No Need to Know Basis

sad young woman with bad makeup and messy hair looking at herself in the mirror

There are so many odd little questions. Their oddness being the universality of their existence yet lack of resolution at the same time.
One example is when we demand to see the individual that our stray lovers take up with behind our backs. Women and men alike, insisting upon meeting and knowing the new love interests. Why?
It’s usually a shock to those of us, who end up confessing, as to why the one whose heart you just stabbed would take both hands and draw the knife even deeper into her/his own breast.

For many it is just not a remotely logical request of effort. Not when many are only prepared to expend the most precious energy of their lives.. begging on knees for that second chance.

They want to know whether you lied or told the truth when you professed your adoration and appreciation of their physical selves. If your new girl is a redhead with a wide backside and the ex is as well, then you’re in a better clear. She will spend a generous majority of her tears on how she “didn’t get it right.” If your love interest is a lanky, older exotic beauty from Sri Lanka, then the tears will be spent elsewhere. An odd  mixture-rage over wasted time and pity about how shabby of a lying creature you truly turned out to be.
Up to and beyond the ends of  relationships we forge, it’s usually that tedious “all about ME, me and me again” thing. In the midst of weeping over the loss of “love shared”, there we are. Straining for  that peek into the mirror. Sniffling and trying to rearrange the bloodshot eyes and raccoon mask into something more flattering. As if our “looking good” is all that matters; despite the pain for all involved and the fact that it’s a big honking lie.

There shouldn’t be any cause  for any man or woman to insist on knowing details or viewing an “opponent” who probably had no idea they were even in a battle to begin with. Such a mean spirited thing to do to oneself..
-either gauging the worthlessness of oneself and planning on the amount of self hate to carry.
-or gauging how much punishment to inflict and planning on how much additional hate to carry…as if the troubles that killed the relationship weren’t heavy enough.
There’s also no reason why we can’t try to find as many answers to the questions that pester us endlessly. Especially if it helps make a dent in that bone deep Selfishness..which seems to be running through us like
A Plague.

It IS Beautiful

It IS a beautiful life.
Why? because we have wriggle room.
There’s no absolute certainty for absolutely everyone.
Yes, there are predetermined abuses and inescapable pains, but that’s on us. The nature of this life, the very know it’s true. We see it in the ivy that practically bores itself to death by its set fate. We’re a whole heap full luckier than that.
Just because we choose to act ugly, that doesn’t mean that’s what life itself is.
It’s a gorgeous existence when you consider how many choices we can actually make. All you need to do is look at one of the ways we practice choice. Let’s say..the miracle known as Forgiveness. The ability for us to forgive one another or simply ourselves.
If that wasn’t around?..THEN this WOULD actually be an actual hell-hole. An unbearable state upon the absence of ONE example of choice.
This life is stuffed with choice and opportunity for it. Like I said…BEAUTIFUL.
Which reminds me…
My favorite non animated film. from my iPhone

Sunny Sides Up, Up and Away

I thoroughly enjoyed making these…..

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And was completely charmed with another fellow crafter’s creations of these…


Mine are ceramic/resin Easter sunny side up pendants, while hers are Easter sunny side up centerpieces which you can find DYI instructions for at

Keep cool..neither projects are edible, just sweet.

The Obnoxious Holy


man makes a prayer with the Bible and with his hand raised*

I don’t think it’s a secret that many church goers hold themselves far above the rest of us. It’s in the way they peer at us with moist eyed pity if their hopeful “have you found Christ?” is answered with less enthusiasm than they desire. It’s in the way some lay their hands upon our shoulders, assuring us that god thinks “we’re okay anyway.”
On occasion, it’s with barely contained annoyance or anger if you happen to be caught, outnumbered in the midst of a herd.

I must admit there’s an impressive way they’ve been acknowledging past evil doings condoned by The Church throughout the centuries. They shake their head, with a ready and educated sounding apology for things done in the past. How much holier still they must feel outing their establishment to their modern siblings.
“See? Nothing to hide, but aren’t we all sinners in this world, capable of change, dear brother and sweet sister, amen?”

They count on news of a kinder and more ‘mature’ church being just the thing to draw the reluctant in. Yet, little is done to address the occasional social rudeness of the clique that persists to this day.

I will mind my words; I mean no disrespect for any human’s choice in general.
I will say, however, when I see that uppity harassment and belittling of us good folk who insist on being who we choose to be..a lot of them need a little hush time to be reminded of certain truths.
One of those truths is that their “state of grace” and world of judgement deserves no more respect nor heeding than what the “sinners” world has to offer.
I will say, without apology, that until they can root out  each grimy monster from the “hallowed halls of their superiority” the only decent thing for them to do is keep their unsolicited and overreaching opinions to themselves.

Considering each one of these creatures (article links at bottom of the page) were allowed to work their wicked ways while smiling their ‘pious’ smiles and impressing with their holy, deceitful words..I’d say the “high and mighty faithful” need a complete overhaul of their manners.
I understand it can feel really nifty being “above it all” in a divine teacher’s pet kind of way, sure. But when that purposeful blindness and exclusive ego results in our children getting brutally raped and murdered by one of their own, it’s a little more than a question of manners; it’s a flat out obligation.

There’s a little ditty about “glass houses” in The Good Book that may help tone down the obnoxiousness if reading the following examples doesn’t do it.
Sunday School Teacher raping/killing child
Infamous BTK serial killer

Wife murdered, stored in freezer by Preacher husband

* photo credit=

Like Billy said “You Got to..”

Old and Young

This is for those who don’t quite understand why you need to tell someone you love them or that you’re thinking of them.
This isn’t for the serial sex addicts who cast, catch and release when tired of their endless parade of playthings. The thought of letting a “playtoy” knowing anything is as absurd as packing a sack lunch for their jock strap.  I’m not hating, to each their own. May their tired mid 90s pick up  lines help secure the most severe cases of STDs that their delusional carcasses can handle before journey’s end. I wish ’em only the best.
Onward. For the rest….

It didn’t just make for a cute video. It’s solid and sound advice.

If you’re on that “Well, I said something six months ago, why ever would I have to say it again so soon?” kick…come on.

You know what sort of people automatically assume you love them without any words being spoken? Stalkers. The clinically insane who tend towards delusions and hallucinations in the course of their merry day. The “crazy eyes”.
They’re hearing and seeing that you love them all day, every day on the constant. They are convinced you “gave them a certain message” with your eyes along the way. For true love needs no words. Not when the message came over their iPod at 3 in the morning…in your voice.
Unless you are with a schizophrenic, I will assume you’re not. I will assume your girl or guy respects the fact that you are a human being with ever-changing opinions and entitled to deal with them as you wish.
I, for one, am not that big headed (or dense) enough to assume a better looking, all around more attractive prospect won’t ever appear on the scene. It’s a pretty big planet. I also don’t believe it’s my place to keep intrusive tabs on how my friend is doing as far as our relationship goes. Who the heck am I to naturally assume all things are as they were months or even years ago? That doesn’t say much for the regard I have on his or her ability to change on the whole. I also prefer to discreetly watch the clues that come from my partner and go from there. I don’t have to embarrass myself by risking looking insecure or a like a third grader by:
“Say, Joey…you still like me or what, huh..? “.

You don’t expect a deli hand to hound you if you’re trying to make your way quietly to the produce without saying anything to him, do you? The only serious noise out of him should be when someone steps up asking for some meat, right? No one wants to be chased along the counter hearing:
“Hey, hey…you want something don’t ya? I can tell , sure can, I’ll ring up some bologna. You look like a Krakus kinda dude, a pound of ham too..coming right up. No, nonono…don’t say anything, you are quite welcome. Come here…HEY!”
Naw. A world working on assumptions alone would be chock full of weirdness..and much busted deli face.

Any major shift  can usually  be interpreted as nothing but big trouble. Silence, by default, means there’s nothing left. How nice if you could relieve or help ease that burden of ‘not knowing’.
Now, if things change, yet you still feel the same joy over your beloved, those verbal reassurances will more than suffice until the pendulum swings back into rhythm. They are a merciful lot better than silence. Nobody feels so hot (even you, I ‘ll bet) being associated with some great Nothing. Well, nobody except for the Crazy Eyes.
They, unfortunately, may recognize the great Nothings as tantalizing evidence of the marriages you both shared from other lifetimes….or planets.

Reminding someone how they make you feel and why you’re with him/her , is internationally famous common sense. Consider it a log to throw on the fire, keeping the home warm, cozy and protected against that ..brrrrr..deep freeze outside.
It doesn’t have to be a Shakespearean concoction, all “twinkling eyes” and “hearts brimming full” about it. No need to throw an insult of phony placation on top of the injury of an unexplained Nothing.
Just the truth as you spoke it too long ago (assuming you were truthful at that time).
Like Billy said…

A Lifetime of Work: Maria Reiche

Maria Reiche.
Hers is a story of incredible dedication. As a mathematician and archaeologist Maria spent fifty years exploring and offering what have to be considered the most logical explanations concerning the legendary Nazca lines.
Unfortunately, whenever the subject of these geoglyphs comes up, it’s usually wrapped in lots of U.F.O. conspiracies and “mysterious messages from on high”.
It’s a prime example of our preference for the more fantastical rather than factual. No matter how impossible or illogical, we hold onto these theories and still have the nerve to continue groaning and pounding walls demanding “the right answers” -when an intelligent and well respected individual already invested an entire lifetime towards providing the best of those very things.
Blind stubbornness.
How indignant we are when anyone suggests we’re not as intelligent as we say we we’re eagerly spoon-feeding our young far fetched/half baked speculation in the course of “educating” them.

Read the following link for more information on Maria Reiche and her remarkable work.

Because We Love Them

Because the grief is no less devastating when a son is brutalized…

Because a brother can’t foretell the future any better than a sister when it comes to “knowing” what shadowy creep just caught his attention online…

If we can turn the volume down on the male bashing noises for a minute, it would be nice to make sure our sons are made aware of online dating  risks as well.

Because we love them. There shouldn’t be any other reason needed.

If we want to speak all things equal. A young man whose heart and life is every bit as valuable as the young woman we tend to overprotect, is owed nothing less than the same concerns for his safety.



The following articles are on brutal crimes committed against men through online dating.

photo credit=Dandamanwasch @iStockphoto

Right On, Mr Bolton

(laughed my butt off until tears popped out)
Right on, Mr. Bolton, right on..

Ohh, finally a Valentines show for the rest of us.

Mini Spot on.

The vid clip I found to make my nineteen second “doodle”=my day’s first chuckle.
I’ve lived my whole life as a female.  Recalling years of other gal pals’ relationships, as well as my own..seeing the reaction on that poor brother’s face.. I couldn’t help all.

Not one jaw is gonna drop in awe when I say that it has got to be the best representation of how the average American guy feels getting vacuumed into the vortex of a heated “discussion” with the average American gal..a LOT.
 I  do enjoy cruising the stock sites. They’re like the most mini of mini films, bless ’em all.

This video stock credit= podorojniy

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