Doo Wop Ballads – VA

Being exposed to Doo Wop , as a Gen Xer, I had the blessing of a richer conditioning of my musical tastes. It’s just one goodie that came in the basket of benefits, spawned by the influences of an older parent (born in 1932).

Although, I do appreciate and enjoy many more eras and styles besides.

Being able to ignore the history of the specific propaganda re this era, I’m pleased (relieved) that it still reaches me and has survived as a genre I’m proud to claim as “my own” to still enjoy decades later. From my little girl days, when I spun in my room imagining only the sweetest and most inspiring stuff to it.

So…like a favorite love come back to me, where I’m able to ignore the attached hunchback to my darling’s frame..I’m pleased to lay this link down in hopes a modern youngster may discover it as a new pleasure.

I would also hope that he or she may appreciate knowing that our young men, at that time, had no problem spending good money on the sentimental stuff and had no “macho” hang-ups whatsoever for the women they only did THE very best to love and treat in the best ways.

For as I stated earlier..that was OUR Man and no doubts about it (when the fur and fury are long swept away) he will be again. Unmolested, uninterrupted and held even tighter than ever before.

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