Judy and her Rainbow

It’s a song that was her companion throughout thirty years of rainbows wished on from childhood to womanhood, I’m sure. As I’m sure it was with a good number of us as well.

Judy Garland singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow” at different stages of her career, starting with the “Wizard of Oz” introduction.


photo credit Pavliha

Tributes and Bargains

First, a couple of videos I enjoyed creating lately.

Lists of the masters who supplied music and art are in the description section and within end credits.

Then lastly, a bargain of sorts.

For each “Like” I’ll grant you 1/3 of a wish
and let you find what the other 2/3 are about.
For each “dislike” I will send you 1/3 of a curse
and won’t begrudge you your power to cancel it out.
Love, Ramsy.

Packets of Bad Seeds

These “packets of bad seeds” are films from the “Evil Child” genre, if you’ve got a taste for them.
They might even zing you with a bit of gratitude over your own “troublemakers” not actually being that bad.

Amazon’s Quirky Little Secret

There are fun little spots on Amazon’s site where the real life prices of some ordinary things look like they shot straight out of a fantasy video gaming auction house.

Enjoy the clown tracks.

World of Warcraft 7_28_2017 2_59_42 AMMicrosoft Edge 7_28_2017 3_18_17 AMMicrosoft Edge 7_28_2017 3_18_56 AMMicrosoft Edge 7_28_2017 3_20_12 AMMicrosoft Edge 7_28_2017 3_22_06 AM


photo art Credit:Franck-Boston


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