And Furthermore..(W/ Mask Template)

It WILL be a cold day in hell before I consider myself obliged to a CDC which has allowed us to be mass sterilized, with the audacity to pretend they don’t know “how ever such a thing could be happening”

When it was presented as an order of duty for their population reduction plan in 1969.


Or the CDC which basically burped off the fact that our boys are growing breasts on their bodies and that people are killing themselves from the “black box” meds they allow to remain on our shelves.

While the Media does it’s level best to depict all women into He-males, men into eunuchs and try “disguising” the bio chemical damages done to us with fake “homophobia” alarm ringing and clumsy “setting things right” campaigns.

One of the most idiotic tactics on earth , when I remember there being no problems kissing my own girlfriend in public thirty years ago.

On top of that incredible “study” of there being “umpty-ump” numbers of genders other than two.

So yeah…NO, I do not trust the CDC and should not have to wear any thing from any law which they wave their sceptor in the air over.

But I have to. For now.


If you choose to print it out, feel free.

If you use a heat transfer kit, I’d suggest a quarter page set-up for printing out.

forced un adjusted



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