So Smart They’re Downright Stupid

The very worst thing about being manipulated and deceived is the insulting of whatever intelligence is being targeted. Especially when it’s by an individual or collective running on unimpressive intellectual fumes at the very best.
“Getting fooled by fools” I used to call it when I was younger. HATE it.

Stories help me keep it short.
Let’s take a cheating lover for instance. The signs are so obvious and so frequent that you can’t believe what you’re seeing. Women’s sweaters at his apartment, not-his-color-or-length strands of hair in the ask and he goes through that whole routine of spinning fictions. You may argue and leave or you may argue and decide to stay. What I’m about to hit upon is when you argue and decide to stay. That’s when the real idiocy can begin.
The next thing you know, you catch him kissing someone else in full view on a street corner somewhere right before meeting you for a lunchdate.
That kind of idiotic deception I’m writing about, has to do with the moment he’s staring blankly at the video of him kissing someone-not-you..on your your hand..and he’s saying the words “Oh no, Honey…that’s not me. I wouldn’t do that…pff, come on..”
THAT kind of dum dumness is quite infuriating. When he’s snidely convinced you’re that stupid you’ll surrender all notions of those “lying eyes” in your skull.

It’s not everyone, but a good number of folks can tell when things are remarkably “off” or changed.
We can hear them. We can hear when  epic sized bills are passed, our alleged reps admitting that they didn’t read any of them. Singing their same old and tired ‘the people this and America that” but nothing changes. Sometimes for decades.
We can see things. Things like the pornographic yuck pumped into and onto TV movies and “family (lol) shows” with teen characters cracking jokes about  blowjobs, handjobs and humping one another. BUT…in the world we travel through, our sons are getting their doors kicked in with guns drawn on them for suspicions of computer child porn and shamed onto sex offender lists for the rest of their damned lives for exchanging nude flashes with their equally aged girlfriend.

I could go on. Any of you reading this know very well how long I actually could go on with the very obvious and strangely unaddressed contradictions going on in our society these days.

Things aren’t making any sense because we’re not being given the straight truth about…anything it seems. Yet, we’re being punished, harassed and lectured into harassing our neighbors for infractions of speech and thought; as if we caught a contact high from our master’s “God complexes”

For those in charge to present us with “opt out or in” options on software that only works if someone presses the “opt in” (you know, that “yes” our fingers reluctantly press on our screens with the three pages of legal speak we are FORCED into accepting)..I’m sorry, to many of us..they just look like a bunch of bullying  idiots the more they pull garbage like this and expect us to somehow not be aware of it. Or not expect us to teach our children the truth; the ones who weren’t so cruelly destroyed during this megalomaniacal bullshit.

It’s way too easy to imagine them bent over and cackling over how very slick they are in deceiving Us the “idiots”.

The sad part being, if you shift your imagination’s eye a few inches over, there’s a bunch of us standing behind them, with our arms crossed. With intense disgust and fear on our faces.  Because, despite being all out fools..they are very dangerous fools with the powers to eliminate our jobs. The power to publicly shame us. The power to imprison us. Power to bring the pain in various ways. Feeling entitled to our respect and allegiance when the truth is any empty headed clown can wrest respect out of a population with a weapon in his paws along with the reputation of using it.
That’s just a crying shame when one considers how much smoother things could go without such goofy and juvenile trickstering.

They already know that they’ve got most of us brainwashed into various fantasy lands of misinformation. We were handcuffed to a Health Bill we didn’t want. Handcuffed to a Drug Bill and most certainly, without a doubt, kicked off the cliff screaming, with the Patriot Act AND Indefinite Detention tied around our necks. What did we do?

Common sense says that when you have your “enemy” beaten, as they do at this moment, you can better come clean with the time sucking games. Other than that, the law of odds suggest that you’re just a cowardly punk continuing the gaming for kicks.

Deep in the shadows bent over and cackling. Over nothing.

We’ll free ourselves one day. No worries about that.

But I guarantee it will be with far more intelligence and wisdom than any group of “slick willigans” trolling in power now.


We can see the population controls. Showing women as ‘he-men’ hero types in our fictional media. The weed legalization. Starting this ridiculous all out war against the male in every aspect of their , now, bullied lives. The liquor stores and Planned Parenthoods planted in our poor neighborhoods like damned farmers market stands on a holiday weekend.

Dear heavens, half of these “geniuses” couldn’t and can’t keep their traps shut for half a second over bragging over their proposed methods. Afflicted by the very same conditions as a portion of the “diseased’  they claim to “care for”, they are notoriously saturated with smug “genius” and way too much narcissism to help themselves.

No damned common sense on top of it all.

We can see the obvious ripping up of nearly every single tradition or “rule” we used to cherish or (once and ever-loving again) forced to uphold; not that long ago neither.
Nobody is that blind. If someone is, it doesn’t give anyone the  right to bring more confusion and disorder to a society they expect to do their bidding`. For all the talk of “perfect worlds and satisfied people” they somehow completely left the idea of “happiness” out of the equation.

An idea that should  be perfectly understood when one considers all this “lovey dovey” beep- beep that’s being hustled over “respecting the dignity of our developmentally disabled.”

Here..links to a eugenicist’s view or two on different suggestions on how to “handle the low IQs”-I’ll assume that’s Me and You.

They may offer some clues to some on a few unanswered questions..and introduce a few people to the perfect model of what it truly means to be pathologically afflicted by a  lack of empathy.

Click to access Population.pdf

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