It’s About Our Children. That’s All.

In the article there is  information (including 2012 stats) on our staggering and rising infant mortality rates, compared to other countries.

And it addresses the fact that our country requires the highest amount of doses of vaccines (26 at the least by now) before a baby turns one year of age.

Even pre-mature babies..who are at elevated risk in the first place.

Something we should all be aware of in the midst of these hurried and “urgent” state encouragements for vaccinations and  harassments by our own neighbors and so-called friends… which have been pouring through BEFORE current measles outbreak.

It should at least help some understand that claiming a so-called ‘anti-vaxxer”s reluctance is  about “Big Pharma” profits.. is about  as foolish and insulting as it gets.

Nobody cares about corporate greed that we can’t do anything about.

To believe there are ANY  corporations out there without it is to either be dangerously naïve or visiting from another planet and unfamiliar with how the human animal operates.

We care about our children. It’s that damned simple.


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