The True Deal About My Man: And “That” Plea

I’m going to tell you about my Man. My Man as a collective unit comprised of countless individuals-if you wish.

I’m going to do so as part of a sincere, desperate, urgent, laughable, incredible

bid to try getting someone, of sufficient importance, to seriously consider ceasing the riding of my Man’s ass- at the expense of his health, his fortune, his happiness and all else that’s been allowed to be stripped and/or poisoned from and in him.

 Which has been done in the name of maintaining practices from an infernal “population program” (or series of them). Which, “weirdly” enough, are practices which can already be detected in Media that preceded the “program” by decades.

My Man has never told me that I was his physical ideal. Even though my Man, by the way, is the most handsome bundle ever constructed on this planet. In my personal opinion. So, much so that I’m not ashamed to admit that a teardrop or two wells up, when I think about our socio-political crisis. Because the face of the most beautiful boy in the Earth to me (always has been) is being presented in the role of “needing” and “succeeding” in destroying everything I ever knew as comforting and taking away every one I was ever lucky enough to have loved me. Could love me. Wanted to. And so on.

My Man would put up with hours of my tirades, my sobs, my tantrums and tiresome “little” moments I wouldn’t let up on the insults. Times where God even himself would have turned his head to the side, to guiltlessly ignore the fact that I got my face knocked clean off. Which is what I would have earned, back in the unfortunate days of my drunken and “Dearest Lord”  adolescence.

However, my Man helped me pick up the things I carelessly broke on purpose to spite him.

Just as he would hold his tongue, tears welling in his eyes because I was a drunken C enough to laugh about it all.

Because THAT is who my Man was. And very well still is, across this world.

He would never hurt you feel free to tell my daughters and thoughtless and selfish grown women.

But you know what? Even when he’s been out of hand and mercilessly cruel or hurtful? I will go as far as to say if his intents had been to destroy me..?

He is STILL my Man. MY man. Not Yours.

And if I happen to not fit his bill on the important sides or if he finds me more of an annoyance than intimate relations candidate, if he wants nothing what-so-ever to do with me, the declaration stands.

Because the “deal” has never had anything to do with me only needing him for my selfish whims through the favors and affections he spends.

The truest “deal” has had to do with enjoying the way he looks when he glows with happiness and how sexy his smile looks when he realizes he fixed something no one else in the world could.

It has to do with how that priceless stuff affects me and how much I would do just to see it on and in him again.

No matter what inspired him, nor with whomever he experienced these precious pleasures with.

It doesn’t have to be me. It doesn’t have to even include me, for Christ’s sake…

Just please….please….set him free so that I can enjoy seeing him in those ways again. Period.

Brimming with pride. Confidence to bursting. That kind of stuff.

Stop making a mockery and a grotesque exaggeration of everything He is. From the tender moments of him barely knowing his ABC’s  to mauling his developing stages of adolescence and tragically onward.

Surely, it can’t be that “too” of a “much” to ask. Or expect.

In a so-called “civilized” world.

Is it really too much to drag our lazy asses off of the intellectual high horses and read the words of a long ago UN conference, where a vast number of heads of State CLEARLY voiced concern over and ADAMANTLY voiced needing to avoid, the possibilities of blatant civil rights violations of men being forced into being the victims of discrimination. IS it that hard?

Are things so “far gone” that there exists either too much reputation or pride at stake with the eliminating of certain destructive things….that we’re going to continue abusing our sons?

Continue keeping any and all spirit strengthening messages out of the reach of our sons?

Continue ripping his future to shreds based solely on his inability to tell “Nature to go to Hell” and fail to fashion himself into a female? When it is all too clear that the majority of these decades of actions have been carried out in the spirit of mockery and with no beneficial results at all. Not “benefits” which hadn’t been already set up in place, planned and polished long before.

Yes, that’s my Man, to me.

And “that” plea again.

Either way, thanks a lot for sharing your time with me.

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