No Time at All

(My variation = peanut butter, chocolate and white chocolate chips)
In no time at all, after making this super easy fudge recipe…
You’re either gonna
1-shock all the coworkers who thought you got lost crossing your fingers, never mind make THIS.
2-flood your girlfriend with huge relief after being convinced that you were good for nothing after all.
3-(if made for the first time) join the eternal guild of Magical Memory Makers in the delighted mind of your child.
Which reminds me..M&Ms? You have to try a batch with them in it.

Fletcher’s Apology?

Mayor Fletcher’s apology. Click link to read about it
“I am sad and disappointed to see conduct like this, when one person so dehumanizes another human being. This is not who we are, and on behalf of our community, I apologize to the two women who were treated in such a horrible way. I hope this video prompts many discussions among families as they gather for the holidays this week – discussions about basic human values, dignity and respect. As a country of immigrants, we must understand that we only move forward through peace, acceptance and embracing those who are different from us. These are basic American values protected in our Constitution, values embraced in this welcoming, compassionate community.”
Those were Mayor Fischer’s words on the woman who is now being intimidated and harrassed for shouting at people in a store. Rude people who acted very selfishly in the checkout line. Her words contain profanities and bigoted statements. She spoke in a loud enough voice to be heard by all in line. If I may be sarcastically creative, it was loud enough for at least five million folks to hear as well… thanks to the child who ran up to the Big House squealing “Daddy, Daddy Lookie what I gawt!!” and waving a recording of our sister in her hand.
Back to Fischer’s words..then mine.
“…I am sad and disappointed to see conduct like this, when one person so dehumanizes another human being…
How interesting, for I’m disappointed as well. Grown adults acting like excited children, talking about “criminal action” for what is most likely a grandmother doing her damndest to do right by her grandchildren for Christmas. The thought of this attention bringing woe to an American family within a Christmas week ..unforgiveable.
…This is not who we are, and on behalf of our community, I apologize to the two women who were treated in such a horrible way…
Bla,bla,bla. Then, in closing…
….As a country of immigrants, we must understand that we only move forward through peace, acceptance and embracing those who are different from us….
Different from “us”? My goodness.

I was so sure I was going to hear a thousand civil-rights-anti-discrimination-whatever-the-heck-voices indignantly exclaim on that one.
What do you mean ‘People different from ‘us’?? Who is this “us” you made sure to specify upon? Weren’t you JUST hinting at a collective “we” formed by a variety of immigrants? If so, then to even declare a difference between “others” from “us”….lol, sorry, carries an implication that speaks volumes on how he truly feel on the so called victims he’s apologizing to. In the very least, he doesn’t consider the Latinas a part of the “us” he belongs to.
That’s not my main focus, however. What I’m thinking on will require some hypothetical figuring. Some imagination.

I am wondering what in the world he would say if it was discovered this woman was mentally afflicted by a diagnosed and certified condition.
Hmm. Let’s say Tourette’s or Bi Polar disease. Tourette’s is known to have sufferers uttering inappropriate words and/or phrases. Many unable to control that which often shocks whatever crowds of folk happen to be around.
A person afflicted with a bi polar disease can undergo a number of behaviors deemed inappropriate in public.

Back to this sweet and adorable greeting card statement Fischer presented. The part about we [us] only move[moving] forward through peace, acceptance and embracing those who are different from us.
Wouldn’t she be considered a good candidate for the so called peace and acceptance, seeing that she would be part of a group recognized as needing special protections via Federal and State laws?
Just curious.
Tickets would sell out like hotcakes for the backpedaling alone, I’m sure.

Personally, seeing her as being “different from us” public conduct wise, I’m a bit confused as to why he doesn’t feel she is also deserving of this warm and cuddly tolerance that he demands from her towards the “victims”. I’m not shocked over the fact that he opened his mouth so wide on the issue; worldwide “political correctness” being as broad of an ass to kiss as it is. It’s shocking that he opened it in the first place.
One would think the mayor had more important issues to address than threatening an elderly taxpaying American citizen on Christmas week.

Leave the Old Lady Alone

I watched a broadcast concerning this cranky old lady. She went on an insulting and loud tangent regarding a customer in front of her.

First of all, to the individual who shot this video and submitted it.. shame on your tattling and snitching self. One day soon, may you get caught in a compromising position in public as another “responsible citizen” blasts your business right out there for his own attentions.
Just as the old woman in the video was being hunted down in order to be banned from the mall, I don’t think it a bad idea to post your mug online as well; calling for a ban of you in certain public spaces.
For those of us who appreciate not being scandalized to millions of strangers worldwide. One can’t be sure when a “Buttinsky”, such as yourself, will be itchin’ to boost his/her esteem at the expense of defenseless others. It would help people avoid being in the same space as you, possibly avoiding becoming the next target of your ‘on the field’ reporting.
Like our female “Archie”(Bunker , specifically), a declared manhunt for you could assure the public that efforts are being made to provide “safety” from the “danger” of your presumed future actions as well.

I heard a TV host  reporting on this mess say that if anyone had a so called “inkling” of a heart, they would find this to be a most awful and terrible thing.
As if… nearly every single one of us has not said something out of turn about another human being. Ever.
Just because you  giggle whisper greasy insults over what Donna wore to the office doesn’t mean you’re entitled to because you kept the volume down. Unless, of course, your orders to judge us mortals beneath your glorious carcass came from god Itself.
As if…there was a voted upon set of mandatory laws that I missed, calling for disciplinary actions for those who raise their voices to a certain level , spewing vile and ignorant trash. In that case, I would suggest immediate designated roundups of human beings shouting all kinds of belligerent dreck at concerts, sporting events and drunken parties.
As if …..(this is for those shocked over the video’s ‘ racist’ tone)..there aren’t insults launched our way, by some equally rude foreign citizens, as well. Thinking they’re on the sly, some cussing us out or mocking us, in front of our very confused faces . Laughter or smirks on how we’re unable to translate what the hell they just said. The laws allowing them to bypass learning English in order to work/live here. Where’s the video expressing that very enraging and ignorant action?
Once again, that was for those who support mocking/scolding this woman based upon misperceived “hate crime harassment”; the door swings both ways many times.

The anger expressed by our cowardly citizenry is a fine example re: why there is increasing instances of government poking its nose into our private business. It’s as if we’re red faced and diaper grabbing babies, screaming for “daddy” or “mommy” to do something about our “meanie” of a sister.
For shame. Seriously.
I wouldn’t risk seeming like a “heartless” person, if it weren’t for the fact that we’ve taken this ‘holier than thee’ indignation to nauseating extremes.
One fairly recent example =When a wildfire of hate, including death threats,  arose from news of an individual who DARED to do with her time (play Pokémon Go) as she saw fit at a concert that she paid HER own money for.
Nauseating-how we encourage arcane mob behavior by snatching opportunities to drag another human being into the town square to be jeered at and humiliated. Worse still, to hunt down  another human being as if they committed a felony, in need of immediate capture.
And we call ourselves adult Americans.
As if ..precious blood wasn’t spilled in wars waged to create this America. A country where , at the very least, all knew they could be  free to say or do what they wished without causing harm deemed punishable by law.
There are dozens of unsavory actions that are committed each and every day on this planet. I thought we were adult enough to look away and allow people their spaces. I could have sworn that I had heard something about a rule on “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you”…

I hate to spoil the day of some puppy eyed and milk breathed innocent, but we are human beings-faulty, crude, imperfect. Deal with it. We’ve been dealing with it for thousands of years.

Still feel the need to climb on your stump and wag your finger on how a new age calls for a new mindset and sensitivities? Then, pass laws we ALL have to abide by. Don’t cherry pick certain individuals while others get off free. Laws that round up any of us who express any type of ugliness and subject us to being shamed publicly for the mistakes we commit. If we’re going to act like a bunch of backwards bumpkins, pointing fingers as we do, let’s do it right like the “good old days”.

In the meantime , think about that, when your time may come. When an email you write, blackout drunk at 2a.m. , is publicly posted. Or when you vent on some stupid lunch time rant. Unaware that your weasel eyed BFF is secretly recording the angry words coming from your face, thanks to a phone tucked between her fat thighs under the table.
Just as you feel no need to exercise decent respect for those who succumb to their “faulty human quirks”, you too will not have anywhere to hide nor anyone to stand up for you.

Even if you’ve lived a good life and  have been loved by your friends and family for many years.

Beware of that one misstep in your life being seen by millions of oglers. Considering your rabid insensitivities to others, as the exposure humiliates you deeply…may you at least be righteous enough to keep your trap shut and take it.
Unless, of course, you take intense pride in being the stone cold judgmental hypocrite that you are.

Two Questions

Warning: For the minors- There’s bad language on the page and a  sarcastic fury boiling within my tummy.
While I don’t suggest reading my rant, I don’t see why you can’t take a peek at what your governing “masters” believe should be the type of things they have the right to decide for you…even after you turn 21. Even if you come back one day, as a grown man, from a war.. having had fought for this country and what you thought was freedom.
Click the following link to read this outrageous crying shame.

Two Questions that these obnoxious pricks need to answer…
1-What so called violence are they talking about that’s being “normalized’ in our society due to porn?
What specific acts of violence are these pricks (and any other pricks who help spread this sicko legislative oversight) talking about?
Surely, they are not talking about the force and energy with how hard a male physically “attacks” a vagina with his penis IS IT? One may laugh, but when you read the part about the evils of “teaching boys to be users and girls to be used”, one can’t help but be narrowed down to such a possibility.

I don’t exactly see severed heads and bashed in skulls on the rise on account of the zombie movies and games. I can see concerns over that sort of imagery having an effect on the disposition and temper of our young. It’s not censored, though, is it? Citizens aren’t being threatened with loss of their freedom for watching “Faces of Death” for the hundredth time. There’s no snitch hotline for reporting JoJo for watching heads blow up in a cinematic clip of his favorite video game.

Think of the things seen on HBO, Showtime and any number of networks on any number of screens. Everyone knows our game industry is wicked thick with carcass- sawed- in- half violent imagery.
There are legitimate examples of imagery that can foster violence desensitization amongst the young.
Bullet holes between eyes
Blood spraying
Decapitations, rotting flesh and the close up shots of eyes being thumbed out of skulls..on and on.
That is some pretty damned violent and vile imagery. Yet, no punishable laws exist regarding their consumption…yet.

What is happening in porn that can be tied to violence being committed or encouraged in the public at large?
There aren’t any public nude spankings that I’m aware of. No ball gagged chicks moping around coffee houses. Hog tied girls left at the train station? Nope. I haven’t spotted any of those.
Is it the roughness of poundings that can occur when women are mounted? Hell, if they’re talking about screams and groans some women let loose during sex, I have to admit with a blush, some can sound like they’re being buggered to death. But they can most certainly bet it isn’t associated with violent intentions. If so, so damned what if it is between consenting adults? Many women enjoy it actually-rough sex, dominance and the like. What’s in store for them, considering the  big concern over the safety of women and children? Are they doomed to end up in mental facilities or on forced medication for having such drives? Will they be forced into wearing a sexual monitor of sorts after jail to track probationary limited number of thumps and bumps, slapping on the cuffs after too many humps?

Maybe, our Superior Suited Ones are in need of updated courses on sex and the human animal’s basic nature.
Sure, why not? It could be like it was with our own children over the decades. School officials insisting upon often unwelcome and explicit sex ed without the parent’s knowledge or permission.
Condoms being handed out in public schools..
Abortions being arranged without notifying parents..
Instructing our children on masturbation and blow jobs instead of baby making kind of sex..

Click the following links to read infuriating examples of how government, once again, blatantly lets you know that your children are not yours, but theirs to raise-Nasty as they want to be, exposing YOUR CHILDREN to the very material grown citizens will be arrested for.


2- Who or what in hell gave them the “right” to hurt us for not honoring the laws they vomit onto our plates?

Who the hell are these people? I really need some help here, because all I can mostly see is a group of self worshipping shmoes, disguising their thrift store confidences in fancy suits.

Maybe it is a joke. Some kind of sick distraction.
I don’t know. I only know that the last time I checked, the only type of people known to force themselves into one’s private sexual  spaces without permission, creating fear and bringing the shame of helplessness. ..were  Molesters and Rapists.
We were assured that we had every right to protect our bodies and minds from such intimate intrusions. Unless that was just one big stinking deception as well.

Not only is the Emperor walking without clothes, siblings…it would seem the pervert is feeling on himself, locking eyes with you and smirking as he waddles on by.

We, The Criminals

 I was quite concerned over the passing of Utah legislation which involves punishing “criminals” who engage in the “health hazard” of consuming porn and self pleasuring.
I remembered a section, in the text of 2011’s Appropriations and Fund Transfers in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, that struck me as ‘funny’ at that time.
(If unable to zoom in, take note of the section markers on the left side. You’ll find them by  link at bottom of the page.)
There was a stress on sexual abstinence education. Considering our liberal casualness regarding sex, I thought it odd to see a focus on abstinence.
At the time, I made a half joking speculation.
It had to do with not putting it past our Handlers to purposefully allow a certain “controlled social deterioration”-paving the way for a “necessary intervention” of strict authorities further down the road.
There’s nothing to joke about, now, as a serious amount of laws are being forced down our throats or snuck past us, weasel style.

Another nation of “free peoples”, England , has enforced their own intrusive porn legislation, banning actions considered “harmful and unsafe”.
England’s Porn censorship
I’m not so certain that the sexual censorship is unassociated with  carefully schemed and long awaited  opportunity. I’m most certain it has very little to do with any morality standards or so-called salvations of  marriages. Society, for the most part hasn’t respected religion enough to even prevent the banning of Christmas trees, never mind  push for laws spawned by what , frankly, sounds like maniac bible thumping on the “evils of masturbation”.

We need to take a look at the destructive debates we’ve been nudged into fighting one another over. A good example being the “sexual harassment” men are being accused of and the confusing messages over what constitutes “forcing women against their will”.

We need to take a good and hard look at executive orders demanding governmental oversight  over damned near every aspect of a woman’s life (click following links to read orders)…
There is very disturbing legislative focus fixed directly on the female and her private interpersonal affairs.
The very idea of committees being formed over “what’s best” for females should send a bad sci-fi kind of shiver down the spine.

This criminalizing of the natural sexual instincts/actions of the human male means an intolerable amount of innocent men suffering as criminals. For what purpose are these insane perversions being forged; the vilification of the man and depiction of the woman as a helpless victim?
While, from the other side of twisted lips, we’re being bombarded with messages of being  the “empowered and strong-as-any-man ” kind of sister and the “much more sensitive than Daddy was” kind of brother.

It’s critical for us to find our way beyond the harm people, no better than the least of us, are intending to inflict upon us or threaten us with. As soon as possible and as smart as possible..even if only for the future’s sake.
Unless, of course, we don’t mind the legacy to our grandchildren being one of collective surrender- their once-upon-a-time inheritance of free will having been violated, brutalized and permanently disposed of.
The full text-Appropriations and Fund Transfers in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) from 2011,  is available at the following link

Click to access CRS-AUTOMATIC%20FUNDING%20IN%20HEALTH%20CARE%20LAW.pdf

THE Shame Game

All righty then , folks. Which one of our knuckle dragging throwbacks will be more than likely to be exposed in a gut busting porno sex scandal, hm?
Will it be the high n mighty Gov. Herbert?
Or will it be the holier than thee Weiler ?
Maybe even our good ole American boy Jim Tracy

Eyes wide in shock and shame, hand caught in his pants as the nation gets wind of his own nasty & twisted pornographic fantasies.
😆 Oh my GAWD…if you do exist, honey… let it BE SO…I pray to you as I never have before…let this be so.

The True Perverts’ Snitch Hotline

The following is a statement from the governor of Utah’s office. It regards the anti porn law in effect in the state of Utah.
Paul Horner, a spokesman for the Governor’s Office, spoke to reporters about the fines and possible jail time involved with the new law.
“First time offenders will see fines of $100-$500, depending on the quantity of pornography or the amount of digital graphic content seized on the criminal’s computer. Repeat offenders can expect 30 days in jail or worse, depending on what type of pornography is found in the individual’s possession. Missionary style pornography will result in a fine or up to 30 days in jail, while pornography that involves any kind of homogayness, that being sodomy or Devil worshipping, will result in long-term prison sentences. Law enforcement will also be working closely with local ISPs and the NSAto monitor those who search out porn on the internet. We will win the war on porn and masturbation.”
It should enrage each and every individual with average common senses. Whether they consume pornographic material or not.
The hotline created to encourage people to report others for owning or viewing porn?…an absolute outrage. One can only pray that it’s jammed tight and eventually shut down due to outcries of fury..not buzzing with zealous perverts self righteous enough or mentally compromised enough to stick their nose into the private affairs of other human beings on such a degrading and humiliating level.

“The Governor’s Office, working together with local law enforcement, has setup a 24-hour ‘Anti-Porn Hotline’ to report individuals suspected of possessing pornography at 1-800-705-2464. You can remain anonymous.”

Now.. Legally Punished for Porn

I said it once, I’ll say it again..the moment we find our very sex lives legislated and criminalized…Honeys, we’re fixing to be screwed worse than any species has ever or will ever know. Because now, there are no more limits. The intimate spaces of our imagination, along with our sexual choices have just been declared to be the property of other human beings.
Click here- porn outlawed

What’s next? The emotions and expressions emitted during the course of what used to be our OWN PRIVATE PERSONAL BUSINESS?

Are the good citizens allowed to see what’s on this joker’s computer? You know, to make sure the all mighty Gary Herbert is demi-god enough to judge us. We have to make sure he isn’t shaking the apple tree to pictures of big breasted cartoons or some suchness. It wouldn’t do to have yet another hypocrite revealed to be running our  lives. Would it?
Let’s hope this cat Todd Weiler’s computer is Ajax clean as well,  considering he’s the one who introduced this disgusting and intrusive hunk of a law. To read more on it, click on the following link.

The only good thing from this is that now the younger generation can  see a certain truth. That the separation of church and state was just a load of garbage brainwashed upon us. Sure, they let us feel good about having our “rights and freedoms”. A lot of us felt downright proud to have it distinguish us from other countries. I’m going to take a wild guess that a few of our soldiers died believing it, as well.  The authorities just conveniently failed to tell us it would be rights they wanted us to have. That our freedom only extended to being free enough to make jackasses out of ourselves online. Not to what we do with our own bodies and what we dare look at as we do it.

The brass coated nerve of these horrid and cowardly brass coated sinners…sticking their noses into that which is truly none of their damned business.

Never, would I have believed that in my country of The United States of America would I see laws punishing people for self pleasuring to a “dirty” magazine.

Sadly, sickeningly enough , as with other “global village” infections…’s just getting started.
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