No Doubt About It.

And the history books will record, the internet will forever provide evidence for..and we all must make sure to take sober note of, if merely to keep the peace within our lives and to navigate accordingly..let there be no doubt what-so-ever that our long planned “Police State” and “Martial Law” has begun in earnest enough fashion for more to witness.

More importantly, may we also take heart and comfort in the fact that we can catch glimpses of those who are risking all by standing up for what they know is right.

(Unless, of course, they are purposeful ruses to set staged and appropriate “examples” for the rest of us much smaller and less influential slaves.

But even so, an atmosphere of potential hope is loads better than without.)

Yet another “conspiracy theory”.. warned and persistently cautioned against over the course of five decades…revealed to be nothing but Fact.

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