We’ve been made fools of long enough and with a long enough trail of damages and deaths besides.


Like our masters ironically hound us about every time we turn around..

“an abuser is an abuser, is an abuser…things never get better, they only get worse. So leave him and stop reaching out to him.”

photo By Oakozhan


“Tonk Challenge” Tips w/ “It Takes Two”


I would have a wee bit of a problem maneuvering the inside of a donut…

..even if I had the weird luck to live life as the donut hole itself.

Such is one of the quirky and awe inspiring problems I have when playing video games.

(Or giving directions. Taking directions. Walking. You know.)

Not to worry-I smile more than I sigh.

For if there’s anything that this ole lady gamer is truly inspired by, it’s a challenge or two. More than that, I truly dig any and all opportunity I may have to be of assistance in not-so-usual day to day adventures.

So, set to a personal classic dance club favorite ” It Takes Two” (which dawned in the year of my eldest child’s birth) I present a video project with a few tips for improving time in World of Warcraft’s: Darkmoon Faire’s Tonk Challenge-

Where one can get mighty frustrated trying to race at top speeds, hit bullseye targets and avoid getting blown into the same time.


Sisters. Read. NOW. Crucial Part 2

Black Woman Crying

…and because we are being openly degraded and mocked by the most evil crew of “supporters” to have ever held our hands in “solidarity”, there’s another horrifying and continuing crime that went down with barely a whisper of announcement , even during the year since the following article came out.

When it should have been shouted from every single rooftop.

The “unexplained” kidnappings, vanishings and murders of our daughters.

Epidemic of Missing Black Girls Continues to Stump Authorities, Frustrate Parents

Unexplained means you stop answering and entertaining those “mysterious men” who croon preferences for “black girls”; the ones who stay hidden until they meet you and kill you.

Unexplained means you need to grow your grandmother’s backbone (yesterday) and snatch Mary by her fourteen year old collar before she slips out into the night..ESPECIALLY in that hooker outfit The System now “forbids” us from using the term “slut” on.


Unexplained means you turn a very angry and stern voice towards The System.

To command it to keep its foul mouth shut..until it has the decency to PRETEND that 75 thousand of our missing and murdered girls are worth them getting up off their lazy and evil asses to actually help us protect them.


photo By Laurin Rinder

Sisters. Read. NOW.

The poison is a green liquid in a glass vial. A deadly potion with a skull and bones on the label. Copy space for text. 3D rendering

Something Sisters need to read and share NOW.

There’s no time to bemoan the lack of education we suffer from; rendering nearly every average American incapable of deciphering the millions of their words within the pages of their hundreds of illegitimate book length individual laws.

And we most certainly don’t have time to continue wagging fingers and spitting hate at the white brothers and sisters who are being “secretly” assaulted and viciously devastated on equal and varied levels.

We’re both being pitted against one another; distracted by the enemies who remain unchecked for their attacks.

And it’s not going to slow down or miraculously vanish any time soon.

What we do have time for is to take two lousy minutes to read about the poisons CONFIRMED to be killing and destroying our sisters.
These dangers have been quietly announced within various publications,

and known ( boasted) by our enemies for years


….without a single recall action or suggestion in sight.

In a country known for issuing recalls for everything from incorrect measurements of the spaces between slats on baby cribs to SUSPECTED troubles of other products announced with alarms rung all day and night in the media…with less than a hundred deaths attributed to many of these recalls.

There won’t be a mass recall of the “jezebel” culture which has degraded our daughters since slave days; a major contributor to the sales of the immense amounts of toxic cosmetics that our children are unfortunately saturating themselves in while encouraged (by broadly smiling yet hate filled horde of corporate masters and media) to act and remain in the most degraded conditions imaginable.


There is no reason on this earth for us to continue contributing to these animalistic assaults and poisonings within this sick modern genocide.

Sober truth be told, it’s all we should need to start pushing for recalls..on our own.

If not a complete and thorough dumping of these “trojan horse” evils straight into the trash.

photo By adragan


What These Cowards Do

These are the things that cowards do.
Cowards which have been killing me and my kind
And the cowards who do and are the same for you.

First of all..
They continually and repeatedly tell lies.
Such as saying that they love you in public, while secretly mocking the returns of your affection and speaking of you like dogs behind your back.

They hide behind (if still alive) or hide within (if long gone stiff) the bodies of those who need the most help and suffer the most pain.
So that they may immunize themselves within the cocoons
of pity and gracious assistance
that we often provide for the displaced, the poor and the maimed.
Although they announce what selfish and evil pigs we are by supposed nature.
Even as they go beyond Hell’s highest hills to ensure our children eventually accept even that lie as a reality to wear as lifelong and shameful brand. Thus, making the once cruel lie of our “callous and crude behaviors” a horrifyingly truer “reality” in less generations than one would have thought ten thousand years capable of allowing.

There are many other things that cowards do.
Too many things to write down at this moment.
It’s enough knowing that barely any of us can travel through a day without sidestepping or stepping into the stinking piles of examples, left grunted and excreted out by them, all over the place.. each and every day.

I’ll finish by casting just one more example. It’s an example which one can easily find..
That is, if one decides that his life, her loves and liberties are worth more than the foolish pride of the broken heart one will surely be unable to avoid.

Because the very fibers of our existence are intertwined within the advertisements, music and movies, schools, colleges and hospitals that they now have complete and tight control over; for the entirety of our lives, from the womb to the tomb.

It’s a telltale habit born from the slow and deeply absorbed poisons of their arrogance. Built up over as long of a time as it took for us to be enchanted by them, misled and then led to slaughter by them on relentless campaigns of human exterminations.
A habit which can only be spawned from a father who was spawned from ten generations of fathers who in turn were spawned from the hundreds of generations who were closer to the planting of the acorns of the many and mighty trees from where the shadows of our beloved bodies now hang limp.

It’s their practice of creating one vow for two different and unaware wives; or the telling of two different tales for the understanding of one story.

No one rarely ever the wiser, if at all; like a sad and abused woman who’s so desperately in love that she refuses to see the truth of what is actually a cheating husband and the eventual beater of her children.

I present this simple example; it’s the story of one hand weaving unsightly knots while the other is painting conflicting colors into a ruined embroidery project. Yet the bearer of those hands ending up as hypnotizing the masses on what a “fine tapestry” it is..when he knows it’s the ugliest rag ever spread out under the light of day.

In the topmost excerpt, you can plainly see the encouragement, the hope and happiness which they suggest that our growing numbers mean to them. From a World Health Organization’s conference from 1998

Yet clearly, (from the following 1995 United Nation’s conference and representative guidebook to population reduction book “Population Bomb”) one can confirm that our growing numbers were nothing and are nothing but a “scourge”…a “plague”…and a dire problem which needs “fixing” by all and every means necessary.





By the same authors.
By the same institutions.
Within the same years-save the 1968 book.

While simmering underneath it all is the exact same vitriolic hate that they spend incredible amounts of money pretending to “eradicate” and “address”.

Spoken to both sides of the fence- those who were encouraged to trust the promises of their “positive helpfulness” and those those determined on eradicating the very subjects who exist under the exaggerated umbrella of this “positive helpfulness”.

A double dealing that’s so bizarre (for its “not THAT hidden” nature) that it’s no wonder the belief of us having been chemically “dumbed down” is so prevalent.
Because only the most critically intellectually retarded statesman, politicians and professionals could possibly have been expected to not see these contradictions in attitude, from ONE source, while believing they were truly doing their jobs at protecting us from our enemies; those who know “what’s really going on”..obviously not considered.

And so it came to be that one single course of programs and “laws” of astounding influence and megalithic proportions…resulting in an ocean of deaths and disfigurements that continue to this day…..came to be set loose upon an entire world.

By the type of cowards whose dirty little footprints and blatant contradictions exist on many more modern documents than their dirty little fingers can hide or destroy.
And whose actions, habits and crimes have been documented and predicted throughout the centuries-in material that over half of their own minions and “hi profile” pawns are barely able to understand. ..because they too exist as victims. Although their vanity and pride won’t allow such notions, I’m certain.
Such is the arrogance of them because this is what they do.
Cowards which have been killing me and my kind.
And the cowards who do and are the same to you.

Beating a Big Oaf with an Owl, Book and a Rat

I decided to do a little video project about the three most important things when forced to “dance” in battle.

They’re represented by the three pets that I chose to fight  big oaf “Captain Klutz” in a Deadmines pet battle run from World of Warcraft.
An owl, a flying book and a blind rat.





Wisdom (the owl)-is the good sense to learn when to speak or stay quiet. It’s learning how to keep your cool , even as people and systems try to work your very last nerve into one enormous knot. Being wise and cool headed- a necessity in all matters, not just battle.

Knowledge-represented by the flying book, of course. From studying offline publications, reading historic literature to seriously listening to (and often taking) advice from older people. The point is to store as much data as possible and from as many different sources as possible, so you can access unknown and necessary truths for survival and comfort.

Finally, the one I consider quite important; it never hurting to either have a rat on your team or you, yourself,

embracing the inner rat you know is twitching whiskers somewhere deep within you.

The planning of and ushering in of the sorts of ugliness at work these days wasn’t accomplished by “good, polite and nice” folk.

I dare say we’ve seen the damages that the mass of “do-gooding” folk have caused recently; with “well intentioned” efforts resulting in extensive abuses towards one another, instead of towards the ones they are conned into believing are “proper” and “righteous”. Sometimes, only a good and healthy rat can know other rats well enough to offer best insight and protection.

It takes a lot to defeat or survive the “Big Oafs” of this world..on and off screen.
It makes me very proud to know that our young gamers will have what it takes to do that very thing.

(And I’m also proud to admit that I still enjoy this song-
since I was a thirteen year old Ramsy..who had pretty much the same mediocre video gaming skills as the old one does now.

But she’s still having fun, that is for sure.)

Step Away From My “Millennial”

Silhouettes of people in a long dark corridor. The ghosts of a woman and child. Dark creepy hallway with ghosts.

Although your children may have been turned against you and/or your traditions.
With each precious memory twisted into a humiliation of misquoted sentiment..

if not simply forgotten amongst your personal failings which they have been
trained to shout from the highest rooftops..

And even if you’ve endured the immense pain of watching that flicker of recognition, the one that once brightened your mornings and reminded you that “Hey!” you had a reason to stay after all.. vanish into a dark and brooding scrutiny..

Please, as far as we may ask you with a gentle and steady permission,

Don’t forget the animals who shame them with these brazen
announcements of “inadequacies” and grossly exaggerated generalities.
Which are not at all what a loving and kind protector would allow ANYONE to EVER say about their beloved children.

Remember they are NOTHING but insults from a withered and poisonous horde who would, themselves fall apart and inside out altogether if we were rude enough to turn these abuses back upon them..

If more of us were to trumpet their gross lack of civility and the average amount of times they wake up in their own piss drenched sheets.

Because, let’s face it, a massive amount of them are quite notorious for being the same sort of drop down drunks that they have whined about and accused their own parents of being. If not animals of a pathetically worse sort.

Their parents actually had a reason for numbing their pains- from surviving widespread poverty
(which these animals’ masters brought about), watching their friends get blown to bits in wars
(that these animals’ masters continue to wage) and holding the fragile structure of this country together by all the strength they possessed and with their heads held high, with dignity intact.
Just so they could fluff the pillows and hold down the forte for what has turned out to be the most undeserving and ugly spirited generation of “tyrants” modern society has had to endure.

What have these poisonous shrews and toads (the ones who own these publications and turn the screws each day) do to earn their alcoholism and addictions?

Unless one wishes to count their ridiculous protests from the chaotic days of their own greasy haired and manipulated youth.
When they railed against a system that they now own and represent in the worst and most low-class ways possible, gritting their teeth and gripping the wheels with the white knuckled tell-tale sign of absolute and jealous lunacy.

Or when they seethed and schemed to snatch treasures that they were too lazy and too wicked to manufacture on their own without bullying entire generations and ruining countless nations.
Treasures which they have been, and are presently in the process of , proving that they never deserved in the first place.

So, until these animals shut those poisonous, horrifically abusive and muck filled holes of theirs to cease insulting our children…especially when they wag that dried up ten pound finger at us to lecture us on “civility” of speaking to our own brothers and neighbors..
Remember, no matter what, that it’s your job to stand up for your child and her/his generation.
Not to cower and nod the limp necked “okey doke” to the ones who have gone above and beyond all reason and decency to knock our children down and keep them down.

For it seems they’ve gotten it into their heads that our children are destined to wipe their bespeckled and aging humps in their old age. As slaves. Cheery, medicated and easily puppeteered servants; who are being groomed to have EVERYTHING done for them from enjoying books, driving cars to making their own shopping lists to (for chrissakes) leaving it up to bots to calculate their “best chances for love”.

And they’ve gotten hold of a broken and vile belief that our children should be happy to serve them as slaves for the remainder of their delusional and disgusting days as if they were gods and divine beings…instead of the goats and derelicts they’re proving themselves to be.

It is nothing but your job, as a parent, to stand up and  shatter that delusion.

If you love your matter where or how they are.

As for the young warriors who have been trained to keep the darkness flowing while holding the baton they’ve been passed..(the very baton that many are not aware will be used to beat them into non existence once they’ve spent the entirety of a precious youth defending those who secretly hate them)..all I have is one word to spare on that subject.


If you can’t forgive today, then try again tomorrow. The next day, next month or next year..whatever it takes.

Forgive them so that the door remains open for their safe return, when these filthy and destructive animals are finally cleared from the woods.

photo By Victoria

An Extreme and Wicked Lack of Concern

Magic book


Truth be told, the existence and frequency of crimes being committed aren’t as mind boggling as I tend to express.
The true riddle lies in what type of reward executors of the worst infractions could possibly be dedicating their lives, our lives, towards getting.
With obvious and typical financial benefits aside (and threats of murder for noncompliance) there isn’t much room left to imagine other motivations.

What surprises me, I suppose, is that hundreds in power appear to not care what consequences will befall their own families, as a result of being connected to those who participated directly in the destruction and deceptions.

Especially when the hooves of their high and mighty stallions of “justice” are heard thundering across the broad quilt of our faces, each and every day.

In a world chock full of indignant “do-gooders” and exploited child spokespeople who are trained and rewarded to parrot those who hate us with every fiber of their being.

In the future (if there’s one left to be reached) the progeny of today’s criminals will more than likely suffer much of the same humiliations that current descendants of infamous figures have to endure.

I don’t see this habit changing much in the next few generations.
As a matter of fact, with average IQs dropping as they are, we’re on a return trip towards average mindsets ruled by dark aged suspicions and fears; still throwing salt over our shoulders and ogling others for traces of  “bad joo joo” from the carriers of such deep-rooted corruption.
What an unfair and heavy burden for any human being to carry. When they’ve struggled to build reputations amongst their clans and colleagues..only to be dashed on the grounds of historical evidence and assumptions of genetic tyrannical “cooties”.

Revenge. Disgust. Repulsion. Avoidance.
These are the “gifts” those who knowingly destroy vital evidences leave their children. Lifetimes of opportunities dashed for the sake of single lifetime of kicks and privilege great grandpas Bush or Obama couldn’t shake and jollies which great-grand hyenas Clinton and Pelosi refused to drop from their sharp and dentured jaws.

From mortified sons and daughters, related to formerly esteemed editors of magazine dynasties to the innocent grandchild of a doctor forced to answer for tens of thousands of mothers bullied into the forced sterility and insanity. Be it by trial or the final and depressed contemplation of suicide.
They will all suffer from this lack of foresight that all, who could have helped us, seem to be struck with.

The following is what I have determined are truths which will eventually drop into the light-with the aid of collectively restored mental functioning.
I mention restoration because the ability to “think right” must be restored; or else we’ll never understand nor see the obvious things which we sadly struggle to see now. The things which are killing and sickening  us.

And will continue to kill and sicken us.

The following is a sampling of damages and the “odd and unexplained events” sure to be studied -along with other ongoing “trivial “ and serious offenses that I neither have the time nor the heart to address.

Lack of assistance re critical news for deaf citizens

Deaf News: New ‘fake interpreter’ storm over Hurricane Irma emergency newsflash

An international corporation being forced to offer decent and necessary assisted services for the deaf. Although it’s an older article, there are still ongoing issues.

Mercury, admitted by even the World Heath Organization
as being extremely dangerous, being injected into millions of human beings and infants.

Their echoed assurance of Ethyl mercury being “quite different” from mercury; exposed as a lie thanks to scientific testimonials, including a 2017 report which specifically confirmed the two act in identical ways as far as damages are concerned, with differences being in the time of shelf life and residual tracing.

(Needless to say, this has been the worst and most publicized abuse)

Microsoft Edge 7_15_2019 6_54_20 AM


The increased crippling and damage caused to newborn babies by induced labor

Cerebral Palsy from Pitocin and Cytotec (Labor-Inducing Drugs)

under the World Health Organization internationally pushed policies;sequence=1

The refusal of assistance for the stopping of genital mutilation


although we are obligated to numerous “women’s rights” laws , with the United Nations making worn out decades of promises to end such violence…which even their own soldiers are immune from being prosecuted under.

FRONTLINE Uncovers New Cases of Sex Abuse by United Nations Peacekeepers

View at

(just in case you have to input the following article’s link-from top of the search bar area- manually)

Microsoft Edge 1_27_2020 3_57_07 PM

The following are a few laws and instructions that can, at wretched least, be easily tied to the aforementioned insults and abuses.
(Something that may have been worth investigating if we would have had enough human beings in positions of influence, strong enough and fearless enough to have put millions of children’s lives in front of their own narrow interests.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Which leads us to one parallel factor that is commonly shared by the majority of this worlds’ leaders.
And which should evaporate any arguments which begin with idiotic “Bi-partisan” huffing and puffing.
..Ronald Reagan, as both governor and president, frequently referred to the tradition, whether as a moral principle or a reason for specific policies on issues such as abortion. John Kasich, then the governor of Ohio, wanted to set up a new agency to promote Judeo-Christian values. Mitt Romney saw it as “central to America’s rise in global leadership.” President Barack Obama invoked it to eulogize Shimon Peres. Then-candidate Donald Trump vowed he would be “stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values.” And Stephen K. Bannon repeatedly invokes it in his plans to promote European and American nationalism….

(taken from complete Washington Post article which can be read here
One can plainly see the spirit of agreement and cooperation includes all parties and differing POVs.

Agreements which include actual legislation that our politicians have been free to make decisions upon , in blatant and unchecked monarchial fashion, for many years. The most shameless molestation of our Constitution-marrying religious matters into the very heart of state affairs.

Finally, we have a last, but not least , “hint” of things not being as we’ve been forced to believe.
A “clue” as to things not being as we depended on them being in order to operate within this “loving and respecting one another” snow globe.
Choosing to look on the brighter side of matters, it’s a “hint” which can help us better maneuver what precious little is left of our lives, in order to avoid future and oncoming assaults.

Holy Spit: Why Do Ultra-Orthodox Jews Spit at Christians?

Never mind this bug eyed and open mouthed  “spit” into our face, regarding the witholding of “assistance” from “unworthy” human beings. 

When an entire fabricated piece of fiction of zombies in the land was vomited out from the guts of CDC instead of real and useful information (that used to be displayed so we could better save our lives) in the event of a true emergency.

It is these obvious damages and evils resulting from these types of connections which will plague the reputations and pain the consciences of the descendants- of the hundreds of leaders, academics, media monopolists, celebrities, clergy and all others…who have decided “to hell” with even the very children they promised to “love and provide” for.

Never mind us -the “dirty and revolting human beings that infect the earth” they rule over and claim embarrassing “superiority” over.

It’s simply a shame to see how many human beings, of supposed impeccable status and reputations, have ended up safeguarding the condition of their legacy with no better regard than pet waste scraped from the bottom of their well-heeled and “Louboutin”ed feet.

The “celebrated” multitude who bare their ugly teeth and have the naked nerve to dare accuse scores of us of “anti-Semitism” ; when in our own families we carry the DNA of mothers who had to watch their babies skulls get crushed in land stealing massacres, fathers who had limbs chopped off in attempts for freedom and those millions of families who carry the wounds of countless extermination programs…where their “betters” used them like any coward who has the audacity to use human shields.

If we were to be a bit more honest and a LOT less vain, we would see that the spiritual obligation to deceive us means we’ve NEVER been protected nor “loved” in the first these all too mortal “men”.

Note;(As he predicted and as tyrants insist we remain terrorized by, as if we’re forever doomed to stay in the 200 B.C.s instead of 2020 A.D., he was murdered in the period before the Bolshevik uprising)
The author is slandered (in a Wikipedia article) as being so ignorant as to have compiled a controversial translation of the Judaic documents, risking his very life, with the poorest understanding of the ancient language.
As one can see, on occasion, he did include original text-meaning the door is closed on any such careless “fact”
It is important work which resulted in one of the bravest moves a human citizen could have even imagined risking in the 15th century..especially while working under the severe eyes of the most dangerous merger of institutions that this world has ever been forced to suffer and exist under.)

photo By Sergey Nivens


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