We NEED to Pull Ourselves Together

I’m sure there are many people who took the tear gassing of children at the border this week pretty hard.

I am NOT saying this in such a way because I’ve half a heart of stone and it doesn’t bother me. The whole situation bothers me on some level.
I happen to believe there are much more pressing issues that aren’t being brought to our attentions. And I believe we are marching ourselves into a world of irreversible hurt if we continue not bothering to study them for ourselves.

Back to the tear gas.

I heard a grown adult politician, on one of the carnival news outlets, exclaim how the tear gassing was a “new low.” I was a little shocked. He was old enough to have been in this country on the date of April 19, 1993. For if he’d thought about it for a skinny minute, he would have remembered a far more dire “new low” involving tear gas and children which happened on that very day with our own citizen children in a place called Waco, Texas.

Where not only 24 children were being gassed by our government and military, but also burned to their deaths.

I place this reminder for two reasons.
1- There are things that our government has done through the decades and will do for times to come.

There is nothing we can say or do that will change that.

If you felt torn and depressed, even outraged, over the children fainting from tear gas this week…you can imagine how the world felt watching the inferno roaring with the knowledge of two dozen young children burning alive..after being tear gassed.
2- We are in an emotional and social epidemic as a people. It involves depression and lots of anxiety.
The news stories we’re getting worked up over can NOT be doing us any good in that arena.
As a layman, I will assume our bouts of anxiety and depression are directly related to the chaotic news and information being pumped into our psyches.

We fight with one another. Many of us weep and feel ill for days on end. The fall out reactions and actions we suffer, much of it is very well within our powers to do something about.
We have to.

We have to because countless numbers of us are getting put on lists and securing tags labeling us as “mentally ill”. Disabled.

I will finish this by including two links which will give some of you a hint as to what is coming our way..if we fail to pull ourselves together enough to function through our day to day lives without interference from “State authorities”-like UN “authorities” unelected and not even known to most of us  as affecting the laws of “our” land.
If you are content with being taken care of and soothed by other people monitoring your life and offering “help” to “cope with life”..then I respect that wholeheartedly.
I , as a high functioning ‘disabled adult’,  do not wish to be swept up in an overwhelming herding of folks who have been deemed as “disabled” enough for “action to be taken”. As was done in 2006 with this Owner’s Manual to the Disabled Person “our” UN laid out as law to follow.

Click to access convention_accessible_pdf.pdf

Especially when there’s been a progressive and elevated interest (now including the “hunt” for signs of disabilities in our schools and other public places) in a growing list of “bad things” associated with our “moods and conditions”. The “bad things” that other human beings have taken upon themselves to “set right” for us..as if we’re destined to be a majority society of “disabled” people. Or children. Or slaves.

This border situation is so complicated that it begs the blessings of greater minds than what’s available to figure it out.
Thank heaven no one, child nor adult, was seriously injured or died this week.
We need to be grateful for that.
More bluntly, we need to pull ourselves together regarding things that have been and will be out of our hands, period.

The things we can control…the arguments, the sleepless nights, the hours of yelling or fretting ourselves sick….hiking up our blood pressures, delving deeper into helplessness so much that we seek out the “help” of other human beings no more “expert” on getting you “better” than you and your own network of friends and family are….we can do something about that.

Maybe not all of us, but enough of us can decide to redirect our focuses, I’m sure of it. It is possible.
Many of us have long histories of tortured generations of ancestors who were assaulted, murdered and imprisoned. We need to learn from them.
How they held themselves and their children together with determinations of strength that many of us could do with at this time; while we face nowhere near the hell that they did to survive and then thrive upon afterwards.
Those of us of Native American heritage, Jewish, Irish, Polish..so forth and so on..enough of us KNOW how strong they forced themselves to be for us.
It’s the least we can do, if it can be helped at all, for our children. We HAVE to.
To enough of a degree as to not end up shackled to mandates and overreaches of authority that are starting out as voluntary surrenders of personal responsibility for our states of mind.

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