Ehrlich, Shmerlich

If these were , to any degree, saner days..I’d get a kick out of how a few talk show hosts are mentioning Ehrlich’s name these days.

As if pussyfooting around in our hamster cage and talking about how a man got his facts wrong about a lousy overpopulation prediction is “oooh….” supposed to rile us up and bring us some comfort of how attentive these hosts are to our woes and concerns.

If these hosts TRULY had so-called intentions to help inform us, they wouldn’t be ignoring that the entire book he and his wife wrote contains the instructions of our doom; a certified handbook from instituting the earned tax income credit to the finer points of international cooperation on thinning our “lowly lay herd”. “mysteriously”, those points don’t get play…anywhere.

He’s an old bastard who’s highly respected and has led a charmed and protected life..because the majority of “human beings” running this show are in full support and agreement of this wretched mess. So, enough on him. Bully for his role in it all. May he enjoy the rest of his water fetching days munching on popcorn and getting the most of our deaths and suffering through the dawning of his gloriously dark vision of hate for the poorest and most “detestable’ of the old man can rest so much easier with the elbow room our absence will provide.

And may he be reincarnated as a young minority girl who has to struggle to maintain her dignity, protect her own life and lose most of what she wasn’t “supposed to have anyway” throughout an entire demeaning and sarcastic system of academic elites painting the ugliest and most degrading portrait of her.. as I have. And may he fail, struggle and agonize the entire way through, just as I and millions of others have, because every single card was stacked to the rafters.. with super glue in between.

Here is but one reference that will give even the dullest ones amongst us a little clue as to how many corporations are determined to finish creating this entire world into a gruesome “utopia” of enslaved and mechanically run human beings.

So..we can stop wasting our precious time cranking our necks to look at some creature who is very likely more than  happy to serve as a sole distraction for the “idiots” to grumble at, while the most important work (nearly finished as 2025 creeps up on us) continues under our billions of noses.

Times should be better served by preserving our individual comforts, loving one another and surviving through what these ice veined beasts “need” to accomplish.


or try this link…

Sorry…looks like they went kaput.

All right then, put in the keywords

“Global Health Innovation Registry ” (associated with World health Organization)

in your search bar…and you can soak up the glow of some more high and mighty elites who think themselves heroes of the age.. (You’ll need Power Point to read it) can be seen in the “touching” quote which they express over the possibility of “if they are wrong” Ehrlich did in his book over “if he was wrong” and how heroic his efforts would be anyway.

Never mind little ole obstacles like the safety and happiness of billions of human beings, it’s the effort that counts.





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