“Pff” for the Week

I say it’s the “pff” of the week- the two articles at the end of this post combined.

Because it’s a wearisome joke repeated all throughout our shameful national healthcare management history.

The million dollar words and hopeful “plans and urgent actions” that are discussed amongst the huff-n-stuffs..over any major area of “concern” for us in the “Federal Family” that they had nerve to mention (double ‘pff’)…..

While our the illnesses climb higher, multiply and we continue to drop like flies in “unprecedented numbers” with
”no one understanding just what is going on”.

I deem it a “pff” because, when lined up with the countless other “societal horrors” and the patterns evident in tons of documents over the decades re: “actions” taken….citizens of the future are going to shake their heads in utter and pitying disbelief over how none of our more “rational” organizations or leaders managed to grow the material needed for the spines to address, confront and demand better treatment than the abuse and neglect the CDC and WHO were allowed to dole out.. in front of their awestruck and blinded faces.

Because hundreds of so-called leaders (across the WHOLE world, mind you) actually and truly chose to embrace tons of documents with loads of wishy washy “brain speak” and outward wishy washy promises….as being more important than billions of our lives.

While doing nothing except flashing those wooden smiles of “genteel understanding” and braying “soothing words of comfort”…when half of them understood the sum total of “zippo” cubed from those elaborate presentations.
That’s why.

No, I don’t find it “funny” in the least. But one can be sure that in the future (if our progeny regain ownership of their lives, minds and bodies) there’s going to be countless hands rushing to mouths, in enough amazement as to make them chuckle in disbelief, over the clear-as-day abundance of idiocy we’ve been forced to suffer..alongside a few “awws” regarding how bad off we were, having been rendered unable to “see it” at all.

( With each of us so “completely confident” of “surely, no one could have possibly ever fooled or lied to us so easily and for so long of a time. Could they??” with that “we’re too special” delusion we’re infected by..it was rather impossible to see any thing beyond the heft of our swollen egos and bulging heads anyway.)

Protecting People and Families from Radon: A Federal Action Plan for Saving Lives


Radon Deaths on the Rise: Why Are More Non-Smokers Dying From Lung Cancer?

Radon on Deaths on the Rise: Why Are More Non-Smokers Dying From Lung Cancer?  



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