How Can They Act Like That?

Ya, ya, I is unbelieveable.
How they’re behaving on camera. Grinning. Spinning. Joking and cackling.

It’s gotten to the point that I don’t even see them in their big dollar suits.
I can’t. The image that automatically pops up is a bunch of punks hanging around the local bike shop.
Not a bunch of fine looking kind of young “Brando” types, but a pack of ripped jeans, dusty sandals with their long and grime caked toe nails sticking out on top. Chawing gum with their mouths wide open and snort laughing each time they see a pair of shorts or poor “dork” they’re about to hone in on and harass.

I made a point to a friend the other day, to try illustrating what’s going on.

She kept exclaiming surprise over how our officials are acting in front of us. I said it’s simply a matter
of what’s common in the world of bullies.

I told her that their targets are usually those with learning impairments or younger and slighter in build.
More often than not, they (the punk bullies) know that they can beat these targets pretty much at will, without being stopped.
They’re usually popular children.

They are most definitely mostly upper middle class to rich children who turn into brats-to be fair for the decent rich kids.

These kids get away with murder when they are younger and the privilege never ceases being at their disposal.

Most of them, never did an honest day’s work and nor did they have to.
If they had a responsible (though hard nosed) and highly successful father while growing up, he would have tried to get them to work in order to learn some values and develop at the very least, a half ass appreciation for what most of the world has to endure for survival.

If one happens to see one of “us” by their side, it’s usually someone who had a pretty rough go of it in life and/or has criminal elements in their background.

It ensures that moral judgement won’t ever be an issue, when he’s finally “one of the big boys”. And if their initiate does mature to improve his character to respectable levels, record of a tainted past can always be used as some sort of regulating tool for whatever reasons.

Two examples, Gates and Jobs.

Two genius type ‘autistic’ kids who got into criminal hot water as teens and ended up becoming societal “Masters of the Universe”.

As an outcast as a child, I would have done anything for the “cool kids” to look my way with more than repulsion and smirks. I’d be the biggest liar in history if I were to say I was that mature or strong enough to reject whatever admiration or exchanged favors they offered. At that time in my life.
It’s understandable, is what I’m saying.
When one looks behind the curtain to see tens of thousands of us slaving away, working through immense workloads and doing the bidding of the mere hundreds of ne’er-do-wells of the world. Fiddle this, fudge that, write this, kill that..etc.

Without us questioning. Or without truly understanding the clues and suspicious wrongdoings we may notice.

Mistakes and hints easily explained away with promotions, “warm” smiles and extremely well-acted “concern” and “comradery”. Things which even I experienced in great volume while working on criminal traveling sales crews in the 80s.

Back to the “inexplicable” crudeness and rudeness they now display without care in front of billions of eyes.

It the equivalent of the bully’s finger stabbing you in the chest, his  fetid breath wafting out inches from your trembling face and saying..
Ya? So? What are you gonna do about it? Huh? Gonna go cry to your Momma?”
(stab) “The Momma I sold for six bucks at your family picnic last night?
(harder stab) “Go ahead, dumbass, go I can whip your ass some more
(shove to the ground).

That’s what that is, I told my friend.

They/we have already established that our society worships them.

If not per party loyalties then for something we can relate to within our own lives.

Although I was young throughout that stupid “rock-the-vote” embarrassment of Clinton getting elected, I was highly ashamed and annoyed by how many older adults I saw slapping knees and grinning appreciation over how “cool” he supposedly was.
The fact that so much was made over him simply playing a saxophone was nothing but a grade A embarrassment; realizing how such little and insignificant things could impress people twenty or thirty years older than me. It was simply jawdropping to even hear excuses made over the rape allegations and assaults dogging his campaign steps; by poor undereducated admirers desperate to finally find “someone like them” to finally “care”.

It was worrisome; watching this go down amongst my “elders”.

(But that was years before I came to understand what mercury could actually do to a human being’s brain. Never mind media’s non-stop flooding of sub-standard behaviors molding and conditioning each generation successfully.

In combination, the most heinous and cowardly way to disable/influence entire societies.

No different than GHB slipped into young victims’ drinks for the purposes of assault. 

And it’s the most important thing we must remember as the frustrations and mental disease related troubles rise significantly over the next few years.)

I suspect it is the same type of disgust and disappointment my own children’s generation may feel towards us and our stubborn insistence on believing that these “two parties and two networks” aren’t just what they are-ONE mindset and ONE united unit playing both sides of the fence and playing our grinning and loyal faces for fools.

Over the course of decades, many boundaries have been pushed as far as violations of our constitution goes.

They’re guaranteed that we “as a people” haven’t and won’t do anything to correct them. With every major “grassroots” gathering or protest (from the “Million Man March” to “Occupy Wall Street”) created and financed by them..we are left with nothing we’ve created for ourselves.

In matters of personal choices and our outward behaviors towards one another, we’ve proven to not be as united as we’ve been boasting about.
There are a lot of reasons why they show no respect and give no thought what-so-ever to us witnessing their rude and overboard behaviours.

Because we are “not worth anything” in their opinion and obvious actions.

With so many of us having been affected by chemicals and ‘games’ set into place for generations, their attitude reflects the supreme confidence of this being so for each and every one of us.

With them each considering themselves superior exceptions, of course.

When you visit someone’s home that has been tidied up, with fresh cake and coffee on the table for you, with the host or hostess dressed very means they care about what you think and wish to do well by you.
When you visit a home, you were invited to, and the house is still littered with last night’s kegger and trash all around, with the host or hostess strolling up, scratching his or her backside and tossing you a half-eaten pack of crackers, to tell you to “pop a squat wherever”.. with a blech to punctuate this “charming” greet…
It means they don’t care what you think. No matter how uncomfortable you feel. And consider you so hard-up for company or hold them in such esteem that you’re not going to do anything but pop that squat and keep your mouth shut about it all, anyway.

It’s nothing to get forlorn and upset about. It’s something to be angry about, but not in a disappointed and shocked child sort of way.

When bullies see tears or hear that high-pitched questioning in the frantic “Why are you doing this?”, it thrills them. For some, it’s a cry from a “well deserved”  kick to the groin of a society they’ve been abused by and/or simply hate on some “intellectual superiority” trip.

Others, I’m sure, may laugh because they are surprised at how “easy” it’s been; exploiting our anxieties, our learning disabilities and the heavy workloads we suffer under which leave us no time to investigate the political problems…liars, thieves and whores took vows to take  care for us.

It would behoove us to work on absorbing this stark reality as soon as possible, to be able to accept it without exposing our surprise, because they don’t deserve to get any more kicks than they are already getting.
They have cleared entire streets in countries all across this world, while herding us through a dry run of the martial law about to be dropped upon us..on nothing but words spoken by stone faced and emotionless spokespeople from the United Nations/CDC beamed over the waves of a media vomiting propaganda and kept fat on U.N. warm fuzzies.

The ones who have been harassing us into injections and gathering our DNA. To mention a tiny fraction of their assaults.
That alone, I’m sure, gives a few of them violent giggles in the tum tum.

That is, if they were programmed for laughter in this insane “robots taking over the world” sci-fi turned fact idiocy.

Minding one’s manners is the easiest thing to do.
Especially if one is used to having elaborate and high-profile dinners with leaders of the world and attending exclusive cultural events.
The fact that these “upper class” officials are as sloppy and nonchalant as they are, means that a good portion is being done on purpose. To provoke us, on top of the natural glee bullies derive from the whole torture experience.

We can at least go through whatever we have to, as adults with composure, strong enough to face what waits for us ..making sure we don’t get taken for fools again along the way.

Who knows, if done well enough, history may even remember us as the “better men” compared to these chuckling packs of low-class hyenas.
The ones  just itching to hear another one of us whine out in alarm questions that they take great delight in being the only ones knowing the answers to.

Or so they may choose to think.

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