Fantasy Flash Mob

Concert crowd with young girl having fun at indoor comcert with lights and smoke.

I just had a chuckle over an imaginary story scene.

I imagined thousands of people holding each others’ hands high in the air,
singing in unison to Loverboy’s 80s hit “Turn Me Loose”.

The chuckle bit?

It has to do with my imagining it happening in front of a United Nations protest over ongoing control and legislating over human sex lives-and all other things  directly or vaguely associated. Re their inherited and newly formed strategies and laws of  “population management” and the crafting of a better behaved human being, to their exclusive and “oh so wise” specifications.

It’s a flash mobby sort of fantasy where the folks finally get to plead against progressively worsening, maniacal and multiple schemes running and ruining their lives .

When the pain and irreversible damages are clearly seen as far outweighing the benefits of a “better- world- operated -by- better -men- via -beneficent- enslavement” lunacy.

With the crowd getting louder at certain verses-like this one
“..making love to whomever I please…”

Well, it beats shedding tears over it..again.

photo By cornfield

Black Factory Tempo

Vintage metronome, on a dark background.

“Me ,never thee”
“Me, never thee”
The clinking and clanking upon rickety
rails carrying cargo of those born sans a heart,
where the soulless arrive and the forlorn depart.

“Me, never thee”
“Me, never thee”
From the hollowed-out chests there beats nothing..
You see.
Though there stirs a vibration-a hypnotic thrum
as they tap the stressed flesh of our skin on the drum.

“Me, never thee”
“Me, never thee”
Crashing and booms of dark machinery.
From mechanical hands of automaton trolls
to hooked tips of their noses where beads of sweat roll..
to dangle like tears freshly squeezed from dry eyes.
Yet the fact they keep grinning…
shouldn’t come as surprise.

“Me, never thee”
“Me, never thee”
Sounds the bell
in the hell of this black factory.

by Ramsy

photo by kkolosov


Dear Media, Not That You Care..Just So You Know.

Pig in the mud on a farm in Finland

For the pigs on this Animal Farm, Media.
There is no fouler thing than using these deaths..over the recent screams of broken hearted mothers and the fresh tears that fathers are drowning in at this very minute..
as incendiary socio-political propaganda..
..and to spread this constant slander against MEN ; many who fight and have fought for this country( when “masculinity” is considered a “patriotic duty”) who end up being sent back home used and broken ..back to having their very nature systematically spit on..



Kicked. Blatantly mocked and shamed.

By you.
Your sort of nerve, Media, is as raw as the yellow is putrid running thru your rotten and collective spine.
Not that you care..Just so you know.

photo By sokko_natalia

Regeneration of a Demon Tree

IMG_7394 (2)

It reminds me of the influence of The System on four generations of young children-this forced hybrid fence and tree monstrosity.

The metal representing all of the ugliness and obscene harshness filtered throughout their psyches. The tree representing the children.. or rather , what remains of childhood.

The wire seems to weave in and out of the woody flesh but it’s the tree that ended up doing the hard work of growing around it and despite it.


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With unforgiving punctures and what look like surreal organic bandages, the effects of the fence appear all over in ghastly and glamorous exaggerations.


If the mind’s eye is utilized “just so” one can even spot an ironic side view of what appears to be a demon, forever imprinted and worked into the surface.

I was repulsed and hypnotized by it at the same time.
My heart also ached in the strangest way when I looked at the leaves.


As if their home wasn’t a mauled and mutilated chunk; stuck forever with a cruel and cold partner it never wanted..
As if they still sprung from the once long and healthy limbs that used to grow towards the sky..
From arms no longer there.. since workers yanked and sawed the poor things away from the equally violent intentions of the fence.

The beauty of those gorgeous and perfectly formed leaves.
No matter how ugly and violent and cruel of a life their mother had to endure..
No matter how the scenery changed around them..

My heart ached over the damages done to our children, to us, over several decades by a system. This fence with barbed wire running along the top- illustrating all too perfectly the undiscussed and unchallenged condition of our existence.

It also ached with a strange sort of joyful assurance.. about a future that most of us may never live long enough to see.

It’s a feeling of joy which came from this reminder of the magical resilience of Nature.

It’s about seeds carried into the future and a beautiful regeneration which won’t require inadequate human hands nor be left permanently damaged by the insane human minds of a System..which had no business being set up where it was set up in the first place.

photos © Ramsy 2019

I Was a Woman. I Guess.

nude body girl. Naked woman back

A court case caught my attention recently.
Broke my heart is what it did.
It reminded me of a routine humiliation I went through as a little girl.
It’s something I never found anyone to relate to because it was such a unique molestation.

And then, decades later, I read this blatant horror.

Though it took my breath away, I’m fully aware that the trolls dragging our society into this Black hole as they are, are doing so with shrugs all around and with nothing but a sense of indifferent glee-over being so thoroughly hidden and thoroughly effective.
Like all good cowards tend to do and be.

I was moved to write a bit of fiction about an “everywoman” character stuck in this nightmare.
It’s the only thing I’m able to do, unfortunately..being in the same ragged and wretched boat as everyone else in this nothings and nobodies at the mercy of even the highest courts in this land.

At the very least, stories such as these can (or should) bring about a more sobering reality of how much trouble our daughters truly are in…if we continue turning to a smiling and “caring” System for answers.

When it couldn’t care less if we lived or died a thousand deaths each and every day.

(No, there was no Mr. So-n-So for me.
It was more like Mr and Mrs. So-n-so before they headed off to bed..if it matters.
Which it doesn’t. Not anymore.)

I Was A Woman. I Guess.

She said..

“I am a woman.

And I did a bad thing.
I stole some money and other things that landed me in prison.
I don’t believe all that much in making excuses, but you seem like you may understand.
About the single mom. Poor, desperate and such.
I guess.

I was raised with a lot of good, a little of the bad. Nothing special.
I chased after butterflies as a little girl.
When I got a little older, I tried chasing a few dreams.
Maybe the same as you.

I guess.

I am a woman. And a bad thing happened to me last week.
I’m still in prison, as I will be for a few more years. As I know and accepted.
I don’t get into any extra trouble but found myself being punished anyway.
Like one of those bad times I had as a little girl
with “Mr. So n So”
When he had me take off my clothes and lay down on the bed
so.. he could get “a good look at me.”

He said I had to keep it a secret or else my parents would be pissed, you know?
He’d touch himself and I’d keep my eyes closed.
Burning with shame.
Wishing I could shrink. Needing desperately to disappear. Although I never once did.
I suppose that’s not quite what you’ve experienced.
I guess.

I’m a woman.
And it took a minute or two getting that pain behind me.
Well.. until last week.
When I was told to strip.
Told to spread my privates wide open.
In front of men’s eyes.
Burning with shame.
Wishing I could shrink. But because
I am a woman
I choked down the tears. Hard.  
Because I fought too long and went through too much in this life
to end up letting these folks see me break down like a little girl…

I am a woman.
Or at least I thought so.
Not this voiceless and worthless and helpless Thing that
I was taught
I was promised
I was assured
and reassured that I would never be
As the woman I only thought I was.

I guess.”


written by Ramsy

photo By eugenepartyzan



“Antistar” Video Project

Vinyl sunset red / 3D render of vinyl record as setting sun on horizon

A video loop by © elroce ( combined

with “Massive Attack”‘s  song “Antistar”.



For a potential  illusion, stare at the eye of the action for at least 30 to 60 seconds, then shift focus on the red and black “record sun” picture by © grandeduc (



Not 1 of the 5


The quantum zen queen / 3D illustration of female android hardwired to computer core

We are living online now.
And we’re in our infancy stages.
With bad grandparents and really bad parents taking care of us.
Sleeping in concrete cribs and drinking sour formula.
With their grotesque cooing and grinning faces above.
Spooking us away from a decent night’s sleep.

We are loving online now.
And we have no business doing that.
When we do so badly on the earth that we walk on now.
Unable to protect or care for one another.
Despite blessings of having all five senses at our disposal.
What an exquisite delusion.
Believing ourselves capable in such ways.
In an atmosphere which allows success with the benefit of only one.
Which, by the way,
isn’t a single one of the five.

art By grandeduc

words By Ramsy


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