Crybaby Adults

When are we going to stop with this  crybaby, nitpicking sludge rolling downhill from  supposedly grown individuals? More specifically, grown adults who represent large national organizations, “blessing” us with their quips and quotes on the end of a wagging flipping finger.
When we get some damned starch in the spine, that’s when.
When we finally speak back and stand up for our neighbors getting pushed around in public venues. When we realize that the special interests popping up in our faces is not much different from walking into our homes and taking a seat uninvited.
If some joker strolls into my kitchen, without my interest or invite, and starts scolding me for frying balls of butter in a vat of lard..the only invite he’s getting from me is to go straight to hell. Frankly.
Here’s the story, folks.
The comment that raised my hackles, is as follows:
“If they are parenting her — that’s what a parent does — don’t diminish the role by calling them something other than her parents,” said Chuck Johnson, president and CEO of the National Council for Adoption. “Some of us would find that offensive.”
I made sure to confirm that Mr. Johnson was only an officer of an organization. Boy, I’d of felt silly if he was, indeed, God or a holy entity entitled to lay down laws of thought and action. Other than that, he’s an individual of no grand importance-to have the right to tell any grown human being what to think or say.
“Some of us would find that offensive.”
And? So what? That’s supposed to be a call to action of sorts? A lot of us are offended by tons of things every single day.
Let’s take the website of this National Council for Adoption that he lords over, shall we?
This video….

At sections 00:24 and 00:41, if you do not blink, you will find children of dark complexions chilling in loving representation with their fairer skinned families. While I’m sure Mr. High and Mighty Johnson may be proud as peaches of this video, I’m willing to wager a few bucks that the underrepresentation of racially mixed families would be seen as highly offensive.
There’s lots of white mommies and daddies. A scant amount of minority parents are seen on the site. If they are, then the appropriately shaded children are set properly within their loving arms.(I am NOT offended, by the way. I couldn’t care less about the messaging and even more so about the organization itself. It’s a simple illustration.)


If anyone is getting a bit peeved over my point, I suggest giving Mr. Trautwig’s position a thought. Save your indignation for your neighbors who only respect freedom of speech when it’s their time to speak. He didn’t ask C.J for his opinion on adoptions. He isn’t legally obligated to, as no free American should be, give one ounce of thought to anything anyone says. If he’d started a tirade of hate speech and cussed out the young athlete, that’s a different issue.
HE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING..except verbalize a truth.
“….don’t diminish the role by calling them something other than her parents.” Ugh, the tone.
Don’t….Do not say…Do not act…Don’t. Those are commands for pets and children touching hot pots. They are certainly not respectful nor appropriate things to say to other adults-especially if you do not know them.
ESPECIALLY if the glass house one lives in has plenty of offensive messaging to bring to the table for others as well.
No laws were broken to warrant this announcer being scolded like a child. Or to have his words forced off of a page.
In case there is confusion about when it’s appropriate to flog folks in the village square- laws aren’t those kindergarten room charts for good boys and girls being taught how to kiss ass.

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