An Apology

We owe apologies to the children. To those between  the ages of my eldest to youngest -near thirty and going on ten years of age.
Having had TV and computer screens babysit them, they were left to ingest countless hours of garbage.
We left the role of supervision to the warning labels from an over reaching government .We demanded it. As if it isn’t shameful enough that adults are expecting other adults to tell them how to live.

We don’t even care what our children hear anymore. Half of us are surrendered and shrugging about “it being everywhere , anyway, so what’s to do?”. The other half of us trying to pretend that our children aren’t screaming obscenities at us, in public, every day.
Whatever the reasons, how many of them, it doesn’t matter.
We robbed them of the dignity to know that they deserved much better nourishment than what’s been stuffed down their throat, or tucked into their ears. We had our heads turned when we let the crass images and raunchy lyrics define their notion of love. Of their worth. We left them, not with grown adults they could look up to and come to when troubles arrived. Instead, we tried morphing into  middle aged “friends” wrapped up in “being cool enough” to not force our opinions.
I recorded a quick bit from the show “Ridiculousness” on  MTV  to present as a small example of what our young have easy access to.
NOTE:(before I am ‘punished’ again for daring to present something as if I’m the one who created it) Nudity, nipple biting by a snake and adults hee-hawing with crude jokes will be shown towards the end of this video, if you wish to avoid watching it for yourself.



The issue at hand is how neglectful of and/or blind we became to the casually sponsored low standards for  children. It makes NO sense when you consider the avalanche of P.C. issues crashing over our heads at the same time.

If our children hear that a man whistled at a woman with nice looking legs, because she has nice looking legs….it just about ends up in the news as the sexual harassment travesty of the year. Wait another twenty years, you might see jail sentences over the same. But, certain sections of the video above? They’re just your  shrug of the shoulders kind of family outing type of scenes, are they? Not considered as sexually incendiary as the brazen male whistle, I guess.

Nice bit of hypocrisy to teach them, on top of the neglect. Punishing people for their “inappropriateness” within their personal lives of expression…while pornographic strategies wait,  invited to be used at will in the far reaching lobby of popular media.
With our mouths wide open, in perpetual outrage over “a society gone wild”..the least we owe,  is an apology for having taken our children’s natural modesty and decency woefully for granted..leaving them to practically fend for themselves.

Read here for one of the more serious consequences of dropping the ball.


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