It’s Kinda Funny, but..


There is a moderately ‘funny’ side to the anti-vaccination conspiracy ramblings.
First, a neccessary explanation.
The theory features talk of ” unknown elite authorities” using a multitude of tools to control society at large. Thanks to certain documents such as the famed “Protocol of the Elders of Zion”,

the idea that the mandatory vaccination is one of these tools has helped fuel the concern and/or hysteria.


This clip was taken from text at the end of the 10th Protocol.
At first glance, it’s quite a compelling section especially when one understands it was written many decades ago.
HOWEVER..I am obligated to make mention of the  “Protocol..” being directly tied to and ruled as a work of plagiarism  taken from an intriguing fiction titled ” A Dialogue in Hell”. The following link explains this.
I included, if one has the interest and time, a listing of the plagiarized content.

We are obligated, no matter which side  we shout from, to honestly and carefully scrutinize all resources that we use. Without doing so, we’re destined to remain a nation of stubborn children who will NEVER make strides in getting to the truths we BOTH need to survive. 

NOW… for the ‘funny’ .
It has to do with the high profile leaders we either vilify or worship for creating  rules and encouraging (forcing) us to abide by them.

One would have to assume  alleged originators of any such scheme would have preferred for the future HMIC ( head minions in charge) to be protected from being affected themselves on such a grand scale.

Then again, enter Hilary and Donald.

By the witnessed behaviors of both, there exist questions about whether they are mentally ill.
From Hilary’s extreme lies, fabrications, whatever you wish to call them-untruths…
outrunning sniper fire..
and the origin of her name
to sporting “black accent” in public..

It’s not hard to imagine why some believe that she’s giving a keen impression of a mentally troubled woman.

As for Mr. Trump, any decent biographical documentary
will offer up typical ASD related markers used to describe young Donald. He’s been in the public eye for decades , his quirks and habits have been familiar to us for a long time. Once subtle or overlooked as “eccentric” symptoms tend to become more pronounced and much more easily identified the older a man gets.
From astonishingly crude and unapologetic comments to complete disregard for others feelings.
It wasn’t unusual for a popular show like the “Golden Girls” to hint at how unsavory of a human being he was considered even in 1993.

From season 7 ep.17 an audio clip.



Despite being a boastful man not shy about reminding us on various occasions how “much of an alpha he was” or how wealthy , his surprisingly careless appearance hints strongly at a critical lack of awareness . Proper grooming is one of the first details that distinguished public people take care of automatically. As his comments and ill manners reflect, there is very little to no concern for even that.

The following is an article about experts concerned with Trump’s behaviors.

(Personally, I find the fact that one wrote to Obama about “worries” as quite chuckle worthy-considering the media spent eight years making “narcissist” the household word it became due to HIS occasional snide and unseemly habits of conduct.)

Assuming both  were born in public hospitals and were subject to mandatory vaccinations like the rest of us mere mortals, this is where the “funny” part comes into play.
IF there had been some secret scheme launched a long time ago to allow  tampering via vaccination, one thing jumped to my mind on what we could be witnessing.
Two examples of the biggest and most ironic backfires in “taking over the world” history ..ever.
As far as “worldwide domination schemes” go and those lording over those of us who’ve been defined as “mentally ill” , if it isn’t funny then it’s certainly a sick joke –

That these are the type  we’re forced to trust in knowing what’s “best for us”.

That they are amongst the best we  have to offer for our children to look up to.

That instead of having an upper hand over the “lower intellects” to rule more effortlessly, they could have possibly  ended up being just as prone to a lack of common senses and unfit like the rest of us anyway.

Thus, from an alleged conspiracy to maintain rule at all costs there comes, instead,  a stark revelation/development of them being too mentally incompetent  to rule after all.


“Funny” as that scenario may be, Heaven have mercy on us all for pretending our emperors have any clothes on at all..IF that is the case.

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