A Readjusted Meditation to Share with Another

This started as a personal meditation, for the strength and solace I’ve needed to keep my spirits in proper order.

Having lost two of my last female confidantes on this Earth, I would consider it a blessing to set this out, readjusted to share with even just one other man or woman that may stop by and need the same encouragement. Additionally (because of the individual nature of the original), I appreciate your patience if it seems a bit clumsy at some sections. Thank you.

I say “Have Faith”…

Not with eyelash fluttering and a contrived nod of sobriety. That was taught to us by a Church that has used this to coddle the masses into false hopes, with guards down. From the ancient days where they stole lands, murdered people, stole those people, stole their children and forced them to worship the “god” they lie about serving, to this very day.

Each damned decade, solid, for 1700 years straight. Albeit not in the “quiet way” of today …as they continue to cower behind their UN protections.

When I say “Have Faith and be proud.” I don’t mean this exclusively for my country-the laughing stock and longest hunted prey. It’s for the World.

A place so awesomely large that any group of sane human minds would have to be severely broken to consider it only their “sole right and property”…and only their continued privilege to murder us, trick us, demean us, enslave and shame billions of us…by a paltry HUNDREDS of players.

Have Faith, without need for repentance. Because repentance is something invented by Man, in order to playact his role as your “divine superior” just that much more. And a true loving Creator would never ever compound his or her beloved child’s woes with the humiliation of needing to explain his actions…from a gift of free will which Spirit willingly gave..to You. And was the right of NO man to take as his own.

All that’s needed, as with all good parents (and even business partners, if one prefers) is an acknowledgement of what you no longer wish to be part of. An acknowledgement that you are well aware of the ones who lured you away, so that you can be spared being taken again. So that “air may be clear” from the moment you remember where you came from..and who loves You beyond all that we’ve ever been allowed to know.

Then..for You…not the world, not your neighborhood ..for neither monetary gain nor superficial vanity…you will feel welcomed back home in Your rightful place in Spirits favor…where you were never displaced from. Only hidden from. Intimidated away from. Deceived from. Stolen from. Raped and kidnapped away from.

Home where the true magic of what We can do will unfold.

ALL you need is Faith. Not with a half or doubting heart. Not with anxiety. Not with useless and unimpressive ego.

Know that there are tens of thousands of soldiers, fathers, mothers, neighbors, executives, beggars, rich and poor who are fighting, standing firm and maintaining their resolves as we sit here. In each country.

Know that each major news outlet and network of Media will NOT announce nor express these massive and multiple attempts…..because it would fill too many untold millions of us with the confirmed Hope and Faith that these criminals  have desperately, for decades, needed to exterminate by broadcasting the very same slanders and horrors repeatedly from each and every lair they’ve usurped. To heighten our “hopelessness” and exaggerate our weaknesses, while taking pot shots at everything we are and everything we’ve worked for.

It’s part of the reason they’ve put us on house arrest…and forbidden us to travel…even though they dare travel in the open as if untouchable and privileged nobles.As if this “virus” knows better than to infest their precious hides.

You don’t need their cameras….no more than you need their “approval” to remain alive…as long as you take a sincere moment to request help, to The One who honors You. As long as you maintain Faith. One can’t see clear enough to safety if one chooses to stay on the road that remains fogged with their deceptions and false “black magic”.

This Faith is a Faith in which many are risking everything for Us.

Faith that we will not be eliminated.

Faith that we will not suffer under this unnecessary cruelty for much longer.

Faith that was always taught to us by the wrong people…as they’ve never dared to completely eliminate all the world’s scriptures…but is a very real thing if only you say the word.

If not Today, then you try tomorrow. If not then, then the next.

When You are ready and able to witness what you need to see and experience the sort of subtle miracles of assistance that come naturally…on the power of not spells, candles, goo goo charms nor any other toys of insulting false hopes…but simply on the power of you knowing how cherished you have been, throughout all of the existences you have chosen.

They have fed our fears and have layered them with hysterically bad news in order to use the fuel of our fears against us for far too long.

No more.

Keep your heart open and know Who You are.

Keep the TRUTH of the world’s people’s struggle in the forefront of your mind and know Who your brothers and sisters are. With no more time to pussyfoot with bickering over colors..the salt which these criminals have kept rubbing in the wounds they inflicted , on every continent they’ve infested.

With NO more unjust suspicion against the Black, the White, the Jew, the Moslem, the Russian, the Korean,  the Gay, the Woman nor the Man…because they have been hiding heavily behind EACH of our skirts and mercilessly  using our People and pretending to be members of each group , knowing that as long as we only focus on the “enemy” in front of us…we cannot detect them sidewinding their way up to us from the back. Again, and again; with that ragged sheep’s pelt getting bloodier each time.

We can free ourselves and recollect ourselves into the groups we desire. For it is OUR children who have supplied all the talents, OUR families who built the magnificent walls of the homes they hide in and insist that we worship them from, it has always been US…as it is meant to  be for  US when we are finally liberated for the first time as a Unit. Across this world.

After we heal, we can find our ways back to negotiations, forgiving (very long and dedicated forgiving that should take no more than two generations to finally complete.

For Now..the ONLY thing we need to concentrate on is bearing down during this labor to birth ourselves the only New “order” that makes sense in this universe…and FINALLY shed the layers of horror we’ve been suffocated by for so long.

The mere faith and belief of billions, or mere millions…after tens of thousands of years…against hundreds of a visibly crumbling and rotted core…(that by all rights should have been destroyed on the single issue of our children being raped without a single one of them brought to account) never mind the innumerable crimes-  including wars they’ve sponsored and genocides allowed to play out across this world without a single stop nor solution…as the UN lied about and promised to accomplish  in its “job description” decades ago when they were illegally set in as our authority behind the scenes.

There could not be a

more solid base to ground this Faith. For the final stretches of this mess; a war waged against us, officially since the 300s A.D. means that we have already plowed through and survived the worst.

The only evidence they have left is a long trail of nothing but worsening death and destruction. For no “better good” and for no sane nor logical reasons, wrapped up and perverted within their purposefully overblown and hundreds of pages ‘laws’ and manic tendencies to proclaim themselves as being “higher than even all divine creatures.”

Let this be the seed that You plant. ..for Yourself. From Your perspective.

And Spirit, our Creator..of the universe, not simply this planet…will hear you and bring you the rest. For your life or for whatever else you desire.

You need only try and lose not a thing for this.

Have Faith.

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