A Thing or Two Worth Thinking About

For those who imagine or fantasize that “there will come a day” when all baddies will be rounded up and made to atone for crimes long done..
Or for those who harbor the hope that the world will see some sort of remorse shown or the “shame” on a lot of main players’ faces.
I believe it is a fantasy that is well worth stashing away, if not completely trashed.

Just in case we do (we will) find the peace and security to conduct our lives without interference. Pain. Uncertainty. And way too much hate.
We need to accept, now, that there will be no remorse shown.

And we need to start on the “good foot” again by realizing that no body of us should be allowed to expect anything, outside of laws, from anyone on this earth.
If we plan on doing this right, we will have given up this foolish insistence that other human beings “feel” certain ways over things.

If the world rights itself, it would mean that those who brought about our calamities would  be experiencing justice from a higher authority.
It also means that we’d be healing, across this world, on many different levels.
Healing which will include nothing less than a return to understanding a human’s thoughts, reactions and opinions are his and his only to own. Every individual.

For we’re not bound to forget (ever) how it turned out by letting “some” get away with things while “others” were not allowed to expect the same, on the automatic basis “study” of their gender, their color or financial status.

Cold stares of defiance.
Raucous and occasional laughter from the courtroom (or from floating holographic balls where trials may be viewed in the far flung future) under a  blanket of pure and psychotic “whatever“ness.
That’s what I’m certain would be evident.
If one needs an example of how very deep it goes, all one needs to do is look at the face and the missing hands of this woman.
A woman who could not bear a child in Africa-one of the more notorious places where our masters of the universe have forced sterilization upon human being women.
The fact that they can look at this woman, knowing that they are more than likely responsible for her fate, and faceless more women, being attacked for not bearing children, to go about their constant and big worded business about reducing the population- as if we were a factory pumping out too many bags of pork rinds…instead of human beings, like they seem to regard themselves to be…
It’s all one needs to know of their apathy and interspersed hate; whether they are heirs to or groomed into it.

Just like this following example of another forgotten young woman in history.

A young girl caught up in the grind and gears of old masters of the universe, also afflicted with abysmal lacks of empathy.
Those who chose to glorify and make heroes out of tormentors and rapists, instead of lifting a finger to stop horrors in the first place. Many times, encouraging them. All the time, profiting from them.
The following is an excerpt from one of the tales about the British hero, Sir Francis Drake. It’s about a slave girl repeatedly raped on his ship, who was left fully pregnant and marooned on an uninhabitable island.
“The same care was not evident in Drake’s treatment of Maria, an African woman taken from a Spanish ship captured off the Nicaraguan coast on 4 April 1579. Drake’s former steward and sworn enemy, William Legge, described Maria as a “proper negro wench” and reported that she “was afterward gotten with child between the captaine and his men pirates”.
Drake had no children with either of his wives, and may have been impotent, so it is unlikely he was responsible for getting Maria pregnant. We will probably never know whether the father was one of Drake’s crew, a Spaniard, Diego or one of two other African men who had joined the ship. What we do know is that on 12 December 1579 Maria was marooned, heavily pregnant, on Crab Island, Indonesia.”

(full article here http://www.mirandakaufmann.com/bbc-history-magazine.html)

As in both cases of our all-powerful masters, from different centuries, they both suffer from gracious amounts of “couldn’t-give-a-sh-t-less” ness.

It does nothing but break the heart of mothers and fathers alike, when they wait, desperately, for the monsters who took everything away from them, to at least look as if they want to apologize.
Sometimes, they search angrily for signs in a criminal’s actions, looking for that flicker of remorse in cold and often sphincteric eyes.
And all they get is mockery. Silence.
It hurts like no other thing can. It’s like a punch on top of an existing bruise.

We need to try avoiding that disappointment now, for as long as it takes for us to learn and embrace it.
Considering how many ways we’ve been hurt, incredible lengths of times and numbers of places affected…it took an unacceptable number of willing human beings to allow these evils to exist and continue; we’re not exactly dealing with anything resembling humane nor sane people.

It will save us much grief, surrendering the desire to see..anything…from them…if the day ever comes.
Besides, that day coming into existence at all would be a miracle in itself.
As a matter of fact, if the day dawns further down the road than expected, wouldn’t it be an absolute and glorious beauty of a thing if we easily ignored their processes all together?
If we didn’t waste our energy to see their faces on screens. If we switched the channels or ignored their activities period. To cease breathing their names into the air and polluting our psyches.
As if they didn’t matter.

Even in what once would have been considered “world breaking and shaking news.” When they’ve done enough breaking and shaking to last a few lifetimes already.

It would be as if the entire world had reached the same conclusion. About there being more important things to attend to or more beautiful things to focus upon, than creatures who’ve spent entire life cycles making sure that our lives weren’t worth living as we needed but as only they wished, demanded and tricked us into.

How fine would that be, as if they were nothing more significant than a few weeds withering on the outside borders of a damned fine and vibrant garden?
Now, that to me would be an apropos and poetic conclusion-robbing them of that final snide certainty of our
“predictable animal behaviors”; still sadly prone to pressing our wet noses against the windows begging for a peek at everything they do.
A somber silence and zero historical acknowledgement (save for the crimes themselves) would do just fine, I think.

For the regaining of our dignity and leaving them without a single additional tribute to theirs. Ever again.
With the rediscovered right to dislike what one can easily avoid without causing harm and the right to choose one’s own company-without being threatened by hostile forces who insist on being included just to be close enough to harm us and not do right by us.

It could be part of an ongoing and silent tribute made to those who died needlessly along the way, in choosing to mute our energy towards them.

It could also be part of healthy exercises readily engaged in; education about forgiveness, humility and the setting of sensible limits for a new and salvageable world.

Either way, it’s well worth considering.

Letting go of that final betrayal re: the “certainty” that any human being or society meant anything to institutions which tore it apart wholesale. Or dropping that belief on “some deep level” of most of them surely caring.

On N.P.R this morning, there was a discussion which touched on how long it took for school children to recover from forced shut downs of their schools. It takes an average of two years , the studies allegedly show.
Examples included children greatly stunted and affected from genocides and the disruptions of their routines.

The host made a brief mention of how our situation is not as extreme as a genocide and that , “of course”, this pandemic situation isn’t that.
According to those who made their vows and set about their business, yes, it has been a slow and purposeful “genocide” of specifically targeted “undesirable elements”.

In spite of them now marking the remaining time of our “doomsday clock” in the language of seconds “before midnight”, it has been centuries long running in which they’ve been plying their hateful trades in human misery.

It means our healing will take a fair amount of time as well, but can be made much quicker the sooner we grieve the loss of those “assurances” which were, apparently, not there in the first place.

(Ironically, it’s advice which is right in line with what the many tentacles of their “female empowerment” propaganda has been hounding and washing into us about “abusive men” and boyfriends.
About how it’s “not love” if they treat you in abusive and forceful ways
and how you must do all you can to” ignore him” and the rest of that psychological ya-ya they’ve spun.
A little something that I wish that every teen and adolescent young woman “women’s rights” trainee would take serious time to compare; the stark similarities which The System has with a…
…slip-things-into-the-drink, date raping, money controlling, publicly humiliating, have to know where you are each minute of the day, your body is mine, I can read your private mail, smack across the mouth for speaking back and smack round the back hand way when she gets up to defend herself …sort of abusive spouse. Especially when all the world is blinded by his “charm” and with how much smarter and more important he seems than you.)

So, there we go..two things worth thinking about.

All that’s left to do.. the actual thinking part. From all of us.

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