It’s Not a Blue or Yellow Dress…

However, it may call for an address of what your eyes see.

Once upon a time, a major document was declassified.
It exposed strategies for and methods of governmental/international population control.
This is a link containing parts of this document and a more thorough explanation.

I ask that this be read AFTER seeing the first photo presented on this page, but it’s not necessary. I’m grateful for your attention.

There is a grouping of words worth noting within this document on the strategies of controlling population growth and the deception strategies used




There are also a grouping of words Here…..




from this World Health Organization link

and also Here…

from this United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities link-which the United States signed onto in 2009- along with 160 international others.

Click to access convention_accessible_pdf.pdf

the official link

The questions?
Do YOU find these groupings of words similar enough as to consider them basically the same statement, aside from a few adjustments?

If you do not, then I offer my apologies for my habits as a mother.
After a lifetime of uncovering most of my children’s “clever” deceptions (as elaborate and detailed as they can be, bless my darlings’ hearts) ..what usually gives them away are some of the dumbest..simple..and unbelievably obvious little things.

How lucky I’ve been that none of those things ever ruined anything or hurt anyone.

I’m definitely lucky that no major bonds of trust were shattered as a result-considering how much we depend on, and take for granted, our loved ones to never intentionally bring pain to our lives.

You know?

And, if you do indeed see the same words  used in the deception of millions (billions?) of human beings in the allegedly illegal and unethical practice of population control…
… within the documentations of major international organizations currently focused, moving and creating laws and promises in the name of helping us with an unexplained, dire and often heartbreaking nightmare involving the care of and futures for our disabled children..siblings..and, as in my case, personal selves…
If you DO see this..

featured photo By sergiy1975

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