Another Grown Man Bullied for his Taste

For Chrissakes.
It seems yet another man was humiliated, put up as an example and punished. The crime he committed?
That is all.

For his  story click here
To EACH and EVERY woman who threw her baby rattle clutching fist in the air after he was banned from the site..a shame and a curse upon her conscience one day very soon.
Disgusting-how these women behaved and the resulting kick.
The anger builds as I see yet another innocent individual being made an example out of, to further help intimidate the rest of us into “behaving”.
He was not rude. He even took the time to fully explain the reasons without swearing or belittling. He had no harmful things to say, yet the dating site felt it was their duty to strike from on high.
If I was asked for my inconsequential opinion, I would guess he may be a man with an ASD. We are notorious for being honest without being able to interpret nor consider other’s emotions. While the tactlessness can be hard to bear, I can guarantee you that a large number of these men are MOST polite in the traditional ways. Faithful. Fair. It was in the way he worded his sentences and the unusual unveiled specification in which it was done, that struck a chord with me. It is from my personal afflictions and the loved ones in my family where the thought of that possibility comes from.
Oh, but we’re not here for that story.

( I would bet any amount of money that at least half of those women, upon hearing that he did indeed have a condition he couldn’t help, would be frantically backpedaling their apologetic, hypocritical legs as fast as they could. Those types of demeaning, nitpicking sisters are prone to consider themselves the most  righteous warriors for the “Disadvantaged”. )
We’re here to address how sick with entitlement we are. Demanding more intimate access to controlling how people act and think. How we’ve become less able to mature into adults, intelligent enough to respect the very human and very natural “Freedom of Choice.”
I’m an overweight, late 40s gal myself. I’m placing this out there for anyone who would feel some sort of lip jutting disappointment that I don’t suffer from the deep insecurities needed to empathize “properly”. My loyalty is to my brothers and sisters-the ones that no one is sticking up for because we’re all too afraid to face the disapproval of the loud mouthed bullies. In other words, I owe nothing to any fat or old chicks who take offense over my siding with a man who did nothing wrong.

I thought we didn’t want men to lie to us anymore.

I thought we “just wanted you to trust us to tell the truth, we won’t be angry….we promise.”

I thought women were shrugging shoulders en masse  “not sweating any man because I know I’m a good catch, and there’s plenty of men out there who will appreciate me.”

My god, folks, even the name of the dating site hints at “Plenty of Fish in the Sea”.

Come on now.

Maybe they aren’t aware that we have an umpty-illion dollar weight loss industry specifically fueled by OTHER WOMEN …loaded and targeted at women. This gentleman isn’t the creep who slighted the entire population of fat girls and old ladies. They should direct their spit at the mopey, late night weight loss testimonials of women who didn’t love themselves because they were too fat to run with their grandchildren. It wasn’t the gentleman who informed everyone fat and old women aren’t sexy. Go ask the goofy and giggling wives who claim they got their husbands in bed again since they dropped the weight. Those are advertising messages played incessantly that are far more cruel and much more creepy than I feel that man may ever be.
I’m sick of it. This public diarrhea  of scolding, followed by punishment. Now, we’re blatantly telling folk that they do not have the right to what their own bodies, hearts and souls desire. If it wasn’t a symptom of a larger infection threatening our very liberties as human beings, it would be never ending laughable and filthy joke.

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