Two Horrors. Same Symptoms. And Clarification.

Because we may want to be careful and not confuse issues further
by mistaking one set of symptoms for the other-since the symptoms are so similar to one another.
Because some of us may be confused , having already suffered these exact symptoms from radiation treatments, and not sure where to draw the line in the process of determining whether we have the COVID “virus’ or not.

I realize our increased cases and deaths from massive doses of radiation poisoning doesn’t mean anything to those important enough to control our lives.
I’m a big “girl’. I savvy that whole “so what” deal.

Besides, nothing says “Big whoop” much more than what’s ‘said’ in this little video- as to what our lives and health have ever meant to anyone as far as radiation “risks” are concerned.

A few of us may still be interested in these facts.
That is, if we’re not too busy flapping our arms, avoiding eye contact or any number of “habits” our masters have defined as our compulsive and self- absorbed occupations or traits.

Heck, we could even find opportunity to ease the minds of those “paranoid others” who are frightened, terrified and anxious over the predicted mass exterminations of our lives. ..
A six-figure total which was dumped into our laps, as naturally as a cake walk announced as being cancelled, by well dressed smirks on a stage.

Maybe these poor souls can find comfort in being assured that our ends will be by the “natural” means of a virus that no one knows anything about…

..rather than some crazy and nightmarish notion that we’re being forced and held into place for sharply increased and purposeful dosing of additional radiation poisoning within our own homes.

As it appears that symptoms and illnesses are practically the same in both situations, simply to help ease the troubled mind..

a little clarification couldn’t hurt, either way.


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