The Gods must be Stupid or just Mean

What a crying shame. How the big guys like Twitter and YouTube work.

Banning here, freezing accounts over there. Ruining someone’s livelihood, their reputation. What have you.
Read a few stories here.
It’s fine and dandy that companies can do as they wish. After all, it is America.
When we’re talking about the numbers of millions of citizens that frequent these services, we’re talking some mighty hefty potential.
The potential I’m referencing is of unfair dictatorship.

The potential of unequal treatment.

The potential of someone losing their job, because the dart happened to land on their spot on the board.
I’m alleging these powerhouse influences make their decisions based on coin tosses and dart throws. That’s a wee bit mean, I know. A single mother getting her power shut off because the revenue to her YouTube was suddenly shut off because of a piddly misstep that YouTube chose to even meaner in a much lousier way.
Watch the following video on breastfeeding that has enjoyed thousands of uninterrupted views. If bare breasts and watching them get jiggled and patted to a cheesy soundtrack are offensive, then I offer you a fair warning on the content. To are welcome, don’t mention it. For the morality snitch who will find it necessary to report this single video, you need to rent a truck. There are piles of many others out there.

I understand potentially questionable content can earn a sly “look away” with it posing as medical instruction. This one actually took the time to don a lab coat for the profile pic, wink wink. Obviously, the slicksters cranking out this ‘tutorial’  know it. Good for them. Heck, I gladly say it again, we’re still in America. Someone may wish to inform them that the glass for instruction is missing; all that patting and smacking may make it a wee bit hard to dispense into a glass.
What I refuse to understand is the blatantly unequal treatment handed down by the demi gods.
I don’t know if we’re dealing with substandard authorities suffering from substandard common sense functioning skills.
Maybe it’s part of an elaborate scheme before complete control is seized by the governmental ass these companies tend to lick.
I’m a victim of this the public school education system as well, what the heck do I even know? Nothing.
However…I know something is wrong.
The “Hand of God”  arrogantly swatting down decent citizens like houseflies. Sometimes, smashing them. It being done with such force and determination, that we are intimidated into thinking that everyone is subject to Mommy and Daddy’s spanking hand.
That? when it is obvious that discretion and fluctuation of mood, not intelligent consistency, seems to be the ruler on duty..

That is Disgustingly Wrong.

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