Jenna’s Golden Ripple Effect

Just simply, one of the most beautiful testimonials I could have experienced.
This poignant sharing from actress Jenna Jamison, made me smile more than once.
When I first stopped drinking, several years ago, the fear of who I was and who I would become…plagued me. It brought about good changes, but there were many moments of fear. I’d been a drinker for all of my adult life. With no family to turn to, it would have been a soothing relief to have run across a video such as this.

What Jenna blesses us with, in the video, is the warmest “Honey, you’re gonna be all right.” embrace you may ever see online. She let untold numbers of people know, without a doubt, that they are not alone. All of the young ladies who were convinced they weren’t “good enough” to be loved just for themselves, will utter many sighs of relief.

This wasn’t just a simple share-it sports Golden Ripple Effect.



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