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David Gahan

Every time I would lift my head, over the years..decades, and see this man perform-it was like hitting the light switch. From top to bottom, then to now..what a gorgeously brilliant man this one turned out to be. In more ways than one.  

Returning Little Girl

When you catch a long passed favorite song playing, it’s  like reuniting with a dear, old friend. You’re all  smiles and admiration over how it hasn’t changed one bit. Memories flood back, strung between first and last notes, of who you once were. Just as you remember each lyric and quarter beat, a song remembers…

Life Boat

It is amazing… How some songs, like the rarest of friends, come to you already aware of your dreams. This is one of my more cherished finds of a song. Good thing too, as I had to listen to it quite a bit during multiple edits. Thank you for taking the time.

Oath Keepers and Liars.

We need to be reminded that the Constitution is a very real thing. In it, runs the blood of souls who thought it was what they were dying for. Its roots are saturated by the tears of mothers whose children were forced to die for it, as well. The following video provides evidence of presidents…

Common Alien sense

 I couldn’t see things in front of my face, some times, if they were dipped in phosphorus powder. Live and learn, right? Take the UFO controversy. Believe or don’t believe… here comes a little bit of common sense figuring that  many of us should do. If you subscribe to the theory that a secret and all…

My September Eleventh Focus

The week of September 11th is coming upon us soon. I choose to focus upon this Loving Brother, Mr. Bill Cooper. I think about his prediction regarding an attack upon the American people, which came to be. I think about how he predicted his own death, at the hands of highest authorities. A death which…

Listening to the Music

Looking for a sweet little way to beat the blues? Make yourself a video. Listen to the Music (DJ Malibu Mix) The Doobie Brothers SOUNDTRACK Poem “Earth’s Heart” and video composition by Ramsy Video clip artwork property of @  

Most Willing to give a Damme

I thought I had to go to the ER, with the noise coming out of my mouth. It seems like it was real laughter…😄. Now THIS is a show worth watching. In my twenties, although Jean-Claude Van Damme was pretty ok in the looks dept., I appreciated the older man type with a little less…