Flip Flops and Baggy Pants

Dirty feet of a man wearing flip flops on the old stone floor. Bologna, Italy
Warning; the inserted slideshow of pics could be best described as looking like a sort of pornographic Ad-libs.


It didn’t come from some lo grade amateur video or some rogue adolescent site.
It lives in the body of a recently updated federal 2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States
covering pages 347-348-349-350- and 351. (I wasn’t interested in the “wall/National Emergency” puppet show and decided to scour for recent changes behind the stage.)

There is no excuse at all to have stretched out this so-called “sample” over the course of four to five pages as was done-not unless you were a pre adolescent Beavis and Butthead sort of child. If any of us were to post one eighth of those words in public, how fast do you think the All Mighties wrath would have taken to inform us of our breaking some “sacred TOS”?



My eyes didn’t exactly sizzle and nor did I utter some squeak of shock. Considering the system at large, it’s been a consistent drag through the mud on all levels.
We’ve got our Online Officers huffing  over how “bad” we are or how “inappropriate” our posts are by banning us like we’re subjects to some arcane and hypocritical order; yet (as I’ve proven earlier) we can write and rave “Kill the old white man” all damned day..and no one says “boo”.
And, obviously, we can have this shameless garbage as well.

(If you can’t enlarge the slideshow, refer above to “Courts Martial” link and the pages specified.)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s another example of the embarrassingly juvenile nature overseeing our important documents-a la “CDC Zombie Apocalypse” garbage.

And it’s another example of the soft tyranny we exist under.

Where the authorities and their lackeys jam our cheeks to the coals with one hand, digging their claws into our neck with the other …..straining to make us “act right”.
While in the meantime, with nearly every law of “decency” or “respect” we are intimidated under… there are some grade A gutless wonders chortling over yet another very unnecessary and decrepit example of their freedom to do as they wish. No class, no restraint. no…(once again) common sense. Yet, we’re getting accounts banned and being dogpiled upon and humiliated for every little infraction.

It’s like being a daughter chastised into being prim and proper with smacks and punishments, by a mother who wraps her legs around a stripper pole each night for dollar bills and free drinks. In other words.. massively hypocritical.

The biggest laugh? Immediately following this choice example given of an illegal sexual harassment scenario is a section addressing the punishments for “Obscene” materials (outline in red); for us “little folk” no doubt..the lords and ladies (obviously) may choose to be as obscene and out of hand wherever and whenever they wish in the public documents.
It’s about time these political officials (senators, reps, all of them) just take Casual Friday throughout the entire week. Seriously. It embarrasses me watching them on the screen in their fancy “distinguished” suits. For what? The illusion of “respect”? The illusion of “sophistication”?
Flip fops and baggy pants. That’s the only “uniform” that should apply in this doltish and laissez-faire kingdom of theirs.

photo By Davide Zanin

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