Don’t Worry, Bleeding Heart..

Don’t worry your tender little head, my “dear” Bleeding Heart..

If things go as things have gone in this country, nothing’s going to thwart the health and happiness of your precious assylum seekers in those caravans that  your arms are thrown wide open for.. while you harass the rest of us by calling us unforgiveable names.

To put your mind at ease I’ll remind you of a few things in play that guarantee a more comfortable stay for those with no intention of assimilating into our culture. .
“Little” things like your cable menu stacked up real nice with a lot of Spanish speaking channels. “Our” South American caravan cousins will have plenty of familiar entertainment while they look for jobs and wait for benefits to start.
“Little” things like instructions and descriptions on the products they will buy being already written in their language. Luckier still for them, although our own children fail in basic English , Spanish has been a mandatory course for a long time in our schools-for it would never do to cause them unnecessary stress of learning our language would it?
“Little” things like the very face of the “typical” American woman increasingly being depicted in ads and film as the dark haired, often Latina, type-even to a fine and shameful point of excluding the fair haired white woman/family.

These little signs and clues that guarantee that our new neighbors will feel more at “home” than any of us could ever feel after forcing our stubborn American hides into other countries. If we were even allowed to do so. Which we are not.
“Little” things like the push for and securing of voting rights. Although many don’t speak the language of our laws-never mind understand the political gibberish.
“Little” things like the push for and securing of drivers licenses.
Your caravans will be just fine with these and more “little” signs of prepared welcome. Surely, you can see them well enough to ease up on your angry protests and your passionate  global humanitarian chest thumping.

I know we’ve got billboards “instructing” us to cook at the temperature we’ve been cooking our food at for decades or on how not to abandon our children in our cars like a society of hopeless airheads …but we can’t be THAT naïve about this slow cooking invasion ending in anything other than the” same ole same ole”.
No matter who’s putting on a show and talking tough script lines to soothe our frazzled and confused nerves.
My opinion is that it will end up being another show like that “Occupy Wall Street” and “Arab Spring” chaos we were subjected to ten years ago; a whole bunch of hoo haw and shouting from our side over “people being done wrong”, a series of soft shoe numbers done on both sides of the broadcasting media ….& voila! Nothing done.
Well, millions of us got our hineys handed to us re: lost homes and income in that time period. That happened. That’s for sure.
But nothing upsetting happening to the “Bad Bogey Man” Banks and “Bad Bogey Man” governments after all.

If it helps settle your mind, the same social justice “do-gooding” virus

alleged to have kick started this multiple wave invasion, is from the same “social justice” petri dish that infested us at that time period

See? Although we’re on constant high alert for disruptive domestic terrorists amongst us, one can rest assured that the disruption of our societies will still (and always) be a privilege for untouchable others.

So, if history is to be sifted for clues, this country will more than likely simply continue to usher in yet another new batch of Citizen seat fillers.
A batch of Citizens from places so troubled that their “gratitude” will override any American’s dissatisfaction over the spoiling of any ” Rights” that we are under the assumption still exist. As we get our heads patted and Mommy shushes us up, gently reminding us how mentally ill, anxious and bigoted we are.

Besides, when was the last time we truly had a say in anything?
We’ve had our healthcare choices ripped out of our hands along with banking choices, medication choices, intimate sexual choices, right up to the very words coming out of our faces. Heck, we’ve even had our bodies handled in public by often rude TSA strangers despite our horror and discomfort.
By the time a human being is being physically touched, against his or her will, under the threat of authoritarian punishment and/or assault…it’s time to surrender the notion that whatever we protest or demand is worth anything except a big and a fat ZERO.

No one is listening to us, Bleeding Heart.
I know the loud bravado ruffles your feathers and threatens to snap your heartstrings.
Really good performances tend to do such things.
Your ‘poor and wretched’ souls will probably be taken care of, even though your own neighbors are struggling.

Where each citizen is “responsible” for $154,161 and our poor are bursting through the seams of a country you obviously don’t understand (or care)is in debt to the tune of at least 18 Trillion dollars as of 2015.

You’re a slave just as much as the rest of us but if you get your way, you’ll be on the happy side of the plantation.. for now.
Until your jaw drops open over whatever nightmare you’ll be horrified in watching come your way one day soon. Or until you grow up and realize that you can’t do a damned thing but hang your head and pray  for help that will never come.
It will more than likely happen with another wide eyed crew of Citizens shouting you down and accusing you of being everything that you’re not..simply because you thought you had a “right” to protect yourself or live your life according to documents you were trained into believing meant something.

What was believed to be Article 4 Section 4 of The U.S. Constitution
The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

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