No Need to Feel Belittled


As rude officials keep scolding us for fighting the wearing of masks- forced upon us from

a clearly corrupt CDC

I present another reminder of the “fresh bill” from 2017, which was allowed to go stale.
The bill which would have freed us from obligation to United Nations’ supreme rule, by cutting all ties with the United Nations and the World Health Organization-the CDC.

A CDC which has fulfilled none of its formerly announced intentions.

(Unless, they were so bold as to announce this “control” as in “control to make worse”.)

“The CDC serves as the national focus for developing and applying disease prevention and control, environmental health, and health promotion and health education activities designed to improve the health of the people of the United States.”

A CDC that has “taken care” of this country- to the tunes of severely skyrocketed numbers of “unexplained” diseases which they continue to openly shrug shoulders over.
A CDC which is good for nothing but manipulating, insulting, lying to and destroying us..while our “leaders” continue stabbing us in the back and dressing us down like children.

For shame on every single official who dares to address us in the ways they do, in defense of this foreign usurper, when our sovereignty was the very thing they were supposed to protect; not flush it away based merely on the words of the last institution on this planet that should be trusted.
Most certainly NOT with the tones of voice that they use.

We are not wrong for fighting this travesty and there’s no reason to be “shamed” or belittled; apparently, men of highest positions also believed these people have no business telling us what to do.
The bill could have been a sick “tease” or a “joke”, one can never know these days.
The point is that it was written.

For a very good cause. To help save what remains of our “sovereign” RIGHTS.

And eventually, our lives.
The Bill…

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