this One Question

I only have
this one question.
Does the door swing both ways in this “training to detect and find ASD children”, or whatever it’s called….

Do we get to investigate and scrutinize each detail of the lives of those who visit our homes and those who call the shots from the office?


Do we get to have a summary of their personal drinking habits, who they live with, what they eat? Don’t we have the right to know if  an active schizophrenic could be writing reports concerning what she “sees” while handling our case? Or is that just taking this “I thought you swore that I was an equal too” thing a bit too far?

I mean, if we’re going to play this whole ” continuing to poke noses into people’s personal lives uninvited” thing, shouldn’t we be given the opportunity to evaluate whether these people are qualified to our satisfaction or safe to have around my children?

These folk might have degrees and various slips of paper indicating academic talent, but maybe they too suffer from mental deficiencies that are going undiagnosed; the more elevated their influence, the worse it is.

Just as it’s important to “protect” our society from the “illnesses”…then maybe the same can be said for us, individually.

Maybe we have the same right to investigate the monitors, therapists and doctors whose occupations involve the ferreting out our alleged mental flaws, the reporting of them and the monitoring of them?
Who knows, that’s why I asked
this one question.

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