Rude. Ugly. Petty.

That’s what springs to mind when I think on each person who felt it was his duty to add a nasty expletive in their writing about some “Pokemon Go infraction”..

..and every single big mouth who sneered over or mocked her on various other publications. I’m speaking about in a serious mode, not as a comedic sketch. If it didn’t expose some distressing truth about us, a comedy sketch is all that moment should have been. Not a dogpile. To know this moment took up that much space in our collective mind, screams volumes on our pettiness.

The following links are for those with grown up lives to tend to, meaning you may have missed the “punishable” offense. 

Click here for an Esquire article on the subject

Another one, Entertainment Weekly

International Business News

Yes, freedom of speech means much to me. I appreciate this moment to vent my own not so polite feelings. Freedom of speech is a cornerstone to the promise of  liberty..which we still continue getting hassled over.

Censorship is not today’s subject. 

It is the level of disrespect oozing out from human beings who, I have to assume…..

….would collapse in a heap if anyone singled them out for a public shaming. 

…have somberly nodded noggin over non bullying messages shoved down our gullets, at one point or another.

Hypocrisy at its most brazen level of ridiculousness. 

One author penned his two cents on, what I’d once believed was, an upper class publication. The fact that “culture” was embedded within this man’s job title seemed a joke. The cussing and belittling within the article resembled the journaling of an impulsive adolescent. What a shock that would have been, precious ages ago. 

I can’t help but wonder a few things. 

If the innocent bashing victim (for that is exactly what she has become) had been a homosexual citizen sporting rainbow stripes, what volume of hell would have rained down upon some hate mongering heckler if he’d hooted any number of potential abuses? If it was a black person in a crowd of whites, and some bottom feeding loud mouth had something to announce about people “not knowing their place”? 

Would we still be yuckling it up and tripping over ourselves to shove it into someone’s hands, for the sake of laughing at or scolding the subject?

Could you imagine the horror of thousands if they read that the gay or black was deemed fit to “be killed” because they dared to be somewhere or do something others felt was inappropriate?

What nerve we’ve got, with the constant back patting over ” how good we are to fight for the dignity of our victimized fellow man.”

Looking at the contents of several articles, pardon me as I acknowledge the overriding “righteous warrior ” thing we’ve got going on, as one of the bigger piles of horse crap this society has to offer.

Time after wearisome time, we show our ass. Not a particularly sinful state by itself. However, it certainly feels like one -considering the energy expended by government and citizens alike to prevent everyone’s feelings from getting hurt. 


Middle aged women with weathered faces, yet suctioned into their daughters jeans…we could start flipping out about that at concerts as well. Fat girls and triple fold sausage arms bursting out of too tight halter tops. We can really boogie down with some old fashioned mob action as well. Old dudes who can’t dance, next to their teenaged dates in the crowd.. Heck, we could nit pick and horsewhip real aggressively  for a non stop flood of entertainment, if we really pay attention.

Then it would really be something, wouldn’t it? No subject  too trivial. No persons  entitled to minimal standards of respect..except for the select folks we are told to.

Is there a pre approved list of people we’re allowed to treat like garbage and humiliate? Maybe I missed a memo. I don’t want to be left out of all the deep bonding and fun everyone’s sucking up, do I? 

I don’t wish to step on toes re: media gods and goddesses that we lose our puckered heads over. No one wants their idol to be disrespected. Mad respect to the time and energy for the performance, right?

Take the concert Beyoncé participated in for former leader Quadafi, years ago, for example. 

Click here to read about it.

I guess it would have been  rude if, while she did her doings, someone was out in the audience , reading a report on Quadafi’s perverse  hobby of raping and brutalizing female prisoners.

Real report here

There’s a time and a place for everything. I get that. 

Hopefully, with the hypothesis of someone reading about a rapist beast while superstars are booty grinding for favor in his rapist beast will be clear that I do understand the basic lack of respect.

I’m not that insensitive.



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