After “Trumbo”, visit “My Son John”

If you crave a high quality handling of Hollywood’s dark age of the Red Scare hysteria, you just spoke “Trumbo”‘s name.  From brilliant casting to a faithful courtship of the era, I’d suggest it without hesitation.

Afterwards, I would love an opportunity to turn your attentions to another film
“My Son John.”
If films such as “Good Night, and Good Luck” and “Trambo” appeal most to the socio-political historian in you, then you must take “My Son John” for a spin.
To view a clip, click here
It was conceived and birthed within the years of the Red Scare raging through America at the time. Shot from the original ‘modern’ time source, we are even spared   “spot the not” tension to do with detecting  misdated scene props.
The conflict is  within the smaller body of family. It’s not the typical  reckoning amongst big industry victims and victors. The family, unchanged  over long stretches of time, should serve as a recognizable and welcome invitation for many a modern viewer.

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