Game Foul

It’s not a matter over whether it’s “right” or “wrong” for one side to victimize the other.
This wouldn’t be any better of a place if all things Holy ruled the day, no more than complete  Evil doing the same. With both being unchecked and unchallenged by the other, utter chaos is just about the only definite common outcome.

As far as I’m concerned, a mountain the size of a state could be careening towards us and I seriously doubt any onlookers would shed many, if any, tears-we have become THAT sick.

What it IS a matter of, has to do with rules of a game not being honored.
A matter which concerns a standard of conduct which,
even in the realm of so called lower beasts, demands that there be a grace period for the newly born and very youngest.

Without it..there is no successful rise of and advancement of the mature beings needing to fulfill whatever purposes they were created for in the beginning.
It’s like  being  careless with nests of eggs in a barnyard , on a consistent basis, and still expecting a decently sized population of chickens to exist later.
It’s as stupid as stupid can be.

When our babies can’t even focus their eyesight.
When they aren’t even able to raise those wrinkled stublings of arms.
When their only expressions are coos from what makes them feel good or cries from what makes them feel bad.

We have come to a point of violating the most  common of common senses that exist within and throughout the entire Void.
One simply must not stand and allow , or participate in, the poisoning, destruction and circumvention of newly formed matter.

There will be time enough for any of us to evolve into a thieving and murdering monster or perfect a role involving less upsetting characteristics. Plenty of time.
We’ve been enslaving each other, killing each other and all sorts of nonsense for thousands of years in This Game.
We’ve been learning our lessons and satisfying our individual or collective appetites , right or wrong as victors or victims forever.
Those precious first days, months and years of a human being’s life?
It should be “hands off” and is supposed to be “hands off” from  contamination of hands that had nothing to do with the creation process in the first place.

Science and chemistry concept, DNA molecule with helix strands in the closed hermetic container on blue background
That lovely and winding strand of DNA within our bodies..exists there for a reason.
It’s not as a decorative bracelet. And it most certainly is not the property of some universally substandard primates playing “gods” on this planet ; introducing all sorts of ego inspired devastations to its environment.

Nearly every schoolchild understands DNA’s role as a sort of “set of instructions”. It’s an indefinite thing and no one is guaranteed any promised outcomes due to its existence, certainly.

However, isn’t it stunningly intricate enough and ancient enough to offer a clue to even our most stubborn of “brains” on its “right to exist” unmolested for at least a short amount of time that childhood offers?

We have never been mightier than the Nature we endlessly scratch our hairy heads over.
We will never be mightier. Ever. Goodness knows if we’re even going to survive long enough to finally have a little peace in this thing.

In the have rules.
Choosing to break the smallest window of time a human being is able to simply “get warmed up” before he has to run through this god awful and difficult the worst ‘foul’ I can think of.

pic By Cybrain

Your Self

Child's hands folded together in prayer. Black and white photo

Your Self
How will you know
The best way
In the worst times to understand
the Divine is within you, to know you are God?
When everything around you is fashioned to
keep you from yourself.
When you’re thrown into the middle of a group and scolded
For keeping to your Self.
For thinking of your
Thinking for your Self.
And defending your
For the Self is where The Divine dwells,
deep within beneath your skin.
Where the magic of your abilities
and the possibilities exist.
When the further away you are taken away
the further away you find yourself from
the miracle you need to get through this.
That’s how.

pic=Maksim Kostenko


Homage to a Red Nosed Friend

I couldn’t resist it..with it being World of Warcraft’s “Feast of Winter’s Veil” time and all…and the recent and unfortunate social media comments concerning another dear deer that we all know.

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Thank you for kicking me out of your kingdom like you did.

Microsoft Edge 12_17_2018 11_26_49 AM

Wanna know why?
because of this hypocritical dreck you have layered ALL OVER YOUR SITE.

Garbage you willingly ALLOW like a party not caring if women get raped….and the other VILE and HATEFUL shit…you obviously don’t give two backhand beeps about.

Microsoft Edge 12_17_2018 4_05_23 PMMicrosoft Edge 12_17_2018 4_05_40 PMMicrosoft Edge 12_17_2018 4_08_25 PM
You see, I don’t give a hoot you have the nerve to cite some polite horse crap over how “inapproprate” I was…




Microsoft Edge 12_17_2018 4_30_49 PMMicrosoft Edge 12_17_2018 4_30_59 PMMicrosoft Edge 12_17_2018 4_31_09 PM

ESPECIALLY with this out of bounds hate and disgustingly encouraged BASHING OF MEN..WHITE MEN IN PARTICULAR.
And like I stated
(thus the thanks you ignorant pinheads)…you simply PROVIDED ME THE REASON TO SHOW HOW MUCH YOUR GUIDELINES DO NOT MATTER…AND THAT YOU ARE SIMPLY A DOUBLE TALKING  HACK as far as “equal justice” and “snuggly wuggly good manners for all”
Like I said…No god damned sense amongst you.

Why Say Anything?

Lonely explorer

The insistence of men continuing with this notion of being able to” save” this or any planet is one of the most embarrassing examples of an out of bounds ego.
It is a planet. Not a bowling ball. Not a wedding reception. Not a pet.
A planet.
It has sustained damage and recovered from meterorite collisons.
I’ll assume that means it’s had a case of the nuclear winter sniffles at least a couple of times.

Legislating laws over this notion and punishing people for not abiding by this, is a twisting pinch to the ribs to say the least.
Especially..when the notion was proven to be wrong a while ago.

My purpose of sharing information is not to encourage people to confront their government.
That is a foolish and well prepared for misstep.
It only invites repercussions of a more severe nature into one’s life larger than the anger or disappointment of any discovery.
We can recover from disappointment.
A lifetime in prison? Not so much.

Our purposes for speaking out should be-
To let a people know facts that they may not have been aware of.
To encourage them to learn how to recognize when they are being misled.
To encourage them to understand that “important” figures in charge of our lives can and do lie. They are human men and women, that’s all..and being a bunch of liars is something we all have in common.
So they can learn how to accept the presence of and tolerate the difficulties from whatever damage these deceptions may bring.

For those who are really into that whole forgiveness kick, there’s even opportunity to relate to their evils and maybe root around and find a bit of empathy for them in the fuzzy corners of a pants pocket one day.
Not admitting when a cashier accidentally gives you an extra twenty is a far cry from bilking millions out of people through a bogus charity campaign….but the core is the same.
You wanted some extra money and despite it being against the law, and against basic moral principles, you went for it because no one saw you. Same thing, only bigger.
Muuuuuch bigger.

It should be about understanding truths, even if justice is impossible.
We can save precious money and energy we invest in hunting for truths.
We can find a certain closure to the grieving of having lost something precious, like a child’s intellectual functioning ability.

We can find closure in order to move on and heal.
When one is hunting for answers , often racked by imagined guilt, it can take years to get to that point of closure. Finally knowing a truth, although devastating at times, can at least free people from the chains of wasted and uneasy days that fruitless searches provide.

I hope knowing certain facts will free people from the little ways we “hero worship” those who claim to have our best interest at heart.
We can ditch trivial everyday actions like being at a political rally and practically waving one’s arm off the bone in an enthusiastic attempt to have “The One” look in their direction.
We can tone down on the excitement in one’s voice when discussing a popular politician to one’s children.
We can learn the simple habits of double checking the “facts” coming out of an authority’s mouth with the same snide determination as one does with a co-worker or friend-who happens to be telling the truth.

There are a dozen little things we can do, on an individual/family basis, to unburden ourselves from this natural trust and awe for individuals in highest authorities.
A self degrading habit which has us willingly walking straight into deceptive traps laid out for us.
By the time a society starts getting legally punished for unjust laws, trust me, we’ve already spent a good time voluntarily accepting the earliest forms of these laws . Along with a good amount of time bullying and shaming other people around us into them as well.

We don’t need to break laws. We don’t need to make things easier for them  by  castrating ourselves neither.
There aren’t millions of soldiers, who died screaming in agony across this globe, dead in the ground because they thought they were fighting for us to live as slaves.
Remember that and stand up strong for yourself while things are on a ‘voluntary’ basis.
So by the time you’re fuming about standing like an idiot in a check out line because you weren’t allowed to spend your own money or being rudely felt up by some unknown pervert servant in least you’ll know you did all you could as a Free and adult Man..and a free and adult Woman.

Guilt over knowing you didn’t do simple things to stop wrongdoing is something that haunts you until the ends of your days-especially when it’s wrongdoing suffered by your children.

THAT’s why I speak.
It’s long passed time to cease exclaiming the “oohs” and the “ahhs” over our naked emperors strolling down the street in their imaginary finery.
If being humiliated and stripped of our dignity is something we have to endure, then our foolish, repulsive and mishapen emperors can spare some dignity as well when society finally reaches the point of looking away in disgust.
When we respect them as being no better than any random bum living on the streets.
Then, finally, ignoring them all together as we step over them to pay their taxes and quietly strengthen our families in private.

photo By Mopic

Smart Enough to Get Everything Wrong

It is time we started seriously teaching what a lot of “good books” have been teaching us
all throughout our history.
How you must never put your trust in man.

Simply think of  times you were toasted black by the seemingly warm affections of someone you trusted. There’s no need to paint any sort of elaborate picture.

Look at the historical men and women we openly ‘worship’ and teach our young to celebrate-an adulterous preacher of a civil rights leader who plagiarized most of what the world believed to be his genius, adulterous presidents who couldn’t keep their pants zipped up with the help of super glues and a woman who hated blacks so much she started a killing factory which is celebrated to this very day. Ironically and sadly, celebrated most by the unknowing targets of such hateful desires.

I don’t know you, but I guarantee you that any one who’s reading this right now is not a stitch less nor an ounce worse than any of those folks. I know it. You should know it.

If we only start with our children, while we are still allowed to teach them as we see fit, there will be a generation “out there” that will be  grateful for our efforts.

A generation where the misleading “brotherly love” will be replaced by a more sound respect for the individual. A generation where they’ll study our history and shake their heads and wonder over our ignorance…much like we shake our heads over the poor peoples of Germany during Hitler’s reign. Which, by the way, we no longer have any right to all.

I’d love to say “you’ll see” but..well..we won’t.
I can, however, let you see what a snide and super genius is all about. One of those proud eugenicists in the “good-gawd-all-mighty” IQ range that is affecting, poisoning us into subservience and intimidating us.

He may not be in a political seat of power but he most certainly has reached countless young minds as a professor of a well known institution.
In a time where our young adults call for our heads and demanding we lose our livelihood for saying “evil” things like the word (whispered) “Oriental” is nothing but upside down nuts that a man like this has been allowed to be in a position of power as he has been.
A man so boastfully “superior” that he’s announced a few predictions in big fashion. Predictions and well thought out calculations which amounted to …..NONE of them being right.

How many more do you think are lingering in the shadows who think like this?
Authorities so “right” about what their “wunder-brains” came up with, yet couldn’t predict a train schedule if it was stapled to their foreheads.

How many?

I’ll tell you how many..too many. And it’s time we ceased regarding them as demi- gods walking on earth. It’s time that light of admiration stops shining in our eyes every time they raise their fists to make a point or simply walk down the streets.

You can respect them, as we should, but worshipping them to the point of sacrificing the validity of our own worth? Naw…

unfortunate and narcissistic quotes



Gaia’s Diagnosis

Cracked explosion concrete wall hole abstract background

The Imbalance.
One side with rigid spine of scientific belligerence and calculated social sense.
The other with porous , pious skin, where idealic fairy tales seep in .
One standing there looking on in horror at the hair
of another girl lying there.
Matted blood and woven lace, upon a Romanov face.
The other weeping over what they end up sweeping
from the street, the wretched prints of bloodied feet.
Hypatia dead, no more words said , now only mangled meat.
Each side, alone, is monstrous . Each side, alone, a virus.
What Mother Earth is shivering from
as raging fever’s also come.
This is her illness. This is her true disease.
If saving her is your true wish, then this is the true unease.
The Imbalance.
This refusal of Science and Religion to work in a shared direction.
The Imbalance.
This wicked plague which consumes us as she suffers this infection.

photo By VERSUSstudio

poem by Ramsy

Let’s Try Again, Shall We?

Man with foulded arms.

I will repost information that went “missing” in certain places.

(I’m getting a “little” weary of this.)
But this time, I will be more clear and provide links which shouldn’t go blank so easily.

They lead straight to the United Nations and World Health Organization web sites concerning what they intend to do about “rights and justice about the disabled.”

They’re not exactly dinky Nobody blog pages.
My post delivered pics of the World Health Organization and a United Nations charter concerning the “Rights of Developmentally Disabled”


containing  “cut and paste” inclusions of

a paragraph of words used in a


These are the links to those websites..if one wishes to make sure it’s not a prank or doctored.
And these are the photos of that paragraph being repeated-

once, within the suggestions to deceive people….


and twice, used as words of assurance and information.



There is no way on earth that I as a mother (and technically as a “disabled woman”) can stand by and condone a group of human beings who use the tools of  words


And I suspect a few other mothers and fathers might feel the same.


Note-it would help to screenshot these paragraphs straight from those websites to save them, just in case another “vanishing” boo-boo occurs.

Or these international documents are somehow rewritten in the near future.

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