Pain and ABLE

Before parents decide to get their child diagnosed for certain conditions, I have a wish list of things I pray that they think of.
Before they take the child in or are informed by the school that he or she was “evaluated” and enter into that entire
Labeling your child as Mentally Unfit for the rest of life

I’m only writing down one off of that supposed wish list.

I want them to envision a time in the future where their adult child isn’t so happy with them.
Let’s say….right after running into yet another strip club, or movie theater. or restaurant that would not honor his debit card for service.
Because none of those services are allowed to be purchased through the debit card that is attached to the only bank account he is allowed.

Even though he’s a middle aged man.
Who can feed himself. Fix his car. And can work a job-even though the money..
HE as a MAN earns..will be in control of other men’s hands.
And damned be the horrors of this injustice if he served time in the military, getting shot at. Being good enough for that but not to manage his own
Personal Life.
Or his own money.

This thing called “ABLE”.

Read it for yourself


My lord, do I pray parents think really, really hard about that one.
Heaven help them if they do not or can not read between these lines and continue blindly trusting those who make laws upon our lives without our say.

A Little Sawdust

Explosion of sawdust on black background.
I know , I know..whoa.
the floor is a little slippery.
With all the greasepaint melting off
under these hot and unbearable lights
dripping onto the stage in puddles.
Alll of us trying to move like
we think others want to see us.
As if they need to see us at all.
Instead of sticking to the part assigned to us
from scripts perfectly aligned to us.
Slipping. Falling. Breaking face.
if you want to know how not to fall
throw a little sawdust down.
That’s all.
Like the old timers knew , the stuff’s better than glue.
Some scooped out of old movies
or tapped out from a book.
Throw it down, take a step,

then a look..

photo EdwardSamuel

poem Ramsy


What About This Incitememnt?


You remember this human being, Mark Basseley Youssef, right?
The human being who was sent to prison for a VIDEO.
The entire world of media was spouting opinions  re: the issue of free speech and POTENTIAL inciting of violence.
That Man, Mark Basseley Youssef of the many humans that this society doesn’t think worthy of “trending” or paying attention to.

What about this man? Hm? If it’s proven his story is a hoax?

‘Empire’ Actor Jussie Smollett Orchestrated Attack, Source Says

Can you imagine?
The angry fuming and finger pointing friends who barked at and fought with  friends over how it proves how “racism” still exists-as if it was still 1920 in the deep South, raining “strange fruit” all day and night long. Yelling his point at a friend with his or her head down in anger or shame.

The shame stemming from feeling stupid or for not seeing…something that hasn’t existed for a merciful while now.

The anger from frustration because  if one case of beasts DID do such a horrible (and weirdly overt considering the multitude of cameras known to be around) thing, it still does not prove that this massively rumored  institutional nor majority tolerated racism still exists.

Some may be, like myself, angry along the lines of
dear god in heaven, how many times do you have to be reminded that horrific and beastly crimes are happening to each and every shade of skin color that exists…every day?!
If it were confirmed as a hoax, the tables would be turned, the fuming would  now done by the victims who were jumped on and bullied by those who had used this single case “proving cause” for  uncivil actions and/or the continued spreading of twisted socio-political myths.
People  may have lost jobs because of fights over this. Marriages ripped apart, because of differences of opinion and unknown damage which possibly followed.


It is staggering thinking on the volume of damage that probably exploded
out amongst the citizens….as The Media sounded off on different sides but shared the same goal of beating the racial straw man to death..the one that doesn’t have the decency to actually die.
As if something massive, cruel and ugly keeps dumping its fetid heap in our front yard..and keeps walking away.

It also brings to mind something massive, cruel and ugly chortling in private. I think of its hunched shoulders shaking with laughter over how we keep losing our ever-loving heads and keep attacking each other…while ‘allowing’ other human beings to live in unjust misery.
Not because of confirmed evidence.
Not even with the confidence of the average person being capable of logical and level headed reasoning….
But simply on the power of mere words.
(How much fun it truly must be, humiliating as it is, to watch our owl eyed naivete in play-especially with how “cute” we must seem with our talking tough. On and on about how “proud” we are and how “strong” we are. ..childishly trusting, unaware, and in denial , that actions and reactions can be manipulated so effectively.) 

It brings me back to my original question- boomeranged towards the question of “fair and equal” justice of two different individuals engaging in similar activities resulting in different outcomes for each.

It’s about one human being suffering a cruel punishment. One that was angrily encouraged by Western “authorities” pounding fists into palms over the cessation of “incitements to violence”.

It’s about if The System (hoax confirmed) is going to bare the brass marbles, again, to openly express  favoritism by either cheerleading or censoring us into different teams..without most of us understanding nor caring.

art by Adrian Hillman

“Vaxies” Coming Soon

Dear everlovin’ gobs of bubble gum stuck in a ferret’s coat…man.
I’ve just spent two hours trying to feel my way through transferring a domain to a more familiar place….lost the original website page that it was connected to….and now I have to wait five to seven days until I can go back in to see if all is all right.

But I must admit that it’s been a very interesting journey since I started this around two months ago.
I rented myself a sweet little domain, all for my very own.
It’s called
( I also scooped up its siblings .net, .org, dot-et cetera and onward.)

Even from the gate, it had an odd little limp to it (like many potential shelter adoptees tend to have).
For example, here…


I’ve “only” been online since 1993, but if we did have computers in 1904 then I’m ashamed to say I must have been under the biggest rock in the deepest of comas to have missed THAT information.
Then, in my extensive hunt to make sure I didn’t step on any  copywritten toes,  I ran across these …


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I found loads more months ago…but they seem to have vanished into the air since.
Oh wellsie.

The good news seems to be that the answer to my question of infringement is

“naw, not really”

The other good news is that I triumphed over my “flusterization” and completed what I needed for now.

As I fluff the pillows, I shall await the green light to restart my literary project..and share an example of the fiction that will be presented in the home of my dear little “Vaxies”
Coming Soon..

seringue adn lumineuse



(Here’s the text if one can’t read it in the pic)

Definition of “vaxie” according to the unabridged Restored Heritage Dictionary
of the year 2145.

Vaxie (pronounced “vak-see”)

vaxies (plural noun) ·or vaxxies (plural noun)

-term which originated as a typically affectionate colloquialism for a vaccinated individual with either beneficial or detrimental long lasting biological effects-primarily caused by historically mandated vaccinations.

Usually used in reference to the involuntary victims of the International Cybernetic Plantation Holocaust ; earliest roots from the early to mid 20th Century to its conclusion in the late 21st .
(Also see “Epi-Gate”-International scandal concerning the exposure and prosecution of epidemiological high crimes which spanned, in total, four decades including the end of the 21st century and beginning of the 22nd.)


In the meantime…Hugs and Kisses


It’s About Our Children. That’s All.

In the article there is  information (including 2012 stats) on our staggering and rising infant mortality rates, compared to other countries.

And it addresses the fact that our country requires the highest amount of doses of vaccines (26 at the least by now) before a baby turns one year of age.

Even pre-mature babies..who are at elevated risk in the first place.

Something we should all be aware of in the midst of these hurried and “urgent” state encouragements for vaccinations and  harassments by our own neighbors and so-called friends… which have been pouring through BEFORE current measles outbreak.

It should at least help some understand that claiming a so-called ‘anti-vaxxer”s reluctance is  about “Big Pharma” profits.. is about  as foolish and insulting as it gets.

Nobody cares about corporate greed that we can’t do anything about.

To believe there are ANY  corporations out there without it is to either be dangerously naïve or visiting from another planet and unfamiliar with how the human animal operates.

We care about our children. It’s that damned simple.


False Signers

Silhouette Body hand language, I LOVE YOU, Hand signed at Sunset
That’s strange.
In a country where we blow our tires out over what chickens are tortured in what cages
and how we whine about all other trivialities…
I don’t recall if there was much said or done about three
humiliating demonstrations of THREE people bold enough to shame themselves and the entire deaf community by executing fake signing during three very critical news events.
the first one
second one
the one most of us heard about
Was anyone forced to  shame him or her self with a public apology?
Anyone lose their jobs? Maybe even their online social accounts?
Anything? Nothing?
Still no love for our deaf brothers and sisters like a hundred years ago, or what?
Or are we still infected by snide intellectual  eugenicists insistent upon as much control and sarcasm as their conditions allow?
Surely SOMETHING resulted from these cases of high mockery and sarcasm…with all the care and concern floating about, no?

photo By Naruchol

One Anti Vaxxer Response-Maybe

If I was sure that my post wouldn’t be “lost” or ” vanish” I have seen it do on specific topics..I would be more than happy to directly respond to a  nurse who  nabbed her proud and snappy fifteen minutes via a rude and snarky ramble to “anti-vaxxers” on Facebook.

(For now, I’ll simply do the ole “dear diary” thing, vent and take comfort in knowing I’m leaving another page for a future generation. One who is going to need as much proof as its poor heart can know that not all of us gave up. The more we leave “notes”, the more they will at least know our silences and non-action were out of our control. For as easy as we’ve stepped aside to allow strangers to place “mentally ill” labels on our babies , experiment on our children , investing more energies into protesting over animal rights…it truly seems as if we just don’t care enough. If at all).

For the love of our children…
Could you simply close your mouth for one self aggrandized minute
and understand what is exactly at stake here?
Can you manage for one simple and blessed minute  to put aside the sarcasms and the belief that you are amongst the ONLY human beings on this earth with “proof” on what is right and what is wrong?
Can you pretend for ONE minute that tens of thousands of heartbroken parents are NOT  “morons” as you’ve been brainwashed and groomed into saying?
You act as if the almighty medical community and all off its thousands of workers WOULD be in the know if something would have been instituted
and carried out from a much higher authoritative level.
You wouldn’t. You are not that important as to be included in at talks at places like CERN(though they claim to “have nothing to do with production) , or are you?
How the heck would nurses KNOW WHAT they were given to inject into children?
Have you tested vials and tubes for yourself? Are you so cocksure because you carry a lab with you and you’ve personally analyzed the effects?
Of course you haven’t…you give what you’re given and if you dropped your pride for one second, you’d admit there IS a common sense risk that evil CAN work its way around your oh-so-respected head.

To state otherwise, you prove yourself to be more egotistical than you already have.
You do as you say and bathe in the glow of important intellectuals inviting you into their world so that you too may claim a scrap of that indispensable “importance” for yourself; a “glorious” caregiver set aside from the unwashed masses.
For heaven’s sake… would not know.
Just as you do not know that there was SEVERE concern, in 1910, over the talk of disreputable doctors and scientists scheming on raising enough alarms to create a Health Dept monopoly..which obviously happened. And stayed with us.
Here it is. read it.

Just as you don’t acknowledge that intellectuals DO and HAVE willfully and purposefully hurt human beings in their experiments and meglamaniacial controls.
Once again…do a little reading.

Just like you do not know the Nazis credited..US…AMERICA…for the “fine and good” work we executed in controlling the population of our undesirables.
Hitler displayed his knowledge of American eugenics in much of his writing and conversation. In Mein Kampf, for example, he declared: “The demand that defective people be prevented from propagating equally defective offspring is a demand of clearest reason and, if systematically executed, represents the most humane act of mankind. It will spare millions of unfortunates undeserved sufferings, and consequently will lead to a rising improvement of health as a whole.”
Mein Kampf also displayed a familiarity with the recently passed US National Origins Act, which called for eugenic quotas. “There is today one state in which at least weak beginnings toward a better conception [of immigration] are noticeable. Of course, it is not our model German Republic, but [the US], in which an effort is made to consult reason at least partially. By refusing immigrants on principle to elements in poor health, by simply excluding certain races from naturalisation, it professes in slow beginnings a view that is peculiar to the People’s State.”
(this excerpt taken from an article at this link, which you can read and verify on your own time. Many of us are sick and tired of the harrassment from individuals who have no idea at all what types of people are actually in control; the type that would drop their jaws in pure disbelief and turn once cocky swaggers into drops to knees from PURE shame…over being so blind)


Never mind the fact that the World Health Organization is spawned by one entity that is NOT even our government..the United Nations,
which blatantly cuddles up to and accommodates tyrants and thugs that YOU’ve been taught to hate. In that fact alone, I ask you, why on this earth WOULD I be obliged to trust them?

You wonder so much how “smart” people could possibly be so “ignorant”?
Well, I pose the same question to you but in a more direct line to the horror many of us have had to face. Near exact echoes of Kissinger’s words known and used as lies to developing countries decades ago….


….NOW being seen and used in legislation and intention in a charter stating what will be done about our  disabled –


-our children that thousands of us are watching suffer and/or be “snifffed out” in our classrooms for signs of mental disabilities to be studied and put on experimental meds.

Since before we were even aware of high the numbers would become…despite not being given any answers on the “How”.

An added insult, on top of it all…being told we have no choice and obligated to do as we’re told by a non-elected entity
How in this world can YOU be so ignorant? As you and brazen bandwagoning others have the gall to challenge and insult us as you do, it’s a sober and fair question to demand right back to you.
How long and how many more children being turned into forced wards of The State do you need to loosen this lousy steel grip on “being right(eous)” and start helping us, instead of hurting us on mere words of people you think you can trust? Until it’s your child?
One thing I can agree on, it IS a “we” thing…but for Christ’s sake, not on the side of measles…something far, far worse.

Stop acting so naive as to think diseases can ” mysteriously” make returns after being declared “gone”…especially after recent years of non-stop “get your shots” and constant PSAs on “You gotta get vaccinated” every damned time we turn around.
SURELY, you must be smarter than that.
At the very least, able to stop bullying with your sarcasm.

Life has been made horrific enough without your abuses and contributions to the mass mob abuse. For what? So you can puff up your chest proclaiming something the majority agrees with you on anyway? For your worthless upvotes in this giant high school cafeteria?


Being an adult ASD I can let being callled an “fing moron” roll off my back, I’m that used to it from my youth. I don’t give a damn. I can and will take it. You are not the only one who had that smart-ass certainty in my “country caring for me” and human beings in general.

I guarantee you…my heart STILL aches horribly if there’s any doubt on how devastating this potential nightmare scenario is to me and many others.We don’t even have a court in this world to address our grievances if/when disclosure ever occurs.

THAT’s what is so urgent about our stance to stand up. All we have is each other.

There has to be a point, if you truly think yoursef so enlightened, that you can realize how very animalistic it is of you to challenge and berate the  parents out here who are screaming for you to at least back off (be happy the majority is in your favor) if you can’t have the decency to look past “all that you know” and read what is in front of you.




Tired man goes out of dark stone tunnel

on the least urgent days
where even Lot
would rather not
You know?

on the days where caring couldn’t
be cared any less than anyone can guess
the heartache stifles itself
as one disaster walks by after another
the ignorant child with its arrogant mother
the ones who reply with a spit to your face
as you struggle to show them the traps
in their space
when the hate and the hunger
the mocking and pain
are the only things left to expect and/or gain
when you turn to retreat back

through bone chilling rain
and return to your place full of hate once again
for the arrogant sniff and the ignorant snort
are the best ways that ” civilized men” now retort
one misfortune breeding another
the horror extinguishes itself
on the days where caring couldn’t hurt any more
than the many times it’s been done before

on the least urgent days
where even Lot
would rather not
You know?

photo by eugenesergeev

words by Ramsy

Public Comment (Welcomed?) Deadline April 15th

We claim that no one is upfront with us or that laws are passed without us being told.
In large and varied measure this can be true, but not always.
Many times, pending laws and changes are presented for the public to read and comment upon.
It’s a pity that we’re not given this type of news easily and in abundance -like the socially divisive garbage we’re bombarded with on a daily basis.
The trash is given quite freely. For news on laws concerning our lives? It’s time to grab a pair of boots and do a little bit of hiking for those.
Any way, this is one of them.

Microsoft Edge 2_5_2019 1_55_11 AM

Full text here

“In this proposed rulemaking, the Department of State proposes to exempt portions of the Email Archive Management Records, STATE-01, from certain provisions of the Privacy Act of 1974.”

For your ‘convenience’ and referral:
The Privacy Act of 1974.

The Public is invited to leave comments until April 15th 2019.

This is the place to comment

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