Unfair Like That

Unrecognizable girls play video game with joystick

Unfair like that
What kind of Unfair do I mean?
When you’re on the field of battle with armor and weapons
modified to the teeth. A couple of cheat codes stashed away for
a couple of peeks. And maybe a sweet and sleek joystick outfitted
with so many shortcut keys that the brain boggles over why
anyone would even try to take you on.
When the one in front of you hasn’t even been playing
for a year yet. Where the skills have no chance of squaring
with best intentions.. no matter how many prayers are prayed
swear words are sworn or how many tears are shed.
And you answer the same question you could
have sworn you answered way too many times already.
When you fail to remember or care this was a game set to co-op.
For teaching and learning. For laughing and bargaining. Seeking. Discovering.
the biggest kick you find is visualizing the defeat and frustration
on the face of someone you plan to mercilessly stomp
with their hands tied behind their back..
That’s the kind of Unfair that I meant.


photo By igor_kell

written by Ramsy

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