Update for : What These Cowards Do

These are the things that cowards do.
Cowards which have been killing me and my kind
And the cowards who do and are the same for you.

First of all..
They continually and repeatedly tell lies.

They also hide behind , or hide within groups of, bodies of those who need the most help and suffer the most pain.
So that they may cocoon themselves with pity and gracious assistance
meant for the “displaced”, the “disabled” and the poor..while they continue to carry out their dirty deeds unnoticed.

The following concerns an example of game playing that they always do.

Their practiced habit of talking to one group and painting the worst pictures of that group to yet another group that they play for fools.

Setting fires between us, based on lies that does not represent the true feelings and thoughts of either side.

How they’ve been doing with blacks against whites, women against men, gay vs straight and upper middle class against the poor.

The telling of two different tales for the understanding of one story.

In the topmost excerpt, you can plainly see the encouragement, the hope and happiness which they suggest that our growing numbers mean to them. From a World Health Organization’s conference from 1998

Yet clearly, (from the following 1995 United Nation’s conference and representative guidebook to population reduction book “Population Bomb”) one can confirm that our growing numbers were nothing and are nothing but a “scourge”…a “plague”…and a dire problem which needs “fixing” by all and every means necessary.




By the same authors.
By the same institutions.
Within the same years-save the 1968 book.

While simmering underneath it all is the exact same vitriolic hate that they spend incredible amounts of money pretending to “eradicate” and “address”.

Spoken to both sides of the fence- those who were encouraged to trust the promises of their “positive helpfulness” and those those determined on eradicating the very subjects who exist under the exaggerated umbrella of this “positive helpfulness”.

It’s how  single courses of programs and “laws” forced upon us and set by unelected “officials”…on top of an ocean of deaths and disfigurements that continue to this day…..came to be set loose upon an entire world.

By “hot shot” cowards whose dirty little footprints and blatant contradictions exist on many more documents than their dirty little fingers can hide or destroy.

Such is the arrogance of them because this is what they do.
Cowards which have been killing me and my kind.
And the cowards who do and are the same to you.

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