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Without You

When you are finally at ease with the lack of true love from man, bring your dreams to the hills to light them, one by precious one, to create a new daylight. There , where Angels dance all around you Embracing you Kissing you Gently reminding you that there is no more room ¬†to accommodate…

Playing on Player

A Then and Now of Mr. Pete Beckett , of hot 70s band “Player” fame. …complete with a big, wet ūüíčfor Mother Nature’s precious blessing.ūüėä In addition, this is a perfect opportunity to include various other beautiful balladeers a certain young lady of the time simply adored on a¬†non-stop basis.  

Throwing together a Cake

I’m not a professional baker. However, I love “throwing things together”. If you can pardon the informal instructions, I’ll start by giving you a list of a few things you need to collect to throw your own thing together. If all goes well,¬†the thrown together project will be an Orange and Dark Chocolate w/ chocolate…

Advice to Sing by

If the rest of your life is too much of a commitment, then let’s try these bits of advice for the weekend, hm? Hold Your Head up……..   Enjoy the Ride….   Keep on Movin’..  

In a Desert of Fools

Two things. In the earlier days of reality tv, there was an experimental project by the name of “Manor House”. Info on “Manor House” A family and twelve volunteers set about recreating and living life as citizens in the sunset of Edwardian society. The family= aristocratic ruling body. The volunteers=servants subjected to 16 hour work…

Misfortune vs. Blessings

When¬†I think¬†I can not possibly endure another misfortune, on the heels of multiple others, I recall this true story from another former¬†Earthbound soul. Her name¬†was Violet Jessup. She had the incredible misfortune of¬†experiencing three historical¬†ship disasters. I prefer to¬†dwell on the fact that¬†she¬† had the incredible blessings to have survived each one of them. Click…

Attention seeking

You can’t call attention to attention seekers without calling to attention your own tendency to seek attention by turning attentions towards the attention seekers you wish to expose. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Ramsy

As we say, not as we do

The following is a perfect example of our indignation towards others, but not choosing¬† more respectful tones of complaint because¬†we wish to pretend¬†we never did such things. My point being? How our shared tendencies should encourage us to be a lot more forgiving than we are. Not¬†moan about¬†the errors of we lay curled up…