I AM a Woman

I am a woman.
Because I gave birth to babies from my body,
I am most certainly so.
But I’m also a woman for other reasons.

Not because I was punished and humiliated and
dressed like a boy and my hair cut short
as punishment by a mother
enraged over my “boyish” behaviors.

In a time where I wished myself dead every time a spitball
splatted onto my face, after some jackass in school reminded me of how ugly I was.
At a vulnerable time of a young girl’s life.

Not because I dressed and played the role of
the drunken slut as a teen. Looking real “cute” at the time. Allegedly.
High heels and spandex.
Umpty years ago.

And not because I was told more times than other girls
What a disappointment I was when I got a little older
and a lot fatter.
As a woman.
How I didn’t tell jokes like a woman.
Or speak like one. Or hold the same interests.
And in the most humiliating times, how I didn’t dress right
or keep organized well enough. Like a woman.

And it’s most certainly not..
God and damned it…not when I still have the nerve to come home from the store
(Or the casino)
to hide my face and weep hysterically until it feels
as if my heart will break.
Because a man had looked me in the face and said
“Oh excuse me, Sir” ..every once in a rare while.

I am a woman.
And I don’t have to prove it to anyone
And I shouldn’t have to declare it to anyone.
And I damned well am not obliged to uphold, respect
nor approve of the constricted and insulting spaces these
hateful masters associated with the United Nations have been herding us into.

not if their forebears are the animals
who did this to us.

Screwing with our genders. Our bodies. And our DNA.
Sentencing us to lifetimes plagued by deviations,
confusions, conflictions and personal persecutions.

Some of us forced to remain silent about deeper and darker set
tendencies. Ones that reared their spiny heads before we could
even string sentences together as children.

Like being born a little girl who horrified adults
by stripping her Barbie dolls
naked and imagined them being kidnapped and beaten.
Though I was a little girl. Who grew up to be
A Woman
who ended up being assaulted a couple of times in
mercifully much less severe ways.

Especially if their monstrous and arrogant forebears fashioned studies.. Falsely.
And swore up and down about countless “academic facts”.. Falsely.

Especially when

by the whim of their stinking heap of egos , they took the irreversible
steps for the lives of millions of us
to be lived in the miseries which they are,
have been and always will be unless we stop them.

I am a woman and I have more than earned the right to be
considered one.
But it will be a cold day in hell when I allow yet another
Human being like myself
to bully or punish me for not respecting His “right” to be addressed
as such.

I don’t need to say nor do anything.
Because we can both bash heads and exchange
our heart wrenching
crybaby stories all day and all night. Long.

And there’s another section of Hell, a few degrees colder still,
where I will remain quiet about how wrong it is for these biological terrors
to continue, without having my say in a world which belongs to ME
As a Woman.


when my own life is a protected paradise compared
to the mutilated and mauled women across this world who have suffered
MUCH more under the United Nations/CDC scientists, clergy and billionaires decisions



to do as they continue to feel
they have the right to do with our biologics. Our bodies. Our DNA.

Through forced sterilizations and ongoing and excessive doses of hormones, without our

knowledge, never mind permissions.

For generations. To this current threshold of our  ruination

And it needs to stop.

Them being allowed to not only mold, but to mislead and manipulate everything to do with how our bodies develop…
The worshipping, bowing and giving of trust to these animals and the not standing up to them…
Because now it’s getting out of hand, not simply with ongoing regularity, but with increased intensity.
As any sane grown Woman, Man and the “rest of us” are damned well aware of.

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