Don’t mind me. I’m thinking of a slanderous video that I found on YouTube. They have their high and mighty policies over what they deem as irreprehensible behavior from us mere slugs who frequent their network.

Yet, a video accusing a father as sexually objectifying his daughter is allowed to play all day long.

Although, it shouldn’t come as such a shock. This is becoming the land where one can be socially lynched for calling a fat girl fat or looking at a woman in a wrong enough way to be JAILED over it. We’re being trained to mind each word that pops out of our faces because of the great social evil of”incendiary” speech.
But yet, we can have brick after brick of incendiary race articles crashing through our collective windows by the Collective Media, that’s AOK.
Between the internet channels and the nightly news, we’re being presented with one story right on the heels, it seems, of another on how we aren’t “getting along.” The violent threats, the blatant double standards, so forth and so on. Sensitivity this and Understanding that….
One story feeding the bonfire, after another.
One brother screaming at another. Threatening one another.

Sometimes, I wonder if this was how it was right before the Civil War officially started. Obviously, I’m not referencing the conversation between slave and master. I’m thinking from within the families.
The brave sons and fathers being forced apart due to the heated, incendiary propaganda tearing through the land at the time. When the majority of the nation was just like us now, on average. Simple  and hard working suckers  trying to feed our families and be left the hell alone. The average sucker having no more stakes in the big money game at that time than he does now.

I’m referring to the  time when brave white abolitionists were sacrificing their very lives to save the lives of slaves-only to have the great grandchildren of those slaves seethe with blind hatred for their great grandchildren because of the color of THEIR skin.

Where they at each other’s throats on a daily basis, as well? Arguing worthless philosophies while we have yet another Emergency Preparedness Executive Order  hustled into existence?

EO found here-Oct 2016-Space Weather

Was fear raging through the citizens because people were getting angrier and more inflamed towards one another? Screaming, with veins popping out upon their confused and furious foreheads….. to accomplish….absolutely…..nothing?

Heat Treated Sweet

There is a feeling of victory when you do it.

When you pick up your first ugly, crispy hydrated chip and pop it into your mouth.
After hydrating your own fresh fruit snacks- no more questions over how many “whatevers” went into, or how many “whomevers” handled, a dinky two ounce bag of healthy snacks you just dropped a healthy amount of money on.
I bought a new hydrator recently. My other one is a round tray kind of deal, so a smaller rectangular  machine piqued my interest. I found it at Kohl’s, if interested, you can click on the following link.

Food Hydrators-Kohl’s
They may not look the prettiest, but to me, there’s nothing quite like the airy sweetness of heat treated sweets. It didn’t hurt that I cut out a heckuva lot of calories over the months-being not so good with that “no eating before bedtime” thing and all.

It’s so simple as well. All you do is slice up uniform bits of apple or banana, place them on trays and let sit for 7 to 10 hours.

If the thought of spending extra money doesn’t suit you, there are plenty of good articles on sun drying goodies. Click for natural sun drying of fruits

From Tim to Trump

We’ll start with an article on YouTube censorship.
Read article here

The peacekeepers at YouTube, in gleaming armor and lances held high, let the world know they aren’t to be trifled with. Any monarchy could rest easy knowing they had such righteous and ready moderators at the ready. Without guidelines instructing us on what morals we’re supposed to have, where would we be?

There would probably be more videos slandering men, like the one being slandered in the video below, currently on YouTube.
I’m not speaking of slanders stemming from rumors of cheating on taxes or having a fur fetish.
I mean the harsh and intimate slandering of being a creep and sexually objectifying his daughter. A slander that would chill  the hearts of many fathers simply imagining being accused of such a thing.
No matter how ridiculous or litigious, most slanders can be dealt with in easy enough ways.
However, to spread rumors of a man touching his children with a certain degree of sexual intent, as is seen in the video.

…whether he is a an unemployed dad named Tim or whether he’s big shot Donald Trump…it can prove to be drastically insulting for some, if not devastating for others whose reputations risk destruction at the tongues of gossips.

If any beloved male in my life had the type of rumors  infecting his reputation, as in the doubt, a lot of hurt would be in play. Anger as well.


‘Tis all right. All Mighty YouTube should come swooping in to set things right, seeing how dedicated they are training and punishing  us into never hurting each other’s feelings or thinking the wrong ways.


So Happy One could Cry

So Happy One could Cry

It’s difficult to explain if one’s never had the opportunity to experience it.
Sometimes, it’s a tingle of tears as joy bursts through, upon hearing news obliterating long standing sorrow.
And sometimes it’s experiencing grace in times of trouble.
Two films which can allow one to experience this incredible emotion.
My overall favorite “Life is Beautiful”

And a top favored novel, turned movie “Time Travelers Wife”


There’s Gonna Come a Day

There’s gonna come a day, in a future void of our ridiculous hides, where scores of females are going to wonder why we did nothing to prevent the oppression they will be suffering from.
(If they aren’t rendered unaffected, tamed real proper-like due to potentially mandatory “mood maintenance” meds, that is)
 Many may very well be devastated, imprisoned as a result of non-compliance with any one of a bumpload of laws that no average citizen could, or was meant to, decipher.
They’re going to wonder how we allowed the extinguishment of a female’s right to do as she saw fit to do with her own life without tight fisted oversight from all or any of the following…
 the Department of the Treasury;
 the Department of Defense;
 the Department of Justice;
 the Department of Labor;
 the Department of Health and Human Services;
 the Department of Homeland Security;
 the Office of Management and Budget;
 the National Security Staff;
 the Office of the Vice President;
 the Peace Corps;
 the Millennium Challenge Corporation;
 the White House Council on Women and Girls; and
 other executive departments, agencies, and offices, as designated by the Co-Chairs.

Thanks to little ditties like the following Executive Orders ..

Preventing and Responding to Violence Against Women and Girls Globally
Creating the White House Council on Women and Girls
..there should be enough protective padding and helmets for women to  avoid the pesky threat of self reliance and self determination.

I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer on what  I’m guessing are meant to be some healthy heaping doses of protection for the gals. I mean, these were issues so in need of attention that executive orders where created. Laws in need of immediate compliance, without challenge, straight from the king or queen herself..that has to mean something, right?
Click here for Article on Use and Abuse of EOs
Considering laws governing us are as rife with inconsistencies and vague gaps as they are, it’s not exactly something to smile about.

This is a system where you’ll find this kind of legal gobbledygook sandwiching timber legislation within the middle of an ocean of dos and don’ts contained within an Anti-Drug Abuse Act (1988).Found within Sect.6254

“(c) ACCEPTANCE BY FOREST SERVICE.—The Forest Service is au-
            thorized to accept law enforcement designation from any other
            Federal agency or agency of a State or political subdivision thereof
            for the purpose of cooperating in the investigation and enforcement
            of any Federal or State law or ordinance and regulation of any such
            agency, when such investigation or enforcement is mutually bene-
            ficial to the National Forest System and the cooperating agency or
            jurisdiction, upon entering into a memorandum of understanding or
            cooperative agreement with such agency or jurisdiction.”.
            DEVICES ON FEDERAL LANDS.—Chapter 91 of title 18, United States
            Code, is amended by adding at the end the following new section:
            “§ 1864. Hazardous or injurious devices on Federal lands
               “(a) Whoever—
                     “(1) with the intent to violate the Controlled Substances Act,
                     “(2) with the intent to obstruct or harass the harvesting of
                  timber, or
                    “(3) with reckless disregard to the risk that another person
                  will be placed in danger of death or bodily injury and under
                  circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to such risk,
            uses a hazardous or injurious device on Federal land, on an Indian
            reservation, or on an Indian allotment while the title to such
            allotment is held in trust by the United States or while such
            allotment remains inalienable by the allottee without the consent of
            the United States shall be punished under subsection (b)…….
Print it out. Save it for leisure reading and tea later.
 Goodness only knows what kind of unrelated fine print will bring our great grand daughters to their knees. What’s going to force them into a desperate struggle for true independence-which we could have prevented in the first place, instead of cry babying over the alleged”Horror Assault of the American Male’s Hello”

It’s a JOKE People

Some heated articles on recent Trump ‘unearthing’.

Either one of two things is going on, regarding the hullabaloo of Trump’s alleged comments on “dating ten year girls”
We’re either being “treated” to a blatant example of how little the media respects our intelligence by tossing in  junky scraps of news into our cages, waiting for us to dribble and hoot over them.
Or we’re being confronted by the reality of us encouraging the media to treat us like a bunch of overly sensitive children because that’s what we’ve evolved into.
I can not believe, for one minute, that anyone with even a sophomoric knowledge of society and an unimpaired IQ could truly blow this story into the “scandal” it has become.

I can’t recall anyone even remotely near his age (post Ivana) as ever being  his companion. The ones I recall, have been in their twenties. No biggie. It’s a common thing amongst people who have achieved a certain position in life. It would be odd, as a matter of polite fact, if a big shot’s aspirations were to obtain older versions of anything, when their resources allow for newer. That’s not how we tick.
The worst my creative imagination gathered from his comment was  ‘Yup. Ten plus ten does indeed equal twenty..Hm, that sounds about right for Donald’

With that being said, I am finding it hard to accept that we aren’t familiar with the JOKES we tell within our society regarding May-December pairings and the like. Among these jokes, there are many variations of many quips and snips we crack wise over. What Trump said? Many of us have heard that said quite a few times, I’m sure.

 As a young girl, when a man was allowed to be a man without getting castrated over it, even I heard comments directed at me. As  JOKES, not perverted grindings from ill intentioned men. There could be an older dude making a sweet remark on how pretty I’d be and his “intention” to marry me when I was older. Then, as usual, there would come the fatherly pat on the head and a wink assuring me that I wouldn’t always be the shy little knee biter that the kids always picked on.
As I matured into a young woman, I preferred the company of older men. Any man or woman who has had the privilege of dating older lovers in their youth, has heard enough “cruising the playground for dates” jokes to last a lifetime. On the flip-side, the “cruising the nursing home for dates” is commonly spent amongst the younger lovers. But we’re not losing our mind over a public figure laying down a joke after greeting a geriatric on the elevator, so…

That’s all it was. A stupid and well worn joke that folks have been yuckling up for decades.
It shouldn’t even be a topic, it’s that insignificant. But here we are, stirring up or being stirred up into hypertensive states about it.
Why? Who knows why. There’s more important questions that need addressing.

As I stated earlier, it has to do with what in the world we are witnessing.
If it is media manipulation in order to distract from the real concerns we have as citizens, or an indicator of our intellectual or emotional weak spots… those are the things to pull the serious faces over and burn the brain cells on.

Our Reflection in the Black Mirror

It’s an exquisite presentation-the full length “Black Mirror” episode “Fifteen Million Merits” that’s waiting for you on this page.
It’s Boy Meets Girl in an unidentified future with  easily identifiable issues from today.
I’ve seen it a handful of times. Whenever I come across a bit of fiction that manages to show our evolution in a more realistic light and/or set the table for some healthy discussion, I’m an instant fan. As a matter of fact, all of the episodes of Black Mirror have impressed me to the point of sharing them at every possible opportunity  with immense enthusiasm. Even the visuals are quite a kiss-tip-of-the-fingers delight.
If you have an opinion (good, bad) on the evolution of our social hivemindery, watch it.
If you hate how we seem to be feeding a great and ugly beast the very last morsels of our decency..Heck, even if the devouring doesn’t bother you as much as it may thrill you, you must make some time to watch this one.

The full episode I included comes with Spanish subtitles, however original English audio does play.

Below that is a trailer made up of several clips from various other Black Mirror episodes including “Fifteen Million Merits”

“Black Mirror” will be returning for a third season on October 21st. This episode was from the first season. If you are as impressed as I hope you become, continue the journey through either both seasons on Netflix or via  the YouTube service. Then, after that, we’ve only five more days until a new batch of treasure. Enjoy.

Screw ’em

For every woman who went from being worshipped as a sizzling Hot Mama to being disregarded as Daphne the Dumpy Dork after years of weight gain…
For every man who used to get mad buddy love for picking up the tab, now pocket fishing for change to buy a forty ounce he can barely afford..restless idgets smirking behind his back at the liquor store..
For every soul who found the so called grace of his fellow man’s “love” to be the most abundant in the good times..only to realize he never had it in the first place when the bad times come calling…

I’ve got a little loving advice straight from the center of my heart.

Screw ’em.
Screw ’em. Bump ’em. Most of all, you-know-what-starts-with-F-’em all.

You were  a vessel for their personal ego trips. You were adored for merely being in a position of supplying them that which they could never create for themselves. You were the sandwich where the tasty bits were nibbled off, while the bulk (bread, cheese, meat) was carelessly tossed out.
As blind and ignorant as they were to never truly see You deeper than the first layer, you’d be even more so to forget who You are-eventually surrendering the confident stride and strength of conviction that marked You as a truly remarkable force in the first place.
If they lost sight of the rich passion and  generosity that sprang from the genuine core of You, these creatures had no eyes to begin with.
Keep your head up unashamed and steady.
Screw ’em all.

“Assigning Value” or “My First Unfinished Fairy Tale”

Assigning value to other human beings. By far..the most cruel thing we’ve learned to do to one another.

I had a splendid spiritual advisor once. She likened my occasional mean tone and snaps at a loved one to spitting into his food. Shocking analogy, but my reddening cheeks told her that I understood.
“Imagine laying a meal in front of Jesus. Would you even think of doing such a thing to HIM?” Whether I believe in the established church system (which I do not) or believe in a prophet Jesus (which I do), I instantly got it.
I could go on about the definitions of assigning value, bla and bla. I will create a fairy tale instead.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful prince besieged by a foul curse. A witch had placed a spell upon the eyes  of his subjects. Even though he was one of the most beautiful sights on earth, all anyone was tricked into seeing was a troll. Even when he would look in the mirror, that’s all he could see. The cruel spell held fast and true to nearly everything within the kingdom at the time of her cruel enchantment.
Yearning for a bride, the prince felt it was time to invest energy to find her. He knew he couldn’t find one amongst the people of his land, because of the reach of the witch’s spell. He found a beautiful girl from another land.
He brought her home. He sang her hours of songs, fed her meals, stayed by her side as much as he could (to the point of neglecting his soon-to-be kingly duties), did tricks and showered her with gold. He was delighted and so relieved he finally found his bride.
What the prince failed to realize was that she too was affected by the horrible spell cast long ago. She had been born in his kingdom at the time of the spell. Her family  moved to another town a few years after her birth. She also saw a beastly apparition overlying the truly handsome prince’s face. However, she was crafty enough, greedy enough and willing to deceive the prince into believing he was the most handsome man she had set her eyes upon. And he believed her.
On the night of their engagement, the prince was beside himself with joy. He had the cooks set about preparing the grandest dishes with the choicest and fattest of fowl. He had the halls rubbed down with the most intoxicating and luxiourious oils. He was overcome.
Tragically, the faithless bride had taken a liking to a stable hand days before. She had come to believe in her mind that she couldn’t bear to be with the “troll” and decided she would run away with the stable boy instead.

(For those who may find a tug at your heart because you feel you know where this is going..I offer comic intermission. As the whorish and deceitful bride was running towards her barnyard boy’s home…he mistook her bounding shape, in the the dark, for a charging steer. The slattern was tagged with an arrow between her eyes from fifty yards out. No, the stable boy never knew what he actually shot. When her body dropped, he went back to sleep and never thought on it again)

Now. Witches doing what witches may do, she had cast this spell upon not only one baby but many across the lands. Not just baby princes but princessess as well. One of these princesses, although it was a beast she saw in the mirror as well, caught the true sight of our prince one day.
She was beside herself in joy; she’d never thought that she would ever find her own groom for when she took over her own queenly duties. She, fortunately, had been told the legend of the horrible witch’s deeds of casting spells. Not only could she see his true lovliness, she came to understand her unattractiveness lie only in the mirror..not truly on her at all.
So, off she went to seek the prince’s hand.
She sang him songs, as he yawned half hearted interest at the not so captivating beauty who came to call. She kept him company, dropping him hints of what he actually looked like, as he smirked and waved off her words as the ramblings of some poor ugly lass who was desperate for whatever a future king could provide. Obviously, he was not privvy to the fact that she had great masses of treasure waiting for her at home- regardless of what he had or didn’t have.
She tried for many days. Gifts, ballads, dances, holding his hand upon many twilight walks through the gardens. Her evergrowing adoration becoming more intense as he continued keeping her by his side. What she didn’t realize was that he was doing so reluctantly. She didn’t appear to be what he wanted to look at, but until another beauty came along..he would put up with her “piteous” company if only to not be completely alone.
Needless to say…well…there will not be an end to this story of mine.

I’m off track anyway.
The point is that we are all guilty of assigning value to others we meet in this life. A man may spend his last dime on an alleged beautiful creature and put up with all of the verbal abuse he can take from her..just to have her walk away from him-the roots of his heart trailing behind her. Without reason nor explanation. We are so sick with this assignation factor. The chance this man will end up inflicting the same  upon another is, sadly, very possible. Despite him knowing the depths of pain this inconsideration brings.

It doesn’t matter. He is a creature, like you and me,  determining who gets the “goodies” of what should be default respect of dignity-often on first impressions alone.
I won’t say that I ceased all of my childish  snaps towards my aforementioned loved one. However, whenever I play that image of me spitting into the bowl of Jesus..the lesson is relearned. Quietly. Humbly.

Every eye roll, rude interjection, hours of loving work ignored…..
Every assault, slap, theft….all to one degree or another require one individual sizing up the other one and purposefully and quickly assigning points to figure if it’s “Okay to treat them thusly”.

Imagine a man who gushes over an ugly duck shaped ash tray, let’s say, the POTUS presents to him. He’ll brag over that ugly duck thing for years. Yet, if his neighbor brought it to him, beaming over the hours it took for her to make it, he would toss it into the bin hours later , without a twinge of a thought.
Dear and quiet shame…how we do this to one another; usually without knowing barely anything about another human being.
We stop doing that….wow, right? In the meantime…shame on us.

I’ve been on this path plenty of times and my legs still work.

My concern are the ones who collapse along the way..who could have brought yet other vulnerable souls the realities of their precious worth.


Don’t Give Up

Heal your 💔 tenderly, for one day it will be a precious 💝 for The One.
Two beautiful gifts to help you along..

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