Sacrificing Smart for Stupid on TV

I thought I had run across the most stubbornly clownish piece of PC (Politically Correct) production when “The Affair” exchanged a white, blue eyed and red haired baby infant for a brown eyed girl with Hispanic features as being the same character daughter.

“Absentia” beat even that as you’ll see in the clip below.

NOTE: SPOILER ALERT on this page- if one hasn’t seen the first episode of the first season of “Absentia”

One can’t avoid bumping into these clumsy attempts at socio engineering our expectations and preferences.

Whether they distract from the enjoyment by mauling continuity or not.

Whether they make sense against real world statistics  or not.
From the majority of couples being depicted in mixed partnerships, a majority of single women kicking no name lovers out of  beds to geriatric skateboarders, jump ropers and rock wall climbers.
It’s everywhere. This unrelenting message of “look at what should be” coming across as clunky and as much as it does, dragging  its bully carcass over the top of “what truly is”.

At other times…it’s just simply hilarious.

Not witty hilarious.

Where you’re drinking a cup of coffee, watching a so-so dramatic thriller and a scene  comes charging onto the screen and the guffaw that escapes your mouth sputters aforementioned coffee as a fine mist into the air.

That kind of hilarious.
In a  show like “Absentia”…with one of those “women are men” instances we’re getting so used to.


By the time ole “Girl Power” laid down her fourth pound in this all mighty jackhammering of justice is where I decided this new “drama” wasn’t really gonna cut it after all.
Once again, a sad reminder of the sacrifice of quality to make room for the political brainwashing.

Note: Airing the sound recordings of people being killed is still what I consider the most disgusting thing we as a nation of family members have allowed to be used as entertainment for millions of unknown strangers..don’t get me wrong.
I deemed this clip as  most clownish.

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