False Signers

Silhouette Body hand language, I LOVE YOU, Hand signed at Sunset
That’s strange.
In a country where we blow our tires out over what chickens are tortured in what cages
and how we whine about all other trivialities…
I don’t recall if there was much said or done about three
humiliating demonstrations of THREE people bold enough to shame themselves and the entire deaf community by executing fake signing during three very critical news events.
the first one
second one
the one most of us heard about
Was anyone forced to  shame him or her self with a public apology?
Anyone lose their jobs? Maybe even their online social accounts?
Anything? Nothing?
Still no love for our deaf brothers and sisters like a hundred years ago, or what?
Or are we still infected by snide intellectual  eugenicists insistent upon as much control and sarcasm as their conditions allow?
Surely SOMETHING resulted from these cases of high mockery and sarcasm…with all the care and concern floating about, no?

photo By Naruchol

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